Customer Reviews: Supereyes Mini 7mm USB Flexible Inspection Camera Microscope Endoscope Borescope
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on March 7, 2013
Sometimes pictures and video are just better at describing things. The biggest question people seem to have about this device is the focus. How far, how close, etc. So, I figured I'd do a quick demo. This I would say is under ideal conditions. Lots of light coming from a 100watt equivalent CFL bulb directly overhead in my task light.

I placed the camera on a table next to the edge of a ruled/graduated cutting mat. I moved the playing card one inch at a time out to 17 inches. At the end, I moved it from 1 inch to 1/4 of an inch to give you an idea of just how close it can focus to. You can make your own judgement now. Not sure what the compression will do to the original video, so here's my two bits.

1) The video quality is alright. When the subject or background is not in focus, the blur appears rather grainy. When in focus, there is no grain.
2) My copy of this device seems to focus best right after 2 inches.
3) To my eye, the usable focus distance is about 5/8th to 6 inches for the finer details. But you can see "stuff" well out past the focus distance. Just don't expect to see any super fine details. 3 inch letters from about 2 feet away are legible.

The boom/sleeve is floppier than I expected.
The USB cable is way too short. Be sure to get an extension cable ready.
The dial for the LED light does nothing for about 90% of its range. The LED's are dimmable, but hard to control.

So, I give a 3. It's OK. It will definitely do the job I need it to do (peep into my walls to route some cables), but it's not going give you that Ooooh, Aaaaah feeling. I'll update the video of some inside the wall footage if my feelings for the device change.
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on November 5, 2012
I was a bit concerned about buying this thing as the reviews were mixed. I was looking for a way of finding a junction box in my old house that was plastered over in the ceiling, and I really can't get to the attic. It was behind plaster, and i did not relish in the idea of large holes in the plaster to fix.

I looked at the real construction grade inspection cameras, all that were >$200, so I took the risk on this thing for around $40. It was a winner. In three minutes I found the box with drilling 2 very small holes and carefully threading this up into the ceiling and looking around.

- Cheap cost, well built.
- Simple to use.
- Don't need the software, it just works as a webcam. I was actually using skype's camera viewer to do all this on a MAC.
- Seriously amazing packaging.

- As another reviewer states, the focal distance is short, but your in a wall.... What do you expect. I can still tell what something is from feet away. (Its a lot more than inches as someone stated). If you are looking for a box in a ceiling great. If your looking to read the bar code off of a box from 6' away... Probably not a good choice.
- The light is really needed if you are working in cavities, but this claims to have a dimmer. The dimmer has almost no play. Its really just on full or off. Which is fine. On is what you need to find something anyway.
- The orientation can be tricky at first, but you get the hang of it pretty quick.
- The USB cable is so short, and its a bit of annoying to hold a laptop (or have the laptop in view) while probing around. Get a USB extension cable. Again workable for the price.

I don't feel ripped off by this thing. It was worth it, and I will have lots of other uses in 'This old house'.
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on August 5, 2012
This camera works just fine. The CD with the software was completely unreadable, but I downloaded the app from their website, and it worked perfectly. You can use any webcam software because it works just like any old webcam from a USB standpoint (at least on Windows 7). The camera is really more of a microscope, which means it's really hard to get a perspective of where you are and any little movement of the camera head disorients you. It has great picture quality, and the LED's do a good job of lighting up the item. However, the picture is only in focus if you are 1-2" away from the item, otherwise it's just a blur. There is no wide angle lense effect, so you only get to view a very small area. But if that's what you need and you can hold a very floppy 2 ft long boom perfectly steady, it's a winner.
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on November 15, 2012
I bought this camera to try to get eyes on an inaccessible area on top of the transmission in my race car. It worked perfectly right out of the box, natively supported in Windows XP (plug it in, open My Computer, double click USB camera). The LED lighting is great, and adjustable. Yes, the manual is horrible, maybe they used a freeware translator program, but its not really needed. The included software is nothing to write home about either; again, not really needed. Focus is fixed but by moving the camera in and out a bit you can get what you need. Clarity and magnification are really excellent.

The only real issues for me are (1) the USB cable is shorter than common sense might dictate; its tough dragging your laptop under a car but I made it work. USB extensions can be had cheaply so not a huge deal. (2) Also, the length of the actual camera head limits the flexibility a bit. Had the USB cable been twice as long and the camera head half as long it would have been 5 stars.

I plan to try to adapt this unit to my Android phone. If I can get that working the camera will be nothing short of perfect for my needs.

