Customer Reviews: Forza Horizon Limited Edition -Xbox 360
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on October 24, 2012
Note that I am NOT reviewing Forza so much in this review but merely the collector's edition of the game.

The CE for Forza Horizons hasn't quite lived up to CE's of previous Forza titles. In the past we've gotten flash drives (pointless, yes, but they have purdy Forza graphics on them) and keychains (ditto) and even color booklets, soundtracks, etc.

This one came with content. Content already in the game (I know this because the CE download was all of a few kilobytes.) No booklets, no trinkets, no doo-dads... Just an extra $20 bucks for stuff that'll probably be available for $10 bucks a few months from now.

Don't kick yourself if you didn't get the CE version - you'll do fine with the regular game.
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on November 17, 2012
When I first heard the new Forza was going to be free roaming yet still keep the Forza simulate driving I assumed Forza had lost it. Thankfully I was wrong. From the title screen, Horizon is a unique experience. Set in beautiful waiving roads of Colorado at the heat of Autumn. Horizon is celebration of cars. It's not just about being the first across the line, it also about exploration and learning how the cars handle outside the track. The gameplay is easy to learn yet difficult to master. You feel like you are playing an arcade racer until you hit a corner. The graphics are amazing the sounds is spot on. if you have a big screen with surround sound you'll love this game.
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on December 5, 2012
The is a GREAT follow-up to Forza 4. The environment is stunning, the racing excellent, but I have a few complaints. Compared to Forza 4, you can hit 100% accomplished in Horizon FAR sooner than in 4. After Forza 4, there are far fewer cars than I was used to too.

Also, there are no NPC drivers for your custom online races, a major disappointment for folks who, like me, like to race on their own. In Forza 4 you could pick any track and configuration and have a great race with a dozen NPC drivers. Nada in Horizon, making the custom races useless unless you want to dive into the chaos of online racing with trolls.
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on June 29, 2013
There are two kinds of racing games: simulation and arcade. I am not a big enthusiast so I don't like the hard core simulations (the usual forza/F1/nascar/etc). But the arcade ones just seem cheesy (burnout paradise was amazing though, old need for speed games go here). This is a good mixture of both.

It doesn't get 5 stars because of how they did the DLC. The limited edition pack comes with 2 "tokens" (things you buy in the game) but the only stuff I would get cost 3 or above. Also you have to buy DLC to, not just unlock cars, but to have cars available for purchase with credits (things you get in the game) or tokens. It is rather silly and complicated to me. But it is fun to just race around.

The flexible difficulty settings are really good too.
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on June 14, 2013
I wasn't sure what to expect when I purchased this, but it has been a lot of fun. I am enjoying being a "character" in the story at a car festival. You can compete in different races and events to gain popularity. Lots of fun so far!
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on April 7, 2013
The game seems to loosen up as opposed to the competetive theme from Forza 4.

The negative first:
1. no instructions included or available, which forces you back to the forza site or the internet to ask questions which have few answers.

2. AI (artificial intel) figures are all anorexic and the female figures pretty much dress like prostitutes. Nobody in their right mind dresses like this "in these areas of Colorado" (lived there done that)(mom and dad, consider this image when you are buying for your age appropriate scale may not be yours)

3.I gave it 4 stars because of the Message updates/no updates/ and former message updates/ you get when you first open the game. The game time server doesn't sync the messages accordingly. So though this game came out if the fall of 2012...some of your first messages are redundant and relate to november 2012 events that no longer I installed mine in march 2013.
(i'm in IT so my critique is more to the lazy programmers of this game since it has online multiplayer events, single player events, and ralley event tied to
Most messages are not deletable that are you have to filter through all of them as they stack up in your bin when you do get new and recent ones. Definitely a Microsoft and XBOX programmer "I could care less" non deliberation and pre-marketing flaw.

4. though the graphics are decent...the Trac and road graphics are not overwhelmingly as great in my opinion as in Forza4 . (Kudos though to the Ralley tracks graphics.

5.Music he!! all I can say for the "Radio" feature...

6. You can't adjust individual vehicle settings, Like tire air those are not programmed into the game to help make a difference in the handling of the vehicles, so that means you are locked in to the preconfigured settings except for UPRADES like motors and suspension etc.

7.The graphics after taking snapshots of the cars you own are not as good as that in forza4.

positive comments...

1. Barn finds are sellable once you find them. You could put and extra 10,000,000 in your account for these so called rare cars...and if you don't use them...sell them to buy the cars you want. They can only be found when the Announcer/MC sends out a notice and at that time the barn doors hidding the car are opened. If you'll do #2 below first..all but 2 barn finds will be made available to you. The other 2 barn find cars will be made available as you further your racing-event activity.

