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on July 25, 2012
I dont know why there are so many negative reviews on these cameras on Amazon. I know that the company selling these is spamming the reviews but, as you can see, my purchase is verified.

I had used a Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Color Video Monitor for quite some time and went through 3 cameras and two handsets. I finally gave up and bought these two cameras. If you are using these as baby monitors I would suggest the black version as the white ones have an LED inside of them that lights up pretty bright and can be seen through the white plastic. Here is how I set them up:

First I plugged them into power and an ethernet port on my router.

Then I logged into my router and saw what IP address they were assigned.

I then typed the IP address into firefox (or pale moon for 64bit).

I logged into the camer using admin and no password (on firefox and chrome you must use second login button).

I then went straight to the devide settings and wireless.

I checked wireless check box and clicked scan.

I chose my network out of box and typed in my password.

I clicked submit and when the camera started to reboot and the network lights came on I unplugged the network cable.

I then logged back into the router (actually I still had the page up) and got the new wireless IP address.

I logged back into camera and changed password and port to 8090 (8091 on second camera).

Repeated all steps for second camera.

Setup tinyCam Monitor PRO on my 10 inch android tablet and added camera info for both cameras.

All of this took maybe 20 minutes including putting cameras in my childrens rooms.

Overall theses cameras have superb pictures compared to any other baby monitor I have seen. For $189 total, including tinycam pro, I have the sweetest baby monitor setup. If oyu follow the setup instructions I gave here you should be able to get this up and running no problem. Also, buy these from either foscam on amazon or from observeye. If oyu buy them elsewhere you will not get the two year warranty.

UPDATE: 11/5/2012
These cameras still work perfect. They restart every once in a while but always return the position that I set as home. I now use tinyCam PRO on both of our cellphones and on the tablet. Definitely worth the purchase.

UPDATE: 12/21/2012

The world did not end today!!! Also the cameras are still going strong. They restart a lot less now for some reason. There have not been any changes to our network but tinyCam Monitor PRO has been updated a few times through the Play Store.

UPDATE 02/14/2013

I had to buy a new wireless router for our house because the old one died. I think that the camera restarting issue was caused by slow network speed on my old router becuase they have not restarted in the last week that I have had the new router. I added entries for the wireless cameras into the new router to assign static ip addresses to them and I used port forwarding to forward port 8090 to the one camera and 8091 to the other camera. I used a DynDns account to keep a hostname associated to my dynamic ip and can now access the cameras from anywhere using the hostname and port number. The router I got was a WNDR3400 V2, I highly recommend this router as it is fast!

UPDATE 01/22/2015

These cameras are still running strong and I am now using them with a Verizon Fios Router. I will be installing these via ethernet cable in my new house and expect that they wil become even more stable. We did have some friends that purchased them recently and said that the range in their house was not all that great. I still get excellent range from mine (now installed on the second floor with router on first floor and plenty of walls in between). As a bonus, the tinyCam Monitor PRO app continues to bne updated and I feel that purchase was a good one. If anyone needs help with the install please feel free to contact me or comment here.
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on April 4, 2012
Received the cameras 2 days after order was placed. I followed the instructions on Foscam website and had all installations completed within 1. Both viewing it on my home network and over the internet.

Videos are clear! Controlling the camera remotely is awesome and works flawlessly so far. The ability to hear sound and also send audio is terrific. I bought it to use my baby monitor and it seems to be excellent. Of cause it is less than 24 hours that I have had them but I don't see it going bad. I am still playing with the motion detector because I set the sensitivity at 10, and it captured so many videos. I will play with that later.

