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on December 2, 2013
I spent the long holiday weekend playing Forza 5 and here's my pros and cons:
- Brilliant graphics - It is a beautiful game. I even like the realistic way the sun blinds you when it's just right in the sky and you turn to face it. Bring your sunglasses along.
- Drivatar - Stupid name, but it does give the other cars character and it's pretty cool to earn Forza money when you're not racing as your 'drivatar' has been while you are away
- Options - This game has every racing type covered in one form or another. As I am new to the series I don't know how that translated from previous version however I find the variety to be a sweet spot. Just when you start to get bored of one racing type, they throw something at you that's different (like racing with traffic added). Add to this a TON of racing options and I'm not sure how you can get bored of this game, maybe of racing too much all day - but not really the game's fault.
- Top Gear - The comments in between races from the Top- Gear show are varied and interesting..added to it some of the Top Gear humor. If you are a fan of the show you'll enjoy it even more.

- Damage reset - I'm not sure if there is a setting for this but after every race your car is reset to showroom without any penalty (like paying X amount for fixing dents). It just takes any weight off of being careful not to screw your car up too much during any particular race. Again, this may be a setting as there are a ton of options so take this with a grain of salt.
- Micro Transactions - Don't get me wrong, the variety of included tracks, cars, and race modes keeps me coming back BUT the micro transactions have to go. I understand selling a new pack with maybe a couple of new tracks and a new car together but that's not what's going on here. They are outright holding cars back for those that either have an infinite amount of time to play OR want to pay almost as much as the game costs for uber cars. This doesn't give me the sense of 'value' when I've already spent $60 on the game to begin with. They need to tone these microtransactions down and admite to the public it was a cash-grab that backfired on them. I knocked down one star because of this alone.
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on December 3, 2013
This game is gorgeous. Just. Downright. Gorgeous.

It's a great time killer, Some of the pros are breathtaking though


Top Gear Announcements: I LOVE the cut scenes with the top gear guys, giving me information on certain car's such a great touch.

Graphics -- WOW....

CONTROL -- Wow x2

Reverse - I like being able to un-screw myself, but I also like being penalized for doing so.

Assists - They penalizing you for using them, but hey, what do you expect? This makes it so anyone can race.....ANY ONE


There is only one Con, and we should have seen this coming from a mile away: MICRO TRANSACTIONS. To hell with micro transactions...they are evil. They make the developer string along progress to be even longer... I have a theory on Microtransactions, I'll add that at the end if you would like to read it.


Amazing, beautiful, breathtaking, time-consuming game.......with stupid micro transactions


A Large portion of our society falls into two categories: you either want stuff now without earning it, or you have an extreme value on feeling like you're busier than the next person..... I am the latter. I think Microtransactions not only feed on the "right here right now" crowd, but I think they also feed on the "Rushing your way through life" crowd. It's despicable.
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on December 2, 2013
I would like to start first to say that I have owned every Forza game created to include this one and have loved what they have done in the past.

That being said, It is a sad day for gaming when Turn 10 and Microsoft put out a game like this. Asides from the lack of tracks, cars, weather, or day/night (I know its a launch title) so I am not going to go into that. I am upset because Turn 10 made it painstakingly difficult to progress through the game and earn cars through races. They made most races pay out on an average of 5 grand (Forza 4 paid alot higher and "gifted cars" as you leveled). If you want one of the more expensive cars you are looking at about 250 races or 6-8 hours of play. If you will like to see all the cars this lifetime you can purchase TOKENS for real money and receive any car immediately. TOKENS are game credits purchased from xbox live (.99 to 49.00) and can be used for cars and parts, not DLC, If you want the DLC car packs you WILL STILL NOT BE ABLE TO RACE THOSE CARS until you earn enough in game money. The car packs only "unlock" those cars, you will still need to race a good 2-3 hours to afford those cars as well or purchase more TOKENS. This is not a racing sim, it is a 60 dollar prologue on a Free to play business model shamefully extorting their fans. Shame.

If you still feel the need to buy this game google Forza 5 (do not go on Gamestop or and see what the community states about this game and its microtranactions.
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on August 19, 2014
I'm a big fan of the Forza series and make it a point to purchase every iteration. Forza 5 is the first time I've ever regretted purchasing a Forza game. If you've played Forza 4, it will be hard not to be let down by Forza 5. The newest, "next-gen" title has less cars, less tracks, and just generally feels like a less finished title than the previous title. That's just the disappointing part of this game though, the downright insulting aspect of it is how much of the game is DLC / microtransaction gated. I find the amount of secondary charges in this game really appalling, and I refuse to participate in it. What's worse, the in-game economy seems to be balanced in a way that encourages you to spend real money, not Forza credits. I feel like this title requires much more "grinding" than any previous Forza game, and in many cases the best cars are DLC that you can't get without paying anyway.
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on March 14, 2015
TLDR: It terrible, frustrating, glitchy, and has limited redeeming qualities, but it's 13 bucks. Buy it.

