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on December 14, 2009
I currently have 5 healthy indoor cats. They range from 6-years old to seven months. The two younger cats I had up for adoption for a few weeks along with their littermates at a local cat rescue shelter. During their stay at shelter they must have picked up some fleas. I used a flea comb on a kitten last week and noticed a bit of flea dirt. I treated all the cats with Advantage (Flea control) and washed and sterilized all their bedding along with practically everything else in the house that was washable. As a last step to preventing any major flea outbreak I ordered a 3-lb container of Fleabusters RX from I followed the manufacturer's directions while applying it to my carpets. I thoroughly raked it deep into the carpet. Because of cold winter weather and dry inside air, my home is currently charged with static electricity. So much so that when I pet my cats their fur snaps and pops with static. Apparently because of the static, the Fleabusters powder was sticking to my cats after they crossed the freshly treated carpet. My shinny black cat was covered with a fine talcum coating of flea power especially near his legs and paws. While I was out for the evening, my statically charged cats must have continued to play with their toys and roll on the carpet picking up additional flea power in their fur. When I got home late that evening the first cat started throwing up. Then, all through the night I was constantly awakened by all five cats retching and vomiting. The frequent vomiting continued throughout the next day and was joined by extreme water like diarrhea. I contacted the Emergency Poison Control Center, paid their $30.00 fee and I was told my cats were experiencing all the symptoms of Orthoboric poisoning (Active ingredient in Fleabusters RX.) I contacted Fleabusters and explained to them how my cats were poisoned by their flea power. Fleabusters assured me that mine was a unique experience and promised they would research this incident. Because cats are fastidious cleaners and lick themselves constantly there is always a chance under the right conditions that Fleabusters RX, or any other flea power or even talcum powder, could harm your cat if it ingests enough of it. My cats are all young and healthy so they should fully recover with no long term side effects. Old, sick and very young cats might be more at risk. If you are concerned about your cat ingesting this power you may want to keep your cat confined to one room while you treat the rest of your carpet. Then, after a few days you can start vacuuming again and most of the loose power will be gone. Once the loose power has been vacuumed you could then allow your cat access to the treated carpet.
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on May 21, 2007
I had a serious flea problem. My 10 month old daughter had bites all over her body, I had bites all over my ankles, and my cat's fur was littered with flea eggs. Because my daughter is very sensitive, this was the only product which her specialist approved for treatment of the home.

Application was a lot of work; it wasn't difficult, just time consuming and involved a lot of furniture moving. I can see why fleabusters charges $200 to treat a home. However, as soon as you're done treating an area, it's safe for animals and kids to enter the room, much unlike bug bombs or a call to the exterminator.

As the label indicates, it did take a few weeks to see full results. The appearance of flea bites significantly decreased after application and slowly declined from there. It's been a month since I applied the powder and I haven't seen any bites on my daughter in over a week.

A week after application my daughter and I weren't getting bit very much, but my cat still had a lot of fleas on her so I gave her Advantage flea drops. The drops instantly killed the fleas on her and within a week our flea problem was a distant memory. So my suggestion is to use both products to help speed up the process. (I tried Frontline flea drops before Advantage and they didn't work at all)

Effectiveness: 5 stars

Speed of effectiveness: 3 stars

Gentleness: 5 stars

Overall: 4 stars
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on April 2, 2010
I had no idea how horrible fleas could be! A roommate put one of my "indoor" cats outside overnight, leading to a major flea infestation. To make matters worse, I am allergic to flea bites, and for whatever reason, I was the only person in the house being bitten. (My fiance and I counted bites once night, and I had over 200 bites on my body- I literally hated my life.)

Anyway, I had tried a lot. I had spent tons on expensive sprays, was vacuuming multiple times a day, throwing out the bags, etc. I tried salt (which definitely killed them, just not fast enough), regular boric acid, bombs, and was washing everything repeatedly. My cats had been treated at the vet, and were also on Frontline. I just could not get rid of the fleas!!

