Customer Reviews: GOgroove FlexSMART X2 Bluetooth In-Car FM Transmitter with USB Charging , Multipoint , Music Controls & Hands-Free Calling - Works with Apple , Samsung , LG & More Smartphones , Tablets , MP3 Players
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on July 3, 2010
When I got the HTC Evo back at the beginning of June I just went to Wal Mart and picked up an FM transmitter there for 50 dollars, but it would only transmit to the radio but not charge the phone. For anyone who has an Evo, you know that the battery life is not good. Plus it had a so much excess wiring. I returned it and bought this off of amazon and it is amazing. It paired within 10 seconds and transmits with barely noticeable no static, transmits far better than the 50 dollar thing I got from Wal-Mart or the FM transmitter I had for my iphone. I put my phone onto pandora, plug in the charger and set it down and if a song comes up I want to skip, I can just hit the forward button on the flexSmart unit which can be easily adjusted to any position for your hand.

I love this thing, its not obtrusive, theres not a ton of excess wiring, just the gooseneck and if you want to charge it simultaneously you can just plug it into the usb port with the included 6 inch wire or use your own. The calls come in clear and great too, just as good as any bluetooth headset.

I highly recommend this if you dont have an auxiliary port in your car stereo, I was considering getting the gomadic one which is only 5 dollars cheapers, but has so much more wiring and the typical inconvenient control module built into the wiring. I'm really glad I got this one, I'm about to drive from DC to Portland and this thing will make the trip much more bearable and its not an eye sore in the car.
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on July 7, 2010
This product is an FM transmitter that connects to your Phone via bluetooth, and then transmits the audio to your car stereo through an FM signal. Just the same as other FM transmitters, but using bluetooth connection to your phone rather than a cord.

I take a lot of trips up to Santa Barbara on the weekends and it's about 90 miles away. I use this with my Motorola Droid usually, but also with my friends' phones too. First you just plug the FLEXSMART X2 into the cigarette outlet in your car, and then press the power button. You see the LCD light up and you can adjust the FM station with the twisting knob. Just match the FM station on the FLEXSMART X2 and your car FM radio. To find the best station you can just hold down the twisting knob for a few seconds and it automatically finds a clear station for you. All you have to do to put the FLEXSMART X2 into pairing mode is hold the blue call button for a couple seconds, and then the lights start to flash. Then you go into your bluetooth settings on whatever phone you have and search for FLEXSMART X2 from the list. It usually connects in about 5 seconds. You here two beeps. One thing to notice is that when you want to disconnect one phone and connect a friend's, you have to unpair the 1st phone before connecting the 2nd one.

Sound for Music and Calls:
The sound quality for music seems to be very good. It's way less interference than other FM transmitters, I think it's possibly because there are no wires connecting the phone to the transmitter. Bluetooth music seems to be superior. One thing I did notice was a difference in my sound levels with the bass and treble. I just tweaked the bass and treble levels and got it sounding the way I like. Call quality is different. I can't figure it out...sometimes when I make or receive calls everything is perfect.. then sometimes the person I'm talking to says they can hear their voice echo in the background, BUT they sound fine to me??? It only happens maybe 1 out of 10 times.. but I can't figure out what causes it... maybe a bad cell phone signal I'm not sure. BUt for the most part calls sound good and I like how I can answer and end calls without ever toughing my phone

You can answer and end calls by the controls on FLEXSMART X2, and you can even hold down the call button to call the same person you last talked to. The twisting knob is used for fm station tuning. Twsting it will change the FM station by 0.1 with each click. One cool feature is this Auto-Seek that finds clear stations for you. You just hold down the twisting knob and it zooms into a clear station...very cool. Also, the knob controls volume if you click it down just once. It seems like the best sound comes when you turn the FLEXMSART X2 volume up to 30, and then your car radio at about mid level(depending on how loud you like your music). I've noticed by turning up the volume on FLEXSMART X2 first the sound quality is really great. The play, forward and back buttons control your music. These controls worked great on most phones I've tried, but only the play and pause control worked on the iPhone 3GS we used.