Review: I have been a die hard Forza fan since it came out. I left Gran Turismo because of how much more enjoyable and realistic Forza was. Being a motorsports(keep that word in mind) fan, I loved circuit racing, tuning my car, and racing against other race car drivers. I used to spend countless hours just racing and tuning, racing and tuning. It was great. Now, Onto Forza 5. I read the reviews of the die hard Forza fans and thought "Well. It can't be THAT bad. None of the previous versions were bad. Some were better then others, but overall, they were all good" Well I was wrong. I'll break it down into what I hated and what I loved:

1) The Drivatar: If I wanted to be sideswiped by some 12 year old while trying to have a proper race, I would have played online. I play offline for a reason. I've seen these Drivatars ride some REALLY weird lines through turns, Slam on their brakes in front of me for no reason, and go flying into a turn, just to sideswipe you, push you out of the way, and pass you. Like I said, racing against a 12 year old. And the worst part of it all, You CANT turn it off. I want to go back to the days of M. Rossi. Now they say it gets better if you turn the difficulty up to Unbeatable. Which it does. Cars still run weird lines. Occasionally will try and run you off the road, but it is tolerable, but that brings in another issue.
2) The races are short: When I say short. I mean SHORT. 2-3 laps. I can't remember a race that was longer than 3 laps. I'm sorry. But a game with the word "Motorsports" in it, Should have decent races. This game has 10 races per Series, all 2-3 laps long. I would rather have 2-3 races per series, all 10 laps long. The game also places you in almost dead last, Usually something like 14th out of 16. I'm not opposed to competition, but 2 laps to pass 13 cars, when people are sideswiping you and cutting you off, is not easy. And you can't change this. Leveling up does nothing, cars PI does nothing, cant qualify(You never could but it'd be a nice feature). Now I would love to see an Endurance race personally. I used to love the 2, 3+ Hour races in GT. However I can understand them not being included. but 2-3 laps per race. What is this? Need For Speed?
3)STUPID Series Challenges: Or whatever they call them. I have never seen a racing series, where one of the races is a race track littered with garbage, cans, cones, all sorts of crap, and the object was to drive through it all as fast as you can. Again. This is a "Motorsports" game. Not need for speed. Such an event may be a fun event to play around in. But why does almost every racing series have such an event.
4) Glitches. Has this game even been beta tested? Every single time I race the stupid Speed through London on the TG Test Track, my sound freezes. I have to constantly pause and unpause the game to unfreeze the sound. Car coming to a dead stop if I put a quarter inch of a tire on a sand dune you're not supposed to cut. Static noise if the game is played for too long(Need to restart the xbox fully to get rid of this)
5) The menu: The menu in this game is trash. Although aesthetically pleasing, it is difficult to navigate and find options.
6) Trophy System: 3rd place is gold now? What is this? Elementary school where everyone needs a pat on the back for a job well done? No. 1st is gold, Second is Silver, Third is Bronze. Frankly, I think this is last minute adjustment because they realized how borderline impossible it is to get from 14th to 1st in 2 laps while dodging what seems like 12 year olds that sideswipe you to get their way. That sentence actually sums up every race in this game very well.
7) Cars: Now I don't hate the cars. DLCs have been there for a while and the game does include a decent handful. But tuning them has become, odd. I can't quite put my finger on it, but somethings just not right. Also, browsing for cars is horrible. Also, gaining Manufacture Exp doesnt warrant free parts anymore.
8) Money: You can make a descent amount of money, but the process is slow and unimaginative. No surprises. You don't get cars for winning series. You get small amounts for races, even the hard ones, a little more for completing the series, and then 35,000 for every level you go up. It's linear, It's boring,
9)The series are unimaginative. More or less there are some combination of: Pick an A Class Car, Restart race 15 times because you keep getting sideswiped by 12 year olds, or if you're on the highest setting, the 2 laps allotted isn't enough time to go from the back to at least 3rd. Repeat this on some combination of Road America, Road Atlanta, Nurburgring Grand Prix, Abu Dhabi, STUPID TG London Challenge, Silverstone, Some kind of road fictional road course and 3 more random challenges. Next series. Same exact thing, but this time in a different car. And there aren't that many series in the game.
The Good:
It looks GORGEOUS. It still puts a smile on my face to turn up the volume(When there's no static of course), take a beautiful sounding car, and just go all out on Nordschleife.
That's it.
To me it seems like the end of a great series. They took something wonderful and unique that had a niche market, and tried to expand it to the open market. Took out a great deal of great features. Destroyed the realism, the challenge, and the "Motorsports" aspect of the game. Forza has basically become Need for Speed, which I thought was the point of Forza Horizon? Two games, two different target audiences? Apparently not. Unless I hear Forza 6 has returned to its roots and more, I will not be buying it. This series has lost it. For 13 bucks, it's worth buying just to go screaming through Nordschleife once in a while. But if you want a true Motorsports game. Look elsewhere. The Forza we all knew and loved is dead.
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on August 12, 2014
If your'e familiar with Madden you'll remember how each year they do one big change to the game. "Year of the defense", "Year of the Quarterback", etc. Forza does that too. Forza 5 is "Year of the DLC".

