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on August 8, 2012
There's certainly a glut of Obama books on the market in time for the election, but Fool Me Twice is different. Fool Me Twice is unique because it reveals the specific plans and legislation that Barack Obama has in mind for his second term. While it's easy to analyze or criticize Obama's policies on immigration, the economy, or foreign affairs, it's considerably more difficult to bring the discussion down to the actual programs. Klein and Elliott have performed a public service by exposing what President Obama does not want you to know -- the real world consequences of hope and change.

The book covers several policy areas but mostly focuses on economic issues, the military, and immigration. Among the more shocking revelations are Barack Obama's plans to cut funding to almost all military programs -- except those designed to combat climate change. The book also predicts a wholesale revival of New Deal "alphabet soup" agencies such as the Works Progress Administration and the Civilian Conservation Corps. Far from the more limited ambitions of his first team, Barack Obama is planning to unleash a truly transformative agenda in his final four years, when, in his own words, he has more flexibility.

Elliott and Klein also do an admirable job of describing where these policies actually come from. They dissect the network of thought leaders, think tanks, and Administration officials and progressive lawmakers that form Obama's Shadow Cabinet. They also describe how so called "expert opinion" is used manipulate the public and create a phony consensus in favor of left wing policies. What Elliott and Klein have done is not just show Obama's specific policies, but reveal exactly how they are to be implemented.

This is the equivalent of seeing your opponent's playbook before the game even begins. Conservatives, independents, and even progressives who are interested in the substance of the 2012 election owe it to themselves to check out Fool Me Twice.
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on August 2, 2012
People may think there's an agenda on this book, but they'd be mistaken. This book starts from someone who wanted to be objective on hope and change but saw quickly how we were fooled with the audacity of his lies.
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Aaron Klein, New York Times bestselling author reveals an informative and shocking report on President Obama's plans for a second term in office. Based on months of research, enabling investigations to expose secrets that cover the major areas of domestic policy, the author portrays the conclusion of what final results can be. If approved, will America be dominated by its Government? The reports revealed will make you read more than once and ponder on thought-provoking situations if such a drastic change of Remaking takes place. How would such a change, if gone into effect, change our lives forever? A Brilliant, and Powerful presentation. Highly Recommended!
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on August 19, 2012
Fooled Me Twice is a concise and well documented prediction of what can happen if Barack Obama is elected for another four year term. If he is supported by a liberal Democrat majority in both houses of Congress, it may not even take the entire four years of a second term to accomplish this not-so-well-hidden agenda as described in Klein's book. After Barack Obama was elected, we researched the numerous czars, and other members of the progressive White House staff. We observed the wasteful and unnecessary spending by the Obama family and Executive Branch Agencies. We studied the parallels of Obama's agenda compared with the takeover of Europe by Hitler and the Third Reich, and the results of socialistic governments across the world. Some of the analogies are amazingly similar. So Obama's smooth words, misleading half truths, deceptive speeches, and subtle lies were not a surprise. He didn't fool us even once.
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on August 6, 2012
A must read. Detailed, concise, well documented and worth every penny. If one ever had a question about connecting the dots with this administration and their agenda, they won't after reading the book.
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VINE VOICEon August 7, 2012
This is a hard-hitting expose on what a second Obama term would be like. It reveals Obama's secret agenda for finishing his destruction of capitalism and American Freedom.

In 178 pages of text excluding an Introduction, an extensive Notes section, Glossary and Index, the authors lay out out much of Obama's unspoken agenda in nine chapters. Those chapters are titled, "U.S. Armed Forces to Fight `Injustice,' Poverty, and `Global Warming,' What Solyndra? New `Green' Stimulus, Federal "Green Bank, Open Borders, Amnesty for Illegals, A Jobs Plan for America, It's Back! FDR's Works Progress administration and Other Obama Job Nightmares, Blueprint for a New Economy, National Infrastructure Bank, `Equal Pay for Equal Works' and Other Acts of `Fairness,' Government Health Care for All, " and "Elections: Stealing the Future."

All the material included in these individual chapters is scary, but in the final chapter "Elections: Stealing the Future" is more or less terrifying. He doesn't include this quote in the book, but it could be summed up with the 1848 observation by Karl Marx about elections. Marx said: "It is enough that the people know there is an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide..."

That last chapter is basically about having all voting done on line and counted by foreign companies with no paper ballets made to double check the reported results. The winners may be decided by external or internal hackers.

"This book reveals the blueprint for a second term that Obama and his progressive backers don't want you to know."

"Here we lay out in great detail the progressive agenda for a second Obama term. All the main areas of domestic policy are covered--jobs, wages, health care, immigration, electoral `reform,' as well as the `green scheme,' or what passes in progressive circles for a national energy policy. Each of these plans seeks to permanently remake America into a government-dominated socialist state."

"The continued success of Barack Hussein Obama depends on concealing his true nature, his radical policies, and his second term goals. We are about to blow the lid off all that." So says co-authors Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott best selling authors of "The Manchurian President."

"Imagine the fundamental transformation of the U.S. Armed Forces into a social network organization designed to combat `global warming,' fight global poverty, remedy `injustice,' bolster the United Nations, and increase `peacekeeping' forces worldwide."