2. Upgrades...Knock down all of the DAKS signs on the map...will take you a few hours...I did that the first then gives you UNLIMITED upgrades at no charge to any car in the game. Do that first...go to your map settings and shut off all map features...the map will list the minimal and show you where the Red DAK signs are. Once you've knocked one down it credited to your account as a discount % and it greys out in color.

3. 2,000.000 points available via a glitch in the game.(won't give you any more than that)...just search at y o u t u b e and you'll find out how.

4. use can use that glitch to make the car used to make use of the vulnerability in the game as a jumping ramp to get "Air Time" points...

5. Off road Ralley...Love can make any car a ralley car...but in single player mode you can only use your choice of 5 ralley cars made available by the game itself. (limited choice because real ralley cars are limited and Forza figured part of that into the game).

6. illegal street races. Doing #2 first above allows you to upgrade free for street racing.

7. Multiplayer what it is like in Forza 4.

8. My XBOX 360 has not locked up once with this game due to what I'm sure is the pull back from partial high-def graphics and additional car features not being adjustable...I have over 60 hrs in on this game so far...not 1 glicth yet. In Forza 4 I can expect at least 1 glitch every two hours of heaviy racing and use as it does make the GPU work hard.

Just OK comments...
1. The game features the ability to ROAM the mapped area freely...but that area is very limited.
2. The limited addition does come with the free VIP...***butttt***don't activate the game online via your account. ***Activate (enter the key) while you are IN GAME...or even though your game shows VIP status after you insert the will still show you that you need to purchase the VIP status so if you forget you have will be charged $$$ for what already came with the fix to this from XBOX...
3. you can use in game earned credits to purchace cars and paint and decals...but make sure you choose Credits over the appropriate button for the proper choice.
4. The packaging is OK but not woth the extra money...and slides out of a plastic don't cut up your sleave trying to get the aluminum DVD disk holder out of it.
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on April 1, 2013
The demo didn't really turn me on. I eventually bought it and I'm happy I did.

This game grew on me in a short time and I love it. Its an open world with plenty of racing events and rivals challenges after each race (as long as you're connected to XBOX Live). You can keep racing new rivals (with bigger money) by pressing the X button after each Rivals race. There are many events off-line and it grows with additional ribbons earned, and many events on-line just like other Forza games.

There are also races against airplanes, helicopters, balloons, plus there other skill challenges. I'm far from unlocking and playing everything this game offers.

I believe the major goal of the game is to beat Darius Flynt who has won the Forza Horizon festival the past three year and has become a brand name bigger than the event. You need to work your way up to get to that level to race beat him (I'm far from reaching that level). You unlock a whole new set of events after you earn so much XP. First you start off with the green wrist band events. Then you'll eventually graduated into blue wrist band, pink, yellow, purple, ect., ect., ect. events. There are three stations to choose from to listen to in while driving and racing. The radio announcer sounds like the same woman in Saints Row 3--good. You have a female manager narrator who talks to you--good.

You can upgrade your car or have it auto upgraded or down graded when needed at the start of events.To get the most of the game, turn all the assists off. You can also select from manual and automatic transmission.
All the cars handle and perform differently. With the assists off, you get the full challenge out of each race and each car. The less assist you have, the more money you make so you can buy more cars to race and re-race events. Since no two cars handle and perform exactly alike, every race is a new challenge using a different car.

Unlike other Forza games, damage is cosmetic only, if enabled. I don't think it affects the aerodynamics of the car when you get damage.
Performance IS NOT affected when you take damage. Slipstreaming/drafting is apart of the driving experience.

In other Forza games, you can tune every part of the car as long as you have an adjustable part installed or buy and install one. So far, no tuning.
You can buy car parts from every car manufacturer on the planet, just like the other Forza games. You can customize the paint job and create your own style (I haven't done this yet).

You can set the difficulty of your opponents and adjust all the assists just like other Forza games.

This is a much simpler game than Forza 3 & 4. Just open world racing with more and more events, location, and race types and skills challenges added as time goes by, in addition to all the events on-line, and a so many different cars for a different racing experience.
I love it.
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on October 27, 2012
If you've played any of the previous Forza racing video games, all the familiar features are here: awesome controls, active gameplay rewind, car damage, auto-tuning (for those who want a simplified tuning experience), and the ability to play your own music (via the Xbox interface). The difference is they've added a single-player storyline. In the game, you play an up-and-coming street racer challenging other drivers and entering various race events on the twisty roads of Colorado. Admittedly, the storyline of Horizon is pretty low-key, and downright annoying at times. But if you can get over that, you are left with a decent open-world racing game with lots of customization.

