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on November 10, 2010
I absolutely loved this movie. I titled my review "Multifaceted" because Black women are multifaceted like diamonds. They are beautiful and come in all colors, are strong and endure. Some may be a little rough around the edges at first but if or when that precious gem finally shines through they are awesome.

I also loved this movie because it didn't focus on one part of the Black female culture. It showed Black women who are successful, talented, trusting, naive, hopeful, bitter, religious, fanatic, loving, intelligent, insightful, wise, troubled and above all strong.

I truly hope that critics don't take the title literally and label it as just a movie about Black women. The issues that the characters faced concerned all women. Any woman, Black, White, Hispanic, etc. can see a little bit of themselves in at least one of the characters. I saw a little of myself in at least three.

Thank you Tyler Perry for bringing this wonderful story to the big screen.
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on January 2, 2011
I watched this one with my wife...and to say we "enjoyed it" doesn't quite seem sufficient or even apt here.
While black women are indeed the focal point characters..there are indeed so many colors on display that all girls and boys can learn a lot or at least ask themselves some serious questions regardless of origin...

Some couldnt watch the scenes in this one in the movie was too powerful they said, too strong,too much...but they went back after pulling themselves together.

Tyler take a bow....I don't need Hollywood to justify your place among the very best for me....but it would be nice ...around awards time.

God Bless you Sir.
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on November 15, 2010
I was a little worried about how they were going to write a script from a poem into a movie, but they pulled it off. This movie was telling the story of black women, but it could have been any women in these stories. We all have choices and not all of the choices are wise but we do have the ability to change our course in life and this movie showed this. From domestic violence and rape to abortion, nothing was left unturned.

I would recommend this to be part of a women's study curriculum or at the least apart of sex/health education. I am a married woman in her 40's with children and any one of those could have been me. I highly recommend this movie for every woman, especially young women.
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on December 29, 2010
If you love the original play you will love this movies. Tyler interacts the characters without destroying the original impact of the poetry. Each actress shines in her own right. This movie reminds us of the power within each of us is ready to be put to good use. Do not lose yourself in love. If you respect yourself you will love yourself. Don't be a victim. Be a victor.
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on October 24, 2011
Ntozake Shange's "For Colored Girls" - While watching this movie I had mixed emotions but continue to be grateful to Tyler Perry for bringing this important work to film. This film really touches all races of women in a variety of ways.

All Black women are not like and most have not experienced the tragic women portrayed in this work. However, all of us know someone who is/has. "Precious" was "exposed" with Black actresses and the Black community screamed at the audacity of showing Black women in those situations. I found "For Colored Girls" as illuminating as "Precious". I learned something more about the nature of man, albeit horrific, and have a more compassionate understanding of certain personalities.

We are the most multifacted women on the face of this earth. We, Black women, have experienced every emotional experience known to man and still "We Rise".

The movie industry has shown white (and other races) women in a variety of instances and we have laughed, cried and wondered why did they perform in that particular venue. Well, now they are showing Black women in that same critical way. In every movie I have ever seen I have either been simply entertained or I have learned something about human nature.

Enjoy lessons exposed - Thank You Tyler Perry.

Anita Jacobson
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on February 7, 2011
Mr. Perry gets no love from Hollywood because he is doing his thing outside of Hollywood. "For Colored Girls" is in my opinion his best film to date. It keeps the poems from the play and weaves them into a story.
Janet Jackson looks like the A-list woman she has become. Glammed up and just beautiful. Kimberly Elise should have gotten some Oscar consideration. She carries alot of the weight of the mega-emotionally charged drama. I am pleased to welcome this picture into my collection.
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on February 10, 2011
Wow..Tyler Perry & his cast makes you feel for these women, if you can't relate. But, this is more than a movie its art in motion..with dance, poetry, and a beautiful soundtrack. If you haven't opened your mind to change, this will definitely give you several reasons why we all need to be more attentive towards one another. I'm so glad I purchased this movie instead of renting it. The poetry at times was a little too deep to grasp within that moment , so to watch & to listen closely, it will help you to grasp the full knowledge & understanding , as to where each colorful character was leading us to , and that is to the end of their rainbows. Then, I sat back & wondered how did I get over? Never alone.
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on August 14, 2012
This movie is a gripping taste of some of the hardships that go on in the black community. It's a sad movie, all around. If you're looking for a ray of sunlight, you'll be hardpressed to find one in this movie. You'll have to prepare yourself to see things that you don't want to recognize as fact. One thing that can be appreciated is the use of colorful poetry as dialogue. The mix is pretty phenomenal- from an artistic view, however- it can be distracting if you're trying to catch every word of the dialogue. I had to watch it several times to appreciate the detail of how things were orchestrated. Tyler Perry did an amazing job on this movie.

