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on September 30, 2012
I liked this book, but I didn't love it! I am writing this review because I'm tired of reading all the "honest" reviews of people who received the book for free in exchange for a review. I read these reviews that touted this was a powerful love story and the best Fool's Gold book ever. It really gave me high expectations for this book and so the failure to deliver is even more disappointing. I was looking forward to Evie and Dante's story having met them in earlier books. However, their struggles and journey to find happiness with their families and one another is secondary to the Christmas season in Fool's Gold and the crazy preparations being made for its arrival. Is it a heartwarming story? Yes. I almost wish this book had just been about all the past characters interacting at Christmas rather than trying to throw a love story in at the same time because the love story suffered as a result. The love scenes were even G-rated compared to other FG books. The ending was also too similar to Summer Nights - a fact which is even pointed out in the book. Overall, if you love the FG series, then read this to keep up. Otherwise, if you want a similar great FG love story, then read Summer Nights or All Summer Long. This book has similar storylines to both.
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on September 25, 2012
I have read all Fools Gold and managed to read this whole book in one day. I liked the story about Dante & Evie but found myself a little bored because it followed the same formula as the other fools gold books, in almost every aspect right to the ending. I don't think it was worth the $9.99 I paid, but still will keep reading this series.

Since there are so many reviews already that tells the story I will say that I did like Dante & Evie. I found them to be a great couple, both hurt by love and family issues from the past. I like that they clicked right away, I wish there would have been some hotter love scenes, I would rate the few PG-13 maybe. The bulk of the book is about Evie teaching dance and trying to figure out the Christmas Eve dance production. Dante and her fall into a couple routine all while telling each other they are just friends helping each other through the holidays. The whole town comes together to help Evie get ready for the Christmas Eve show, it was great seeing ALL the previous book characters and catching up with their marriages & families. Over the month of December Evie realizes she is falling in love with Dante. Dante remembers he never wants to be in love and pushes Evie away which breaks Evie's heart. And like all the previous books all the women in town showed up on Evie's doorstep to help get over her broken heart. I think Susan Mallery cut, copy, and pasted that scene from the previous books. Than the books ended with the big Christmas Eve production and of course the drama of how we get to the happy ending.

All and all it was a cute story that I enjoyed reading, I like the characters, the town and of course the happy ending but I just didn't LOVE it. I do look forward to reading Gideon story soon and continuing the series.
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on September 25, 2012
If you want to get into the holiday mood early this book is for you. Evie Stryker was a loner. She has been on her own since she was 17 and dancing at Julliard. After an injury her estranged family brought her home to Fool's Good, CA. She starts teaching dance classes above her brothers and his partners law office. Dante Jefferson is best friends and partner to Evie's brother. Sparks fly as these two scrooges get together to tough out the holidays. They find that letting go of the past and embracing the future is the way to true happiness. A Fool's Gold Christmas is definitely a great read that is hard to put down. Susan Mallery has a way of drawing you in and making you wish you lived there too.
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on September 27, 2012
Susan Mallery has a habit of introducing secondary characters that just steal your heart. Then you have to wait what seems like forever to finally read their book. This book is one of those books. I could not wait to read Evie Stryker's book ever since we "saw" a glimpse of her in Rafe Stryker's book Summer Days. It also didn't hurt that she based Evie and Dante Jefferson's story, another secondary character I couldn't wait to learn more about, during Christmastime. You don't have to read the rest of the series to thoroughly enjoy this book, but it certainly doesn't hurt to get to know the three Styker brothers. The chemistry between Evie and Dante is hot hot hot, something I have come to expect from Miss Mallery's books....and she never disappoints. I have been hurting for Evie since day one and I really wanted to find out how she could overcome the distance her family put between her and themselves. Also, I was dying to find out if she would stay in Fool's Gold and if Dante would find what he was looking for in life. I am always anxiously awaiting Miss Mallery's next book and this was no exception!
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on September 27, 2012
I have been reading the Fool's Gold stories and have to say this is my favorite! The connection between Dante and Evie is strong and even though they each agree that they are in it for the "fun" with no long term relationship, you knew that wasn't the case. Don't want to give anything away but the break up made me read the remainder of the book with tears in my eyes. Evie goes on and tries to act as if her life is normal, but the tears keep coming. Of course I read these books for the happy ending, but the story that leads to it is full of lots of emotion!
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on September 26, 2012
Susan Mallery is so talented. Her characters are so believable, and her stories unfold so effortlessly. It is a laugh out loud on one page and tear-jerker on another page story that I couldn't put down. Susan weaves in characters that you just know will show up in the future books. In A Fool's Gold Christmas, Evie has struggled with a lack of acceptance and disappointment for most of her life. She finds her niche in Fool's Gold, and love rules this Christmas. Congratulations, Susan!
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My Review:
What a perfect holiday romance! I loved this book. Not only did it feature two incredible characters in Dante and Evie, but it also featured so many of my favorite things about the small town of Fool's Gold in the midst of the magic of the holiday season!

