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on October 7, 2012
I love this genre of books and was eagerly awaiting the release of the this book; so much so that I decided to buy it the day it came out at B&N instead of per-ordering, even with overnight shipping I wanted it faster (its cheaper on Amazon BTW). I tore into it a read it one day and with every page that I turned I found myself saying this is going to get better, next page, next chapter, etc. Bad news? It didn't. Good news? It's a short book.

The writing style is disjointed and difficult to follow. Rawles jumps from character to character with no real pattern, he also jumps from 2 years before the crunch to 15 years before the crunch to 4 years after crunch and back and forth. I can't tell if this is a prequel or a sequel or a stand alone book. There are many of the same characters from Survivors and a couple of new ones. It is very obvious that Rawles is a religious person but the 10-15 pages that he explains the religious beliefs of one of main characters does NOTHING to move the story forward and in fact it slows it to a crawl and adds NOTHING to the story. If you are looking for survival ideas or tactics, keep looking... This book doesn't even have the same level of "product reviews" that Survivors had. There are no new tactics or ideas that he didn't all ready introduce in the last book. Religion is a constant and I do mean constant theme throughout the book and while I agree with him that in a survival situation that faith is important; I disagree with his unstated premise that only people that turn everything over to God and pray 60 times a day are going to survive and thrive post collapse.

The book has no major grammatical errors and in that respect is easy to read but the timelines that he uses is...well... in a word HORRIBLE! When he finally gets around to talking about how the PROGOV is overthrown (around page 250 or so), he absolutely blows through almost 4 years of conflict in less then 50 pages (of a ~320 page book). NO details, few "battle" scenes and all of sudden in one swoop it's over and we won and then BAMMMM we faster forward 178 years after the crunch to a world nearly 2 centuries in the future with a short description of how things changed and then mercifully its over.

Bottom line, this book is a weak attempt at post apocalypse/post collapse fiction, if you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to read it, save your money until it comes out in paperback or even better, the $1.99 Kindle release. It was a pretty quick read and I don't think it deserves only 1 star, but 2 stars for this book is an early Christmas present. Overall this stinker is not worth your hard earned money.
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on November 21, 2012
I was able to overlook the flaws in his first book, which has been described as a "survival manual disquised as fiction," because it was chock full of useful survival info and thought provoking scenarios. His second book survivors has far less in the way of usefull tips but is bearable as long as you skip the courtship chapter. I was really hoping Rawles would learn from the criticism of his second novel and become a better writer. Instead, he combined the worst aspects of his first two books without adding any of their redeeming qualities. Oh sure, there are a few things I learned from reading Founders, but they weren't worth suffering through the rest of the book for. Rawles has obviously let his commercial success go to his head because he felt free to fill this novel full of material that is totally unrelated to survival and, to be frank, quite nauseating. In particular, I'm talking about the tedious courtship backstories and constant religious preaching. To say his characters lack development is not going far enough. Every character in his writings is Rawles himself, with no voice of their own. Wether it is a middle aged black woman, a young asian soldier or a twenty-something white girl, each speaks with Rawles' same flat, rigid, technical tone. More often than not, their speech comes out as pronouncements of arcane technical knowledge or Rawles' idea of sage wisdom. Mr. Rawles will no doubt write this criticism off as anti-Christian hate as he did recently on his blog. I read his blog daily and appreciate all be has done to get me prepared, but I can't in good conscience reccomend anyone pay money for this pile of crap. Buy Patriots and How To Survive The End Of The World As We Know it.
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on October 13, 2012
I loved Patriots.

I was disappointed in Survivors.

Founders was both a waste of my money and my time.

I feel like I have been "had".

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on October 2, 2012
This is my very first book review. I wish it was for a better reason. I purchased this book on the day it came out having eagerly awaited it's arrival. I'm a big fan of the genre and Rawles was amoung my favorite of authors in this type of literature. I wish I could get my money back. I feel betrayed and let down on a massive scale.

I try to do the best I can in everything I do professionally. That doesn't mean I always succeed but it means I take pride in what I do and I do my very best. I wonder if Mr. Rawles has alot of pride in this book and if he honestly feels it represents his very best? If it does, he did not write Patriots.

This book is disjointed - it has no flow. It jumps around from timeline to timeline with no connectivity. The same can be said for the story threads - they don't tie together. More than half the book I've already read in previous books by the same author. That's not writting - that's called copying at best and lazyness at worst.