The thing that was the most distracting, had nothing to do w/the actual movie. It was the DVD that bothered me the most. The quality was horrible. I will no longer be purchasing DVDs from the dealer I used. I'll have to find the one, to be sure- but I've gotten a couple of DVDs from them. For starters, the case has the name "Mariah" on the front. For someone who is such an avid Amazon seller, she should probably know not to put her name on the front of the cases in black sharpie marker. Then, the cd itself skipped so many times, that I had to clean it about 4 times before I could finish the movie. When I looked at the DVD- it was scratched all over. I'm disappointed in the quality of the dvd I received- but it had no baring on the quality of work Tyler Perry did in this production.
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on August 3, 2011
I went to see this movie the first day it came out. I knew I had to own it. I loved it I think that there a themes in this movie that transcend just women if color or black women. However I, being a person of color, may not be the correct person to make this observation. There are many themes in this movie that invited stimulating conversation. This is a really great movie. Really superior writing.
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on May 19, 2015
I liked this movie. Unlike many of the critics, the interspersal of script with the dialogue from the play didn't bother me. I thought it made the film appear more 'artsy'. And actually, if you haven't read "For Colored Girls", it may even be hard to discern when the characters are going into "play/theatre mode". For example, it took me a while to realize that Macy Gray's character (abortionist) was in play mode; I thought she was just being lofty until I recognized the piece from the play. The movie was a real downer, but of course, how could it be otherwise? - the play was a real downer. The casting and acting was superb. For some of these women, I'd say it was perhaps their strongest role. Even Kerry Washington, who's a facepiece, had a strong ensemble part in which she did quite well. Anika Noni Rose never fails to astound as a superior actor whose Broadway roots always show. Her transition here from a sunflower to a shrinking daisy is one of the strongest assets of the play. (You will note even her brilliance of her "yellow" becomes more and more somber until by the end, she's in such a muted shade that it doesnt even look yellow anymore.) Nobody cries like Kimberly Elise! (Does anyone recall her in a movie where she did NOT cry?) I'm not a Thandi Newton fan, but I've seen her in enough strong roles now that I have to admit that if given the correct role, she's a very good actress. Janet was just beautiful. Red becomes her. And since Whoopi was in the same outfit, you might not have even noticed that she was "White" if you weren't familiar with the play. The addition of Phylicia Rashad and the husbands was well done, and Tyler Perry's screenplay deserves kudos for tackling a very difficult work and making it "work" for the screen. "For Colored Girls..." is a difficult read, and equally difficult as a stage play, but Perry's screenplay did a very good job of keeping the tone and color of the choreoplay. It brought out the stories as reflected in the choreoplay, and updated them to keep the same theme but tackle 21st century issues. The movie LOOKS good. The whole feel of the movie actually reminds me of a play. And the color changes for the women was apt for the movie. (Although the Lady in Purple was actualy the Lady in Yellow in the choreoplay, the charcter assigned to the Lady in Purple was more "regal" and befitting of purple; and Anika N Rose's character in the movie was yellow and full of sunshine.) I applaud Tyler for his courage and vision in attempting this project. "Madear" may be his bread and butter, but Perry has proven with his "Why Did I Get Married" movies, and now "For Colored Girls" that he is capable of so much more. Lovely, lovely movie. (But don't get it confused; it's a serious movie, and not a comedy, or a dramedy, or anything that you might normally associate with Tyler Perry. It's real!)
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