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on June 19, 2003
This is the classic Foreigner release that so many of us 30-somethings remember. If you are planning to buy this DVD Audio disk, then chances are good that you listened to the original vinyl release when you were younger. Well, you're in for a treat.
This release reveals vocal and instrumental details that you've never heard. Lou Gramm has an excellent voice...I never knew this before listening to the 96-24 version. If you were a fan of the original album, then buy this (After upgrading your system to fully appreciate the DVD Audio experience).
This disk has an abundance of extras:
You can listen to the disk as Mick Jones and Lou Gramm talk along. They convey their experiences with each song as it plays on your stereo.
The best bonus, however, is the four demo versions included:
"Feels Like The First Time," "Woman oh Woman," At War With The World," and "Take Me To Your Leader," are included here.
If you buy this DVD-A disk (and you should), do yourself a favor...listen to the demo version of "Feels Like The First Time" before you listen to the regular version of the song.
The demo is absolutely horrible! It's fun and interesting to compare the two. My hat is off to Foreigner and the producers for having the guts to release their demos. Many bands will not do this.
I did not give this release 5 stars because I reserve such a rating for sensational, life-altering products. This is a very good addition to any DVD-A collection. Highly recommended.
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on July 7, 2002
The debut Foreigner CD captures the band as they began their ascent into rock stardom and a well deserved success. "Foreigner" is exciting for several reasons but mostly because the CD is so well done and played so beautifully by Lou Gramm, Mick Jones, Ian McDonald, Al Greenwood and company. It's excitment also springs from this CD showing the band at that unique moment when the musical product comes together in perfection.
This debut release by Foreigner caught everyone's attention in 1977 because it was very good rock music and this was proven when the band first toured with the release. I had the pleasure of seeing Foreigner on their first tour and they played the entire debut album so perfectly that their musicianship had me in awe.
One note: please pay attention to the talent of the often overlooked genius of Ian McDonald who added much texture to this release. The guy was very impressive in concert on their first tour. He played several instruments flawlessly and to this day (25 years ago!) I can recall from my seat in the balcony of a small venue near the side of the stage seeing Ian pick up one instrument after another and play them so well. Ian is quite talented and this release shows it.
Without a doubt the debut release from Foreigner captures a great moment in rock as a wonderful band appears on the scene with a great sound. Enjoy!
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on June 6, 2013
No, I'm not a huge Foreigner fan, but it's worth five bucks to get this album, if it were the original. The problem is it's not. "Feels Like the First Time", my favorite foreigner song, has been trimmed by 38 seconds. That's just ludicrous! So now, the rousing guitar introduction and layered build-up has been eliminated and replaces by a sudden, and poorly edited, blast from the entire band. It's lost all its drama. Unfortunately, Amazon puts all reviews for all versions in one place.

This is for version ASIN: B000063NE0

If you want the original version of "Foreigner" this isn't it.

Anybody want a used CD?
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on December 7, 2012
Foreigner - 1977, Mobile Fidelity SACD Remaster

When I was just a young lad my brother and I bought this album and it became one of the albums that defined our musical childhood! It still remains to this day one of the GREAT rock albums in my household and I was so excited to order this MoFi SACD........and what a great un !

First the album (if there is anyone who has never heard this) is a beautiful album full of great songs and huge rock sound without any cliches. It was an album that set the stage and helped define 70's rock music (1977).

Foreigner's debut album was IMHO their defining musical moment with contribution of King Crimson's Ian McDonald and the powerful vocals and lyrics of a young Lou Gramm. "Starrider" was THE song for me while I grew up and you can not count the number of times I played this album.

I have the redbook CD, Vinyl, remastered CD and now SACD of this album and must say the definitely this IS THE version of this album you must hear.

Wow.......deeply defined vocal harmonies and a wide pane of tones that stretch from one side of my music to the other. At times the acoustic guitar sounds like it was right beside me!

I would say honestly that until you hear the SACD version you really have not ever heard this album.

Rock music never got any better than the first Foreigner album .

