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on September 18, 2012
I usually like this kind of genre with romance, that doesn't get graphic (or so I thought, after all it is listed under "Children's fiction") Um no way!!! Definitely not even finishing this book. The only story line I could figure out is full of lying to each other, having sex is expected and normal, possessiveness, and promiscuity. I didn't even make it through the book. Angel can't keep himself off of her long enough to eat a meal. Good grief. And she stops him from having sex with her on date 1 and then by date 2 they are giving each other BJ and touching each other sexually, really? what's the difference, either way it's not appropriate (might as well have been sex). For a book that is aimed at teenagers and young adults I am really disgusted with this author. Again it is NOT APPROPRIATE FOR TEENS OR YOUNG ADULTS. IT HAS GRAPHIC SEXUAL SITUATIONS. If I could give this no stars I would have.
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on September 11, 2012
I'm an avid reader and enjoy a good clean romance. I have to admit, the premise of this book seemed interesting and since it was labeled YA I figured I didn't need to worry about the content. Boy was I wrong! First off, the overuse of vulgar language was very off putting. I understand that the author was trying to make the characters sound like teenagers, but even PG-13 movies can only use the F-bomb twice. This book had it too many times to count. It was completely unnecessary in my opinion. Another issue I had with this book was the casual attitude portrayed by the majority of the characters towards sex. The entire book made it seem like every teenager is having sex, and not only with one person in a committed relationship, but with multiple people with no strings attached. The "heroine's" cousin mentions multiple times not wanting to be "committed" to a relationship and how excited she is about hooking up with the "hero's" brother, going as far as talking about his "size" and not being able to wait for her period to be over so she can "go all the way" with him, a guy she went out with once and had other "sexual contact" with on the first date (which by the way is explained somewhat graphically.) The two main characters wait a little long for full on intercourse but still perform sexual acts in the meantime, which again are described in detail. The guys seem to expect sex and the girls have no problem giving it to them. The hero has a girl who creates conflict because she's jealous that he isn't hooking up with her anymore, even though they were never dating, which is his excuse for dropping her like nothing. The hero mentions that he's never asked a girl out because they were always so willing to "give it up" without him even trying. What kind of message are we sending young girls when this is the material we offer them? Further more, the hero's extreme possessiveness of the heroine boarded on the controlling behavior one sees in abusers. The fact that she mentions it was "extreme" but that she liked it sends the WRONG message to girls. This book is setting young girls up to be promiscuous victims. Overall the character development was shallow, the "love" was simply lust and the major conflict that occurred reinforced the idea that the controlling behavior of the main character was ok. If I could give this book at -5 stars I would have.
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VINE VOICEon October 15, 2010
Sarah was forced to move from Arizona to Southern California just before starting her senior year in high school. Understandably unhappy about the unwelcome change, Sarah and her best friend, Sydney, vowed to each other to stay in touch daily via the phone and email.

Popular football jock, Angel Moreno, noticed the shy new girl, Sarah, and felt drawn to her fresh, unassuming personality and sparkling green eyes from the very first time they met. Angel and Sarah soon became practically inseparable and as their friendship blossomed so too grew their desire for each other. Unfortunately, Sarah was keeping an important secret from Angel - a secret that would later bring heartbreak and severely test the boundaries of their love.

When Sarah moves to California she is intent on returning to Arizona to be reunited with best friend Sydney once again after her 18th birthday. She just has to make it through the first semester. Sarah and Angel meet and begin dating shortly after school starts. Their attraction for each other soon has Sarah conflicted about returning to Arizona but still determined to do so for the sake of her best friend. Angel tries not to dwell on Sarah's pending departure, instead, he strives to show her everyday by word and deed why she should remain in California with him.