Other cool things.....
I noticed that when you leave your phoen bluetooth on, FLEXSMART X2 automatically re-pairs it when you turn your car on. Thats pretty cool. It also comes with 3 usb cables which can charge iPods and almost any cell phone. It has a USB port on the side of it that you connect these cables to, so you could charge your phone or your friend's phone even though your cigarette outlet is being taken up.
The lights are also really cool at night. They go nice with my 2002 Volkswagen console lights. ALSO, you can use this just like any other FM transmitter if you have an iPod or something without bluetooth capability. It has a 3.5mm headphone cord jack and a two-way cable. It's cool that you can use it even with things(mp3 players / laptops) that don't have bluetooth capability.

What a cool product... for sure one of the coolest car audio products I've ever used...hahha and my friends like it too.
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on January 15, 2012
The variables :
Car : Honda Civic EX 2007 4dr Sedan
Phone : iPhone 4S
Primary mode of use : Line-out port on the device + Car Aux input (connected using an audio jack cable)

Pros/Neutral comments
- Pairs very easily with the phone. As soon as I start the car, the device sends an audible beep through the car speakers within about 10-15 seconds to let me know that it has paired with the my iPhone.
- Call quality : If you're using the line out port, call quality is great. I've called several people, some of whom I told that I was using a hands-free device, and they said that they could hear me just fine. Some, I didn't, and they never asked me to repeat what I said, so I assume they could hear me OK. I have to raise my voice a little, but its only very little, so I'm OK with that. I am very satisfied with this aspect of the device.
- The line-out performance is very good.
- The play, forward, rewind buttons work very well. One minor thing I noticed is that after the phone pairs (indicated by an audible beep), pressing the play button immediately would not play the songs. I would have to wait a few seconds (<5) before pressing the play button (but after the pairing beep), and then the songs played. Before I turn off the car, I push the play button again, so the song is paused (and my iPhone stops playing the music), then switch off the car. That way, the next time I get into the car, the same song continues when I press the play button.
- Contrary to some other reviewers who have stated that they hear a high pitch whirring noise (proportional to the engine speed) when they try to charge their phones using the USB port on the device while the car engine is ON, I had no issues like that. Even when the music was loud enough, I did not hear any interference or whirring noise. It possible that the other reviewers either got a bad piece, or the problem is with their cars. (I also checked out the comments on a review by a Mr. Wessel, where some commenters mentioned things like installing noise filters in the car, but thankfully I didn't have to do all that)
- In general, the default volume level (set at 20) works fine for me. I do have further volume control from the steering wheel, so I generally don't mess with the device volume.
- The lights that light up to show the play/next song etc buttons and the phone buttons, are satisfactory. They would be even better if they made them a little dimmer, (I would say about 20% dimmer), but its OK, not a deal breaker, and I don't have a problem with it.
- I haven't tried using Siri on it, (but thats mainly because I'm close to exceeding my data plan), but I pressed and held the 'make a call' button, and it said "Siri not available, please connect to the internet". So, I'm pretty sure that Siri will work OK, which is an added bonus.
- I don't have a paid GPS app on my iPhone, but I tried an app called "Waze", and it worked great, just as if I had a nav system in my car (mainly because the directions were playing out of the speakers). I tried doing this while I was playing songs, and the songs would temporarily turn softer when the GPS lady spoke. Cool.