And as a conservative Christian I can and do say enough is enough. I already have my own Christian beliefs..I don't need to read ad naseum about the Christian beliefs of these fictional characters in a post apocolyptic setting. I read these types of books to both entertain and to learn - I'm sorry Mr. Rawles there is nothing y ou can teach me about Christianity that I cannot get from a much better book on that subject - stick to what you know and what is the purpose of this book, leave the theology to those that were truely divinely inspired (I can honestly stay after reading this book - you sir are not).

I have my own theories...that you do really believe the crunch is coming and soon to the point that you will sell your own reputation in order to obtain more dollars to prepary yourselves and your own family..I can't fault you with wanting to prepare (so do I) - but at the cost of your reputation and name?

I for one will never buy another Rawles book before first letting others do so and provide reviews. If you get back to the writing style you had with Patriots (and even Survivors was a good read to me) - fine, I'll be more than happy to buy from you again. But you fooled me once - that shame is on you. I won't let you have the opportunity to do so again.

Not happy with sucky book in Texas....EarlB
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on November 29, 2012
If you're interested in a great novel of the coming colapse, get Patriots, by the same author.

He wrote a very compelling first story, but then he added two more books to the series that run at the same time as the first. So it's a great idea conceptually, but the problem is that the characters stories are practically copy and pasted out of the first two novels.

If you liked his first book, buy this to support James Wesley Rawles like I did... however, don't expect it to be even close to the first book.
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on October 8, 2012
This book was slow to start and never attained any speed. I felt it used far too much material from the prior novels, there was little action, and parts of the book were, in my opinion, put there to add something to the novel and flesh it out, not to add anything of substance to the book. Rawles comments that negative reviews of parts of the book are somehow anti Christian??????? Not true in my case for sure. I don't feel this novel was anywhere near the quality of his other books, I plan on selling my copy, and I will be very careful about purchases in the future.

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on October 2, 2012
This was so poorly written I wanted to throw my kindle across the room. Especially after paying over $15 for this drivel.
You would think an author who can pen several hundred pages for 'Patriots' could write more about a couple walking across the country than, "Oh Shit, Who are you?" and being escorted through two small towns. Give me a break. This book was disjointed, erratic, preachy, dumbed-down and all together flawed. It has NO redeeming qualities in my view.

Your fans deserve better Rawles......
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on October 10, 2012
How very very disappointing. Looked forward to this release, expecting to see what "happens next." Instead it is the same story line, same characters, simply using portions of stories not included in the last book.
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on October 13, 2012
I would not bother to buy this book, and after reading a few chapters, it was not even worth keeping on my shelf, and I threw it in the trash. What a waste of hard earned money. The writing style is childish, and story line just another prepper tale, that was boring with nothing new to say. The chapter where a Jewish man had to find Christ and become a Jew for Jesus had nothing to do with the story, and would be distasteful to Jews and Christians alike. I think that most real Christians do not see Jews as incomplete people, or an incomplete religion until they accept Christ. Why he put this chapter in the book is beyond explanation, and makes no sense.

Now, the rest of the book, and his website is nothing more than advertising for prepper items to buy. He is careful to label each tool, weapon, vehicle, and clothing item; so the reader can run out and buy them. His book and website are self serving, but of course this is how he makes his money....promoting crap that makes people think they will be safe during a disaster, when in fact the items will be worthless to them. In the first part of the book, multiple pages are devoted to every item in the character's backpacks, so we all know what to buy for our get out of town bags. Writers like, Mr. Rawles use their books and site to instill fear in people, so they buy more stuff. What is the average accountant going to do with a survival knife, assault rifle, gill net, etc. Very, very sad commentary on just another snake oil salesman for the companies and Gold-Silver sites that are making a lot of money from nervous people.

In conclusion, the book was lousy, offensive to people of faith, and not worth using even as toilet paper to wipe your butt.

If you want to read the real deal, and a great series of books, buy the Matthew Bracken, "Domestic Enemies" three volume set. He is a real UDT/Seal who knows what he is writing about, not a poser!
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on October 7, 2012
For anyone who read Patriots and then Survivors this book must be a complete disappointment. It appears as if the author had lack of time and put together a book from leftowers from the previous two books. There is no story flow whatsoever, just long descriptions, lists of equipment, etc. and repetition of events from the previous books. Avoid, this is a waste of you time and money. If you are not familiar with Patriots, buy that one instead.
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