Customer Reviews: Flip Video Battery Pack for Flip Ultra and UltraHD Video Cameras U1120, U2120, U260 (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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VINE VOICEon September 11, 2009
Bought this for the Flip Ultra HD as a backup in case I was out and needed extra power. The battery lasts for a little over a hour of recording. Since the Ultra HD has 2 hrs worth of memory its a good idea to have a backup battery pack. Great to get that extra recording out of the way in case you dont have axcess to a computer. Battery only charges while inside the camera and has to be hooked to the computer(unless you have a Flip AC adapter. Overall a good extra accesory to have around.
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on January 27, 2010
I love my flip ultra HD, but I gave up on flip's battery packs months ago. I went through two and kept having the same problem (with two different flip camcorders). Every time I plugged in my flip to charge, the battery would overheat within a few minutes and the safety fail would kick on and stop the charging process. I would have to take out the battery pack, let it cool down, then plug it in all over again and within a few minutes the cycle would repeat. Don't waste your time with this battery pack. Luckily, flip ultras and ultra hd's can use any AA battery, so I would recommend buying a different rechargeable battery. I personally use the Sanyo Eneloop 4 Pack AA NiMH Pre-Charged Rechargable Batteries w/ Charger and they are awesome! They come pre-charged, last forever, and best of all they don't overheat.
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on August 12, 2009
Make sure that you have a second generation Flip Video Ultra before you order the battery pack. Amazon still sells the 1st generation Flip Video Ultra and there is no compatible battery pack for that model. I found out the hard way.
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on October 23, 2010
My Flip Ultra HD stopped working and would not charge. After talking to customer support, I did as they suggested by resetting the camera by removing the battery for three days. This worked as the camera would charge again after doing so. Three days later I went to use the camera and it was dead again, I charged it again and a day later it was dead. This was after only a minute of use before being turned off. I was more confused after fresh AA batteries worked fine. I bought this new battery pack at Best Buy, charged it, it worked, I turned it off and did not turn it on until three days later when I was leaving on vacation. When I turned it on to test it I found that the new battery was dead. I was about to leave for the airport so no time to recharge. I put in 2 new AA batteries, tested it, it worked fine so I packed a spare pair of AAs. When I reached my destination hours later I found the new batteries that had worked fine hours before were dead even though I had only turned the camera on long enough to make sure it worked. Even though the camera was off as in all previous instances of a dead battery, the new batteries were completely dead. I put in the spare pair and they worked fine. After turning off the camera I flipped one of the batteries so that the camera would not work (making it impossible for the camera to draw any power from the batteries). Every time I use the camera I have to "un-flip" the battery and then turn it on, then when I am done I have to re-flip the batteries. That was three days ago and the camera has been working fine. This mess and waste of time and money finally made it obvious that the camera was using the battery up, even when it was turned off (any and all batteries). I have had this camera since last year and this was not a problem up until about a month ago. I called tech support at Flip and they had no advice or knowledge of this issue and their only recommendation was, that since it was out of warranty I should buy a refurbished camera for cheap, from them of course. It is really a pain because every time I want to record something I have to, open the camera, flip the battery over, close the camera up and then turn it on. When I am done I have to reverse the process or my battery will die. Maybe that is why they call the camera "Flip". This is a real pain and I hope someone out there may have experienced this issue and came up with a solution because Flip "support" is clueless.
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on July 25, 2010
At first glance the Flip Battery Pack may seem like a good item to get along with your new Flip videocamera, but take my word for it, it's not.

The original idea and intent of being able to charge your camera's batteries with your computer while on the go or while downloading videos to your computer is a good one, the execution of such idea was poorly done.

Unfortunately, this product suffers due to the design flaws of the Flip videocamera (In my case I own the Flip Ultra HD) and flaws of the battery itself.

The battery is a pair of Ni-Mh AA batteries wrapped together in plastic along with a proprietary pair of edges on the top that lock the battery in place inside the camera. While this is good, it also means you can not charge the battery pack OFF the camera. It has to be inside the camera no matter what.

One huge flaw of this battery is the required charging time; 6 hours. This wouldn't be too much of a problem if I could charge it on any battery recharger, but since you can't do that, you got to stick the battery in the camera and the camera to the USB port of your computer and HOPE it charges.