Finally I started searching around online and read about Fleabusters on Amazon. I liked the one year guarantee, and decided to try it. I am so glad that I did! It worked quickly and very well. As an earlier review stated, it was difficult to put down. If you really want it to work, you need to be pretty thorough. I was paranoid as hell, so I put it under cushions, on draperies, all over my mattress, everywhere. Maybe not the smartest idea, but I was desperate.

Also, It will also make you cough. A lot. Enough that I would definitely suggest a dust mask while putting it down. However, it's only irritating before it has settled, and I really do think that the product works so well due to the really fine grain of the powder. It was fine enough that once it settled, you could brush it into dark furniture and not see it at all anymore. I also really loved that you could put it down, and not worry about the treatment hurting your pets. Definitely a major plus.

Summary: There is nothing in life more satisfying than seeing fleas die. Fleabusters can help you achieve this beautiful experience.
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on December 6, 2007
This fall, our dog brought a good number of fleas into the house, and because we didn't catch it right away, they ended up spreading through the entire house. We were getting bites on our ankles and legs and were literally miserable.

After doing a good deal of research on various treatment options, we decided to try the Fleabusters Rx For Fleas due to the fact that we have young children and liked the idea of not using chemicals that could harm those in the house. We ordered two containers as we have a large house, 3000+ sq. ft. We only used about 1/2 to 2/3 of the first container to treat the house, so a container does go a long way.

We followed the directions on the container as far as moving furniture and using a push broom to work it into the carpet. After the first week, with normal vacuuming, the number of fleas had reduced some. By the end of the second week, we found the occasional flea, but nowhere near the number we were seeing. Now it's been a month, and we have not seen any fleas at all over the past week.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has a flea problem, or even if you don't have a problem, as a preventative measure to ensure a problem never starts. While it does take a while to start working, I am truly impressed with the end results. We will definitely continue to use this product in the future to prevent a recurrence of the flea problem we encountered.
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on July 17, 2011
I'll preface a bit.. At one point we had 5 cats, 2 dogs, 2 chinchillas and 1 older child. When we got fleas, we put them all (not the kid of course) in the garage with capstar and bombed the house.

Fast forward, we now have 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 chinchilla in the house, along with two small children and a teenager. Add to that, in February of this year, my 28 day old daughter was hopitalized because the Chinchilla took a dust bath and the dust caused her severe breathing issues.

When flea dirt started showing up where the cat hangs out, I got nervous, but I didn't see any fleas. One by one they started popping up. The most we ever saw was 10 in one day, so maybe not a huge infestation, but a nuisance none the less. With a 6m old and 2 year old, bombing just wasn't going to work. I did a lot of reading, even called Flea Busters, spoke to the customer service people there, but eventually just bought some frontline. I put it on the dogs and cat and we all left the house for 7 days, hoping it would take care of itself while we were on vacation.

We got back, and within 24 hours it was obvious things were worse and not better. I went ahead and ordered FleaBusters RX. I admit, I was nervous because some of the reviews talked about huge messes, dust everywhere, sick cats, etc. With my daughter's trip to the ER over the chinchilla bath, I was even more worried for her health and that something super dusty would really negatively effect her.

I sent my husband and the babies out of the house for an hour. I took all the furniture from the living room and put it in an adjoining room, closed all the bedroom doors and followed the directions. Vacuum, spread dust, broom it in, vacuum again. I managed to move all my furniture, apply, and begin moving all the furniture back in by the time they returned, about an hour later. It wasn't some horrible taxing experience, it didn't make a huge mess, my house wasn't covered in a cloud of white dust, I wasn't gagging, I didn't almost pass out, etc.. I do suggest doing it on a day you can open the windows though, I did taste it a little bit while brooming it in, but opening the windows helped.

No one, not the 6m old, not the other kids, animals, husbands, etc., no one, had any ill effects and they were back in the house while I was still vacuuming up the extra powder in some spots. I did have to dust my dark brown furniture afterwards, but I have kids and pets and this stuff made no more mess than 3-4 days of living with furry animals will make on it's own.

