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No fluff. Just Kindle free books for download. Updated multiple times a day. The blog now features links to free ebooks for kindle available to readers in the US, UK and other countries.

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reviewed by: AppleAllen
What Ofc. Dibble neglected to mention was there are no books here unless you're a fan of christian love srories and old books like swedish fairy tales. It's truly terrible and a waste of money.And most time you have to download from smashwords, and that's only slightly better than dealing with your local DMV. Try smash words just once... a 10 year can develop a better site. Smashwords is a hot mess in and of itself. Some books lead you to Amazon where we are told the book is onle available for download to a P.C. What's upWith that? I got my classic novels {sherlock holms,moby dick,alice in wonderland} for free, and as for the rest... I'll pay the cash. I like ordering what I really want and Kindle prices and customer service is excellent. Search for free mobi-Classics and save for the books that you really want. You won't find Stieg larsson or Stehanie Meyer on Free Booksfor Kindle. Please remember cancelling is a pain in the ass. You have to go to the Manage your content on kindle section on your PC, or call up in person. Deleti ng this blog on your Kindle unit says its deleted for good... but next day it pops up again. Trust me, It sticks!
P.S. Officer Dibble is one of the main contributors to the blog, so there is a conflict of i terest.
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I've spent a LOT of time sorting through the free books available on Amazon, but this blog is the best ebook freebie blog I've seen yet. There is a separate post for titles in a particular genre. So if you're looking for thriller novels, they're all together. Erotica? All together. Romance? Yep, all there for you.

As another reviewer said, I don't understand what all the complaints are about, either. Why are people complaining about the book selection? The blogger has no control over what books are available for free on any given day. Why blame him? To try it for a day or two and assume that there is "only" a certain type of book listed on there is a little strange. It's not like the guy can say "hey, there's no thrillers today, so I guess I'll just make up some fake thriller titles." My first day on the blog, I found cook books, parenting books, history books, religious fiction, thrillers, erotica, romance, and some mostly boring-looking non-fiction books. That's just a brief sampling. There were literally a hundred books that day, maybe even over two hundred. Maybe some of these reviewers just checked the blog on slow days? I'm not disparaging their opinions or experiences, just merely pointing out that I definitely have had a good experience on the blog, and found some great books, including some freebie books on writing, so perhaps they needed to give it more of a chance.

I found a bunch of books on the blog that were in genres I'm interested in, but never think to do a search for. But when you see the blog title, you think "oh hey, I haven't read one of those in a while" and you can often find something good. There's a reason this book is (as of this writing)ranked #633 in the entire Kindle store. It's a time saver, if you give it a chance.
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I really don't understand all the complaints. I've used this blog for over a year now and have none. I also have a back log of over 750 books I've downloaded, for free, just waiting for me to read. I could have downloaded many, many more. Not one of them is a romance novel or ancient Swedish poetry. Good job to Chris-keep up the good work. Thanks so much.
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I've found this daily blog to be an excellent resource for free Kindle ebooks. There are books available in more than 20 categories every day, including poetry, cooking, politics, religion, horror, sci-fi, romance, thrillers, and books for children.

The problem is that Kindle Touch devices (and perhaps others, I'm just aware of how it works on my device) only display the 9 or 10 most recent entries. Each category in this blog is conveniently separated into is own section, but that also means that unless you are watching like a hawk as the blog is updated in real time, you're going to miss out on over half of the day's offerings. It's typically updated between 4:00 and 10:00 am eastern time, so you really need to be surfing it frantically by 6:00 am before the first group of categories disappear.

It's also pretty easy to use. Each entry has a description of the ebook and active links to Kindle stores in multiple countries. Just click the link of the book you want and add it to your wish list. Then, after you've selected all the free books you want to download, go to your Amazon account and download them from your wish list with one click for each book.

A lot of the books are self-published and many of them are, to put it bluntly, crap, but they are free so you're not risking any financial loss if you don't like them. Just delete unwanted books from your device and check again the next day. There are some real gems to be found and it's a rare day in which I don't find at least one book I want to read. Of course I first browsed through the free books listed by Amazon and downloaded the ones I wanted, but after you've been through their list of 1000 or so books, they all look the same. I don't have that problem with this blog.
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