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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on September 12, 2013
At first it worked fine. Then it worked but the frag chuck (not the mouse) would disconnect every 5 minutes, which does not work for shooters. I was busy with work most of July and August but......Eventually, after unpairing and repairing about a dozen times including on the worked...for about a month. Brilliant! Then after a month, it quit working completely.

I can no longer attempt the unpair- repair procedure as the frag chuck will simply not unpair/will not enter paring mode. Its basically a completely dead unit after about 6 weeks of total gaming timme.

I went to the manufacturers web site and there is no customer service phone number and absolutely no information about warranty return or even basic contact information for Fragfx. I am the pissed off owner of a $100+ dollar controller that i got about 1 months usage out of. Run away run away run NOT BUY THIS CRAP.
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on February 3, 2013
Okay, so chances are you're an average gamer looking at this for one reason or another. Heres my back story.

1)I don't PC game, so i'm not an elitist as many who review this.
2)For the longest time, all i wanted was an easy button remapper for certain games
3)i'm a slightly above average gamer. My spread is average around 1.18-1.2.
4)this is the same price as some button remappers, plus a macro and rapid fire fuction with the "precision" of a mouse
5)i caved, and decided to try it out since i had extra cash to spend.

After 3 days of tweaking and playing on and off again for an hour or so at a time, here's my impressions

-It's not a miracle worker. if you struggle for a 1-1 K/D, you ARE NOT going to jump 2-1. STFU and practice.
-it takes TIME to get it to the sweet spot. Every day, i've adjusted the sensitivity wheel .5-1 units at a time.
-I used to play on LOW sensitivity, like a 2/10 on Halo 4. now i'm getting near the same accuracy with MUCH faster response times
-all of the special feaures, sans rapidfire (which i haven't tried yet) work perfectly
-while not quite as good as i am with a normal controller, im not far behind with some serious improvements in some aspects of my game
-I do suspect, in time, i will get better and will become much more formidable than i am with a normal controller.
-flicking the fragchuck with a macro to throw a grenade is one of the most satisfying feelngs in all of gaming.
-mousepad absolutely helps if you dont have a smooth hardwood table. Buy a steelbook pad for $10 on here.

Is it worth the $100? not entirely. Worth $80 or $85? absolutely.
Do i regret buying it, absolutely not.

But hey, if you have any questions message me on XBL. GT: SpottedHood.
seeing is believing, so perhaps 1 v 1 in halo is in order. ;)

P.S. My settings on halo 4 are max on in game sensitivity, and between 1.5-0.5 on the fragchuck dial. it's NEAR flawless, and i attribute it to user error having never PC gamed before. with no mouse experience, im starting to come out considerably positive after 3 days.

P.S.S. it comes with a manufactures warranty of 1 year, but to cover my butt i got a 3 year squaretrade warranty here on amazon.

Edit** After putting the dial wheel to its final setting of zero for halo 4, I just finished a game of capture the flag with 39 kills and 14 deaths. The numbers speak for themselves, as well as patience.
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on February 2, 2013
This item was purchased for use with my PC games......specifically for movement within the game as I don't care for WASD keyboard use. The FragChuck or left hand controller is acceptable but the mouse was not. Buttons are not responsive and the left mouse clicker is hard to press, mouse also needs to be weighted to feel right. So I ended up purchasing a good corded mouse to go along with this FragChuck from Splitfish. Wish I could get credit for this mouse I won't use.
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on January 24, 2015
It technically deserves 2.5 stars, because I only like half of the product. First off, I wanted to play FPS games on a PC having the dexterity of the thumbstick, and I also wanted the ability to walk in a game when moving 50% up on the thumbstick, for example. But the thumbstick only functions as WASD keys, which makes sense, but is unfortunate. The problem with using WASD keys is it only allows your video game character or player to move around at one level of speed, where as on Xbox, or when playing PC with Xbox controller support and an Xbox controller, the thumb stick determines the speed at which your player moves based on the location of the thumbstick.

So it's a shame that the thumbstick on the FragFX can't be used like an Xbox controller thumbstick, but that's just a PC limitation, not the product's fault.

The product functions alright, but has some limitations and methods I dislike. The FragFX has a terribly difficulty method to configure key-bindings on it's hardware. There is no software from Shark FragFX available to allow you to just program buttons willy nilly like most gaming mice software allows you to do. Instead, via controls on the D-pad, you can go into a function that allows you to swap keys, which is difficulty and confusing, with no visual display indicating if the button switch worked or not, and it also limits the controller to use only the key-bindings that are placed in the controller software by factory default. Basically, the best way to swap buttons is by opening up a text document allowing you to see what buttons are being switched.

The FragFX chuck, the non-mouse part of the product, is comfortable, being a tad bit larger than the Xbox controller left half, but it is comfortable. The mouse, to me, feels weird and unnatural. I personally use Logitech mice, which I prefer for it's comfort over it's software design. The USB stick, used to connect the hardware to the computer, has a blue LED that stays on constantly when the USB stick is plugged in, and the LED is too bright, which I cover up with a peice of paper and tape.

