Customer Reviews: Fluval EBI Nano Shrimp Habitat, 7.9-gallon
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on June 7, 2011
Very nice tank. Setup was easy, somewhat customizable, well packed. I use it as a desktop light as well since the provided mini lamp has a full spectrum bulb-- easy on the eyes.

First thing I did, inspect the glass for damage... small blemishes, but easily passes QC. Submersible filter flawed for shrimp, baby shrimp can easily get sucked in and pureed, I've even caught medium sized juvvie shrimp in the media chamber (largest foam chamber). Easy fix for experienced aquarist-- stuff the first chamber with filter floss. I removed the largest piece of foam from the media chamber, and replaced it with bio-max. Water is extremely cloudy and murky on the first day because of soil substrate, pristine water by the 3rd day because of the polishing power of the filter floss.

Great buy.
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on February 7, 2012
People are harsh. I wanted a rimless nano.I looked at getting just a rimless tank but the price was the same as this tank that came with stuff.

I have been keeping fish for 13 years I have had many tanks and lots of old filters laying around. When you are hooked on this hobby to tend to accumulate lots of fish stuff.

I bought this tank becaue the price and I love the size and look. The tanks is good not flimsy. It looks great. I love the little net and the food and shrimp stuff. The substrate I like but not sure how it will hold up. I have read many mix things about this Fluval substrate. I am going to use it but I have back up Akadama if this stuff does not hold up. It does look great but is soft and light. I used flora max as my base substrate. I hope this light last I really like it.

The background .... What were they thinking putting styrofoam in a fish tank as the back ground. When I saw how poorly stuck on it was I took it off. If you want to keep the back ground take it off and silicone it back on your self. They only put sticky dots 4 on top 4 middle and 4 bottom. It was pretty weak and popped off really easy. it took up too much space anyways. So I put the background behind the tank out of the water. It looks good.

Personally I love Fluval filters and aqua clear filters that are made by the same company. I know Fluval aquariums are very popular in Europe so I had to try one myself. The tank alone is worth the money the other stuff is just a bonus. this tank was the perfect size for what I wanted.
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on September 16, 2011
i love love love my tank and so do my cherry shrimp! they climb on the back ground of rocks that stays very securely placed, the filter doesn't suck any of the little guys in. The kit has everything you need to get started on your shrimp tank, water conditioner/ dechlorinator, mineral supplement, and light. only thing that's just ok is the thermometer and the fact it doesn't come with a heater but that's ok i pick one up for $12 bucks. I'm very happy with my purchase!! :)
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on October 3, 2013
I love this tank. It "IS" the perfect tank for little shrimpies and it is pretty to look at too. It has everything you need to get your shrimp tank started except for a heater, which you "DO" need and a better accurate thermometer "IS" needed to monitor the water temp for your shrimpies. I think the filter that comes with this tank could suck in shrimp. I am using an HOB filter that I purchased with a UV light. The filter that this tank comes with uses only sponges as media and I wanted to use the UV light and carbon, ammonia, and bio-max media. I want to keep my shrimp tank as clean as possible for my SSS Crystal Red Shrimpies. I use a sponge pre-filter with my HOB filter system to keep from sucking the shrimp into the filter and I use an air filter too that also has a sponge pre-filter all of which are not included, but these are my own preferences. I added another light too because the light doesn't seem bright enough and I can view my little shrimp better now. The rock background was very firmly in place in my tank. No problems like I have read with other people, but I was prepared with silicone just in case. This is a very pretty tank and the shrimp love to climb on the rock wall. It's a cute size that is not too big so that you can put it in many different areas where a smaller tank will fit. I am so glad that I purchased this tank. It took a while to arrive, I think I waited 2+ weeks, but it was well worth the wait. It came well packaged. The instructions to put it all together are not real clear but the picture on the box helps a lot with this. I would highly recommend this tank! All the little "goodies" that come with it are a great bonus too especially the telescoping shrimp net. I love the substrate. The dark color of the substrate makes my shrimp colors stand out more. It took 3 days for the cloudiness to go away from adding water with the substrate but I waited a month to add my shrimp anyhow to cycle the tank and get the temp regulated. This tank is truly awesome and really very nice looking. It's a fun tank too. It is a great quality made tank but hey it's from Fluval and Fluval knows their stuff. This tank is well worth the money.
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on December 23, 2012
All pieces were delivered in great condition. Others are saying the back pops off, but I belive they have since increased the ammount of adhesive they use and I've had no problems with it after 1 month.
The substrate it comes with is of good quality, but I bought another bag to increase the depth for my plants.
Filter works well, but I would recommend adding biological filteration to it as well as it only comes with a sponge insert. Also, the filter does create a slight hum, which may bother an light sleepers who wish to keep it in their room.
All around a great purchase for the price you get it at.


Last night I woke up to find half of the tank water on the floor. The bottom seal had begun to leak. Im sure this is not a common thing as no one else has written about having any issues with it, but I'm still very disappointed that this happened.
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on January 14, 2014
The Good:
The tank itself is beautiful. Nice rounded front edges, clear glass, mine had no blemishes. The light is nice and bright and fully covers all corners of the tank. The filter has adjustable flow rate and can be upgraded with a carbon insert. I also modified mine to contain some Biomax material which is easy to do. The included shrimp stratum will not be enough to do much more than cover the bottom of the tank with a depth of about 1". If you plan on building up some height and varying elevation buy more stratum or get something to go underneath which is what I did. The included water treatments will last through the initial set up and at least a few water changes after that.