These two characters have been favorites of mine for a while. Evie, just because her story is so heartbreaking. May is the perfect mother, except when it comes to her daughter Evie and everyone agrees that Evie totally received the short end of the stick there. She got pregnant with Evie during a one-night stand when she was mourning the death of her husband. Evie has never been made to feel like a true part of this family, either by her mother or her three older brothers. Then there's Dante. We've always known him as Rafe's really sexy, sarcastic business partner and lawyer. I've loved him from the very moment he landed on the page...and now, *sigh* if he wasn't perfect for Evie, I'd be fighting her for him. Another fantastic character who has some heartbreaking history that makes his (fictional) reality so much more inspiring and wonderful. This is a guy who's pulled himself out of the muck to become so much more.

There's a lot going on in this story, but mainly it revolves about Evie and her finding her way back to her family....the Stryker's who we have fallen in love with over the last three books in this series. But it's also about Evie and Dante finding themselves at home in this little town which completely embraces the Christmas season. Neither of these characters is at home in small town life and they aren't exactly comfortable with all the trappings of the holiday season either, but Fool's Gold doesn't let anyone feel excluded. Soon, both these characters find themselves caught up in all the holiday activities and finding their own holiday spirit. It's a perfect book to read in prep of the upcoming holiday season to get you in the mood.

I received a complementary copy of this book in return for an honest review
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on September 25, 2012
In A Fool's Gold Christmas, Susan Mallery completes the Stryker siblings saga. The tantalizing glimpses of Evangeline "Evie" Stryker in the previous books reveal the strained relationship she shares with her siblings and her mom. Can Evie find it in her heart to forgive the mistakes of the past?

I have been looking forward to Evie's story ever since her character was introduced in the previous Fool's Gold novels starring her brothers Rafe, Shane and Clay. My heart positively ached for her when I read about her dysfunctional and neglectful childhood and her current estrangement with her family. I was eager to see if there was any possible way to mend the horrible rift between Evie, her brothers and her mother, May. Much to my delight, not only does Evie resolve her issues with her family, but she finds love with Rafe's business partner, Dante Jefferson.

Conceived during a one night stand, Evie Stryker is a half-sister to Rafe, Shane and Clay. May and her three sons shared a close relationship and Evie was forever on the outside looking in while growing up. Leaving home at age seventeen, Evie has had little contact over the years with her brothers or mother. That is until she breaks her leg and her family moves her back to Fool's Gold. Biding her time until she can leave, Evie maintains a uneasy truce with her siblings and the women in their lives. With good reason, she avoids May as much as possible. But in true Fool's Gold fashion, the town slowly works its way into her heart, and she finds that leaving it and her family behind may not be possible after all.

Dante Jefferson is as wounded as Evie. A love `em and leave `em kind of guy, Dante protects his heart at all costs. He is always upfront that there is a shelf life to his relationships and he is careful to maintain an emotional distance. With neither one of them looking forward to the upcoming Christmas holiday, Dante and Evie embark on a casual, no strings attached affair.

