Customer Reviews: Foscam FI8910W Pan & Tilt IP/Network Camera with Two-Way Audio and Night Vision (White)
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on June 30, 2014
I bought this camera last year. I am a novice at computer stuff. I struggled for about 2 weeks to get it to work. I was under the impression that since I bought it on Amazon and not directly from Foscam that I have to pay for technical service. I chose to attempt it myself. Im pretty sure I got it to work by luck. Once I got it to work, its a GREAT camera. I used the app to log in remotely, but that too was extremely difficult for me. Again, luck and help from the NO-IP representative got me thru that. The pan tilt and zoom is crystal clear. The alarms work perfectly. I use it to keep an eye on my dogs. The only down side to this camera, with no fault of the camera is the set up. Although Foscam has detailed videos and good instructions, I found it to be extremely difficult. Even after watching the videos multiple times, I still have no idea what an IP or a DDNS is.
I recently had to change my router, so I am without the camera working and I am probably going to hire someone because I can't figure it out.
Its a great camera. If I can hire someone that can re-install the camera on my new router, I will probably get a few more because they are great cameras.
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on July 2, 2015
I wanted a cheap camera I could use in the garage for an extra set of eyes. I want to someday get one of the devices to open/close my garage door via my smart phone, but I'm too OCD and would want to see with my own eyes that the garage door was closed if I ever used one of these devices. I didn't want to pay a couple hundred for a camera that would be in the garage so I got this one.

The camera is great! The pan/tilt is amazing and I can see everything. I'm taking off a star because the audio is a little weak. The picture is not super clear but you should already know that from the specs.

I'm not taking off stars for setting it up, but this is amazingly hard. Like WOW, hard. You should probably be a Rocket Scientist if you want to do it on your own. Wow wow wow! I let my pride waste over 10 hours of my life trying to set it up on my own. I could not get the port forwarding to work so I could only see it at home. I watched several youtube videos and read forums and blah blah blah. I even watched some kids video on youtube about my router, I was determined to set this up myself. Wow, impossible. Finally called for help and the tech help was great. Walter? (I'm bad at remembering names) was able to fix it very quickly and now all is good. I'm not ashamed to say I needed Tech help because OMG this is super hard and impossible to do on your own.

My problem with port forwarding was this: I have a Netgear router and I set up everything like they tell you on the forums and FAQ, etc. I checked my ports via port checking websites and they all said my port was not open. What I didn't think about was I have cable internet and my modem has a built in router that I have never used. You can work with your router all day long but it won't work if you don't also change settings in your cable/dsl/etc modem! I wish I had read that somewhere!!

If you want a basic quality camera for watching your baby or an area of your home, this should be good. Just go straight to Tech to set it up and save yourself time. If you want high quality, DETAIL, clear images then go with Nest Cam/Drop Cam, Canary. You pay more for the detailed image and unbelievably easy setup.

Oh, and I had to also watch videos and read forums for setting up motion notifications and email. I hope if you are reading this you get the picture that this camera is a lot of work to get working but is good for basic viewing once set up.
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on March 1, 2012
I purchased the FI8910W (in black) and have had it setup indoor for about a week:

Device ID 000DC5D65545
Device Firmware Version
Device Embeded Web UI Version


* Pan/Tilt (my first PT cam), adjustable speed, quiet
* Built-in web server (convenient, but not the greatest UI)
* Small and unobtrusive design
* Two-way audio (with built-in mic and speaker)
* Night-vision with decent IR LEDs and IR-cut filter (for daytime)
* Price ($95 with discount code "WIFI1001")
* Infinite focus
* Decent low-light performance
* Good color saturation


* 640x480 max resolution (maxing out at about 6fps)
* MJPEG video only (not H.264), which is likely limiting the potential frame-rate (fps) over WiFi
* Lack of anti-aliasing
* No PoE support
* Serious background noise in audio input (microphone)
* Bad/scratchy audio output (speaker)
* Two-way audio (talk-back) does not work reliably over the Internet at all
* Will toggle IR LEDs/Cut-Filter on/off frequently when ambient lighting changes rapidly

You can see a sample picture from this camera (and side-by-side comparison with some other cameras) at [...]

I'm using Blue Iris Web/Security Camera Software with a variety of different camera types and brands and very happy with it (the software, not included with this camera).