The best part is, the next day we saw A flea. ONE. That's it. They are gone. I had planned on treating the bedrooms as well, but after doing just the living room there isn't a need to. It has been two weeks and we haven't seen any of the little buggers anywhere in the house. I DANCED in white socks all through the house and still nothing. I feel perfectly safe letting my kids roll around on the rug now. This stuff is wonderful. If you have little kids and dogs, and you miss a frontline application and end up with fleas, buy this stuff. It is WELL worth the money.
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on December 10, 2007
I had a bad flea problem last year after getting a puppy. this year, i managed it by getting a new dyson vacuum cleaner, vacuuming very frequently (vacuum cleaner very easy to use) and giving my dog Revolution and Capstar. But after the bad experience last year, i wanted to be protected so i decided to have Fleabusters come out to put their boric acid dust in my carpet, hoping i wouldn't have to give any more revolution and Capstar. But by the time they came out, i didnt' have any fleas. I do believe it works, buti can't base this on my experience because they were already gone.

Fleabusters sent a man to apply the dust. Before he started, he held a canister in his hands, not the can with the dust in it but a long narrow one that got smaller at each end, and seeing me staring at it, he said "This is a liquid i'm going to spray under your beds, in your bathrooms and on your furniture." I asked what it was and he said pyrethrins. I wasn't sure what that was but i assumed it was part of their process.

It took about an hour for him to spray the liquid and spread the dust. I waited outside, watching him through the sliding glass door. When i came back in, he gave me a copy of the invoice, $225, which had a guarantee on it that was different from the guaranty on their website, although i didn't notice it at the time. On the website it says if you're not satisfied for any reason, you can have a refund, unconditional. On the paper they gave me, it said if you're not satisfied, they reserve the right to retreat your place before considering a refund.

That afternoon, i developed a burning sensation in my upper respiratory tract. There was fine white dust all over everything. I was told i could vacuum the next day. I figured this would clear up. I vacuumed the next day. The irritation continued. It was a mild irritation. I didn't like it but i figured with all that dust in the air, it was just something that would happen and it would go away.

Two weeks later, i still had the mild burning sensation. It wasn't bad but it worried me. I called the company that had come out to my house. i left a message. My call was not returned. I called again the second day and spoke to the owner on the phone. He said that it would go way soon, "we see this some times," he said some people are allergic, but i don't think it was an allergy. I don't have any allergies and i dont' have any chemical sensitivities, i'm healthy, i haven't missed a day of work in at least 10 years, i don't get colds or i get over them really fast, no coughs, etc. but this burning sensation just didn't get any better.

I asked him why pyrethrins had been used when it didn't say anything about that on their website or when you call on the phone. He said there was no possible way the man used pyrethrins, he said the man must've must mispoke when he told me that, must've been distracted and had a lot on his mind. this wasn't very reassuring to me, since the man looked right at me and said pyrethrins.

But i wasn't really worried about pyrethrins because i had looked them up on the web and it said they break down rapidly in heat and light and air so i figured they weren't there anymore, and i figured it was just the boric acid dust, which kept coming up into my vacuum cleaner canister in great amounts. i was surprised it didn't decrease.

I asked if cleaning my carpet would help and he emphatically said yes, and he said that although on my guarantee it says that washing the carpet would void my warranty, this was incorrect, washing the carpete would not make the product ineffective and would not void the warranty. He then put it in writing and faxed it to me. I had the carpet washed that day, but unfortunately, the burning sensation continued.

After a couple of weeks i called him again to ask for help in finding out information about what i should do and how to remove this product. My call was not returned. I called each day. Nice pleasant people took my messages and said they were sorry my call hadn't been returned. I left voice mails. Then, i called the company that makes this product, not the guy who applied it but the main company, and left a voice mail asking someone to call me and give me more information about the product and how to get it so it was no longer getting stirred up into my air. My call was not returned, so i emailed them. I got an email reply saying they had forwarded my email to the guy who was not returning my calls, as i had already told them. I emailed them again and asked for the guy's email which they gave me and i emailed him, asking for more information about removing the product or somehow getting it out of the air. He didn't reply. His wife did reply to one of my voice mails and left me a message saying that he recommended that i get a respirator mask and use it while vacuuming and that that would help. it didn't help.

