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on October 3, 2006
Now I have been a Fred Hammond fan since the "pink" album (Commissioned's I'm going on) and I buy Fred's stuff without hearing a note. This CD is his best Praise and Worship CD since Pages of Life. The first 5 tracks are BANG'IN!!!!!!!! A fresh sound with new musicians and new singers. The is Fred better than his best! BUY IT! BUY IT! BUY IT!

Now Bro. Ruperts comments (above) are bothering me so I am editing my review! First anyone who considers anything Fred does (or has done) as "traditional" is a very mis-guided music fan or is old. I am not any relation to Fred, and I listened to every track BEFORE I wrote the review. Bro. Rupert is entitled to his opinion. And you are right only Christ is perfect and not you, so leave your personal attacks and negativity to yourself.

But back to the review...The first 5 tracks are the "praise party" tracks. You will never hear anyone do "this is the day" better than Fred has done. Lord your grace and L.O.U.D. is another heavy retotation track. On the worhsip side, "Simply put" "more of you", "no greater love", and "and we worship you" will focus you on the simple love of God.

The is Fred better than his best! BUY IT! BUY IT! BUY IT!
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on October 8, 2006
4 stars only because its fred getting somewhat back to what we first came to know fred for outside of commissioned. While the sound of this album does nothing to differentiate from the likes of Will Bonds & I.O.P and Kirk Franklin, The writing definately does, basically what we've come to expect from Fred Hammond. The Rendition of "This is The Day" is probably the way the original composer intended it to be just didn't have the foresight to make it that way. Probably the most stand out song on the album, however is "More of You". a very light mellow groove with vocals good enough to make you fall in love with God all over again.

Now for those expecting this to Be an Inner Court album, well don't get that excited. For that matter its not even The Spirit of David. While it is a Praise and Worship style cd, as i said early the sound is just like kirk and will bonds. Unfortunately he is not using Radicals for Christ on this album and it really shows. That Choir had a gift and annointing that was unparalleled by any and while the Dallas Krew is Good they just do not match RFC and the inovative sound that frad captured with that group. This is really a 3.75 album but we can't rate that way.

So basically don't expect to much of anything different from whats out there now but get ready for some excellent writing and a few good arrangements, Just Don't Expect the RFC Sound!
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on November 16, 2006
He who needs no introduction (or a lengthy one) is back with Free To Worship. A fair assessment is that chronologically the Winans, Commissioned and Kirk Franklin shaped the contemporary gospel sound over a decade or so. Mr Hammond was central to Commissioned and his influence can be heard in most recording of the US gospel genre.

Free To Worship is solid enough. But it's difficult to see creative evolution from previous albums. There are new songs (best is the classy `My Heart Is For You' tripping along confidently, `More Of You' and `Simply Put' are sweetly sincere) but, as they stand, most could have be done and presented on an album ten years ago.

So here's more of the Fred Hammond we know and love, who has blessed us no end for over two decades. But tenacious young lions have paid homage, done their apprenticeship and are fit to take over the pride. Without naming names, I've heard at least three different albums this year from such young lions that would simply eclipse this.

Make no mistake, you will enjoy Free To Worship - there's also the nice touch of a bonus DVD. But this fare no longer stands alone. If anything it lags behind quite a few releases in instrument choices and original creativity in arrangements. To coin a phrase familiar to the artist, `ordinary just wont do' - yet there's stuff around that makes Free To Worship sound ordinary.
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on October 23, 2006
It's always great to see a Legend demonstrate that he's still in the arena- I had believed that Fred had hung up his front-line battle gear in exchange for a more 'advisory' statesman role- you know ...retire, take a back seat & counsel the young 'uns while the NEW BRED, i.e. Isreal and friends, took over the front-lines.... That was... until I heard this CD!!

Not only is Fred back- but he is again on the front lines of innovative worship music which ushers us into the secret place and keeps our spirits basking in & contemplating the goodness and grace of Our Heavenly Father even after we have left it.

Man oh Man oh Man....what a joy and total refereshing it is to hear a complete album again. There are songs which will not be your immediate favourites but, they'll eventually 'sneak-up' on you and you'll find yourself waking up singing them.

Beyond the cliches and hype this latest offering is clearly from a soldier, wounded in the battle of life, but like a true soldier he's back in the theatre of war and is more formidable than ever. This is probabaly the most deeply personal of Fred's work, for obvious reasons, but he again shows us that not only is it possible to praise during the pain but that it's a pre-requisite for our very survival to do so.

