Customer Reviews: Frasier: Season 10
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on August 30, 2007
The release of "Frasier: Season 10" is a pleasure in itself simply because it allows the "Frasier" fan to complete their collection. Despite being only the penultimate season of the show, its successor season 11 was released before several of its forerunners - most probably due to the hype at the time that it was to be the last ever year of "Frasier".
Season 10 is yet another ingenious run of episodes. It is the season in which the show-makers pick up the pace again after slightly flatter 8th and 9th years. The anticipation that washed consistently throughout seasons 1-7, charting the saga of Daphne and Niles, which finally came to a head in the season 7 finale/8 opening, left the "Frasier" audience satisfied to see the pair together at last; and although it was different, interesting and enjoyable to watch the couple glide into their newfound relationship, the show lost a touch of its sparkle.
The 10th season steps things up again, as "Frasier" heads towards the looming climax, just 2 years away. It concentrates on being funny above all else and allows itself several one-off stories that only need to last the duration of a single episode but which are brilliant in themselves: "Enemy At The Gate" sees Frasier stand up for his rights, when he refuses to pay the $2 fee that is incurred when he enters a parking garage only to change his mind and attempt to exit again; "We Two Kings", the Christmas episode, sees the Crane brothers battle it out over who should host the holidays, resulting in Martin making the decision to work on Christmas Day; "Door Jam" is the wonderful episode in which Niles and Frasier join a ridiculously decadent health spa, only to become obsessed with their desire to enjoy the privileges of the most exclusive members; "Roe To Perdition" is another "Door Jam-esque" encounter, with its carefree Frasier/Niles craziness (this time, they get involved in the distribution of illegally imported caviar); "Daphne Does Dinner" sees Daphne and Frasier's attempts to muster up an event in which Niles plans to unveil a newly acquired painting, which, unbeknown to him, Alice has drawn on; and "Fathers And Sons" witnesses Roz convinced that Frasier and Niles' mother's ex-colleague is actually their real father.
Season 10 has its steadier continual plots too - each equally as entertaining. It begins with Niles and Daphne finally tying the knot - three times! In order to have the wedding they want, the couple get married in secret, only to have to act out a second marriage to please Frasier and Martin (who express that they would be distraught if the pair were ever to get married without them there to see it). However, when Daphne's mother insists that her daughter be wed in a church, a third fake-wedding must be performed.
Other plots involve the slightly more serious situation in which Niles has to undergo heart surgery, and Frasier's love/hate interest of the season, Julia (played perfectly by Felicity Huffman), whose presence causes a sexual harassment case at KACL, scandal with Frasier's accountant and a blazing dispute between Frasier and Roz, culminating in Roz demanding Frasier to choose between her and Julia in the Season Finale.
And this is where Season 10 leaves us...but fortunately we have Season 11 to go to immediately, as the release of "Frasier: Season 10" marks the final part of the collection to be made available on DVD.
Proving to be a nice run-up to the forthcoming end of "Frasier", the 10th season combines, as usual, witty writing with superb acting. It brings along new characters, provoking enjoyable stories, whilst developing the established regulars even further than its previous 9 years has done already. Daphne and Niles' relationship evolves even more, both endearingly and humorously, whilst we witness more of Frasier's unvarying closeness to his brother, and the difficulty he faces when a contemptible lover clashes with his best friend. Ever-constant is the comedy, provided largely by classic "Frasier" ingredients - misunderstanding, the continuous Frasier/Niles battle to be elite, and the exaggeration of the characters' already extravagant and embellished personalities...including the ever-winning Eddie the dog.
Despite not being the final season, season 10 is an enchanting finishing piece of the "Frasier" puzzle, flawlessly embodying the nature of an established, intelligent and successful sitcom in its golden years.
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on December 10, 2007
I would say that I speak for myself but after reading most of the reviews, I believe that most feel as I do. The "Frasier" TV sitcom has got to be the all time Classic of the century. The writing was superb, the directing was flawless and the acting was non other than brilliant. I have never enjoyed a sitcom as much as I have this one. I did not watch the series prior to re-runs as I was taken by the movies that Lifetime aired on cable and had no knowledge of "Frasier" at that time. But when I finally did come across the series, I was totally hooked. The actors, every single one of the main actors, gave brilliant performances and in my opinion, all seemed to have bonded with one another as a true family. Their feelings for each other surely showed with each episode. They have all gone onto something new and will be an asset in any venture they choose but, I believe that "Frasier" will always be the crowning glory of their careers. I have all the other seasons encluding the Eleventh and Final season and when the Tenth Season arrives in the next few days, I will have the complete series. I could not be more pleased with my purchase because I truly enjoy each and every episode time and time again. To be completely honest, there are not that many programs on TV that I would classify as really good programs. Some may make you laugh now and then but "Frasier" not only makes you laugh, it makes you feel good. There is an episode or two that will put tears in your eyes and that is good as it touches your heart and allows you to express heartfelt feelings. For anyone who may be thinking about getting a "Frasier" DVD, do not hesitate, as you will not be disappointed. I watch these DVD's quite frequently and can speak each actor's part and I will say that I do not get tired of seeing them. Even knowing when a certain line is sure to get me laughing, the anticipation gets me laughing before the actor has spoken a word. Kelsey Grammer, John Mahoney, David Hyde Pierce, Jane Levees, Peri Gilpin, Moose (Eddie) and Anthony LaPaglia are fabulous, brilliant, perfection and irreplaceable. Anthony LaPaglia who played Daphne's brother, Simon, was truly brilliant in his character portrayal of someone always consuming beer, outspoken, loud at times and his accent was none other than perfect. 10 stars to Mr. LaPaglia. Watch Mr. LaPaglia in "Without a Trace" and you can clearly see how his portrayal of an English speaking beer drinking brother is such gifted actor. To all the directors, writers, crew and especially the actors, "thank you" for bringing laughter into this world, episode after episode.
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on February 27, 2008
I'm giving this one star because of the vague ominous disclaimer "some episodes may be edited from their original network versions" stated in bold letters on the back of the packagaing. Come again? What does this even mean? The fat cats at Paramount apparently love to do this often - in researching online exactly WHAT has been censored or edited in the DVD versions, it seems they did this with the "Wings - Fifth Season" boxset as well. And notice how every other season of Frasier except 9 & 10 say "The COMPLETE xxth Season" on the cover"? Why does Season 10 omit the word "complete"? I smell conspiracy. That's why I gave this crummy hack-job only 1 star. Every episode is brilliant, and if you liked the other seasons there's no reason you shouldn't like this one too. But CBS/Paramount deserve major eggs on their face for their not being forthcoming about what they've edited out. Shame on them.
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on December 11, 2007
I awaited today's date to arrive anxiously and rushed to the store today to complete my Frasier collection...and before opening the package (which I still haven't), I noticed in tiny print, "SOME EPISODES MAY BE EDITED FROM THEIR ORIGINAL NETWORK BROADCASTS." I am livid!! I frantically got out the other seasons to be sure they hadn't said the same thing! None did.