Open World Racing
One of the taglines for this game says "re-imagined Colorado." What that really means is it's probably nothing like the real roads of Colorado. Never fear however, because the game's excellent graphics still make you FEEL like your there (albeit I've never been to Colorado myself). The roads are twisty with a healthy spattering of straightaways, often skirted by autumn foliage and trees. There are lots of mountainous roads with precarious drops as well as long, flat highways in rocky narrow valleys. And to help keep things interesting, there's a day and night cycle. Although at the beginning you'll have to complete a few tutorial missions, the game allows you to explore this world freely. You can go pretty much anywhere at anytime. (The main race events are unlocked in a specific order however.)

Forza Horizon is a departure from the standard race-rotation that you often find in the other Forza games. In Horizon, you will spend the majority of the time racing on what amounts to a single gigantic track - in this case the roads of a "re-imagined Colorado." At any given time you'll have several race events to choose from - each of which start at different points on the gigantic map. (You'll have to travel to that part of the map in order to participate.) While doing the race events if fun, just driving around the huge world of Horizon is interesting as well. You'll come across other drivers who you can challenge, as well as "barns" where hidden cars can be awarded to you. Multiplyer is fun too. You can easily get into an online race and post your standings very easily. Lastly, you'll have civilian traffic to deal with as well since you are racing on what amounts to a series of public roads.

If you are into tuning cars, Forza Horizon is just as in-depth as any other Forza game. You can change your car's exhaust, intake, flywheel, engine displacement, suspension, wheels, and much more. The list goes on and on. But for those who simply want their car to be tuned to a specific class level (D, C, B, A, S, R3 etc), Forza Horizon delivers the same auto-tuning feature from Forza 4. For example, if a given race is restricted to class B cars, you can automatically tune your class C car to the maximum rating that class B allows (provided you have enough credits in the game). And like other Forza games, Horizon has a very extensive paint and decal customization section. You can make your own, or download car graphics from other players.

Like other Forza games, the initial number of cars available to you small. Forza makes extra money by selling DLC content in the form of "Car Packs." These car packs essentially give you the ability to buy more cars in the actual game. (More on this below.) As the game ages, more and more cars become available every month in the form of additional Car Packs.

One of the selling points of the Limited Edition version of Horizons is its inclusion of DLC (Car Packs) that you would normally have to buy separately over Xbox Live. But it is precisely that feature that feels to come up short. Whether you've bought Car Packs separately or if it comes with your Limited Edition, you still have to pay in-game credits to use those cars. For example, if I wanted to use a particular automobile that came with a Car Pack, I still have to spend 32,000 credits to add it to my "garage" of cars (the prices vary). I understand that this might be a measure to prevent people from "paying to win" in multiplayer matches, but after I spend real money on something I expect to get it without delay - no further effort should be required.

Limited Edition - best for a limited audience
Despite the DLC issue, this is a fun game, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an open-world racing game with good controls, and deep customization. But if you're wondering whether the Limited Edition is worth the extra $20 over the standard version; then check the car list that comes with the included Car Packs. If none of those are interesting to you then get the standard edition.
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on November 27, 2012
At the end of the day, after you’ve driven around in Forzatown, Colorado for eight or ten hours, you’re going to be left with the feeling that you’ve seen it all before, but perhaps not all in one place like you will with Horizon, and maybe even not as attractively rendered. While I sampled nearly every type of event, I found myself concentrating more on simply driving around looking for barn finds and picking up an ad hoc one-on-one race now and then. There was really only one car that I wanted badly enough to concentrate on earning enough Cr to buy (the Mercedes SL65 AMG, if you must know), so I only hit the high-dollar street races for as long as it took to gather the nut for that particular ride. This is definitely a game in which your mileage will vary, but that’s really the point of a sandbox-style game anyway, isn’t? With the wide open world and the usefully granular difficulty settings, nearly everyone will be able to tailor their Horizon experience to suit their desires.

If you loved Forza 4 so much, this game will not help you.
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on November 4, 2012
But that isn't a bad thing, the open world environment and the festival gives the game a feel of Test Drive Unlimited meets DiRT 2 meets Forza. Combined they make for a great game. Lots of freedom and very few repetative track instances mean the game doesn't get boring like some other racing titles can where repetition sets in.

Only down side is the obvious catch up mechanic the AI has. This is even more aparent on the longer races where you will build up a lead with a 10 speed rated car and they will still catch you but then remain close behind. This feels cheap at times but happens rarely enough to worry about.
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