Evie and Dante share so much in common that they really are perfect for each other. Neither gives their trust easily, both cannot wait to leave Fool's Gold behind and Christmas is a holiday they would much rather avoid than celebrate. Throw in an incredible sexual attraction and it is little wonder they decide to indulge in some hot between the sheets action. A genuine friendship emerges as they spend their free time together helping out in various activities around Fool's Gold. Dante is incredibly supportive of Evie, and he gives her some pretty good advice about dealing with her mother. Of course neither plans on falling in love and it shakes up both their lives when they discover their hearts have become in involved.

In Summer Days, May Stryker was quite whimsical but she gradually becomes more grounded during the following three novels. In All Summer Long, the cracks in her status as perfect mother become readily apparent as she reveals the mistakes she made with Evie. How someone could be such a wonderful, caring mom to her three sons yet be so neglectful of her daughter is absolutely astonishing. In A Fool's Gold Christmas, she is ready to make amends for her mistakes and she is genuinely remorseful for how she treated Evie over the years. Evie and May have a long-awaited discussion about their past and both women are at last able to see things from each others' perspectives.

The town and citizens of Fool's Gold figure prominently in A Fool's Gold Christmas. The sense of community is always obvious and I love how they always pull together to help one another when needed. Fans will love catching up with their favorite characters and once again, Ms. Mallery tempts us with glimpses of the characters in upcoming novels. I am especially intrigued with Gideon Boylan and I think it is incredibly cruel I have to wait until next year to read his story ;) !

Once again, Susan Mallery brings her readers a captivating story of forgiveness that is quite heartwarming and touching. Witty banter, lovable characters and a charming town make A Fool's Gold Christmas a must read for anyone who loves a good story that is full of heart.

I highly recommend this latest installment in the Fool's Gold series.

I received a complimentary copy for review.
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The ballet was Evangeline Stryker's life until an injury forces her to return to Fool's Gold, the California Gold Rush town where she grew up but never belonged. Evie, the half sister of the Stryker brothers, was the product of a one-night liaison after their father died, and her mother has never been able to show her daughter the affection she has shown her sons. Only a serious injury and rehab forces Evie to return to the place of her unhappiness. The fact that it's nearing Christmas doesn't help. Nor does bumping into jaded lawyer Dante Jefferson, her brother's business partner. Dante's reputation as a bad boy, love 'em-and-leave 'em type is exactly the kind of man she knows to avoid.

Dante doesn't want to be holed up in a backwater town like Fool's Gold; he's a big city type. But Rafe, his business partner, has decided to relocate in the town. So now Dante has to confront the noise of clumping feet from the dance studio above his office--a racket so bothersome he can't hear himself think. He trots upstairs to do something about it and runs into his partner's sister, the gorgeous dance teacher who sends his testosterone into overdrive. Evie is home town, settling down, marriage and everything Dante has tried to avoid, believing that love is a dangerous affliction not for him.

I loved the interaction between Mallery's characters. Watching them shed the emotional baggage they each carry was like peeling an onion to discover what's underneath. Evie has to learn to forgive her estranged mother, and Dante has to learn that love is not an evil. He almost doesn't learn, and this was the one downer in this otherwise charming story.
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on September 27, 2012
I truly do enjoy all of Susan's books, and Fools Gold is a place that I enjoy going back to "visit" each and every time, but I just wasn't blown away by A Fool's Gold Christmas.

The first thing that really got to me was the price... I just felt like $9.99 was a big step UP from all of her other Fool's Gold stories, when most of the other kindle titles are around $5-6. The second was that the story seemed very similar to all of the rest. I have to agree with some other reviews that said it seemed almost copied and pasted throughout. Next, I was SO excited for Evie and Dante's story, and while I LOVED the fact that they became friends first, it felt like Susan skipped over all of the good stuff!! I actually went back to the scene before Dante stayed the night and double checked to make sure I didn't accidentally skip a few pages in between, because the next thing I know it's morning? Haha I need the juicy stuff too, Susan! One love scene, that we didn't really even get any deets on? Not cool!

I was very happy though to see all of the old characters revisited throughout the story, so that we were able to get an idea of what they're up to now.

Even though I wasn't completely satisfied with this story, I am really looking forward to seeing who will end up with whom in Gideon and Ford's stories. Hurry up already! :)
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