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on December 22, 2006
John Foxe's Book of Martyrs is indeed a classic of Christian literature. John Foxe was born in 1517 and died in 1587. John Foxe documented the persecutions of Christians from the foundation of the church through his time. Outside of the Bible itself, this is one of the few books every Christian should read. From time to time the book has been updated to cover generations John would not live to see. While this book is a worthy read - be aware that this is not a faithful word for word reprint of the original works but as the cover says a rewrite. If you are interested in a rendition which remains more faithful to the the original author's words, look for a reprinted edition edited by (co-author) William Forbush.
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on April 3, 2000
Some historians have pointed out that Foxe was biased against Catholics. Although his personal conflict against Catholicism likely drove his effort to put this book together, one has to recognize that the very abuses described in this book are a large part of WHY he was set against Catholicism in his own day in the first place. So far as I know, most or all of the stories of burning heretics, which Foxe describes, are true. All of which is a part of what Pope John Paul II has begun apologizing for at the change of the millennium.
But Foxe also spends an equal amount of time retelling the stories of Christians who were killed for their faith during the days of ancient Rome. As a result, I don't think the book builds Roman Catholic resentment in most readers. Instead, it reveals the real fabric of Christian faith. Those who like only a rosey picture of the Church are no different than those who like only a rosey picture of the real world we live in. This book describes the dark times in Christian history, but the light is never lost in that darkness. And that is what this book is really about--the inability of the darkness to snuff out the light of true faith--whether it is an internal darkness within the Church or an external darkness that tries to engulf the Church.
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on March 27, 2000
I was disappointed in the "New" Foxe's Book of Martrys. I read an older version in my teens. This one has been heavily edited, especially the early church martrydom's. If you're looking for more recent historical information this may be a good book but for early church information go to another edition.
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on September 13, 2001
This book is pure history and is very controversial. There was a time when every home had this book along with The Bible. This book had a great influence on the English people for centuries. Much of the history covered here are events during the reign of Bloody Mary I. After the Reformation many kings and queens had a violent backlash against the people they believed a threat to their power. The printing press was a hated invention and owning a Bible was a death sentence because people for the first time in certuries people could begin to think for themselves.
This is also a very hated book. It would be very easy to dismiss the events here to prejudice and propoganda but it should be kept to mind that the historic record does show 300 men and women were burned to death because of the Inquistion brought by Mary to England. This book was a warning to people of the things that could happen under a Catholic monarch. The distrust of Catholics would continue for hundreds of years.
With this book came the end of burning heretics at the stake in England. The horror of this book may have showed the common man how wrong it was to be so cruel to his fellow man. It is a monument in English Literature and one of the earliest works of modern English. I loved every page.
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on January 23, 2000
Readers of John Foxe's book of martyres should realize that the most complete edition of this work was published in the 1800s and comprised 8 volumes. A bound photocopy of that edition is available from Still Waters Revival Books in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. They have a web site. The present edition is a small sampling of the real Foxe.
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on August 25, 2011
I downloaded this version to my Kindle for PC, and am 39% of the way through it. I am not offended as some are that it is not the 7,000 page version, for it is difficult enough to read of this brutal savagery to people for their beliefs in this shortened version.

And for those who are offended that John Foxe exposes the verifiable brutality of the Roman church: maybe you were not brutalized by nuns or priests or brothers. In another work online, I found out that Pope Innocent III -- odd name for a vicious and guilty murderer -- assigned Dominic, founder of the 'order of preachers' (founder of the nuns who taught me) to head the inquisition, which he did with enthusiasm and alacrity, sending thousands upon thousands to torture and painful deaths. This explains a great deal about what came over many of these Dominican nuns, their frenzies of abuse toward us vulnerable kids rooted in a demonic history. Human sacrifice, particularly human sacrifice which involves great suffering and torment, accrues demonic powers to the sacrificer.

I discovered this book after typing 'dominican nuns abuse' into the search engine, just as one day I discovered a blog called 'firetenders' after typing that same phrase into google. There I discovered large numbers of former catholic school kids, the oldest of us in our 60's, tho some are half that age, who were abused in many different ways to the point of physical and emotional and sexual damage. Some have chosen to disbelieve in God entirely, tho some of us have clung to our understanding that God is good, nothing like the one these nuns taught us; I myself have been walking with Jesus for 39 years, and can testify these nuns did NOT know him. The firetenders blog participants keep asking 'Why would these women behave like this to helpless kids?' It remained an unanswered question until I read the history of the roman church's violent butchery of millions of people as written by Foxe. Why would they not? We have instead been lucky we didn't live several hundred years ago. An attitude which would decide it is just fine to kill people horribly to supposedly save souls, is not an attitude that will lovingly raise children in a positive atmosphere. There are plenty of books about 'Saint' Dominic praising his 'love for the truth' which aided his 'fight against heresy.' I wonder do they mention how he 'fought' heresy? And what that what he considered 'heresy' was the exercise of free conscience among people who read the Bible for themselves and didn't want popery and pagan doctrines of purgatory? And where do they think the God of Israel asked them to kill people, instead of teaching? And who told them they could mix paganism with the name of Jesus and destroy the simple gospel?

The most terrible reality in all of this, is that this devilry was committed in the name of Jesus, even tho what they did was the polar opposite of what he commanded his followers to do: 'Love one another.' Jesus who loved us, and died in our place, was badly served by these evil people. I am most angry about this, that never having bothered to study his Word, or know him, they did horrible things in his name.
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on June 11, 2008
Foxe's Book of Martyrs was often read from as a family after reading the Bible. It reminds us that living the Christian life always costs something. I also remind my own children that there have been more Christian Martyrs in the past century than any other century. Christians around the world are dying for Christ everyday.

I gave this version of the book as graduation presents with gift cards inside. The book is hardcover and is in readable English, unlike some older translations. I highly recommend this copy for gifts.
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on January 19, 2000
I first read this book when I was in the 8th grade; I am now 31. I have reread this book several times because I never want to forget the martyrs who died for their faith. This book impacted my life greatly and reminded me how important it is to stand up for my faith no matter the cost.
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on December 5, 1997
This book should be read by everyone who calls themselves "Christian."Anytime I get to feeling life is too tough,and I start feeling like God isn't close,this book and the book of Job are the books to get me back to reality.When you read the book of martyrs and you read the horrible ways these Christians were tortured and killed you realize you have no reason to complain and every reason to be thankful.Thankful not only to Jesus Christ and the apostles, but to the Christians all over the world who are being killed every day for the Gospel.If you have ever wondered how the apostles died, this book tells you.Incidentally, John was the only apostle who died of old age.Humbling and educational
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on December 7, 2012
This Book has helped me to Understand just what the Early church went through, including how the catholic church was very wicked. So many things I had no knowledge of, that has NOW OPENED my eyes to the truth. How can the pope have someone BURNED at the stake, when the Profess their FAITH to the Lord JESUS CHRIST and NOT THE POPE......This Book is a MUST Have......
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