I now know the respirator mask didn't help because you can't take it off. After you vacuum you should keep it on, i didnt' know this but i know now more than i ever wanted to about boric acid, fine dust, pyrethrins, permethrin, and their hazards. Fleabusters boasts on their website that this is an extremely finely milled dust, they refer to it as microscopic. dust that fine does not quickly settle down after it's been stirred up, it stays in the air for hours or more. if those dust particles are impregnated with offgassing pyrethrins, then that is what is being breathed deeply into the lungs. The body can't get this out. it's so fine, it penetrates deeply and may not cause symptoms immediately but can impair respiration later in life.

I saw my doctor and she said i had chemical irritant pneumonitis from boric acid. She said it's not an allergy, it's caused by a chemical in the atmosphere like happened in New York after 911. She said the only thing i could do for this was to not go into the place where i was being exposed. But it was my home. i have a job, etc. a life. she said the only other way of not being exposed would be to wear a respirator 24/7. You can't really do that though, those respirators are not made to be worn all the time, you'd be changing the filters frequently. you couldn't eat. those things are not comfortable.

The Fleabusters company was not helpful, they were quite uncaring. I reported this to the county agency that handles things like this. They interviewed the man who came out to my house and he told them he did not spray any liquid in my house. That was that, there was nothing more the county could do.

I learned that to have my home air or dust tested for pyrethrins, boric acid, and permethrins (which the owner said the man might've used) would cost me at least over $1000. I was also told i need to get rid of my beds and my upholstered furniture because pyrethhrins won't come out of that. I learned that while pyrethrins break down rapidly in light and heat, they wil not break down if they're under my bed where it's dark and cool, but they will offgass (a word i learned while trying to solve the problem that since Fleabusters came, my home isn't safe to breathe in anymore) and the offgassing will impregnate dust particles and be breathed into the air.

The Fleabusters owner did talk to me one more time on the phone and said it was impossible that his product could still be causing symptoms over a month later. He said he wanted to help me find out what the problem was and that he could easily come out and test my air. By that time, after him not returning my calls for 2 weeks before this phone call, i had called them and asked for a refund. Their website does say after all, if you are not satisfied for any reason, you may have a refund. By this time, i had spent about $500 trying to stop the exposure of whatever they put in there, carpet cleaning, respirator masks, 6 window fans, had missed work, used up vacation time, had suffered burning my lungs, and was definitely not satisfied. but when i got him on the phone, he said he didn't think a refund was appropriate because 'we haven't done anything wrong.'
He said he just cared about finding out what was causing my problem and could easily come out and test my air, in order to find out. I said i would really appreciate that. I already knew at that point that it would cost me a thousand dollars to have it done. He said he would get back to me in two days. He never got back to me so i disputed the charge on my visa card. That dispute is still pending.

This is a terrible company. I do think the product probably works, but i didn't have fleas before they came so i can't say. There is no technical expertise to help a consumer if there is a problem with the product. There is no communication. it's very hard to reach them, impossible to reach the main company in Florida, they would not talk to me at all, period, after i had asked them to provide me with the best information about what might be happening in my home, since they have the scientists that have developed the stuff.

Before i had them come out, i looked on the web for user reviews, to make sure it was safe. I found positive reviews about it working well. Only one person said it made her sneeze so much that she had to have her son apply it, she couldn't do it. So, i thought it sounded pretty safe.

I recently found a website called Only Natural Pet Store that has about 20 user reviews on Fleabusters. Most are positive like these here. But quite a few mention that the product causes irritation. I wish i'd read that before i had them come out.

