Customer Reviews: For The Bible Tells Me So
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on March 22, 2008
This is an extremely well-done documentary. It begins with the infamous Anita Bryant pie-in-the face video and continues that theme throughout, exposing the hatred and fear of thoughtless conservatives. (Not saying all conservatives are thoughtless). The clip of Jimmy Swaggert telling his supporters that if a gay men looked funny at him, he would murder him "and then tell God he died." Now there's a man of faith.......But the best part of this doc is the positive aspect. The heroes of this movie are a couple from the South, who learn to accept their son for what he is, not easy for Christian conservatives living in the south in the 70s. If these people can learn....there is hope for us all.
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on December 12, 2007
I was blown away when I saw this film. Although I consider myself somewhat enlightened, I really had no idea how to answer the charge that the Bible, and Christianity in general, condemned gay and lesbian people. THIS FILM GIVES ME THE KNOWLEDGE AND THE LANGUAGE to explain to others (like my conservative in-laws!) exactly how the Bible speaks about homosexuality - and, very importantly, how to contextualize those written words for our modern age. More than any other documentary I can think of, including BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE or NO END IN SIGHT, here is a film that truly enlightens (and inspires and even entertains!) the viewer. More than highly recommended...I wish it were required viewing for everyone - and especially for older teens and all churchgoers. A must-see!
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on November 11, 2007
Thank God (literally) for film makers,recently, who have gone out on a limb against the tide of religious fundamentalist non-thinking, and bring sanity,perspective and common sense as well as Biblical understanding to issues that seem to keep plaguing America (and Afghanistan it seems!).I was privileged to catch this at the arthouse in town yesterday, and found myself absorbed in this hour-and-a-half documentary about how five Evangelical families,including Dick Gephardt's,face the issues of homosexuality in their families.Some people may not care about this subject and some may out and out refuse to go, but much like another recent documentary "No End in Sight" which tackled a very sensitive and divisive issue on the Iraq War,now "For the Bible Tells Me So" brings a similar understanding,very fair,balanced,level-headed and fact-wielding that should not be offensive or polarizing, but rather informative,illuminating and ultimately healing.This film is for the thinking and inquisitive and thoughtful film-goer.This film serves as an excellent comparison film to 2006's Oscar-nominated "Jesus Camp" which I tell my story in review.I can only hope that this Film Festival Audience Award winning documentary will hit your town.If not, get the DVD when it is released.
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on April 28, 2012
As a young man who regularly attended church and took an active part in the youth ministry, I was really disturbed when I began to suspect I might be gay. Everyone told us that homosexuality was never God's plan, and I had to silently deal with these strange feelings that I felt must be sinful.

Finally, early this month, I came to terms with it: I'm gay and I didn't know what that meant about my faith. My family was fortunately very understanding, and my sister's husband suggested I check out this documentary, especially after a respected church member sent me some rather disturbing and condemning messages.

I watched it alone, and it was really difficult to sit through in many places. I feel the producers were quite varied in their responses and selection of footage: we had the radical Bible-thumping Christians, while also looking at five Christian families who had gay children.

In the stories, I felt I met kindred spirits in them. A lot of their thoughts and fears mirrored my own, so it was wonderful to know that I was not alone in these feelings and wondering if being a gay Christian was even possible.

However, a downside to the even-handedness is that I didn't feel the question was answered clearly. Many interpretations of the Bible's few references to homosexuality are presented, no one interpretation being favored. Overall, I got the message that a passionate love for someone of your own gender is not evil, but the question of intimacy was certainly left ambiguous.

So, while it did help answer some of my questions and let me know I am not alone, I think I'll have to look elsewhere for more answers. A great starting point, I suppose.
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on February 6, 2009
For the Bible Tells Me So is a documentary that provides an overview of the debate regarding homosexuality and how it is not approved within the pages of the bible. Sure, religion has been used as an excuse to segregate, murder, and enslave whole groups of people for centuries but at least up until the last one hundred years or so; those Christian knew their bible verses quite well. They honored their rigid canon and seemed to know their own propaganda a bit more than today's multitude of illiterate bible thumpers and religious politicians. I always wondered why the nice Christians out there weren't a little bit more upset over this.