You can't find this album in stores in The Bahamas today ( all sold out until November delivery- so Amazon is doing brisk expedited shipping busisiness) but if you want to drink deep and be intimate again with Our Heavenly and take hold of this album.
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on November 6, 2006
This CD is not Fred's best but it does not have to be his best to get a 5 star rating. His songs are so honest from More of You to Simply Put. There is no song on this album that I could say is the best because the album has such quality from 1-14. There is a variety of songs and it adds to a complete package with such depth. As always, his lyrics are superior to almost anybody in the gospel business. If you are thinking about it, get it because this CD is awesome.
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on December 28, 2006
I have been a fan of Fred Hammond ever since I was a little girl, and I continue to be with "Free to Worship." I listen to it at work every day, and it really helps me endure the boredom, gossip, and irritation so common in offices. When I hear phrases like "My heart will be for You, Lord" and "No matter what the day may bring to you, keep praising God," I know I can get through what seems to go on forever.

Though the CD has several strong points, especially "More of You," I don't think it compares to the genius of Fred's earlier albums. However, I do think songs like "No Weapon," "Prodigal Son," and "Glory to God" are hard-to-duplicate classics, so it's understandable. Still, FTW is solid disc with many memorable and faith-inspiring tunes. I recommend it to all.
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on December 15, 2006
This CD has marvelous lyrics which encourage my soul. I've learned to listen to lyrics before I get put off track by music which may not push my buttons right away. The lyrics make my soul soar above the daily grind while the music gives me something to move to. This is a must for those who need a lift and for those who want to worship God for who he is as well as praise God for his wondrous love. As an established Fred Hammond fan, I am quite delighted with this new CD. For those of you who may want the same ole thing, open to this new flavor and be edified. His wonderful voice and musical abilities shine.
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on February 3, 2008
Quite frankly, I make no bones about my feelings for the Man.
My family & friends know all to well how I feel about...none other than the Great PIPE PIPER OF GOSPEL MUSIC..((himself))***FRED HAMMOND***
I remember FRED HAMMOND or better yet OF his great Musical talents from back in the day.
I've being Blessed& touched by the Beautiful sounds of: COMMISSION as well as his Present musical ministry Can we say R-e-u-n-i-o-n(PLEAZZE)Now.
I'm also happbee that my children are diggin'on his OLDIES but Gospel GOODIES..FRED HAMMOND is such a musical Gift that I came to Love& treasure, enjoy with each passing of the years. Yet & still it never fails that, His immortal Spiritual youthful glimmer grow EVER more seasoned Rejuvenating & renew each year Praise God!
He's totally what the doctor order, what a therapeutic soul reviving cup of mmmmmgood Tea he is to me.
I can truly say their isn't a day that go by that I have the "gotta" have it" , my cup on Tea, the same goes without saying about this Great Gospel GIANT. He's definitely EAZZY on ears & Eyes.
"OOH...HOW MUCH DO I LOVE THEE :GOSPEL'S MUSICAL GREAT, LET ME COUNT THE WAYS...I I..haaI...think ya probably can tell..aahaa. just lil' weee...teeny bit..huh?.((giggle)) I can go on & on but I simple had needs to share my feelings about the Album SOMETHIN' BOUT LOVE..Brillant, Brilliant CD(AS IS HIS LATEST: FREE TO WORSHIP got for Christmas ,it was a child-like experience that I relived...Awesome..What a HIT) HE Like BLEW MY natural borne Mind. I cried when I heard HE LIVES & LORD YOUR GRACE, What passionate songs of Praise!!
I have hours of listening pleasure& enjoyment every sooo ((much)) song after song through years. One of my many, many favorites is .."You're Love Is" Being serenade one on one by Fred. Is the ultimate. the .woaaa Wow this song is ill..& up touchy,touchy close... oooh sooo ..Personal...hmmmh, furthermore, I feel. When those vocals come through its((caca. powwow))) ooh yeahhh it's on now[...] sharing himself with meee... What an "Musical Rarity" treasure He & his Gift sharing are. None can copy no compare. because NO one does it like Fred...the BEST..yuppp!
THANKS FRED!! please remember even when you feel at your lowest down times know this sister appreciates (((you)))May the lord always keep bless you & yours forever more in Jesus precious name!
Fred is EVER the total PIPE PIPER of Gospel music..! what a great tallented handsome man...I LOVE YOU Fred.. !!!sigh** :O) **FRED HAMMOND IS THE ONE & ONLY GOSPEL PIPE PIPER ,that truly MOVES & INTRIGUES ME**
A True Fan ;O)
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on October 22, 2006
This CD has to grow on you, when it does, it will take root and minister to your soul! I especially like "More of you" and "Simply Put". The first 5 tracks are my absolute favorites. Fred has done it again. If you are FRED Fan, I would recommend this CD. It is off the hook!
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on November 6, 2006
The songs on this record are Timeless! Tracks 1-4 are my favorites so for, but the CD as a whole is amazing. I've been a Fred fan for 15 years......This CD captures the best of Fred Hammond. Buy It! Buy It! Buy It!
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