The bad:
This tank would easily be a 5 star rated product if Hagen had fixed the problem with the unstable background, or at least helped me solve the defect to my satisfaction. Like many other reviews on and around the web state the background is still not correctly fastened to the tank. There were 10 "dots" of silicone between the tank and the background each about an inch in diameter. Only 4 were actually holding the tank to the glass. I would recommend filling the tank with tap water and letting it sit for a few hours. After I drained the tank I could see which dots were actually holding by pressing the background towards the tank and watching how they reacted. I could see the water between the dot and the background if it wasn't attached.

If you buy this tank you will be happy with it! I do love the tank. Just plan to buy some tank sealant and re-apply the background yourself, or just remove it and enjoy. This will save you trouble down the road.

Edit: Just under a month of use and the bulb on my light has burnt out :(. I enjoy the tank and I am happy to report the filter is completely silent. My background has remained in place as well after reattaching it. It would seem the two flaws to be aware of are the background and the short life of the light.
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on August 6, 2013
All I can say is "Thank God" I took the time to read other reviews before setting up my tank. One of the most common complaints I read was about the rock background coming loose and shooting up. This had broken the glass top on some peoples tanks and the light on others.Either way it caused a large mess and necessitated the removal of the water to repair.This would be very upsetting to the tank occupants as well as the fish tank owner. Many people said Fluval was aware of this problem and had fixed the issue. I assure you they have not. As soon as I opened my new tank I inspected it to make sure the styrofoam backing was securely attached. It seems when it was installed there were 6-8 small dabs of silicone which were placed on it that were supposed to hold it to the rear glass.Brand new from the factory half of those were already not holding. Grabbing the insert from the bottom it easily popped free and came right out of the tank. Had I filled the tank with water I would have had a styrofoam missile that so many others speak of. I instead went to the store and got a large tube of Silicone 1 grade silicone.I scraped off the old small dots left by the factory and then wiped the back wall glass with isopropyl alcohol to clean it. I then applied new silicone to the styrofoam making 8-10 long lines on the back before pressing it firmly against the glass. After 2 days of drying it is in there the way the factory should have done it in the first place. It is a shame that a company of their size and usually great reputation would continue to allow this defect to persist after being told about it numerous times by their customers.If you don't feel comfortable doing this simple repair before setting up your new tank then I suggest you buy a different one.
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on May 17, 2013
this is one of my favorite little tanks. i took the back foam piece off which was held on very well. they must have fixed the issue that the older ones were having because i spent about an hour scraping off the silicone. i also added an extra fluval light and ditched the filter it came with. i am using it in a little tank for my plants and it works fine though. all in all i really dig this tank. it looks great and the quality is there. buy one if you want one!
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on September 18, 2012
I have to write a mixed review on this fish/shrimp tank. This is a really beautiful small tabletop tank, I helped my mother set one up for a shrimp habitat last year and loved it so much that when I moved out on my own I bought one for myself. The sculpted styrofoam background looks very natural and I think that the little shrimps or invertebrates in your tank -should- love crawling on it (keep reading for disclaimer). The lighting is incredibly bright for the size of the tank, you may be able to grow some high-light plants in it as long as you keep the light on in the tank for long enough each day. The internal filter is pretty easy to take care of and provides some nice adjustable water flow. And the shrimp accessories come in handy.

However...the glue which holds the Styrofoam to the back of the tank is really bad. The day after we added shrimp into my mother's tank, we were removing the filter for a routine cleaning, when suddenly the glue failed, skyrocketing the buoyant foam straight up out of the water and knocking the light (unplugged, thank goodness) into the tank. I called Fluval to complain and their response was "Well, just clean out the tank and glue it back in place" essentially telling us to spend several hours over the next few days catching shrimp, uprooting plants, emptying out substrate and water, drying, gluing, curing, adding everything back in, and hoping that your expensive little livestock haven't died. So a year later, the original tank still has a clear back wall.

I am currently in the process of setting up my tank, I just finished re-gluing the background in place after I intentionally popped it away from the back wall (it didn't take much effort on my part). I'm hoping that my work with the aquarium sealant does a better job than the factory.
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on October 29, 2013
I bought this tank with the full intention of not using the filter or most of the included shrimp products. I was only interested in the tank and the light. Therefore, I sold of these pieces on ebay to recoup the cost of a nice canister filter.

If you plan on planting this tank (which if you plan on having shrimp I would argue is important) plan on buying more substrate. The small included bag will only give 1/2" coverage if spread evenly. This is not nearly enough for plants to thrive. Also note that the substrate is not very solid. Once saturated, the pellets can be crushed into a powder with a gentle finger squeeze. This powder can cloud the water. I am more used to traditional "rocky" substrate that does not have this property.

It is obvious the tank is put together on a factory line as the glass seams are not precise. Luckily these are only really exposed on the back so they are less noticeable. The back panel as has been mentioned is styrofoam which is a TERRIBLE idea. Nine beads of glue are used to mount it to the glass. These 9 beads WILL NOT keep it from potentially flying out of the tank. I really like the aesthetics the panel offers so I left it in but keep in mind I also mounted and addition 13W Fluval light to the back. The lights have a lip that presses against the backpanel keeping it down. I tightened the lights on a lot to help keep the panel in place.

The light is very acceptable for low-med light requirements for plants, but I recommend another light if the intention is to make this tank a high-tech CO2 tank as I did.

I love the rounded edges of this tank and would buy another if I had another need for a small desktop aquarium.
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