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on November 25, 2011
Foundations of GMAT Math is the second edition of the book dedicated to a review of basic math principles. If you picked a GMAT Math book and having a hard time with it, this book is for you. Prepare to see pie charts explaining factions, multiplications table, explanations of what a multiple or prime is and how to factor numbers. If you have not faced math (or were afraid to) in the past 5 years, this book is for you. Here are some important facts:

- Very thorough
- Fixed all(?) of the previous typos
- Significantly reworked and improved the sequence of topics (now arithmetic is before word problems)
- Added Arithmetic (2nd edition only)
- Great coverage of coordinate geometry
- Helpful and valuable divisibility and exponents section
- TONS of bonus questions online (500+ of GMAT-format questions)
- Have not verified every question, but hoping for quality better than the first edition (had many mistakes)

- The book has 500 practice questions but they are not in a GMAT format, rather a math-textbook format
- Massive! Massive (see my images I uploaded comparing it to the previous edition) 500 full-size pages - I think the expectation is that you skip parts that you know
- Some shortcuts (such as diamond method of solving quadratic equations) are confusing to those educated in formal math (but then those probably won't be using this book)
- Easy (i know it is supposed to be), but still - only easy questions

Bottom line: if you are comfortable with other MGMAT books, this book is probably not for you. If you are uneasy about math, give this book a try - you don't regret it. It is fantastic value for the 800 questions it offers. Would also recommend you pick up Number Properties and Word Translations by Manhattan GMAT. If you have purchased a full Manhattan GMAT set of books and hesitating between this book and Kaplan's version, definitely get this one - it integrates better.

For reference, here are the topics covered by the book:
1. Arithmetic (new)
2. Divisibility (very helpful!)
3. Exponents and roots - helpful as well
4. Fractions
5. Fractions, decimals, and percents
6. Equations
7. Quadratic Equations
8. Beyond equations
9. Word Problems
10. Geometry (very extensive section)

BB, GMAT 750
Founder of GMAT Club
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on April 21, 2012
I have been out of school for ten years and it feels like I have forgotten every single thing I learned in my math classes. I bought the OG Quant Review and became completely disheartened upon reviewing it. I tried the GMAT for Dummies, but I'm embarassed to say I found that a little overwhelming, too. (I feel like I need to point out my under-grad GPA was 3.8, so I'm far from being a dummy, but that is how I felt after not using math for ten years.) I then bought the Manhattan GMAT Foundations of Math and I am very pleased with it so far. The author says it's a comprehensive guide to help us remember all the things we once knew, but have since forgotten. This is EXACTLY what I needed. This book reviews the basics. It is not an in-depth study guide. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has been out of school for a number of years and feels overwhelmed at the thought of the quant section of the GMAT.
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on April 5, 2014
While it was a decent review of the basics, and it reminded me of a couple of things I forgot I had forgotten- it's quite basic (I don't think this got far beyond Jr. high/very basic high school math)

The valuable thing about this book is that it tells you specifically what the gmat likes; how the gmat likes to manipulate numbers; and a few tricks they like to use, so it's good for insight into the test, it was a bit to basic for me to be happy with the purchase.
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on August 29, 2013
This book is excellent. I'd imagine that this book is equally good for getting basics for GRE and SAT, and other standardized test with Math. A friend and I completed this book in 10 days, 1 chapter a day, while working full time. Approximate hours to finish 30 hours. Completed every check your skills questions, and practice problem.

* thoroughness
* large # of questions
* excellent explanations
* Kindle version has better formatting than Digital Editions download from MGMAT website
* Ability to have two cloud Kindle viewers open and be able to check answers quickly
* exercises work well in drilling important concepts
* builds confidence (half the battle!)

* occasional errors in Kindle version, the digital editions PDF from MGMAT website had these correct when I compared with a friend (Wrong Answers in Kindle Version: Check Your Skills Q11, Chap 8; Q48, Chap 8)
* important information is nested in the answers to practice problems, thus, beware, do all your practice problems, or at least reads the explanations to them!

Overall excellent excellent book, definitely read it. I considered just jumping into the Complete Strategy Guide Set, but am IMMENSELY glad I did this book first.
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on May 1, 2013
This book is very user-friendly and explains things in terms that are easy to understand. It is almost so literal that you laugh because you think to yourself "I knew that!" It definitely helped me to focus on the areas that I was not as comfortable with and made it much easier to understand.
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on October 20, 2012
I did this entire book in about a week leading up to my GMAT prep course and I definitely felt more confident about my math skills as a result. However, it is definitely missing statistics, proportions, interest, and likely several more key content areas.

Overall, good for someone who hasn't thought about A = 1/2*b*h in a looooooong time.
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on December 25, 2013
It's been so long since I took high school math that I was really intimidated by the GMAT math difficulties. But this book made reviewing for the fundamentals fun and interesting. I actually look forward to studying the book for hours at a time and felt prepared when I finished the book. I would recommend this book to anyone who hated math/never had a good foundation in math. All explanation and comments in the book was well thought and enlightening. Through out my time studying the book, I found the authors very fun and humorous. I used to hate Math and thanks to this book, i love it now. :D

Will take the GMAT in 40 days... we shall see how prepared this book has made me...
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on March 3, 2016
It's pretty basic, but very useful for starters. I feel like there are not enough practice problems though. I do recommend this book for everyone who wants to refresh his/her math skills before getting serious with GMAT prep.
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on July 1, 2013
definitely not the book you need to score high on the quant. but if you are like me and need refreshing on the most basic concepts, then this book is ideal. use it as a refresher before using the more advanced Kaplan books.
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VINE VOICEon November 2, 2013
I guess I've been out of high school long enough that much of the subject matter didn't feel like reminders.This book teaches the basics so well you really need no formal training as a prerequisite. I'm studying to take the GMAT and math wasn't my strongest skill and now I'm much more confident now and I have about 2 months to get proficient. In summary, a useful and great book.
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