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on March 23, 2012
The camera works flawlessly, the picture is crystal clear, the night vision awesome.
Setting it up attached to a cable is straightforward. Make it wireless and accessable from outside your network, much more difficult.
The IP Camera Tool didn't work, but the workaround is simple once you know.
Just type the camera IP address into your URL search ( and the Monitoring System should come right up.
You will need to be able to get into your router. Again, typing this address into your URL search and it should come right up:
In your router, (I'll use CISCO as an example) you will need to go to the Wireless tab, Basic Wireless Settings, and check Manual and Enable SSID Broadcast. Wireless Security tab should be WPA2 Personal and your passphrase (password) must match the password in the camera.
In the Administrator tab of the Real-Time IP Camera Monitoring System you need to go to Basic Network Settings and manually type in the IP Address of the camera, and the following numbers: Subnet Mast Gateway DNS Server Http Port 80 Network Lamp (checked). How to get the IP Address of the camera? Here it is: Then Wireless LAN Settings and click the scan button and then pick your router from the list. The SSID must match your router SSID, the Encryption is WPA2 Personal (AES) and the share key is the same as the passphrase or password of the router (above). Now, the last thing will to be set up Port Forwarding to see your wireless camera from some net connection outside of your own router. To do this you go back into the router and find Single Port Forwarding. In Cisco its under Gaming. There you assign an application name, like My Cam, type 80 for the External and Internal Port, and in that line's IP Address add 144 so it reads and Enable it by checking a box.
All this done, unplug the camera from the router and in your URL search type the camera's IP address and it should work: Outside of your network you can see it by typing your IP Address (you can get it from your router (or Google What Is My ISP) then add a colon and your port number which we above gave as 80. So it could be:
What is important is that the places in your router and in the camera Administration list I've mentioned all need to be addressed and most of the numbers and i.d.s must match across the router and the camera.
Its a great camera. Good luck, and if need be just call FOSCAM. There phone number is: 800-930-0949.
Hey, what do you think? This was helpful???
(Purchased at Amazon)
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on December 9, 2015
I've had mine for 2½ years and it's still going strong. The software is pathetic, but useable (e.g. no text alerts, only email; no video, only snapshots; lots of false motion alerts due to changing light conditions). The audio is pathetic (forget entirely about audio if you're using Macs or iPhones), but the hardware is adequate and durable, in my experience with my one unit. Configuring the device wasn't to difficult for me, but then I've been in the tech world since the 1970s. Hardest part is making the device visible when away from home (over the internet), but it's primarily an issue of opening the right ports on your home router.
I'm thinking of adding a second unit. - May have more remarks when/if I do.
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on September 25, 2012
Got this as a baby monitor, wifi set up was a minor pain, you will need to assign a static ip address on your router for the camera which is not explained in the included instructions. After that it works well. Image is clear, even night vision.

Be aware that the IR led's emit a red light while in use, no big deal for this use (infant monitor) but keep that in mind.
There are several apps both android and iOS that tie into this unit, I can move the camera, change modes all remotely from my phone and iPad

The only thing I would change would be to include a proper set of instructions, If you don't know much about messing around in your router settings you are going to have a long night getting this working properly.
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on September 16, 2012
This is a good camera if you just need minimal functionality. If you need a high definition picture or optical zoom, look elsewhere. But you do get some good basics -- pan and tilt, night vision, and secured wireless. I found it pretty simple to set up but then again, I'm a "computer person." Just specify the port you want it to use and open that port up on your router's firewall.

I took away one star because of the software that comes with it. You will have no need for the software if you just want to periodically access the feed from a web browser. But you need software for alerts, motion detection, and recording. And the packaged software is so difficult to use. It can only record to local hard drives (no external drives, SD cards, or network drives). You can only view the videos in the software. Media players will not play them back. You can't set up any automatic recording deletion (like delete after two weeks). You can't set up any continuous recording -- only motion based ones. And the user interface is just confusing and not very friendly. You will probably want to go out and download 3rd-party software. There are plenty of paid and free alternatives (I use the open-source "iSpy" application).
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on April 20, 2012
This device is distributed by Foscam Digital Technologies LLC (...). They are a "company" in the sense that they have a website and they sell these cameras. Aside from that, I don't think they are a real company as they provide laughably horrible support and in regards to this camera, it has a design defect that Foscam knows about but will not fix nor will they correct the misinformation in their marketing materials.

This device is marketed has having both 2-way audio and wireless, but these 2 functions do not work together. You can not use 2-way audio when the device is setup to work wirelessly.

Note that some users have said that they can get the audio to be "not horrible" by removing the antenna (Foscam will tell you to do this as well), but this doesn't fix the issue and it severely limits the range of the wireless functionality. This is not a fix. doesn't answer their phone. They don't return messages. And they will stop returning emails once they know you have this issue.

Also be aware that the internals of this device can be found in many other cameras. You will be better served buying a non-Foscam device.
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on June 1, 2012
Do not buy this Foscam camera if you are interested in the two way audio. There are other vendors with less expensive products if you don't need the two way audio and the two way audio on the Foscam is horrible (actually doesn't work). The microphone on the Foscam works, but there is a lot of static when you use the camera wirelessly. The speaker in the camera is totally unworkable for me so far and I work with computer technology for a living. To make matters worse, their technical support is horrendous. I work in technical support myself, so I sent them a very detailed email outlining the audio problems I was encountering and everything I had tried to remedy the problem. I got back a three line email suggesting obvious things that had they read my email they would've known weren't applicable or I had already tried them. Moreover in their reply, they told me that there was no problem with my camera and it must be something else. How the lazy support technician could unilaterally decide that my camera wasn't possibly broken, was an amazing display of ignorance on their part. Although it is possible that the unit I got is defective, I now am more convinced that it is a flawed product design. I determined that by digging on the internet and found out that these audio problems have been discussed many times, including in Foscam's own technical forum's yet the Foscam technical support people claimed ignorance that the problems even exist. I've since seen posts going back over more than a year talking about these problems in various Foscam models. So I have the camera up and running and as far as a the video goes it works fine, but I've had to accept the fact that there will be no two way audio. Being in the computer industry myself, I know technology like this can have its quirks and require some work to run smoothly. So the fact that the audio didn't work out of the box as advertised didn't bother me nearly as much as the crappy support from the company did. Moreover, from what I read on Foscam's own technical forum, it appears as though there is no solution for this problem. So now I must buy another camera for the two way audio application I needed and it WON'T be a Foscam.
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on November 25, 2012
I bought this to keep an eye on my two new kittens while I am away from home.
It was very easy to install on our home network; my son had it up and running in less than an hour.
Getting the remote access wireless to work was another story.
My son gave up and gave the task to my husband.
My husband finally succeeded after much research.
Apparently we have a Verizon router with some firewall issue...
If you use Verizon, I recommend you Google "Foscam Verizon router setup".
Picture quality is very good; night infrared vision is impressive; price of unit is great.
Recommended if you know a nerd who can set up the remote wireless for you.
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