I finally had to move out of my place, i haven't been staying there for a month and a half. I'm still paying the rent there. Whenever i go over there to get stuff, i get the irritation. Something is wrong with the air there, something Fleabusters put into my home. Before i moved out in mid october, back in late September, i went out of town for three days, and had no symptoms the whole time, but it started again within an hour after i got back. When i moved out, the symtpoms stopped, unless i go over there. i dont' know what they put in, and they won't help me to find out. maybe it's the boric acid dust, maybe it's the pyrethrins the guy claimed he was spraying and later denied, maybe it's Precor with permethrin which the owner told the air testing guy i was consulting with might have been used. i don't know. i dont' know if i really have to throw away my much loved beds and sofa and love seat and other furniture, the curtains, get rid of the carpets, i dont know. i hate to do that without first finding out what's in there. to have my life torn apart to this extent and not know what's causing it, i can't make peace with that, yet it costs so much to have it tested, i have to think about it some more.

i've learned that the Borax company who makes boric acid powder does not list the broadcast method as one of the recommended applications of boric acid. They only recommend putting it in areas like cracks and crevices, not where there is traffic by people and animals that might stir it up. It's not meant to be breathed and they don't list spreading it all over the environment as one of the recommended applications.

I would say if you have a family member, a child or a pet, anyone who is sensitive to dust or has any respiratory issues, think carefully before using this product. As the company says on its website, the dust is milled extremely fine. That is the most dangerous kind of dust exposure there is, and long term problems can be caused by it even if there is no problem in the short run. Again, i have no allergies, no chemical sensitivities, no illnesses, and all i have is a mild burning sensation in my upper respiratory tract if i'm around my home, beginning the day that fleabusters came. It may be that they sent an unqualified unprofessional unethical guy to my home to apply the dust and he sprayed something in there that he wasn't supposed to. But when i told the company about what the man said he was spraying, they just dismissed it rather than taking it seriously, it's not that the guy questioned that this man would have really sprayed something--he said "He must've sprayed liquid sodium polyborate, the same as the dust. there's no way he sprayed pyrethrins" why would i make that up? he didn't question that i was making it up. He just didn't care. or didn't want to deal with it, didn't want to be responsible for the man he sent into my home.

i wish i never had Fleabusters come to my house. it was a terrible mistake.
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on September 19, 2012
Our furry family consists of 6 cats and a dog - all indoor/outdoor. We have consistently used Frontline Plus for fleas and ticks and it has always worked but in mid-summer this year I noticed all of my animals were suffering from a major outbreak of fleas, and I knew there were fleas in my house (how could there not be?) because I was getting bit also. I asked my vet if he had heard anybody else complaining about fleas, and he suggested FleaBusters Rx. He also discovered that other people in Maine were having issues with Frontline Plus not working on fleas, and even Frontline acknowledged a problem with the product in our state. However, I had already given my animals their monthly dose of Frontline a couple weeks earlier and was unable to re-dose them for a couple more weeks but I knew I had to do something to start the process of ridding my house and animals of fleas and wanted to do something that time-wise was consistent.

I didn't particularly want to bomb my house with the flea bomb because it is nearly impossible to keep my animals out of the house that long, plus I would have to cover everything up, so I ordered the vet-suggested Fleabuster Rx Fleas Plus (although skeptical) through Amazon (best price around). It is a very fine powder that is sprinkled on carpets, furniture, animal bedding, anywhere fleas may be hiding (but not on your animals - for immediate relief I bought CAPSTAR tablets for my cats and dog, which almost instantly kills the adult fleas residing on the animals so they had a little reprieve until I could switch over to Advantage Plus).

In the meantime I attacked my house ... The first step is to vacuum everything thoroughly, before applying the Fleabusters Rx. I washed all the animals' bedding, and following the directions on the bottle I sprinkled the Fleabusters Rx all over my carpeting and furniture, and then swept it with a broom, to help it settle into the fibers. I don't think I applied enough though because a few hours later I could feel the fleas jumping from the floor and couch (obviously it was working) so I re-applied some more (I guessed at how much to use and apparently my guesstimate was off). After that, no more jumping fleas. It is recommended to not vacuum for 48 hours, so I didn't, but after that I vacuumed every other day for the next two weeks. By then I was able to give my animals a dose of Advantage Plus so I reapplied a new dusting of Fleabusters Rx, even though by this time I was no longer having fleas coming out of the carpet and furniture, but I figured it only made sense to reapply the Fleabusters Rx at the same time I was able to dose my furry family with the idea that I was killing off fleas in all areas at the same time.