I'm the type of gamer who only really plays two or three games. Forza has ALWAYS been one of the games I play. Since Forza 1 came out I have played Forza religiously and up until now I think it had a great value. This year has been a major disappoint. You can really tell they want you to buy DLC and that takes away from the fun. I know they don't care if I enjoy it as long as they get their money but at least try to disguise that.

One of my favorite things about Forza is seeing a sporty car on my drive home and wondering how it stacks up against the competition. So I'd often get home, buy the car (or the Forza equivalent) and throw a bunch of parts on it to see how I like it. Occasionally I'll find one that I really enjoy and I'll actually have more respect for the car itself. If I don't like it, no big deal, I'll just sell it and wait to see one on my commute the next day. Well that's come to an end. No more selling cars or parts. But don't worry, you can always buy Forza tokens with your cash! Funny how that works, it's almost like they want your money!

I don't see why they would possibly remove this very basic feature. Who said "You know what would make this game better?!? If you could remove cars and not get any money!"

The greed is just pouring out through the screen, it's disgusting. I don't care if you try to make money but there are better ways. The reviews speak for themselves. Sure, people are going to stop buying future Forza's but at least they made a few pennies now, that's what counts, right?
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on January 7, 2014
April 29, 2014. It seems that Turn 10 is finally listening. Still not perfect and lacks options found in previous versions, such as gifting cars, marketplace, etc. This is great news. I'm glad I didn't spend too many credits and now got all of the cars from previous packs. IMHO this is how the Car Pass should have worked from the start. With this change I do have some duplicate cars and 3 LaFerraris. Hopefully the gift option and/or marketplace will be added soon.

From Turn 10's Dan Greenawalt: "With our most recent content update for Forza 5, I'm excited to say we've made some fundamental improvements to the Forza 5 experience for our fans. As of today, players who have purchased DLC cars in Forza Motorsport 5 can add those cars to their Forza 5 garage immediately, at no additional in-game cost. And, moving forward, when you buy a Car Pass, a DLC car pack, or a single DLC car, you will be granted the one-time free addition of each car to your Forza 5 garage, without needing to purchase them with in-game credits or tokens. This goes for all current Forza Motorsport 5 DLC (including cars in previous DLC car packs) and it will be the case for all future Forza 5 DLC car packs. In addition, as requested by our fans, this most recent content update makes all of the initial 200 cars that launched with Forza 5 available as rental cars."

Players can now also rent any of the initial 200 cars included in the game. More stuff coming in a week or so, so I changed my rating from 3 to 4 stars.
Original review:
I'll start by saying that this is the XBOX One game I use the most. That's not saying much given the lack of games available at the moment.
I do enjoy playing Forza 5, the graphics and sounds are great, and the feel is better than that of Forza 4 (XBOX 360).
The in-game economy is a mess. Turn 10 support was non-existent for me. Racing the same tracks over and over can get boring, especially considering the number of tracks in Forza 4, not to mention the number of cars.

Be careful with your purchases. I bought the Car Pass (six car packs for a discounted price). In Forza 5, buying a car pack means that the cars are unlocked and available for purchase in the game, it does not mean that you get the cars in your garage. In addition to buying the pack, you have to spend credits or tokens to actually "own" the cars.

