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on December 16, 2008
This book opened my eyes and at the same time confirmed some of the philosophies I have regarding health. Laird leads an amazing life and has an amazing attitude towards living. His words are very inspirational and at the same time his philosophies towards life deserve attention. Since reading his book I've started doing power yoga (vinyasa sytle), changed my weight routine over to his circuit training, and have made a few diet changes. The book is very easy to read and I found I did not want to put it down.
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on July 29, 2009
The first time I scanned through this book in the bookstore I saw a bunch of exercise routines and yoga poses and I passed on it because I'm not a gym guy.

However, I was at the bookstore again and had some time to kill so I took a second look. I read the first few pages and I was drawn in to his words. I recommend you read the Intro the next time you're in the bookstore to see if it's something you'd be remotely interested in.

I don't know, he just seemed to have a lot in common with the way I think and that's what piqued my curiosity. I really think to enjoy this book you need to have tried to learn something foreign in your life and really embraced it, not giving up no matter how hard it was. I think too many people take the "safe way" out in life and watch from the distance and comment on it. To those people, this book might be mildly interesting.

But Laird is no ordinary guy. He's done some insane things (if you don't believe it, just flip to the page that details all of his injuries). And although the book is an easy read, anyone who has faced similar (I use that term loosely) fears, challenges, or obstacles just gets it. You see how right on he is with his words.

When you get to step inside the mind of a man who has pushed the boundaries of what is humanly possible and in turn created new ways to look at it, you get a rare glimpse that few people have ever experienced.

What's funny is this book is mass published and can be purchased by anyone but I truly believe he poured his heart into this book and that's why I find this book so special.

My wife and I joke that he is a "life coach" just because he seems to cover so many topics and has something interesting to say about each.

I just think his book is fun. It makes me appreciate life and the environment I'm in. And by the way, his nutrition advice is really helpful. I feel much better throughout the day and I've slimmed down quite a bit too. I've even started doing yoga which I never thought I would do and am in such a better mood before I go to work now (which my co-workers appreciate).
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on March 2, 2009
This is not an autobiography. This is not a collection of stories from one of our planets best watermen. This is not a retrospective on an active exciting life. This is not a guide on how to marry one's personal passions with ones family. Any of those things would have been far more interesting and worth reading. This book is a haphazard collection of grocery lists, yoga poses, pictures of surfing, interviews with folks you've never heard of before and nutritional pseudo science. If you're into that, rock on you'll enjoy. Personally, this was a total letdown.
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on December 6, 2008
This book was not bad. There are a lot of pictures, but there is also some good info. Laird's nutrition and physical fitness routines are somewhat unrealistic for the average person that works at least 40 hours/week, but the principals are right on the money. His life experiences are from a man who has lived in Hawaii his entire life and has never had a real job. Although unrealist for most, it is interesting that a guy who was never a World Champion at his sport of choice(Surfing),has been able to create and live the life that he has. I don't even know if he ever was on the Pro Surfing tour. Laird is a fascinating character and if you know anthing about the guy, you will probably like this book. If you've never heard of the guy, you might not care for it.
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on February 23, 2011
Those of us who know of Laird Hamilton know that he has succeeded and done very well in the world of surfing and stretching the boundaries of that sport to a level previously thought impossible. Surfing is not one of those sports where you sign a multi-million dollar contract and then get the adolation of millions of fans. Instead, it is a sport where you become who you determine you will become through hard work, dedication and diligent effort, usually without great financial rewards - true commitment and love of the sport. Laird's book is not great literature, but it something much more - it is a reassurance that all those basic things we learned as we learned how to get good at stuff, we need to continue doing to remain good at stuff and get good at new stuff. Laird's book is simply all about commitment, focus, attitude and doing what it takes to achieve exactly what it is that YOU want to achieve. It is also an very pleasurable and motivating read.
Having spent over 20 years as a corporate executive, finally at the CEO level, I stepped back (some migh say dropped out) and took a look at what is important to ME. Larid's book validates doing that and gaining focus on my interest and desires as well as pushing to achieve those goals I had put off for years. Goals like learning how to ride the Pipeline, getting back in the middle of an old-boys scrum and racing crits once again are things that I must do NOW in order to not get down the road and wish, with regret, that I'd done them after achieving my business goals. In other words, this book validates my decision to take my life back, get out of the office, give up the power, breath the air and live again.
I strongly recommend this book to anyone who has aspirations of taking anything to the next level; Anyone who has a goal and is trying to figure out how to achieve it or is constantly making excuses for not achieving a goal even though it is achievable - with a little (or a lot) of work. Getting the Mind, Body and Soul to work in harmony is equivalent to getting a orchstra to sound fabulous, only on a very personal level. Personal Satisfaction is achieved, not handed to anyone. Laird's book guides one throught the process of taking the right steps, developing the right attitude and not waivering in achieving Personal Satisfaction.
I strong recommend this book to the youngest of readers as well as those seasoned old dogs like me as well as everyone in between. Live life to the fullest, follow the guidance provided in the book and you will Succeed at the goals you set for yourself. If you focus and push, there will be no excuses for failure!
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on May 14, 2013
Good read and it keeps pulling you along. Not too kosher with the couple of contributors that were all oogling over "Laird is so awesome, Laird is the master of the universe, Laird shoots sparks out of his ears". Laird is pretty awesome at what he does and his philosophy is admirable but if Laird asks you to contribute to his book, just say "sure or thanks" and do a great job of contributing. No need to foam at the mouth over Laird...and if Laird had them put that in there...shame on you. We can read your book and enjoy your outlook on life and think you're a pretty bitchin dude without having someone build a verbal alter to you.

Nonetheless, the book tells us nothing new but reinforces many of those positive life lessons that we all know but easily forget on a regular basis.
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on January 25, 2014
Laird breaks down his life, his way, his passion and his motivation in this book and passes it on to you. Whenever I lose motivation or get lazy, I pick this book up and just read some random chapter and I'm ready to climb Everest. This book got me to lose 25lbs and focus on my health and goals.

What a real inspiration to this planet.
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on March 19, 2014
Good to read an insiders view of all the water related sports,his personal experiences in the ocean,and views.It was quite obvious Lard is loaded,but he is so down to earth and humble.Being a surfer I did not know what to think of the stand up pattle boards,now I cannot wait to try one.Laird has cast iron balls, just pull up his exploits on you-tube
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on March 30, 2012
In my personal opinion, it's a book full of self promoting cliches due to Laird's big ego : Me Me Me Me (with Laird's pictures everywhere, etc etc) . Didn't like it.

Having read other surfing books of various topics: Kelly Slater's , Gerry Lopez "Surf is where you find it" (Amazing), Eddie would go (amazing), MAtt Warshaw's History of Surfing and "Secrets Of Power Surfing" this book is waaaay down the line in my ranking.

(sorry for my bad english)
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on October 24, 2013
i bought this book because i am having frequent injuries. i am a 38 year old male, very active, but my body does not keep up. Lairds book gives you many tips on what to eat, supplements, how to protect yourself and most important how to recover fast and efficient.
i totally recommend this to any person who wants to do active sports beyond the age of 30
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