Not only must we expect that "some" of the episodes in Season Ten "may be" edited, we aren't told which ones or even how many, and are even led to believe that they only "MAY BE EDITED". I feel ripped off and furious.

Somewhere lost in my collection of thousands of unwatched VHS tapes are the original network airings of this season, which I'd never gotten around to watching, and which were taped after I'd moved across the country and was using only a rabbit ears antenna that year on the lowest signal station in town, which came in completely snowy and sometimes the reception was so bad that even the sound was screwed up.

I bought these DVD sets to have complete, perfect versions of a show that I watch over and over every single day. This is a slap in the face and I want to know WHY they did this. If anyone can compare these disks to their tapes of the original broadcasts and tell me what's missing, I would love to know.
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on January 12, 2008
Frasier was/is my favorite show and season 10 was the last installment to be released. It took a while but it was well worth it when I finaly got it! Frasier is one of the series that never lost its edge during it's entire (11 year) run. The stories were always fresh and while there were running story lines, individual episodes never repeated themes, the charachters were always consistantly funny and the dry intelectual humour was easily understood by everyone. If I had to pick favorites I would say the relationship between Niles and Frasier provided the most consistent laughs although all the other charachters were funny too. Niles's low key dry wit and physical humour and Frasiers straight man sarcastic dry comments cannot be surpassed anywhere else on TV. This season of Frasier was consistantly excellant as were all 10 of the other seasons, it would be hard for a Frasier addict like me to pick a favorite. I would HIGHLY recommend this entire series to anyone!
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on March 6, 2016
I have favorite episodes, and many, many bits of dialogue or bits of business, even in the episodes I don't care to watch again. In general, I am a fan of the Frasier series, so pulling out one season is difficult.

Try it. You'll either like it or turn it off and move on to something you do like.
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on February 16, 2016
We still enjoy watching these episodes - they are still funny more than a decade after they first aired, especially the first episode of season 10 where Niles and Daphne pretend they are getting married for the first time.
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on December 26, 2013
If I could give this 10 stars I would. For some reason I had never seen the 10 th or the final season of Frazier though I had looked at reruns for years and my husband has bought me the first 8 seasons which I've looked at several times. I am so glad I ordered the 9th, 10th and final seasons on DVD. I had seen most of season 9 in reruns but none of 10. I have never laughed so hard in my life at some of these episodes. I just laughed out loud so hard that I cried and how often does that happen especially with the supposedly sitcom comedies we have forced on us now. If you are a fan of Frazier and have never seen season 10 be sure to order it. It is a treasure. I can't wait to watch the Final Season. Wish this show could have gone on forever.
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on June 28, 2015
This show is laugh from the belly funny yet very,very intelligent. I really love the combination.of diverse characters. The dichotomy of slapstick antics from the most reserved characters is the best part. In one episode there is a scene where Niles is ironing his pants and catches the couch on fire that made me.laugh so hard it brought tears to my eyes. I have watched the entire series more than once!
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on December 5, 2013
This will complete the Frasier collection for me and as one of the great TV show (which I feel does not get a lot of credit), after getting other season though the years. Season 10 was the year that I started to watch again after a couple of years from it and now I can watch at my leisure.
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