If anything goes wrong, I will make an update to the review. I plan to get 2 more, but for outdoors.
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on April 29, 2012
The Foscam F18910W is an very good IP camera at a good price. Once setup and functioning, it is easy to operate and very effectively allows me to monitor my home while traveling. However, unless you're knowledgeable about IP's, how to establish a website, proxies, etc. you will need to allow a substantial amount of time to educate yourself or find a friend with the necessary understanding and get them to help you set it up. There was effectively no technical support available to me from Foscam despite my various efforts. First thing you're told in a recorded message when you call them is that if you purchased the camera from Amazon or another retailer rather than directly from them, they will not help you unless you pay them and let them remotely control your computer. They did indicate that you could email a specific question to them for assistance, and I did try that but never heard back from them. Then after trying to follow the somewhat incomplete instructions that came with the camera, I decided I would pay their fee, but was never able to reach a human in order to do that. Ultimately, I got help from a friend's son who does this sort of work for a living and who guided me through the rest of the setup process.
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on May 20, 2012
I normally don't write reviews since most of the time the information has already been covered by others. This time it is different. I gave the system a 3 star rating. The cameras themselves, based on price and performance actually earned 5 stars. The accompanying Foscam software earned 1 star (since 0 stars is not an option) so 3 stars is what I awarded. The Foscam software is garbage. Save yourself a lot of time and effort and use it to initially get the cameras working on your LAN and then forget about it. Purchase Blue Iris and use it. It is awesome, easy to use, intuitive and reliable. It is everything the Foscam software is not.
Foscam's Tech. Support is slow and their forums are full of issues, some quite old for the computer age, which are still causing user problems. I did get a response after a couple of days. All they did was ask for a screen shot of my issue with getting the email to work. I configured it exactly the way it was shown in the online guide. I even got an account at the same service as they supposedly use. It didn't work! It appears that the examples on their website are untested. It never did work but with Blue Iris, I got email working in less than 2 minutes after wasting a good part of a day with the Foscam software.
There were a lot of errors when try to configure things using Internet Explorer that were remedied by using Firefox. They admit right up front that Internet Explorer is the only browser that will support multiple cameras. I think it is the only one they could configure. Firefox and Google Chrome should be able to do it, too. By the way their multiple cameras set up didn't work for me either. On the camera remote login they don't even know how to sense what browser you are using. It has two login buttons, one for IE and one for the others. That is absurd. It is obvious that their software is not ready for prime time. In summary good cams, bad software, get good software and things will work fine. At least they did for me.
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on April 20, 2012
I placed my order on Saturday and it was on my doorstep Monday afternoon. It took me about 2 hours to figure out the installation. I'm not a computer expert. But I can read instructions. Have your router user manual handy and refer to website for additional setup instructions. It's all there. You just need to poke around for the answers.

If you're planning on mounting the camera on a ceiling or high up on a wall...keep in mind the camera requires power...therefore you'll need a wall outlet near your mounting point. The camera does not run on batteries.

I also downloaded the $4.99 Foscam Pro Surveillance app for my iPhone...great app!! Takes about 2 minutes to set it up.

All in all, I'm very pleased with my purchase and would certainly recommend it.
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on April 16, 2013
Item arrived, appeared to be as described. Repeated efforts at making wireless connection were unsuccessful. This after spending time reviewing documentation in box, as well as at Foscam's website, including YouTube tutorials. Calls to company for technical support were so bad as to be laughable.

Two (yes, not one, two) representatives (neither of whom spoke passable English) hung up on me once I made clear I was having a problem establishing a wireless connection in a Mac environment. I placed a third call, asking immediately (wait for it - after the 15 minute wait for someone to come on the line) to speak with a supervisor. I was again placed on hold, and then informed the supervisor had "other" things to do and would not have time to speak with me.

I asked for an RMA, noting that if customer service supervisors did not find me, a customer, a priority, then I had no further need of them. I was then told that although the company uses Amazon as their seller, the company had no real relationship with Amazon and hence could not help me with an RMA. So I will asking Amazon for an RMA and simply avoid this company henceforth.

A further note: my efforts at effecting a wireless installation on a Mac revealed a multitude of complaints and vast confusion among fellow purchasers/ users as to how to achieve this. Caveat emptor.
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on May 2, 2014
I purchased 8 of these to monitor/record my home. My elderly father lives with me and I need to keep an eye on him. Shipping was fast. Boxes were in perfect shape. These cameras are unnecessarily large. The circuit board is housed in the base that seems like it can be half the size. The mounts are made from plastic and have to be large to accommodate the large camera. The construction is all plastic. Now to the set up... The power adapters are only 6ft long, so be prepared to run extension cords or buy the extension cables. If you are installing more than one of these, it is best you configure them before installing them. One by one, I connected each to my network via Ethernet and made all the configurations via web console. You will create a user account, name the camera and set up a ton of other stuff like email notifications, brightness etc. You will join them to your wifi via the web console as well. There are 2 separate firmware updates that need to be done, one for the camera itself, the other for the web console. The cameras will reboot after each update. When they connect to your network, you have to use this really silly IP Camera utility to see their IP's and MAC address. The tool constantly refreshes and rearranges the list of cameras. This was frustrating for setting up 8. There is a way to configure up to 9 cameras at a time, but I saw that later. You will need to be familiar with your router and setting up port forwarding if you want to see the video over the internet. I also recommend creating DHCP reservations for each camera, that way if the camera is rebooted it will come back online using the same IP. I purchased the Blue Iris software which basically turns your pc into a web server. If you are installing more than one of these I highly recommend the Blue Iris software, since you only need to set up port forwarding once for the software only. My gripe with these cameras is that they constantly drop signal. They will drop signal and randomly come back online. I even replaced my wireless router with an ASUS RT-AC66U which was a major upgrade in signals for all my other wifi devices. I just purchased the 9dbi foscam antennas to replace the current ones, hopefully that works. The other gripe is that the IR is really loud, it makes a loud click when it switches back and forth between normal and IR. These are one of those products that you just don't know how it will turn out until you actually complete the entire install, and at that point you have invested so much time...
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on September 15, 2014
Husband here. ;)

