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4.0 out of 5 stars Cretins unite!!!!, August 8, 2006
This review is from: Freakery (Audio CD)
The product description that Amazon has above me is actually pretty spot-on. This cd is a kickin' blast of death metal/grind that flies by like a leafblower attached to your head. Non-stop pummeling is the name of the game here and these guys are quite ready to go toe-to-toe with some of the seasoned veterans of this genre. A nice twist is the odd lyrical content, spinning yarns about some psycho mofos and the evil deeds they perform. It all goes hand in hand with the insane artwork in the packaging making this a kind of concept album. In a good way. In a brutal, "freaky" way. This shoulda been the soundtrack for that old Troma film "Redneck Zombies".
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4.0 out of 5 stars "Freakery," indeed, October 1, 2007
This review is from: Freakery (Audio CD)
There are a lot of new grindcore bands that sound old-school, but when you stop and think about it, almost all of those bands (i.e. Aborted, Impaled, County Medical Examiners, etc.) are Carcass clones. Now, there's nothing wrong with showing homage to Carcass because they were a very important and influential grindcore band. But they were hardly the genre's originators. Thus, it is really refreshing when a band like Cretin storms onto the music scene. This Santa Cruz-based trio "defer to the masters": Repulsion and Napalm Death. In fact, their long-awaited debut, 2006's "Freakery" (which was delayed multiple times due to other musical projects and the bassist enlisting in the Marines) could be the long-lost follow up to "Horrified."

This is the kind of album that will ruin your appetite. The musicianship on display here is very tight, but not overly technical or complex. The drums are pounding and clattering at all times -- former Exhumed skinsman Col Jones drives the rhythms with an endless stream of frantic, hyper-kinetic, trigger-free blast beats and cymbal crashes. And frontman Dan Martinez's filth-caked, splatterhouse riffs blaze and steamroll full-speed ahead while he bellows truly disquisting lyrics from the bottom of his gut. Also of note, the production is a good suit for the music, because it is extremely raw, dirty, gritty, and abrasive (most black metal bands dream of having a sound like this!). Yes, Cretin are completely one-dimensional, but truth be told, that flaw is actually part of the band's fun and charm!

Cretin keep the gas pedal floored throughout this disc's thirty-minute running time. As a result, many of the tracks blend together, and almost none of them stick with the listener after they're done playing. But even if they aren't overly memorable or infectious songs, they are incredibly intense, so in no way are they easy to forget, either. If you're looking for standout tracks, check out the excellent, pummeling drums in the album's thunderous two lead off tracks ("Tooth and Claw" and "Tazer"); the amazing, head-rattling drumming, memorable, shout-worthy chorus, and hilarious lyrics of "Daddy's Little Girl"; the two careening bass (yes, bass!) solos and two scorching guitar solos that highlight "Object of Futility"; the small but deft drum solo that opens "Walking a Midget"; and the catchy, booming, lumbering, Slayer-reminiscent power chords at the beginning and end of "Mannequin."

"Freakery" is a slab of extremely uuugly, relentlessly punishing, scaldingly fast, and nightmarishly dissonant brtuality which is completely and totally devoid of melody and any other pleasantries. In other words, it is more-or-less a shining example of everything that crusty death metal/classic grindcore should be. It sure ain't an album that will appeal to everybody, but death/grind metal veterans should definitely enjoy sinking their teeth into it.
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4.0 out of 5 stars An explosive ride that won't let up., November 8, 2009
J. Barlow (Somewhere in America) - See all my reviews
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This review is from: Freakery (Audio CD)
If you like fast, heavy, and just plain unrelenting grindcore, than this album is for you! It's incredably fast, and it's just plain intense. It's actually kinda hard to sit through, because this damn thing has no melody at all, it's all just in your face screaming "I'm gonna disembowl you!" And If you don't watch out it will probably make your body collapse into itself just from the pure anger and power. Which is a good thing.
Alright this CD is short, clocking in at just about under 30 minutes, which is perfect considering the pounding you'll recieve in that short amount of time. You'll come out shaking, wondering "What the @#$% just happened?"
Well if you like brutality than this is your CD. Also it has some pretty halarious, although cringe inducing lyrics. So Enjoy!
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Freakery by Cretin (Audio CD - 2006)
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