I write this brief review after Turn 10 have already adjusted the messed up in-game economy, and after the January Car Pack became available. As much as I enjoy the game, I echo the sentiments of many in the Forza forums. Forza 5 is a bit disappointing (so far) and Turn 10 seems to be quite greedy.

Hopefully the game will improve. I would like to be able to sell or gift some of my cars. It makes no sense to have 2 LaFerraris and 2 Lotus E21s. Did I mention the game was buggy? A friend and I were unable to play online after numerous attempts. We gave up. I may try it again in the near future and hopefully it will work now.

My advise is to wait until the game is $30, and also when the VIP and/or Season Pass are discounted. So far the expense has not been worth it IMHO. Perhaps new packs, tracks and further adjustments will make Forza 5 the great game many of us were expecting. As it is, it's a fun game that's overpriced and lacks variety.
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on May 18, 2014
The driving mechanics are the most solid out of the series, and the visuals of the cars and environments look fantastic. Also the new tracks are awesome, and the addition of the rumble triggers and drivatars should become standard in racing games. Drivatars not only let you race against friends without them actually playing but drivers all drive different and do not just follow a line. But... alot of awesome stuff from 4 is missing making it feel rushed.

Clubs were awesome because my friends that do not play the game regularly had a garage of cars to choose from and I have a friend who tunes cars that I liked to use, but they are absent from F5. The content is not lacking for a racing game but it is lacking as a Forza game. IMO there is no excuse to have less content, especially fan favorite tracks like Nurburgring. Also for some reason the storefront is gone which IMO stinks and due to this it feels like there are less paint jobs to choose from. Also would it kill Turn 10 to make a DLC bundle or something that does not want to eat my wallet.

Pros: amazing gameplay, visuals, lacks content, drivatars and rumble triggers are a game changer,
Cons:Feels rushed by lacking key features and content from F4, DLC is pricey, no Porshe again

I think this game will lead up to the best Forza yet, hopefully they are not rushed and remove more content. If they are nor I expect Forza 6 to be amazing
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on May 27, 2014
The graphics and textures in this game are beautiful! This game really shows how well the graphics on the Xbox One can be and this is a console release day game, the graphics will only get better from here!!
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on October 8, 2014
Ever wish you could just buy all the cars you like with real money, then have no reason to play the game?
Ever wish annoying kids who smash into everything online could follow you into single player mode?
If not, you probably wont like Forza 5.

Forza 4 converted me from being a long time Grand Turismo fan.
Forza 5 a massive step backwards, I've never felt so cheated by a game developer.
In 4 car selection was MUCH better, pretty much every cool car I've ever owned or dreamed of owning was there and they looked better and sounded MUCH better than it did in the GT series. I'd play constantly just to grow my collection. Even better, Forza had so many aftermarket body kits, wheels, amazing selection of paints, and incredible player-made race liveries. I could make ever car exactly the way I wanted it. They even managed to get Porsche in the game which I purchased.
F4 also had a great selection of specialized races for all those cars.

Rivals mode was spectacular and paid off well if you put the effort in. The perfect driving mode for people with busy lives who still want real competition against real people.
I also spent countless hours making high-end tunes for sale and selling and buying in the auction house.

Sure Forza was still missing a few important features that GT had; Rally, Weather, Night, but that could wait for Forza 5...

Instead of adding a one or two of these important missing features and expanding the car and track selection; Forza 5 hit the DELETE key on that amazing selection of automotive greatness and removed many great tracks (Seriously, a racing game without "Green Hell" is pathetic).
Rivals mode has tiny little payouts; no auction house, no Porsche, no car clubs, poor selection of paints, missing parts, annoyingly poor menu navigation with many features buried. So instead of growing the franchise; they deleted most of what they had going for them.
And what does the player get in return for their $60 "upgrade"? A small increase in graphic quality, "drivatars" that pileup in a massive crash on turn 1, and load times almost as long as the race itself. Even post-race they make you look at your car that the drivatars have smashed up for 40 seconds before moving on.
Pretty much all this game has in the PRO column is 60FPS gameplay (which does look cool) and Forzavista mode on every car (where you can look at them in detail). I really enjoy Forzavista, but even that they managed to screw up by making many of the hoods unable to open.

To add insult to injury, they know they didn't make much content so to keep you grinding on the same few tracks and cars, payouts are super small. They then create a solution to this problem they caused by charging you real money to speed up the process.

I didn't mind the car packs in Forza 4; they were a great addition to a great game.
This time around I refuse to spend a dollar until they make a game at least as good as Forza 4.
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