As the author's point out "progressive socialists normally operate--to borrow a Fabian socialist term--by stealth." Turning the spotlight of truth on Obama's hidden agenda will make more voters aware of how they are being lied to by the President and his administration operating on the theory that "their ends justify any means."

The progressives and socialists have dumbed down the American public to a point that they don't even understand the terms of capitalism, socialism, progressive and freedom. Laws and regulations are passed and put into practice with names and titles that are 180 degrees different than what they are intended to do. "Affordable Care" means "Unaffordable Care" or inferior care and rationing.

This is an important expose of just how Obama plans to end the America we have all known and loved since its founding in 1776. And he has many of the voters believing his lie that we need to change because America has not worked for the past 250 years even though America is the most successful system in the history of the world. It has been the envy of the world and Obama wants to turn it into a third world socialist state.
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on August 9, 2012
Our Nation was founded as a republic not as a democracy.
"Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself."
John Adams
"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

"Without morals a republic cannot subsist any length of time; they therefore who are decrying the Christian religion, whose morality is so sublime and pure (and) which insures to the good eternal happiness, are undermining the solid foundation of morals, the best security for the duration of free governments."
Charles Carroll, signer of the Declaration of Independence

"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!"
Benjamin Franklin

Our country has drifted so far from what our founders intended. This book is a must read for all, Democrats and Republicans. We are half way towards fulfilling Marx's dream, 4 more years and we will be there. This book is not speculation, it thoroughly details the plans as written by the Fabian Socialist, "progressive" machine that has already brought us to this brink. It exposes the men behind the curtain and you will be shocked how well ensconced they are in our Government at every level and why they have in store for the completion of their plans that have been developing for almost a century. The Tortoise is the symbol of Fabian Society, representing its goal of gradual expansion of socialism. Look up a picture of the Fabian window this book exposes their plans! The window was created to celebrate the Fabian Socialist Society, which was founded in 1884 in London as an offshoot of the The Fellowship of New Life. The idea was to bring major socialist thinkers together to try and figure out how to convert the world to a socialist society, primarily through peaceful political change, by taking over countries from within. Their primary work, originally, was in the area of publishing pamphlets promoting social justice, which is really just a play on the word justice, since social justice is actually the opposite of justice itself. The window itself was created in 1910, was stolen, and didn't show up again until 2005.

Looking at the window, notice several interesting things. First, of course, is the quote across the top of the window itself. "Remould it nearer to the heart's desire." What is being remolded? The Earth, which is sitting on an anvil, being struck by two men with a hammer, one of whom holds it in a pair of tongs, and a third man keeps a fire hot to make the Earth malleable. And, of course, what do we have in the Alinsky method of social change? Keep the people malleable by a chain of constant crises, in order to remold society into something the "community organizer" wants. Not what God wants, of course, but rather what the humans doing the remolding want.

Inscribed on the firepit are the words, "Pray devoutly, hammer stoutly." This hearkens back to the entire concept of dominism, of creating a perfect society on the face of the Earth in order to bring God back to the Earth. While dominist oriented Christians will see this as the path to bring Christ back to the Earth, New Agers will see this as an attempt to force man to "evolve" into godhood. The idea from the New Age perspective is that by creating the perfect society, you can create perfect people, and make evolution jump humans forward to the "next stage," which is into godhood.

Along the bottom, we find a group of people. This represents a number of people who were deeply involved in the Fabian Society, including such people as George Bernard Shaw, H.G. Wells, and Virginia Woolf. The person getting up to leave is H.G. Wells, who approved of the Society's goals, but not of the methods they were undertaking to attain those goals.

Finally, notice the shield directly above the Earth. On that shield is an image of a wolf dressed as a lamb. This image gives the entire game away, for while the outside point is to appear as something you are not, a friend to the nations, while actually fomenting revolution. Whether or not the creator of this window realizes it, a wolf dressed as a lamb is a clear symbol of Satan.
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on August 8, 2012
This is almost a little encyclopedia of the names and organizations behind the Obama administration. It's richly documented and you'll want to keep it around just to look up what's to come if Obama's re elected. The final chapter on annexing suburbs and shifting wealth revealing for Chicagoans watching our Mayor poach jobs from the 'burbs. This isn't happenstance but an ideology among Obama Progressives.

The first chapter on National Defense and the importance of John Podesta and the Center for American Progress revealing too. You want to know the future, follow these guys.

A must have book for concerned Americans.
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on August 9, 2012
A great companion to "Obama's America: Unmaking the American Dream" by Dinesh D'Souza. Each of these two books are filling in the gaps of what most of America has been told about Barack Obama. The information has been well researched. Although the book is very slanted in its writing attacking the President, the information is on target and concise. I recommend this to anyone who wants to learn more about the man who wants to fundamentally change everything we have ever knew about our country.

Obama's America: Unmaking the American Dream
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on August 9, 2012
This 2012 Election will be the most important of our lives........... I know we have all heard this a thousand times before. This book tells you exactly why our country will not survive another Obama term. If you like your freedom and want this country to remain what it was when we were kids read this book.
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