Anyway, For the Bible Tells Me So makes a very keen observation; politicizing the bible for anti-gay purposes can be equated to politicizing the bible for those of us who are troubled by other abominations. The film sites other abominations in Leviticus that can probably be equated to homosexuality and some of them are ridiculous. Unfortunately most of the sheep in this culture probably only associate the term abomination with the Incredible Hulk's arch-nemesis. So really, almost anything can be denounced by the bible for political purposes. Now, as a human being, my knee jerk reaction to the fact that the bible indicates we should execute homosexuals isn't whether or not we should follow the word of god here but instead, whether or not we should consider some elements of the bible not only obsolete but offensive to the peace of humanity, so take that for what it is. I really appreciated the film's interviews with bible scholars who do find massive value in the book everyday but do not agree with the ideas this film attacks regarding homosexuality. For the Bible Tells Me So does not fiercely attack religion per se, and for that it gains even more credibility in my eyes. Instead, the movie pushes an agenda of its own and asks that Christianity actually accept homosexuality by demonstrating the few denominations that already have, among other points. At least that is kind of what I got out of it. It is a fascinating topic and it turns out to be a really fascinating perspective, but overall, the way the bible is politicized is unfair to both homosexuals and to many Christians.

There are some really powerful stories about real people here and I think that is why I found this film so compelling. I don't like to let my opinion slip out too often, especially when we are just talking about a movie here, but I am absolutely convinced that homosexuality is not a choice. Let's assume that's true for a minute and consider the suicide rate of homosexuals. I'm convinced something is wrong here and films like this might help us work toward understanding each other more. It is not a flawless message but For the Bible Tells Me So does have some hugely important things to say.
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on October 15, 2014
This is the best video I have ever seen for gently conveying that the bible is very misunderstood when it comes to those who are LGBT. I have watched this many times and have bought a number of copies to give away or lend out. If you have someone who is opposed to gays and lesbians on the basis of what they think is in the bible, then this is a gentle way to prod them in the direction of acceptance. I bring a copy to all my PFLAG meetings to lend out and have had so many positive comments that I keep buying more copies because people ask to keep the loaned copies. If you want to learn what the bible actually says for yourself - watch this video.
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on December 9, 2013
Easy and pleasant Amazon transaction. Thanks again. *I highly recommended watching this DVD with the entire family to open a discussion and to give words to the profound undercurrent/theme which provokes and creates a reaction to most individuals whom are open minded. This documentary aids by telling personal stories of heart ache and the overwhelming shame attached for some LGBTQI individuals/youth whom are suffering with coming out of the closet that may have no support system in place and the extreme suffering cased as a result. This documentary touches on bullying types of behaviors which continue to caused so much pain and suffering to the LGBTQI youth whom suffer in silence. A MUST SEE.

Provocative and innovative. *****A MUST SEE.
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on December 28, 2007
I was not at all sure what I would see when I went to this film. I left with the knowledge and the resources I need to combat some of the stigmatism and condemnations the right wing nuts spew about homosexuality. I learned things about the scripture I had never known or thought about. While I am still on my own personal journey with religion I would strongly recommend this film for everyone! The gay population can leave this film with comfort that the "christian" views taught to us as children are not true in regards to our sexuality and the heterosexuals can leave understanding what a struggle it is for gays and how many have used religion and christianity to preach and promote hate!
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on September 28, 2014
...and anyone searching for answers around this topic. This is a very insightful and powerful video that I use in my Psychology of Gender class at the collegiate level. The students always leave with much food for thought. It gives my students a new perspective and challenges their thinking/myths around the topic. This item came quickly and as described by the seller. Thank you for a great transaction!
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on March 30, 2008
This movie goes into great details, it does not attack any religion nor make those that are true believers in the Bible feel attacked. It states facts from many well respected people. This movie opened my eyes to many issues that I did not previously see. I have bought this movie for me and have since watching it I have had others buy and have myself bought more to share with others. I do believe that this is a movie that should be seen by anyone who is afraid of or has a family member struggling to come out.
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