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32 of 34 people found the following review helpful
on September 27, 2011
I just received my new FragFX 360 in the post today, and proceeded to spend the rest of the evening playing around with it, mostly on the 360 but a little bit on the PC as well (and also on my OnLive console, just for kicks). Here are my thoughts.

The TL;DR (short) version: this is a great product for those who want better precision in their 360 games, without having to purchase and play on an entirely different gaming system (PC).

The Longer Version: I am not at all a competitive gamer. I've never played any of the Call of Duty games or their ilk. I;ve played a lot of console shooters on PS2, PS3, and 360, but early last year I custom-built a sweet gaming PC rig and haven't touched my beloved XBox games since. It hasn't been for lack of desire, but instead because after getting so used to the sheer precision of mouse-based aiming in PC games, playing shooters on consoles again was next to impossible for me. I just couldn't excel at them anymore.

I was hoping that this FragFX 360 would allow me to play those console titles again, without having to bust my pocketbook for a much more expensive product like the XIM3 or similar devices. When it arrived, I quickly set it up (the installation is really, really simple) and plugged it into my wired XBox 360 controller (I picked one up at a local shop for $20 on the way home from work). The basic controls are like a Wii nunchuck paired with a high-DPI gaming mouse. The mouse part is large, which makes me happy - too frequently I'll get mouse peripherals that are too small and uncomfortable for my Large American Man Hands. This fits very nicely under my hand in more of a wide-palm "cup" grip than a tighter "claw" grip. The four buttons on the side are easy enough to reach with my thumb, although the Y button takes a tad maneuvering to reach, but nothing too inconvenient as to mess up game play.

The plastic seems of decent quality - about as sturdy as a regular XBox controller, I'd guess. The left-hand stick piece fits nicely into my hand as well, and the buttons are in logical and ergonomic positions. I had no problems using any of them. Button functions can be reconfigured on the fly, swapped back and forth and across the entire device with a second or two of function-button combos. I didn't try the macro or rapid fire functions, as I just don't know if I'll ever need them in the course of my usual gaming.

I don't remember seeing this advertised, but the purchase also included a nice full-sized mouse pad, which is on par with an older Razer pad I used a couple of years ago. I use a Vespula at my C, which I feel is superior to this included one, but it's still much better than any standard mouse pad you'd get at a department store,and much, much bigger. It had a nice wide surface area, without being too huge. It fit nicely on my IKEA "Dave" laptop stand which I used while playing in my living room.

I pulled a few games off my shelf and game them a try, including Perfect Dark Zero, Dead Space 2, Left 4 Dead, Vanquish, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena. The results were quite varied. The best results came from Riddick, which already features its own _really_ detailed sensitivity customization menu - the kind of control customization I wish that all games would feature these days. With just a small amount of tweaking using the game's menus and the device's own built-in Dead Zone (ooOOoooOOOOoooohhh) adjuster, I was able to quickly set myself up with one finely-tuned gaming mouse. Playing it was even more precise than I remember playing Butcher Bay back on the PC. Left 4 Dead and Vanquish were almost exactly the same, and played wonderfully.

However, on the flip side, playing Mass Effect was a chore with this device. The sensitivity in that game cannot be adjusted high enough to make using the FragFX very beneficial, even with the device adjustment wheel set to maximum sensitivity. Perfect Dark Zero (an underrated gem, IMHO) was similarly limited in its in-game tweaks, and seemed to control more smoothly with the actual 360 controller than with the FragFX.

I only really played Dragon Age to see if the mouse could give the console version a slightly more "PC-feeling" experience than before. Surprisingly, it actually did manage to make the game control somewhat better. Giving commands was a bit quicker than before, and aiming spells and abilities was much more precise, requiring less and shorter pauses to really dominate combat.

I gave it a whirl both on my gaming PC and on my OnLive console, trying out Left 4 Dead 2 and Metro 2033 on the former, and Warhammer 40k: Space Marine on the latter. All three performed remarkably. In fact, I would consider using the FragFX in L4D2 permanently were not my current PC gaming mouse much more expensive and accurate. It handled very well, and I was surprised that I was able to play so expertly using it. Metro 2033 was a tad less accurate, but playable, with Space Marine functioning similarly.