- The performance over FM was not good. I did not try searching different stations, but the fidelity of the sound in general was not that great (e.g the high frequencies were really horrible), and so I figured that this was a problem with the device's FM performance . Also, the volume level was audibly lower than if I used the line-out port. As much as I hate adding a cable so that I could use the line-out port, I must say that the performance is way better that way. In my car, the the cig lighter port and the aux-in port are right next to each other, and I was able to simply use a 1 ft audio jack cable to bridge that distance.
- I would have liked the "stalk" a little sturdier. In my car, the cigarette lighter port is fairly close to the steering wheel, so I bump the device some times when putting in the keys or taking them out. On a couple of occasions, this caused the device to power off. I believe this is due to the connection at the charger port being a little loose, I don't think the device is faulty.
- Every once in a while, the song skips a little. This is not a big deal, but I'll have to monitor this to see if it get worse. I'm not sure, but this may be a problem with the bluetooth chip, because I'm using the line out cable, and I dont suspect that the problem comes from the part of the 'circuit'.
- I'm using a Mountek CD-slot mount to mount my iPhone (Mountek CD Slot Mount MT5000-C, Universal Hands Free Car Mount for Cell Phones, Satellite Radios & GPS Devices), and in my car, this blocks the clock on my dashboard. It would be cool if the display on the device would display the time, instead of the frequency all the time (as some reviewers have mentioned, I really dont need to know what frequency its been set to ALL the time).
- Also, I would have liked if the default function of the dial would have been to adjust volume, not frequency. This also seems like an oft-mentioned quirk, and perhaps the manufacturer should address this (should be a simple software-category fix)

Summary : All in all, I am very happy with the device, because it lets me play music seamlessly, receive and make calls without discomfort to the speaker or the listener, and be used with my iPhone as the GPS, as a "poor-man's NAV system". I would have liked to give it 4.5 stars, but you can't do that on Amazon, so I err on the lower side, because I don't know its durability. If this thing is still going strong a couple of years down the line, I'll upgrade this review to 5 stars.

p.s. I've submitted a couple of photos.
review image review image
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on August 11, 2010
Okay, so maybe everybody knows this, but this isn't just for the Android phone-- it's compatible with the iPhone 4 as well. I wasn't sure of this (I've never really messed with bluetooth before) as they list the FlexSmart on here for the iPhone and the Android phone as separate products. The one listed for the iPhone is actually more money and is not Prime eligible, so I took a chance and just ordered this one. Success, it worked! So if there's anyone out there that's as silly as me wondering hey, will it work for both? The answer is YES. I have an iPhone 4 and my husband has the Samsung Galaxy (an Android phone), and we both connect to it with NO problems whatsoever.

The sound is super crisp. I've had an FM transmitter for my iPod before and not been impressed-- it was static-y and wouldn't hold the signal. But this little gadget really knocked my socks off! Pairing it with 2 different phones was super easy, and the sound quality is terrific. My husband wants one for his truck now. :)

In the item pictures, it only shows the mini & micro USB and audio cords, but this comes with a little package of all the USB cords you'd need for charging if you're a multi-phone family like us (including iPhone/iPod cord). That is REALLY awesome because now I've got ONE device for bluetooth, charging and music! I can get rid of all those other cords! The cord plugs into the USB port and keeps my iPhone charged on long drives. :)

I also plugged my mom's iPhone 3G and my sister's iPhone 3GS into it, paired it using Bluetooth, and it worked flawlessly with those models as well.

I highly recommend this!!
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on March 28, 2012
Let me start by saying i don't usually leave reviews but holy #$&* this is deserves a gadget MVP. I am an audophile and i was ready for disappointment after hooking this thing up given my past experiences with FM transmitters but i instead had an eargasm... twice. Everything from pulling it out of the box to syncing it with both my IPhone and Ipod touch 4g were effortless. The receiver has its own volume adjuster built in which is clutch because it allows you to adjust it up to the highest volume needed to obtain distortion (Bass in my case) free sound. Rest assured that the volume is more then ample for the system in your car. The auto station finder is cool but i found that 106.3 works in MD the best. The connection is better then having a cd in because you can play with 3 different volume limits (device, transmitter and car) and 2 equalizers (device and your car if it doesnt suck) to get the best sound possible. The calls are insanely clear and there is no lag with the signal when switching a song, pausing or answering a call. Its definitely the coolest looking FM transmitter on the market. Its funny because i was going to cancel this order and get the adapter to hook my IPod directly into my 2006 Honda Accord Navi using one of the XM stations for about $150.00 plus installation but boy am i glad i didn't. Oh and very importantly it does support your Ipod sync cable to charge your apple devices!!! I cant say enough good things about this thing.