I'm a very seasoned computer and network tech. These things are great, but man if I didn't know what I was doing I would be lost. Let me explain some things I learned to make your life TONS easier.

1. Only way to REALLY set this up is via router. Plug it into a router then connect to that router. I tried doing static IP locally connected to my computer, doesn't work all that well. What a pain.
2. Default IP is, subnet, so chances are you're at subnet so you'll get a subnet mismatch and never be able to connect. Again. Another pain.
3. Never EVER believe the DHCP setting will work. It doesn't, at all. You have to set a static IP for these babies. Plain and simple.
4. Even if you set the wifi, you MUST disconnect the NIC as you're booting or it will NEVER go to Wifi. Not very well explained, but is in an obscure location.
5. Enable UPnP if you hope to access it remotely at all, unless you do your own port forwarding. I ended up enabling that, doing port forwarding, and setting the Port for each camera to be sure. Now it works perfectly.
6. The email alert system is horrid. What were they thinking? I was hoping to just email alerts to my text message email, but no go. They're blocked because it sends 6 screenshots with it and you can't modify the output. Boo.

Don't use the suggested software for your iPhone. Instead get LiveCams Pro. It's fantastic AND cheaper.

Lastly, one of my models was working perfectly and then the power adapter just blew out! The only way I found this out was switching the adapters. So be aware of that. My light still comes on, but the devices won't boot because of the adapter.

Other than that, it's really awesome. And you can even livestream from a website. Well worth the money, they just need a UI designer BAD.
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on June 7, 2012
I purchased the two pack and they arrived in 5 days with standard shipping. The packaging was very good and the cameras arrived without any damage. I unpacked one camera hooked it to may Macintosh network via ethernet cable and set it up according to the directions. While wired the camera worked perfectly. It is controlled via a web browser, in my case Safari and Firefox. Great color and resolution. Tilt and pan. Turn on and off the IR function.
Problem began with setting up the wireless functions. Before you start you should get the following info about your network: Network name (SSID) , the type of Encryption your network uses and the Share Key (Network Password). A program included on the CD is used to identify the cameras IP address. This does not work instantly and you may have to wait or rescan it a few times before the IP address comes up. Be patient. The problem I had was selecting the correct encryption from the dropbdown menu. When one selection didn't work I tried the next until I found one that worked. Once I got the setting correct it work flawlessly.
I was going to use the camera in a barn, about 70 feet away from the house, to keep an eye on the animals but the cameras range was too small. I solved this by putting an Airport Express (802.11n) in the barn to extend the wireless network. If you can string an ethernet cable to the remote location, you can dispense with the wireless problems and the camera will respond faster. I may do this in the future. 150 Ft of CAT6 outdoor/direct burial patch cord is only around $60, CAT5 about half as much.
The camera has been up and running for 4 days now with no problems. At night, you can use the IR function to see.
Next I will try to set up remote access.
Overall I'm pleased with the product. I'm no IT expert and with a little patience anyone can figure out how to get it up and running
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on July 23, 2012
I'm extremely impressed with the quality of these cameras not to mention the interface. Takes a bit to set them up, which includes IP addresses, some port forwarding in your router depending on how strict your firewall is, and other basic settings. Once you're past all that, you'll keep opening your browser or mobile app just to see how awesome and easy it is. Personally I use one as a baby monitor for our baby boy and the other as a video monitor for my electronics room.

What I love about the Foscam F18910W:

- two way audio
- crisp video quality
- ability to turn the camera in almost all directions using a "joystick" on the browser and mobile app
- very good range
- infrared is very clear and very little noise compared to other IP cameras

Note: If you buy these and plan to use them with an iPad or iPhone, I highly recommend purchasing the Foscam Pro app. It costs $5.99 but is worth every single penny. Very user friendly, supports up to 16 of these cameras. I've purchased others and the one that I believe is the best is Foscam Pro. It'll work with other brands as well as per my tests.
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