For someone needing to get a view inside an inaccessible area, be it in a car, a wall, a drain (a dry one anyway), etc. I very much recommend this little unit. You can't go wrong for the price!
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on June 20, 2013
The shaft that hold the camera is 7mm but the tip where the camera mount is flared to larger than 7.62 so it wont go down the bore of a 30 cal barrel.
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on October 20, 2012
The image from this camera is quite good. The focal distance is from about 1" to a few feet. The control for the LED illumination is a dimmer built into the cord. The length from the handle to the tip is about 18". The handle is 1" in diameter, so make sure you will be able to reach whatever it is you need to inspect.

I did not use the software that came with the camera. The camera is usable in Windows 7 without loading any special drivers (it is treated as a generic USB webcam). I used WebcamXP software to view the camera and also to make a recording.

For the price, it is a great camera.
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on April 11, 2015
I'm using this with an Android phone/tablet, which requires:
- USB adapter, with a female A port for the camera cable adapting to whatever your device needs. You may need an extension cable as well.
- CameraFi app, or similar. Tried several other products without success, CameraFi is free and does not require root.

And it works. LED illumination is not very bright, and the brightness adjustmenr has a very narrow threshold range, so it's practically an on/off function. Also, video sometimes freezes, which can be fixed by disconnecting and reconnection the camera (could be the app, but the app has been very reliable with other devices).

The overall length frpm camera tip to USB connector is about 4'8", this is a bit short for anything beyond casual use. Fun toy, good for small projects like PC builds or similar assembly/repair, but inconvenient for larger applications. USB connectors come free easily, so the virtue of a WIFI connected device becomes apparent during heavier use.
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on October 4, 2012
I have to admit that I was skeptical about this product. A narrow 7mm wide camera, with a built in light, for such a low price? How good could it be?

For a very long while, I vacillated between this unbranded tool and the highly regarded Bosch PS91-1A trying to convince myself to pay almost five times as much for my little project while worrying that even at 9.5mm, it might be too thick for my purposes. I also considered the waterproof version of this camera.

Fortunately, last week I found Amazon fulfillment being offered on this particular camera, and I jumped. (I far prefer dealing with Amazon customer support as opposed to directly with vendors).

I'm glad to admit that so far, I am favorably impressed by its capabilities.

1/ As advertised, the camera is 7mm wide. It fit very easily through the 10mm gap that I needed to explore.
2/ Very sturdy and flexible wand. I was able to maneuver it well even in cramped quarters.
3/ The built-in LED light is reasonably bright, even in a dark enclosed space. As a bonus, its brightness is adjustable.
4/ The wand was decently long enough for my purposes.
5/ The image was clear enough for me to recognize what I was looking for.
6/ With Windows 7, I did not need to install the accompanying software/drivers (see below).
7/ Great packaging - very elegantly done (no blister pack style struggling to get at the tool).

Some improvements? (Note that at this price point, I'm not really complaining)

1/ The manual is so poorly translated that I didn't want to risk installing the accompanying software on my laptop.
2/ The camera, wand, and handle are a single unit. Therefore, turning the camera requires that you pivot the entire tool. I would have preferred that I could angle the camera/wand without also having to twist the handle.
3/ No ability to focus the camera, you will have to move it around to get a clearly focused image.

Overall, I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I needed a cheap tool to find an object that had rolled into a dark crevice, and this was just the ticket. Especially since I didn't fancy ponying up big bucks for a tool that I might use extremely rarely - I honestly can't remember the last time I needed an inspection camera.

Software Notes:
On Windows 7, I simply attached the USB connector to my laptop, and the required drivers were automatically installed. Then, in Windows Movie Maker, this device showed up as a generic USB device. That's it! No need to bother with the confusing user manual for the accompanying SuperEyes software.

Happy Viewing!
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on April 25, 2013
Got this to have a look inside a blown outboard motor. Can't really check out the cylinder walls, but it will fit inside a sparkplug hole. I could tell immediately the offending cylinder on my motor. I'm sure I'll find other stuff to do with this as well. All in all happy with it.
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on July 13, 2012
The camera we received did not function properly. We have tried it on two computers (Win 7 and XP). The image is showing green noise on either PC. Totally useless!!!
The included SuperEyes software ran without a problem on either computer.

Caution; you may want think twice before purchasing this camera from BrainyTrade USA because you have to pay for return shipping even when the product is defective.
There is no Customer Service number shown anywhere on the packaging or the packing slip.

For me it is a "no brainer" I will not purchase anything from BrainyTrade again.

In fairness, the company offered a prepaid UPS shipping option after I had put this review up.
Subsequently they offered to pay for the shipping that I had paid to USPS
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