Overall, if you're like me and you wait for that one review that makes up your mind on whether you're going to get something or not...please let me be as clear as possible...Purchase this or you will regret it. Its very reasonably priced and it does everything you need. I wish i had 3 cars so i could buy 2 more. And if you have an Iphone or anything with bluetooth for that matter and dont have it already integrated into your car, this is the product you need. Heck i might get a GoGroove tattoo i love this thing so much. I might get a second job at the GoGroove factory making these things. Who knows, there's so many options and the night is young.

Buy it. Boom!

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on February 11, 2011
I wish they would market this product more, I really had to do quite a bit of research for find this gem. And no question about it, this product is a gem! It's called a bluetooth enabled FM transmitter, but that's like describing an Audi S8 as a civilian transport vehicle. There is so much under the hood of this product!

To put it simply, all I wanted was product that would stream music playing on my iPhone through bluetooth to my car's audio system. I own a 1994 Mustang and I was getting tired to hooking into cables when I got into my car, scrolling through my iPhone, and finally playing something. All of that to ultimately repeat the process in reverse when I was ready to leave my car. Most newer vehicles have this feature but I didn't want to spend thousands on a new car, when I had a perfectly good car with one minor tech exception.

This product solved that exception and so much more!

It will allow you to:
- charge your mobile device (not just iPhone)
- send audio to your car via radio transmission (pretty much any frequency you'd like - not just a subset range)
- send audio to your car via auxiliary audio input
- take audio from A2DP bluetooth streaming device
- take audio from an audio input (if you'd like to use your iPod or other device without bluetooth)
- control playback forward, reverse, next track, previous track, play, and pause
- answer a call from your bluetooth phone
- place a call from your bluetooth phone
- use voice command on your bluetooth phone (not sure about other devices, but works great on my iPhone)
- set the volume being sent to your car
- and press a single button on the product to turn it on and off (this is awesome since some cars don't turn off power to devices that are plugged into the car's power port - this means that it'll continue to draw power even after you've removed your car keys - this option eliminates that from happening!!!)

The experience:
Pairing was super easy, pressed and held one button for 5 secondsish on the device, then selected the name on my iPhone and it was done.

Using the features was equally as easy. It was all intuitive and I have yet to even open the manual =)

Sound quality is another shiny plus here. Different genres of music played really well. The sound quality was crisp, no background noise, and powerful enough that I have my stereo volume at a normal listening level which is the same level I have set for listening to CDs, mp3s, etc.

Microphone quality is also great. I'm not sure if the product uses noise canceling technology, but it was surprisingly clear and I didn't need to speak up or change my speech patterns at all.

I'm also really happy with Accessory Genie, their product packaging and shipping were really great. I'm a bit OCD when it comes to nicks and scratches, and they did a great job in not only getting the product on the first day of the delivery range, but also packaging it perfectly.

In retrospect, this review probably sounds like a marketing plug in disguise, but all I can say is I rarely fill out a review beyond "great product" or "needs more work, not happy". I really tip my hat to the engineer that created this little gem =)
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on February 8, 2014
My girlfriend and I haven't used it yet for her iPad. But so far, I've tested it with my Blackberry Q10, and iPod Touch 5G (5th Generation). No a problem.

Pros: Syncs up quickly without any effort. Just turn on the Bluetooth on your device, hold the SNED button on the FM Transmitter, and it pops right up on your device. Places my music crisp and clear, as long as you're not using a station that causes interference.

