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on September 23, 2010
I bought this security kit because my house has been broken into 3 times and they keep stealing my TV. So now I decided to secure my TV to my entertainment cabinet. Once installed, there is no way for anyone to unscrew the fasteners that go into the VESA mounts because the huge security cable blocks access to the screw heads. The anchoring bracket comes with modified flathead screws that only allow you to screw in clockwise. Once in, there's no way to unscrew it. I didn't realize this would make it hard for myself to remove, but it can be taken off with a hacksaw if needed. It's worth the piece of mind that no one will ever be able to yank my TV away. I considered getting a Kensington lock, but this kit is at least 10x more secure and cheaper as well. Awesome product!
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on July 19, 2011
I purchased this TV lock about 2 months ago, I read the review by motocycleracer2 and thought it was very helpful. I didn't use all of his advise, but I did get longer and stronger screws to attach the cable to the wall stud (picked up from local hardware store). The TV is sitting on a TV stand, not mounted to the wall...
Just yesterday we had a break in and they tried to snatch my TV! The TV was moved, but it is still here! The punks tried to rip the cable out of the wall but could not, they even tried to cut the cable with something but only broke the plastic shield around the metal cable. An as a bonus the police got a good set of finger prints off of the TV, so maybe this lock will catch the .... too!!!
If you THINK you may need a TV lock, then get this one, the cost is insignificant compared to most home owners/renters insurance deductibles.
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on April 2, 2011
I searched web sites carefully before spending my $30 + s/h for a good HDTV anti-theft cable lock.
Kensington looked costly, attachment wimpy at the hdtv [or laptop], desk acessory attachments with a few screws [or glue? you're kidding me, you're not kidding a serious thief] [or screwed to a wall which is what I needed to do] Kensington desk anchor looked like a belt buckle [Needs to be big enough to pass kensington cable loop thru.] No loops with this HDTV lock cable. Ask a thief why a big belt buckle allows easy access for even simple thievery tools.
Back to this product: "Flat Screen Anti -Theft Security Kit.
Looking at the photos on the Amazon site was all I needed to tell it was a good product and how to install it [mostly]. I didn't have to read the directions.
Before installing I decided to search the web for desk & wall "anchors", "attachment pionts", "Anti-theft bicycle anchors" etc, etc. What I found was the commonly available "HASP". Yes hasp.
What is a hasp? It's been around for a long time, commonly available at home improvement / hardware stores. Got mine at a home improvement store with initials H.D. for $5.97 plus driving. Generically it is a swivel eye medium duty hasp with an "eye just over 3/8" - this is perfect. [ "Latch Post Safety Hasp" by Everbuilt , but many others will do.] Eye looked to be forged or cast iron: STRONG - no room for thiefs' tools [eye is where the padlock is supposed to go thru, but instead you simply pass the supplied 3/8 inch machined cable end thru the eye of the hasp.]
This will all make sence when you see all of the hardware in front of you. It is not complicated at all, even as I have modified it.
If you whant real simple, just use their stuff. you'de be doing ok. Instalation will be about 30 minuits.
If you whant to do the best [i,ve been burglarized, I used to build Banks!] Add my "hasp" wall anchor or [2]. Will take another 15 minuits bacause my hasp has [7] 2" long sheetrock / deck screws [To be sure I didn'n strip the top of the screws while installling them, I used deck screws with "6 point star drive: the special bit comes with the box of screws] Star drive not really for security concerns since a "hasp" by design covers the 7 attachment screws!
1a] Position your HDTV in it's final location [if on a TV stand / cradenza, etc.] Simply screw on the [2] supplied "tv anchors" with a philips screw driver. [Several sizes of metric screw are supplied]
1b] If using an HDTV "wall mount", install the [2] supplied chrome plated "tv anchors" when you bolt on the "wall mount" parts.
2] Thread their cable thru the [2] HDTV anchors and mark where in the wall [both left and right] the cable end will reach.
3] Find a wall stud [precisely] to attach the "wall anchor" to. [hint: use a small nail and hammer to get precise]
4a] My WAY: attach the hasp vertically with [7] 2" deck / drywall screws.
This sturdy hasp is my wall anchor. [Set aside their black "wall anchor"]
4b] Their way: attach the supplied black wall anchor with one [repeat one] supplied 2" allen head drywall screw
5a] Thread the supplied cable thru the wall anchor['s] of your choice [I used 2 hasps & 14 screws / silly me cost $5.97 more and extra 10 minuits]
6]attach supplied padlock.

Now, your thinking I went overboard. But For 5 seconds more I will double your security again:
New step 5b] The machined end of their cable is a "week link". Ask a thief why. You whant to keep thievery tools away from "weak links". Fortunately we have a perfect "anti-cut shield" for the last weak part of this system: IT IS THE SUPPLIED BLACK WALL MOUNT ANCHOR THAT I DECIDED NOT TO USE! Simply remove the padlock that you just installed when you thought you were done with this CHORE [ARE THOSE OTHER PEOPLE STILL COMPLAINING "HOW COME YOU'RE NOT DONE YET?" ] Seriously, take the SUPPLIED BLACK WALL MOUNT ANCHOR and simply slip it over the machined end of the cable, an THEN install the padlock. Took me 5 minuits to write this, took me 5 seconds to actually do this.
You will be amazed how much more secure your HDTV is. Hope you enjoyed this review. I will try to visit coments.
Hope you enjoy your secure HDTV as much as I do.
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on July 11, 2015
I used this Anit-Theft Kit to lock a large TV to a girder in the ceiling of our church building. Thieves broken in. They must have tried to pull the TV down with their weight. The cable on this device broke. The lock fastened to it was fine. The bicycle chain lock that fasten this to the girder was unbroken. The weakest link was the cable in this kit. The end was broken off. The thieves did not get the TV it just smashed to the ground when the cable broke. This kit did not prove to be Anti-Theft in my case.
review image
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on March 26, 2015
See my images for step-by-step.
review image review image
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on June 17, 2011
After having my home broken into and my brand new Panasonic VT30 55" Plasma 3D TV taken I found this anti-theft device while searching on the computer. I am very pleased with it. It is easy to install and I threaded the cable through an eyebolt that I screwed into a stud in the wall. Now I have peace of mind while I'm not home. I also found an alarm that attaches to the back of the TV. That is also a great item. I found that at
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on May 23, 2011
Purchased this to secure our new tv, since we were robbed once. Extremely easy to put on and it doesn't look like anyone is going to get it off. My only question is: how do you get the cable off if I have to move the tv or buy a new one, etc.once I put the "no-access" covers over the screw holes?
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on May 15, 2012
Delivered quickly and does what I wanted. I did as others have recommended and use larger wood screws for attachment to wall. The included screws were too wimpy. Second issue was directions are unclear on attachment to TV. After rereading several times and scouring the back of my TV for the holes they talked about in directions I just used the two lower mounting holes. My mount required the outermost holes for mounting so all of the other holes on back of TV were covered. I assumed they meant to use the mounting holes anyhow, just not sure why they just can't say that in the directions. Last issue was included padlock looked cheap, so I bought a stronger one. Other than that installation was easy.
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on June 29, 2013
The kit is so easy to install. I used my own longer screws to attach to the stud. I installed one in my son's 1st floor apartment and 2 weeks later burglars got in and took his laptop, iPad and Xbox but not the TV! It paid off that fast.
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on June 2, 2013
We bought this to secure the TV to the wall mount in our outdoor covered patio. It's been 8 months and so far so good. It gives us a sense of security knowing it won't be easy for anyone to steal. The installation was a breeze and it's really sturdy cable. We definitely recommend.
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