I am satisfied with this purchase. I hope that as more XBox games try to be taken seriously, they will be released with more sensitivity options, and this device will truly excel. It is by no means perfect, but it is sturdy, comfortable (a major, major plus for me), and very easy to use right out of the box. In the end, I played most of those XBox games _much_ better than I ever did before, that's for certain.

EDIT: I played the 360 version of Dead Island with this device today, and it is pretty amazing. The mouselook is smooth and precise, and the control precision actually beats that of Dark Athena, above. I recommend re-mapping the kick to the right mouse button, however.
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on October 19, 2011
This isn't my 1st review of a Splitfish product, nor hopefully my last. I game with a group of guys that chase gaming site tourneys, sometimes it's swag and sometimes is cash on the line. Before I started using their controllers I was just another gamer enjoying public matches and the occasional team matches on sites like Gamebattles, I never thought about it until now, but since I started using the different versions of the FragFx series, I started winning stuff; headsets, shirts, paid for trips to events, gift cards, etc...

I could recite the pros or features of the Shark, but you can read that stuff yourself. How will or do those features really help?

1st off, every game has it's own speeds or sensitivities for moving your reticule, the very 1st thing I do is max out the games sensitivity, then I calibrate the sensitivity wheel on the chuck. By doing so, I'm always playing at the same speed no matter what game it is I'm playing.

Next, I rearrange the buttons. The most important buttons used are the fire button and the ADS (Aim Down Sights). No matter what game your playing you can always put these buttons in the same place. You can then put your frags, crouch/laydown, or reload in the exact same place.

Think about it, with those two features, adjusting the speed and rearranging the buttons, I just bounce from game to game or tourney to tourney, picking up the controller from where I left off the last time. All that muscle memory doesn't go to waste and I'm that far ahead of the competition.

Bottom line, yes I game more then the average person, I play for more then just the enjoyment of topping the nightly scoreboards, there isn't any other controller I'd use then what these guys put out. In my opinion and for the sake of winning, I invest my own money on Splitfish products.

Here's a little video I put together, please enjoy!
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15 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on October 12, 2011
I love this controller. After playing on xbox live for a few hours I was racking up the kills so easy. Using the mouse over the traditional analog stick controller gives me a big advantage over the competition. Easier headshots and quick turns help raise my k/d ratio.

The 360 shark worked great on BF3 beta and on MW2. So I can't wait to use this thing when BF3 and MW3 are released in a month. Also played Gears of War3 and totally did damage with the Lancer and Shotties. Being able to strafe left or right while still keeping my aim on the enemy helped me get faster easier kills. Huge advantage there.

When playing bf3 and cod the rapid fire was very useful when I switched to my pistol. I also liked being able to switch around the buttons layout on the fly.

-Very long battery life (still using same AA battery after days of play)
-On the fly customizable buttons & mouse sensitivity
-Super accurate mouse aiming and quickness (increases k/d ratio)
-Rapid Fire
-Rubberize texture of mouse and fragchuck, also looks cool
-Right out of box I plug and play without needing any setup or tweaking
-High-end very smooth gaming mouse pad
-Can use xbox mic (plug into wired xbox 360 controller)

-Needs wired xbox 360 controller to plug into wireless dongle(I already had one, so not much of a problem)
-Fragchuck would more comfortable if it was slightly smaller
-Price though controller is well worth it based on the big advantage it gives when playing online

Verdict: Buy it now if you play a lot of online shooters because there is a bit of a learning curve if you are using a mouse to aim for the first time. But if you stick with it, you will be racking up the kills in no time. This controller is the next step to game controller evolution for fps games and I'm glad I am onboard now before everyone finds out about this secret weapon.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on September 13, 2012
This is the 4th controller I have owned by Splitfish.
I have had 2 fragfx v2 for the PS3 both worn out (do to wear not defect) and 1 SHARK for the PS3 which still works like a champ.
Buying the Shark360 was a natural when I decided to get an XBOX.
I knew what to expect in the controller and what tweeks needed to be done.
This is one great controller but like many things there are defects. My frag chuck started acting up about 6 weeks after I got it.
I have contacted splitfish customer support but after 5 days still haven't had any response.
I understand that I am only one person out several that are most likely asking for help, but you would think I would have some type of acknowledgement of my request other that a automated email.
SO.....Great controller, but be aware that the company is in Switzerland so customer service may be super slow or non-existent.
I will update this review when and if I receive my help.