Cons: Once you set the Transmitter's position (depending on how its plugged in and how it needs to be angled in order for you to operate it and press buttons on it), it starts to sink and sag as you drive, especially if you hit pot holes or bumps in the road, so it constantly needs re-adjusting.

Conclusion: I'm the type of person who finds ways to fix things and make things work without making the fixes (or solutions to the problem) too obvious. So I used a little double-sided take to make sure the bulkier end of the transmitter sticks to my dashboard and doesn't move.

Depending on where your car's cigarette lighter plug is (or where you plug this in), you may experience the same issue. Unfortunitely, the flexible (adjustable) cord isn't meant to stay in a particular position forever. So you'll either need to improvise, or you'll have to live with constantly readjusting the device so sit where you want it!

I gave it 5 stars because of the fact that it's not only compatible with any Bluetooth device (and every device I own with Bluetooth built-in), but it also has a built-in microphone for making phone calls, using Siri, ect... without having to touch my Blackberry or iPod Touch!
review image review image review image review image review image
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on November 30, 2014
First and foremost, I will admit the FlexSMART X2 looked a lot smaller in pictures. I wasn't expecting it to be nearly as big as a 4th Generation iPod touch! This isn't even a problem, though.
Moving on~

Bluetooth pairing was honestly a cinch, I didn't even need the quick start guide myself. I held down the blue Call button then waited for the lights to flash blue and red before connecting my iPhone 5 to it. Sound quality was (surprisingly) very clear, and I'm still floored over how nice it is. I'm actually having better luck sound quality-wise over Bluetooth as opposed to the auxiliary cord supplied - but I hang on to the aux cord just in case I ever need to pass it to a friend riding shotgun.

I should not have to mention this, but I will for the sake of sparing anyone else the humiliation... the Play/Pause/Skip buttons only work when using Bluetooth.

The auto-seek function does what it says, everything sounded pretty good over it. However, "pretty good" went to "pretty great" after I started manually tuning; I just tuned for the most static-y radio station around in my car, then tuned the FM transmitter itself to that frequency. Doing this is probably why I don't have any static at all, period. My one and only gripe is that when I receive a phone call over it, I have to increase the volume in my car allllll the way up to hear the person on the other line talking. I can live with this though, my car has knobs instead of buttons so doing this really isn't a huge hassle.

Just don't mute your smartphones, because when it rings, your phone itself is where the ringing comes from (and not over your car's speakers). I read the other reviews, and look at me now... I am a happy camper.
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on November 15, 2014
Beware of this product. It got stuck in the port of my car a few months back, and I haven't been able to remove it until today when I needed to use my portable compressor to fill a flat. Well, I ended up pulling the entire port out of the car with pliers and still the Gogroove was stuck in the port. After close inspection I found that both of the rubber pieces on either side of the insert had melted just enough to ooze slightly into the grooves of the port causing the insert to be permanently stuck. I had to use needle nose piers to smash and pry the insert out of the port. I've attached a picture where you can see how the rubber area is slightly raised, that was what was causing the jam. I've never had this happen with any other charger type of thing.

The product did allow me to play music wirelessly from my Galaxy II, but there's no way I'd repurchase this product again. I did contact the seller a few months ago when I first noticed that it was stuck, they said they had never heard of this happening and that I should contact the manufacturer about instructions for removing the product.
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on April 3, 2015
The part that connects to the cigarette port broke off, after less than 2 months, it seems hard to get warranty assistance as I've emailed them and got a email saying "
We're sorry. You have replied to an email address that can't accept incoming e-mail. But that's OK--this automated response will direct you to the right place so we can answer your question." and now that i look at my warranty account i don't even see the product that i registered for a 3 year warranty.

Basically what happens is the unit get stuck in your lighter part, and i nearly had to break my port to get it out, i was able to wiggle it out by hand but then the part that connects to the charger breaks open and the unit is not unusable.
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