The problem here is that unless you work 12 hours a day on your computer or the computer is on 24/7, you will never be able to sit there long enough to charge the battery completely. You could try leaving the computer on for 6 hours doing nothing so the battery can recharge, but I find that a colossal waste of energy and a huge crime against the environment.

But wait, here comes the icky part...

Even if you sit there for 6 hours or you leave the computer on so the battery recharges, there is NO WAY to guarantee that will happen.

Why not? Because the camera overheats at some point and cancels the recharge (I'm guessing so the camera and the battery won't explode). The infamous overheating problem that most of us Flip users suffer from is NOT a battery problem, its a camera problem.

I've got two pairs of these battery packs and more than once I've been charging one, the camera would stop charging after a short while due to heat. I would swap the batteries so the cold pair would charge, the camera wouldn't even think about it, it would still claim things are too hot. It was until the camera itself cooled off that would resume charging, but for me this mean: unplugging the camera from the computer and placing it under cool air or let it cool down on its own. This is just too much fuzz to charge a simple pair of batteries.

With that problem, this item is just as useless as DSLR battery that will last you for one shot.

Usually, I would charge the batteries by removing the lid that covers them and plugging the camera on some USB slot away from the netbook's fan, but since I live in a hot place as it is, the camera just won't charge for long.

I read in some reviews of this item to peel off the plastic on the bottom poles and that would take care of it. I did that with one pair and it didn't work, it is a camera problem.

After a concert I wanted to record turned into a disaster due to the fact that the batteries didn't charge completely and I had to keep switching between batteries, I decided to retire the two pairs I own of these type of battery packs.

Flip really screwed up here, they should have either made the batteries compatible with any battery charger or sell you a decent battery charger for these that you can plug to the wall. I know they got an external battery charger that goes into the wall socket, but it has to be on a very precise position to charge and the design is just not practial, it's so easy to knock off the wall.

My advice is to pass on this item and just buy a couple of pairs of rechargeable batteries (Energizer, Duracell, Eneloop) that you can charge in any charger. The recharging time will be shorter (even if it takes 6 hours, you can leave them charging at night and they will surely be charged by morning) and will be easier to do. Not to mention you won't have to waste as much energy as you need to do by leaving your computer on for 6 hours. Unless you live in a really cold place, you'll be lucky to be able to charge these batteries completely the way Flip wants you to. If you live in a cold place, do yourself and nature a favor and use a normal battery recharger with normal rechargeable batteries anyway. Nothing justifies the huge waste of resources that charging these batteries entail.
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on August 22, 2009
I recently bought a Flip Ultra HD, 2nd generation and find that the charged-up battery pack
lasts for just over an hour of recording time, which is about the same amount of time that 2 AA batteries will last.
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on July 12, 2010
What is up with these batteries? I'm a professional cameraman in the film industry, where reliable rechargeable batteries is a MUST, and bought two of these cameras for "recreational" use... The camera itself is kinda neat, but these rechargeable batteries are a joke! I've gone through 4 sets of them over the last year or so and now need to replace another one on one of my flips. What a waste! I can only get about 5 to 7 cycles out of them before they won't take a charge. I got the wall chargers, and the little usb extension and work and condition the batteries as i do all my professional camera gear but these batteries i would consider to be special needs or developmentally disabled. Save your coin. Buy the new e series rechargeable energizers.
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VINE VOICEon September 30, 2009
I'm a HUGE Flip video fan. I have one and use it all the time and recommend it to everyone. I have 2 but my favorite is the Flip Ultra HD. However, I've given up on the Flip rechargeable battery option -- have had two and both are unreliable. As much as I hate to use non-rechargeable batteries, I find that unless I do, my Flip will quit on me just at the worst possible times. I carry it to capture fun moments with family and friends, and you can't do that with a dead Flip.
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on January 5, 2011
This battery pack is not for the latest Flip Ultra HD camcorder. It does not fit and can't be used in the 3rd generation camcorder. Nobody seems to know this at Amazon!
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on January 16, 2011
As another reviewer noted but I did not see when I ordered this NEWEST 3rd Generation Flip UltraHD Video Camera, is that it DOES NOT WORK with the NEWEST 3rd Generation Flip UltraHD Video Camera! This is not clear from the Amazon description and, in fact, Amazon lists it WRONGLY as something to buy along with your new, NEWEST 3rd Generation Flip UltraHD Video Camera, along with the mini-tripod (which does work with it and is recommended to buy)! Just wasted my time ordering and returning it!
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