Sept 27th
Still no reply back from Splitfish customer support. I'm lowering my rating do to this fact. You spend $100.00 you should get some type of customer support I haven't received anything after two weeks.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on January 31, 2012
This was something I had looked at buying for quite a while. I had read a lot of stuff about how amazing the precision of a mouse is in FPS games, which is supposedly why console shooters will never be as good as PC versions of same games. I disagree. This controller brings that precision to the Xbox 360. Its a little weird getting used to (I normally have about a 1.0K/D in MW3, first couple games with this i was like.. 4-30...) but now that i've got the buttons mapped like i want, sensitivity adjusted, and am getting used to it, i'm almost back on par with where I was with regular controller. Definitely the way to go if you want to try using a mouse on a 360 without spending crazy money.

~Affordable- not much more than a new game. MUCH cheaper than buying a Razer mouse and XIM3 adapter (although, my next big gaming purchase, if next gen xbox isnt announced at E3, is GONNA be a xim3 and a razer mouse and keypad)
~Can adjust mouse sensitivity on the fly- mid game even, no pausing or menus.
~YXAB buttons placed conveniently where thumb lies- makes jumping, crouching/lying down, switching weapons, and realoading second nature instead of awkward and out of the way
~mappable buttons- can program macros, swap buttons, and rapid fire. (mine is programmed so if i flick my left hand, the one holding the nunchuck, I melee)

~Must also have a 360 wired controller- play'n'charge kit will NOT work. need to actually own a wired controller, which was, for me, an extra purchase.
~Mouse size- little bigger than I would like. I'm a pretty decent size guy, and the mouse is just slightly awkward to hold
~on/off placement- on mouse its great, on nunchuck it sits right against one of your fingers whole time during use. feels like something stuck to your finger. (probably gonna cover it with tape or somethin)
~slightly difficult to get to program- self explanatory, the instructions weren't quite clear on how to get it to work perfect, took me a couple tries to get my melee macro to work, but wasn't to the point of frustrating yet.

Overall- 4 stars for me. Not sure how battery life will be, but with rechargables its not a big issue for me. Definitely more precise than an xbox controller, although it does take some getting used to. 4 instead of 5 because the mouse is slightly bulkier than I would like to see, everything else is great. even comes with a gaming mouse pad. Well worth the money. ***BTW- I called Microsoft before purchasing; no matter what you hear on forums or xbl, the XIM3 mouse adapter (and all controllers used with it) and the FragFX are NOT banned by XBL. They ARE ALLOWED, and are not considered cheating as per the TOS***.... so get this and pwn away!
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5 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on January 4, 2012
First, let me mention I usually play FPS on the PC and I do pretty well. I purchased this item in hopes my gameplay for the Xbox would get better. I usually use a Razer Naga for the PC with a generic keyboard.

Mouse: 1/5 rating (I believe to be defective)
- Thumb buttons were in a comfortable location for my hands
- Slick strong plastic
- Only 1 AA battery with on/off switch
- Wireless
- Good with slow precise movement

- The mouse is pretty big, bigger than my Razer Naga
- Right Click was almost impossible to click and way too stiff(Defective?)
- Did not have an option for separate x,y sensitivity making 1 to 1 ratio hard in most games that don't give the option
- Staircasing effect when moving quickly
- Ultimately the reason I returned it

Nun-chuck: 4.5/5 rating
- I really liked how it fit in my hand
- Button Remapping/Macro'ing was simple
- Only 1 AA battery with on/off switch
- Wireless
- Almost kept the fragfx dispite the defect, because I liked it so much

- A tad bit bulky almost 2 times the size of a Wii Nun-chuck

Another overall Con: (this would have kept me from purchasing the fragfx in the first place)
Although you can hook up a headset to the wired controller to be in a party, you can only talk. You cannot hear through the headset.

After returning, I ordered a XIM3 for only $50 more off there website in hopes it will work well with my Razer Naga. I'll update how well it compares.