Honestly, I do not use this product very often, but when I do, I only use the frag-chuck, to make pressing WASD keys, Ctrl, Space, and Shift (all controlled by the frag-chuck, after swapping buttons) a more comfortable option for me when I play an FPS. All the other main key functions I control using my gaming mouse from Logitech, so when I play FPS's, I never have to reach for the keyboard, but still have the mobility of a mouse during gameplay.
Another thing, I bought this for 80 dollars, which was suppressed to $30, bc I used a gift card from a family member, but still, it is not worth 80w/ or w/o a gift card. I'd say it's worth 30-40 at most. Not my favorite product for gaming. My expectations for this was a nunchuck feeling-object with a thumbstick and some extra buttons that could be used for simple key bindings. This does the job, but it's not at all simple to program buttons. And the mouse is uncomfortable, in my opinion, and I wish I could just have bought the chuck.
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on June 25, 2013
being an ex PC gamer...this felt natrual. I also have this for the PS3 as well. Over all great controller, I just hope this carries on over to PS4.
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on April 28, 2013
The frag fx 360 controller is very fun to play with. Its probably the best controller i've used for online play. It has multiple features that make it exciting to use. One of the features most gamers might enjoy would be the 3 mode rapid- fire.
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on August 24, 2015
It's hard to recommend the FragFX Shark in any condition or model. My model arrived only a bit used in the mouse button pads.
Plugging it in was a cinch. To the Xbox 360, I hooked in my GameStop model wired 360 controller, turned the system on, and from there, it seemed to function well enough, with the d-pad, stick, and mouse all doing as they were labeled to.
In games, it's necessary to set the sensitivity much higher than standard, and work from there. I found that in all of the games I tried, managing between in-game sensitivity and the physical sense dial on the FragChuck worked out poorly. The dial seems to manage just how the mouse will handle acceleration more than anything. I found it was best to leave it at zero and work with the sensitivity in-game, and even then, it was never perfect.
Controlling games is also a bit harder compared to normal, as there are face button features you are having to do on the mouse. As well as that, the pair is strange with mapping. It makes sense from a controller standpoint, as LB and LT are on the FragChuck, normally in your left hand, while the mouse handles RT and RB on the pads. However, shooters don't work that way unless you are religious to Modern Warfare 3 on the Nintendo Wii, so you'll need to remap the buttons, which has its own trials and trivialization to overcome.
The dongle offers a PC mode, however, which makes the pair work as a keyboard and mouse verbatim. For the mouse, it's quite nice to have up to 4 buttons to work with extra, and the mouse wheel even has a Back and Forward button (MB4 and 5 traditionally) mapped to the sides. The mouse, then, totals to 10 distinct buttons with the included Start button. Bare in mind that besides the Back and Forward buttons, they map to keyboard keys, which is negative in the sense that you'll be using the keyboard realistically, but it also allows some games to map to the mouse, incidentally, especially on PC titles like Syndicate, where extra mouse buttons can't be mapped.
The FragChuck is also the center to the additions, as rapid fire and setting macros require the FragChuck exclusively. With the widespread complaints of the FragChuck being unable to resync to the dongle, a lot of this sort of detracts from the potential "good" points.

Still, it's a nice device hat I use for a couple games, and if I decided to learn how, I would probably switch from my Mazer Type-R mouse to the FragFX Shark fully. As it stands, though, I have a full QWERTY keyboard, and if I want to have a smaller size solution to it, I'd be better to buy a game pad like a Razer Orbweaver.
Buy it if you're patient when it comes to mastering hardware and have a setup that is optimal for PC gaming and can accommodate an Xbox 360 well.
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on July 25, 2014
After a month of having issues with the optical part of the mouse not working intermittently, the mouse is pretty much unusable due to me actually using this controller to, you know, play video games. To be fair, in the last six months I have played about 60-70% less as I work more and have a newborn baby to love and support; however it's increasingly frustrating that EVERY TIME I play something (mainly Battlefield 4 and some Fallout 3) I hit a brick wall where I can no longer aim. No matter how many times I turn the mouse controller off and on, repair the mouse and dongle, replace the AA barttery in the mouse, it just seems like it works whenever it wants, mainly being never. This is the second FragFX I bought from SplitFish and the last one -- somewhere I have an old mouse and dongle (LB button stopped working) but I'm sure they're not compatible with the newer, better, fancier V2013. Even if they are, I have a new home for all four of their controllers -- you guessed it! -- the garbage can.

Unless you want to buy a new one of these every year in the hopes that the new controller works better than the old one, which was my whole reasoning, you're better off spending your money with a competitor's product to see if their controllers suck less, or just accept the fact that you're too poor to game on a PC, like me!

Mouse and chuck both work quite well overall. RB mouse button is getting sticky only after a week of use. It's a shame that this did not come with a mouse pad as the first gen Shark 360 did come with one.

This is an excellent controller for improved target acquisition and recoil control for FPS's and third person shooters. If you play a game like Battlefield you may not like how this controller works with the vehicles. It's responsive enough to pilot choppers but the turrets on all ground vehicles rotate entirely too slowly while using this controller, even with max sensitivity within the game and on the controller. Haven't bothered with flying jets yet.

Only gets 4/5 stars due to sticky buttons after short term usage, problems with vehicles in Battlefield, and lack of a mouse pad.
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on September 13, 2015
It's awful. It's instructions weren't clear on how to connect it to pc or xbox 360.I had to look online for the instructions because mine didn't come with a copy. That's probably the fault of the company I bought it from. Once I got it working it had horrible sensitivity. Even when I maxed the sensitivity on both the hardware and software it was still slow. The mouse it way too big, even for my large hands. The turbo is slow, even on the fastest setting. The fact that I had to buy an additional controller was bull. The only reason I'm giving it two stars is because Fragfx's customer service was speedy and helpful. Do not buy this product if you're looking for a serious competitive gaming controller. Don't even buy it if you're looking for a casual gaming controller.
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on September 3, 2015
im on a pc and it's a novel idea and does make an excellent alternative to the standard xbox 360 controller and the mouse will help with aiming in fps games but it doesnt work at all for some games and some other games you would have to already have it in xbox mode before opening the game with a different mouse. untill i figure out how to macro, the nunchuck by itself doesnt serve well as a replacement for the keyboard as the buttons are fixed to specific things. someone with an actual x box might find use out of this as a specialty controller.
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