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on February 26, 2010
Anyone buying half season sets like this, Stargate Universe and others like it is perpetuating a system that rips themselves and everyone else off. We need to all vote with our wallets and tell corporations how much we despise this practice.
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on June 9, 2010
The review below is almost word-for-word what I wrote for the series "Invasion: The Complete Series," but with "Flash Forward" replacing the word "Invasion." Once again, ABC cheats the viewers by not offering a finale to a huge cliff-hanger. If you have more money and time than you know what to do with, buy this DVD. I, on the other hand, will not watch any more continuing series on ABC.
This was one of my favorite sci-fi series of all time. Well-written, well-paced, and suspenseful throughout. However, in a continual show of their arrogance and disdain for their viewers, ABC produced and presented a highly suspenseful cliffhanger season-finale, and then canceled the series. At the very least, they should have filmed one more episode and given us somewhat of a resolution. Instead, they left us wondering ... what happened?
I spent a lot of time watching this series and got no payoff. A complete series (attention ABC) has a beginning and an end. "Flash Forward" has a beginning and a middle.
Warning to buyers! I wasted a year watching this show. If you buy this series, you will be wasting both your time and hard-earned $$$.
First, ask yourself this. If ABC offered to sell you Star Wars: Revenge of the Jedi, but edited out the climactic battle at the end of the movie, would you buy it? I don't think so. That's what you get with Flash Forward-The INComplete Series.
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on October 23, 2015
There is an open ending with no conclusions. Was a great watch but the lack of an ending was so frustrating that I wish I hadn't watched it.
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on May 20, 2010
FlashForward had an interesting premise and some inate potential but in the end it's an utterly useless proposition. At least half of the characters were annoying as hell and when I say annoying I mean Nikki and Paulo from LOST type of annoying. The quality of the writing changed radically from episode to episode as well. And then there's the unfortunate fact that the series wasn't renewed last week which means that buying this set is akin to buying part of a novel that will never be completed. I truly feel sorry for those customers who wasted their hard earned money on this.
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on May 15, 2013
I have not seen this series. I have purchased many series in the past and have had mixed results. This commentary is based on those cancelled shows that do not have endings. Since I don't get TV reception where
I live in rural Alaska, I rely on picking up "complete
series" on DVDs. Now I have learned to carefully read the negative reviews and thus avoid shows that have not resolved any kind of satisfactory ending.
I hope that the movie executives will consider the bottom line of DVD sales when they anticipate a pending cancellation. They will sell many more DVD's if they have the writers compose appropriate endings instead of leaving us viewers hanging.
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on November 5, 2015
Umm...Don't remember why I got this
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on November 3, 2010
I'd give the show itself 4 stars. But the DVD set gets 1 due to the nonexistence of a part 2 DVD set.

Buy this instead:
FlashForward: The Complete Series
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on August 2, 2011
ABC doesn't care about you. It only cares about money. To them there is no such thing as a satisfied customer. That's why they make shows that don't end but yet still sell them. Greed.

Your only line of defense against unscrupulous people like this is to boycott ABC. Don't buy anything they produce. If everyone started boycotting ABC, then I would imagine they would have to render a more responsible account of themselves instead of cheating people.
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on July 30, 2010
This is totally ridiculous! I purchased the First Half of the season expecting that they would release a Second Half DVD as well. I know that there is a coupon for $15 off of the Complete Season inside the first half set, but what good does that do me? First you can't use the coupon online and I know I won't get a decent price at stores, AND, again, if I bought the Complete Series, what do I need my First Half Set for? To throw in the trash? You can't even give it to someone cause they won't get all the episodes. They should have never made the First Half set if they knew there would be no equal Second Half Set. I'm only going to buy this now if I'm able to get it used for like $10 from someone on Amazon, which I'm sure I will before too long. Damn, at least with Avatar it was known ahead of time that a better DVD is coming before too long so I knew not to buy the first release...same with Sin City and the Lord of the Rings movies...why couldn't they do the same for this show (or actually say buying the complete series will be the only way to get the Second Half)...
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on September 19, 2010
"The New Lost." I wonder how often we'll hear that phrase in the future, every time the next "High Concept" sci-fi drivel comes along? Because even though it's meant as hopeful praise by over-eager critics, it's this albatross that only leads to disappointment with the show in the long run. "Heroes" was described as The New Lost, right before it held its nose and dive bombed into the toilet after its first season. And then, of course, Flashforward, another New Lost, with it's chin-stroking premise and flashy, expensive opening episode. Which, as is now tradition, ran out of steam after that episode and spent the next 21 torturous hours wrapping itself in knots and boring everyone senseless before being rightfully drop-kicked into TV oblivion.

So that all important premise first; everyone on the planet collapses and loses consciousness for 137 seconds, at which point they see a glimpse of their life six months in the future. Ooooh, how about that, then? Some people see nothing (gasp! They're dead! But how?) Some people see themselves with a different partner (gasp! But how?) and our hero Mark (played by charisma-vacuum Joseph Fiennes) sees himself surrounded by a wall of clues he'd collected in those 6 months whilst someone with a gun tries to kill him (gasp! But.. yeah, you get the idea). The most crucial clue of all was something he missed though. Buried among the scraps of paper and Polaroid pictures was, in my handwriting, the words, "ABSOLUTELY NO-ONE CARES."

And that is the killing blow to Flashforward. Original, intriguing premise aside, there is just nothing TO Flashforward. Everything that made Lost great, the reasons its the new benchmark for all future science fiction television, have all been, oh ho! "lost" in the production of FF. Interesting, believable, layered characters. Episodes packed with action, suspense, humour, sadness. Story arcs packed with twists, mis-direction and surprise. A need for in-depth knowledge of the show that rewards patient, dedicated fans. And, whatever you think of the finale of the show, Lost had all of these and more, and, crucially, Fast Forward has none of them.

Like Heroes before it, things will happen in Flashforward. Buildings will explode, guns will fire, people will shout, people will throw themselves off buildings, that annoying smug idiot with the sick kid will be revealed as the guy behind it all, Joseph Fiennes will be tempted to, dun dun duuuuuun, DRINK AGAIN, causing him to, oh no, ACT A BIT), Joseph Fienne's wife will be as bland and boring as possible and.. oh God, it's a struggle even to write all of this. Like I said, things happen, but you will NOT care. Not a bit. You're only watching it because you've been told it's "The New Lost", you'll have been tricked into the (really pretty good) opening episode and you'll wonder why, deep down, you couldn't give a crap about any of it. Dominic Monaghan could devolve into Splinter, complete with pink bathrobe and walking stick, and you wouldn't even blink. You'll wonder why you can't remember any of these characters names. You'll be puzzled why you can't actually remember why certain people are doing certain things. You'll find yourself asking "who's this guy again?" And you'll wonder; maybe it's part of the overall Flashforward effect, the fact that the episodes last an hour and you curiously lose consciousness after the first 12 minutes, until you wake to the sound of the end credits rolling and another hour of your life gone up in smoke.

Boring, 2D characters running around joylessly piecing together a puzzle that's not interesting in the first place. That's not great writing - that's just a waste of a good concept. With better writing, better characters and a pinch of a sense of humour could have made Flashforward another sci-fi triumph instead of yet another casualty. Still, never mind. I see that the 80s sci-fi classic "V" has been remade. Wow! How great is THAT going to be?

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