...and why not One day be a Starrider !
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on July 1, 2002
I simply have the remastered original album on CD, not the one with the extras. The music on this classic late '70s album speaks for itself.
"Feels Like The First Time" and "Cold As Ice" are the top 10 rockers that everybody knows from this album. For sure, they stand the test of time. To me, some of the other tracks are even more impressive (maybe because they haven't been heard as much). "Headknocker", "At War With The World", and "I Need You" all rock with that classic, melodic early Foreigner sound. While none of the slower tracks on this debut have the feel of later vintage Foreigner ballads, songs like "Woman Oh Woman" and "Fool For You Anyway" clearly indicate that Lou Gramm was capable of singing any tempo of song. And for sure, the classic "Long, Long Way From Home" flat out rocks--to me the ultimate catchy, hard rocking track on this album.
As with any of Foreigner's best albums, this album does not have a throwaway or dud track. If you are looking for an ultimate Foreigner album that is not a greatest hits collection, this one ranks right behind Foreigner 4 as the ultimate album to own. For sure, a must-own in my large classic and melodic rock CD collection.
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on November 22, 2013
This is one classic recording. Listening to it again in this format shows how raw the recording actually is. Now that is not a bad thing. It just shows a bit of age. Some recordings hold up no matter how raw (See Dylan's Blonde on Blonde for raw Brilliance & Genius) But this is a rock and roll record of some stature. I was most interested in listening to the commentary track. This offered some interesting insight also into the recording, and relationship of the two front figures in the band. (Mick & Lou) I always will love this recording and recommend it to any fan. This format of course will always be the template for what all music should be re-issued. To be honest, before its issue back in the day, when I read that Ian McDonald had joined a band, I was going to buy it either way. I have always been amazed at his musical genius from "In The Court Of The Crimson King". For those out there that do not own the Steve Hackett and Friends Live in Japan CD & DVD, buy it. Ian McDonald (RIP) at his finest live!!! Also, this is the 2nd DVD Audio disc that I noticed a vocal change in the most well known track. It seems here and on Carly Simon's "No Secrets" the Multi Tracks did not contain the fix to "Feels Like The First Time" or Carly's "The Right Thing To Do". If you are a fan of either song or group, then I would say this is a must buy just to hear the "Original" vocal on both tracks......
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on April 16, 2014
The cover is so prophetic,just arrived off the success train.My favorite cut; Cold As Ice still sends chills down my spine.Another favorite;The Damage is Done ends with one of Mick Jones' best solo,I feel. I like the uncut "Feels Like The First Time" with keyboard intro and Lou kills it with the vocal climax.Best rock singer of his day.The dynasty had just begun here.The only songs I didnt care for was "Headknocker" and "Fool For You Anyway".,considering most albums only have 3 to 4 cuts worthwhile speaks greatly for this release.Their follow up ;"Double Vision" was a rare superior sequel but this set up that success superbly.They almost tied the Beatles debut if "Long,Long Way/Home" had cracked the Top 10.They did'nt feel too bad I think,they got nominated for Best New Artist at Grammy's.Foreigner stepped into the rock and roll arena as fullblown stars right out of the starting gate.
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on August 22, 1999
I remember thinking if "heavy metal" bands (like Deep Purple) took a major turn towards top-40 "pop", the result would probably be FOREIGNER. While it took some time to grow on me ("Cold As Ice" is still a bit grating) I eventually got to like EVERY SONG on this album. And "Long Long Way From Home" has to be one of my all-time top fave rock and roll songs! It's loud! It's THRILLING! It's over in under 3 minutes!! I bet many of today's bands WISH they were this good.
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on November 12, 2013
I love this album all over again! Don't wait to purchase again. Get it!
It's "louder"...yes, but not compressed or strained. The new dynamics - especially of the Bass guitar and lower frequency drums has suddenly appeared after all these years!
The bonus tracks are an interesting novelty to listen to once, but beyond that, no.
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on October 30, 2010
This review is for the 2010 remaster by MOFI.

Nothing wrong with this hybrid SACD from Mobile Fidelity. The remastering is great, just like with almost any other release from MOFI.
Don't let anyone tell you this disc sounds bad!

This is a limited numbered edition that will be available only for a short period of time.

Regards from Germany!
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