I received my XIM3 and I've been playing with my Razer Naga and Keyboard. Let me just say... being a pc user, I couldn't ask for a better experience. The XIM3 has much more amazing results out of box than the fragfx, and it can be customized more than anything else I've seen. Don't buy the fragfx, save your money and get the XIM3 instead.
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5 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on December 3, 2011
The mouse worked great. Better than I expected. Except that the right mouse button would click without being pressed which meant the right shoulder button would click without being pressed. This resulted in many bad gaming situations including but not limited to unintentional grenade throws, unintentional weapon switches, unintentional shouts (Skyrim), and much more unintentional "fun". I was in no hurry to return it for another one. This one took a month to get here from China. According to Splitfish it would be at least 45 days until I got a replacement. I opened the mouse and fixed the button myself. The spring just needed adjustment. Then all was bliss. The headshots rolled. Headshots, meh, I was getting eyeshots! Then, mid game in Skyrim, the A button stops working. Turns out the Xbox button and the B button gave up the ghost too. The evil buttons are on two seperate controllers which leads me to believe the dongle is at fault. I can't fix this problem and I can't return it. Do I buy another?
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3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on December 27, 2011
I was super excited for this when it came out only to be completely disappointed once I received it.

The absolute bottom line is that both the mouse and the nunchuk are very bulky and uncomfortable. I sincerely tried to get used to it (being that I spent $100 on it) but after getting slaughtered again and again in Black Ops, I dropped the FragFX and picked up the XBOX Controller once again.

I also lent it to a few friends thinking that maybe it was just me and they also agreed they couldn't get used to it.
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on May 23, 2013
I purchased this after seeing this product on EP daily - a video game/pop culture show on tv. I was interested in finding out how to play keyboard and mouse on the xbox 360. I found the product and ordered it. once I received it, I tried it on battlefield 3 for the xbox 360. It is a good and bad product depending on the matches being played.

The first part of the controller is the getting use to playing without a controller. I found that you would sit more natural with your arms at your sides and you are a bit more relaxed. once you get the hang of using it, it gives a bit more accuracy to your shots in combat.

The good part is when you play strictly deathmatch style matches, the mouse gives you a bit more accuracy and you can move a bit faster.

The bad part is when you jump into conquest and other matches that require the use of driving vehicles. jeeps and bikes are fine for this controller. tanks are harder to control. The driving part is fine since the left stick is still being controlled by a left stick but the turrent and shooting part of the tank is totally undrivable using this controller and since right stick, which turns the turrent is now replaced by the mouse and it was harder to turn the turrent when you are completely surrounded and the action is heavy. I found I had to switch back to a regular controller to play any maps that required a vehicle like a tank.

The other negative thing I would mention is that you need a wired controller to run this controller and that is another $40 at least for a wired controller but it is worth it to give a bit more of an edge while playing.

Overall, good purchase. The controller feels good and the buttons are in the same location as they would be on a regular controller. It just takes a little getting use to as this is not a regular controller.
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on December 6, 2012
I have found this product to be quite helpful in improving my performance in first-person shooter (and in some third-person shooter) type games. All games do require some initial calibration to reach an acceptable sensitivity level, and some adjustment of the on-controller dial may be required also, but this is to be expected from any nonstandard controller.

I have read some reviewers complain about issues with responsiveness, but I have not experienced such an issue; the mouse has been consistently responsive for me.

I have been impressed by the battery life for both components of the controller. I have not been required to change the batteries frequently.

The controller also works on a PC; I was not aware of this when purchasing it but I was in need of a wireless mouse for a gaming computer, and it has served adequately for that purpose.

This controller is not perfect, however; gamers should be aware of certain caveats.

1) The controller requires a wired XBOX 360 controller for use. Third-party controllers work, but wireless controllers connected via a charge cable will not. If a purchaser does not already own such a controller this requirement adds expense to the device.

2) The controller is larger than I expected. My hands are not small, but I found the controller difficult to manage initially. I have since become accustomed to the mouse size, though the "nunchuck" controller still feels slightly oversized in my left hand.

3) When used on the PC, most buttons are mapped as keyboard keys. The left, right and middle mouse buttons are mapped as actual mouse buttons, but the ABXY buttons and the buttons on the nunchuck controller (including the directional pad) are mapped as keys. If using the mouse for PC gaming (as I do), this may interfere with some desired key bindings.

4) Players must remember to switch both controllers off when not in use. Unlike standard controllers, the mouse and nunchuck do not turn off when the console is powered off. This is an unavoidable consequence of the controller's design; while not a fault of the manufacturer, it is a condition of which players should be aware.
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