I was very happy with the results of this product. One of the great things about it, besides that it works, is it is basically safe around your animals (it is suggested to keep them out of the room as you are applying it and to pick up food and water dishes because it does create a dust-cloud when applying) but it's not like the flea bomb where everything needs to be removed or covered for 8 hours. It has been 2 months since I first applied the Fleabusters Rx and, once I was able to get the fleas on my animals under control, we have been basically flea-free. Everybody is much more comfortable now.
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on October 5, 2009
I bought this product to get rid of fleas in my house. WHAT A MESS! If you have 5 days to constantly vaccumn than this might be the product for you...and don't dare get any on house will kill them. Experience rated 1-10 this with 10 being the highest...I rate this stuff a 2....don't bother it is not worth it.
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on September 20, 2009
We had the bad luck to bring home fleas from the beach house this summer. With a baby in the house, I was nervous about applying any kind of poisonous spray in the house. When an exterminator described how their product genetically prevents developing fleas from maturing, I thought, no way do I want this growth-retardant in the house with my baby! I looked up Fleabusters and read many reviews before deciding to go ahead with this product. The length of time it's been around, as well as the fact that it is listed as part of the safe treatment plan for infestations in schools helped make my decision. Basically, this product is listed as LESS NOXIOUS than other chemical forms of flea treatment. It is even listed as a first step for action by schools experiencing flea problems. That makes me feel a lot better about applying this product and having it present in my home. Since the dust sticks to the fleas and acts as a desiccant, I have less concern about it impacting my daughter's development should she come in contact with any microparticulate that may linger. An external form of killing fleas is better than a poison that affects their nervous system, and by extension, ours! No thanks.

We are not home handy nor are we do-it-yourselfers. I was nervous about having to apply this ourselves. My husband applied the product while my daughter and I left the house. He said it was a lot easier than he anticipated, and it took a lot less time to do the whole house than he thought it would! That was a pleasant surprise! Having said that, he did say that it created a lot of dust everywhere as he applied it. I had spent $3 on a respirator mask at the local hardware store to prevent him from inhaling it as he worked. We spent a night out of the house just to let it sit, then he came home ahead of us and vaccuumed the carpets, dusted down the house a bit, opened some windows. My daughter and I came home to the house and I didn't smell anything or experience any negative skin or allergic reactions of any kind. No more bites for about a week! The next cycle of fleas must have hatched at that point, cause I got 1-2 bites over the next day or so, but that was so much less than what we had initially experienced! After a few more days, there was nothing. This stuff was a wonderful solution to the flea problem we were experiencing!

It has been about a month now and I am very pleased to say we haven't had any further troubles. I would highly recommend this product, particularly given that both my young daughter and I are very sensitive to many everyday products. Neither of us has had a reaction to this product in our home. Thank you Fleabusters! Without a doubt, an inexpensive, chemical-conscious way to handle the fleas.
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on June 30, 2009
Many years ago we paid someone to come put this out and it cost us $200.00. So glad to see it now very affordable for the homeowner to use instead of paying someone.

It is messy, but very effective. No fumes or chemical residues left behind. We allowed a mama cat to have her kittens inside due to living in a rural area where newborn animals sometimes don't live long. Of course this brought on a bunch of newborn fleas. Our flooring is mainly tile and a little carpet. We followed the directions and left the powder out a little longer than suggested by manufacturer. We were completely free of the pests within the two weeks the container promised.

Have already purchased another container to have on hand. This also took care of some fire ants we had in a bathroom that we didn't even know about until all the little bodies showed up.

I recommend the Fleabusters. Less expensive than the exterminator and I don't like using the sprays and bug bombs. Give it a try it will probably work as well as it did for us.
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