An uncomplicated, yet moving story of first love, I was easily caught up in the lives of Sarah, Angel and their friends. I found the story entertaining and well-told. The teens all seemed remarkably grounded and well-mannered for the most part. There was very limited adult involvement and supervision. Most adults were barely present and quite peripheral to the story. The author, though, did an excellent job of fleshing out the teenagers. There were numerous teenage characters and each one's personality was believable with realistic, true-to-life motivations. This novel is a complete stand-alone book. I look forward to reading the next book in the series that will be about the commitment phobic pair, Alex and Valerie.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More
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on October 2, 2010
This book is wonderful! Not only does it bring back memories of your first love, but it has an excellent story line that will get you hooked. With so many interesting twists this book keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time. It is an easy to read romance that will melt your heart. It will make you wish you had an Angel Moreno of your own. Once you pick it up, be prepared to not be able to put it down!
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on July 9, 2015
I love this whole series. I originally bought the Moreno Brothers series in 2011 and thoroughly enjoyed reading them then.
Recently I had my 18 year old daughter read this book when she asked me if I knew of any that I thought she might enjoy.
Well she couldn't get enough of it and now I'M in the process of rereading the whole series.
I love this author. She has nailed the lives of teenagers as if she is one minus the immaturity that so many YA novels have.
There is underage drinking and love making in this book though without description. I don't have a problem with this. It is 100% accurate for the majority of 17 year olds to early 20's of today. I saw some reviewers were upset by this. Fact of life folks get over it. At least this author had designated drivers and the characters practiced safe sex. I thought that was a great touch personally. Rather than preaching DON'T and have teenagers defy, which they do best, the Author gives the alternative that if your going to indulge then atleast act responsible.
The love story of Angel and Sarah is great and again I'm glad they behaved with maturity. The backround relationships between Alex and Valerie and Eric and Sofie really grab the reader and make you want to read their own stories. I have already read the series so I can speak on their behalf and say they all rock but I am partial to Sofia and Erics book. Sooo good. Read them all!
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on March 31, 2012
This book is targeted at teenagers and I do have to say I am a little past my teenage years now but wow, it's basically condoning teenage drinking, sneaking out, promiscuity and borderline abusiveness; the intensity that Angel shows about Sarah after a day or two is completely inappropriate. He is too possessive and seems to have controlling tendencies. At one point the author seems to address this but then says that Sarah actually likes it. As someone who has been abused, this is a horrible message to send to teenagers, that this behavior is okay. To me his behavior seems like the warning signs of a future abuser.

I would never let my teenager read this book and I will not be reading any more of this series. On top of all the messages it seems to be sending that I do not think are appropriate, it is a very shallow book. The characters are not well developed and it progresses awkwardly, I guess that could be a good thing though because the awkwardness just reminds me of the awkwardness of being a teenager.
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on October 19, 2010
OMG I loved this book. I could not put it down. Can't wait for the second one to come out. It was really intense. I got hooked just reading the prolouge and said I have to know what's happens. Thank you for putting it on the kindle. I highly recommend this book.
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on October 5, 2012
I'm not only shocked by this being in the children's ebook category, but I'm also shocked by how many reviewers seem to think this sort of book is perfectly acceptable for young readers.

As the negative rewiews have stated - this is blatantly promoting underage drinking at teen sex. There's nothing sweet about it - nor does it hearken back to the innocence of first love, as is implied in the blurb.

While my review here is not strictly about the quality of writing, I could not get beyond the outrageously objectionable categorization of the entire thing. If it had been in it's proper category - erotica - I wouldn't have downloaded it at all.

But to market this stuff to children? It's unconscionable.
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on July 4, 2011
Okay, I really enjoy reading, and I LOVE teen romance books. I got the free sample of this and I was really digging it. The guy was protective, the girl was shy, you know, the norm for romance. So... I figured, WHAT THE HECK! Its $0.99! GREAT DEAL!! Well, I kept reading, and I thought it was kinda weird. They "fell in love" waaaay to fast, there was no building up to it. I was like "Hello, I'm What'sHisName, and I love you". Plus, the guy is realy protective, and he BARELY knows her. The main character (girl)moved away from her best friend, a boy, and that creates a problem with the other main character.It's kind of pathetic. Then, it was kinda "intense" for my taste, too "intense". On the first date, the guy was on top of the girl, that doesn't happen when you BARELY know somebody. And it just got worse and WORSE!! The main character's cousin was even worse, talking about VERY personal situations. It made me feel awkward. I figured that the "intensity" would increase, so I didn't even finish the book.

I know that some people enjoy this type of book and I'm not patronizing anyone for that, if you like it, read it. It just wasn't my cup of tea.

If you are like me and just like boy meets girl, they fall in love, you may not enjoy this book. If don't like really, really overprotective guys, I don't think you'll like this book.
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on September 16, 2010
Sarah is a shy young girl who has no clue how beautiful she really is. Angel usually has no trouble talking to women - but this time it's different. This time a strange feeling comes over him when she's around, and he can't quite put his finger on it, but there's just something about HER.

Do they find love? Or does fate and circumstance keep them apart? This book is a beautiful and winding road of ups and downs - of highs and lows. It tells what can happen when two people fall in love, but the rest of the world strives to keep them apart.

If you're looking for something that's easy to read, yet written with eloquent words that whisper of romance, this book is what is you're looking for. A coming-of-age drama about two teenagers who are just finding out what real love is all about, and a story you'll never forget.
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