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on February 22, 2013
I LOVE my workouts on this treadmill. I never imagined that I'd say this, but I actually look forward to getting on the treadmill each day because I know I'll get to see somewhere new on my google maps run. I've run/walked in Hawaii, New Orleans, Australia, and Japan in the first few weeks, plus I created my own map through my neighborhood. SO cool! Plus the treadmill automatically adjusts the incline to match the area in which you're walking/running. Wow!

I read about the difficulties some people had installing this treadmill so I decided to spend the $125 to get it assembled professionally. Money well spent. TV and internet hook ups were done correctly and I can use both with no problem. The TV is hooked into my Dish network and I can use my Dish DVR on the treadmill TV.

Instant speed and incline buttons work well.
Deck is reasonably quiet, although it's just a little noisier than I'd like as it goes up and down
Seems like it's getting quieter as I use it more
Shock absorption is adequate, better than some and not as good as others I've used.

1) Love the fan. It's got 5 settings and it keeps me cool.
2) The ipod hookup plugs right in and the speakers are astonishingly good for treadmill speakers. Better than some car radios I've heard.
3) IFit has its pros and cons.
Pros--one year free membership included in treadmill purchase cost. As I stated above, you can use google maps street view and run/walk anywhere google has maps. I like that you can create your own map. Also, the "compete" feature is cool--you can race others in the iFit community on the same routes. Tracking your workouts is automatic and you can program your treadmill to automatically login to iFit (manual clearly explains how to do this)
Cons--IFit customer service is inadequate. There are Jillian Michaels and Elizabeth Hasselbeck workouts that I "joined" for free on my iFit account, but they have yet to appear as options on my treadmill. It's weird because the google maps, competitions, and tracking (referenced in pros above) all interface effortlessly with my computer and treadmill. Despite calls and e-mails to IFit, I cannot get a response to address this issue.
4) The decline feature is you're running downhill. After a tough incline, you can simulate getting to the top and coasting downhill.
5) Reading shelf and water bottle spaces are perfect!

Bottom Line: I recommend this treadmill for people (like me) who need to be entertained in order to exercise. Don't be cheap. Spend the money for professional installation, as this is an investment in your fitness. Embrace the awesome features of iFit and google maps, but don't be surprised if some of the iFit features aren't what you hoped for. I WOULD recommend this to a friend.
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on November 13, 2012
We did not order thru amazon, but wanted to write a review for the freemotion 790. My husband and I settled with this treadmill after reading reviews after reviews of treadmills out there in our price range. The treadmill was shipped 3 days after we placed the order, but it actually took 2 weeks before we received the merchandise at our doorstep. The delay was unavoidable due to Sandy, so we will not put any blame on anybody.

We opted to pay for the assembly fee - a little pricey, but well worth the money. No aggravation on missing parts, no frustration on following directions, and best of all no arguements between husband and wife. A team of two people came the following day after the trucker delivered the package. It took them approximately an hour and a half to get it assembled.

After the assembly crew left, we immediately set-up the internet connection, calibrated the machine and updated the firmware. No problem connecting to the internet, it was really easy. It runs quiet. After setting up our account with ifit, I am able to take advantage of all that has to offer - or least those that I am interested at the moment, but I do intend to try them one at a time. For now, I have created 3 maps - these are the routes that I normally take when I'm out running. Today, I tried running my route when I visit my sister in Dallas. All I can say is WOW! Using the google maps, I saw familiar landmarks along the way as I made progress. The incline and decline was automatically adjusted to simimulate the relative elevation of the road. It was really fun.

The tablet is not pressure sensitive, so a light tap is all that's needed. Adjusting the speed and incline is easy with one touch, and the machine responds pretty well. The fan is helpful, esp on long runs, although I must say that it feels that it will not last too long.

- Many on-board work-outs (if you don't have internet access), I think there is about 32.
- With, there's lots more you can download
- machine is quiet and responsive
- long running deck
- I'm really excited about the ifit features. I can virtually run and compete with my sister, even if we are thousands of miles apart. I've tried it and it actually works. You need to make sure you have a dependable wi-fi in your house to fully take advantage of this application. I understand ifit needs a subscription after a year, but with all the features you get, it could be worth the money. You can create up to 4 users in one account.

- It takes awhile to get an accurate heart rate reading. Not a big deal, you'll just need to hang on to the sensor a little longer.
- The tip of my shoes would sometimes hit the hood on the front deck. This is only problem on the first few minutes of the workout when I'm warming up. When I start running, I tend to run a little farther back.
- Everytime we use the treadmill, the volume resets to the highest setting. Annoying, since we had to lower the volume every time its used.
- Fan is really helpful, although, it feels that it will break anytime. For now it works. Not worried at this point. This treadmill has a standard lifetime warranty on motor and frame, 5 year parts and 2 years labor.

Overall, I love this treadmill so far, we hope to get the most out of it in the years to come. Highly recommend it. very solid and stable.
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on November 2, 2013
Verified Purchase
Update: March 2014

About two weeks into using our treadmill last November, we started having issues with the incline function that appeared to be software-based, not mechanical, in nature. As best we can tell, the Android tablet that controls the treadmill got borked during a firmware update, and we were unable to calibrate the incline, and eventually, the tablet failed to control the treadmill at all (and the manual controls were unresponsive). Icon Fitness's customer service was quick to respond to my e-mail requests for help at every step - but we had many steps to go through that I describe here so that others are prepared.

The initial response, as I said, was quick (next morning), and consisted of Icon saying that we needed to reset the tablet, which would entail them sending us an SD card we needed to insert into the tablet before rebooting it. Sounds easy, right?

First, no one in shipping got the message about sending us the SD card, despite my receiving an order confirmation; I waited the quoted 5-7 (business) days for order fulfillment, and the additional 5-7 (business) days for shipment before writing to ask where the SD card was. It became clear it never shipped; my second request resulted in my receiving the card a mere three days later via USPS. So we've lost almost three weeks at this point.

Second, I open the "instructions" for accessing the tablet to do this brain transplant procedure. They basically consist of an exploded diagram of the entire control panel, inside of which is buried the tablet we're supposed to access. My fiancé and I unscrewed about six screws and then decided we weren't getting anywhere close. At this point, I also decided that I did not want to go further because I didn't want to goof something up and then risk being told that our warranty wouldn't be honored because we mucked around in the thing and broke it ourselves. So I e-mail Icon again, explain how unsuitable the proposed solution is, and ask them to send out an authorized repair person. They responded immediately, and without question called the local repair company, who got back to me to make an appointment. Again, customer service is very responsive, but it was pretty clear that they wanted to first try to get me to solve the problem so they wouldn't have to pay the repair service.

So another week passes before the local repair guy can get to us. He is very cordial and professional, but is stunned himself at the complexity of what is required to access the tablet to do this procedure - basically you have to disassemble the entire control panel. He gets into it, does the firmware changeout, puts it all back together, plugs it in, and...the thing literally starts smoking. A circuit board on the lower panel has fried (and it STINKS). Fortunately, the repair guy sees the potential for a (more) drawn out process, and he requests both a new control panel (not just tablet), and new lower panel (essentially, ALL of the electronic panels/parts). I'm told (and believe based on the order receipts) that these parts, purchased as replacements, are more expensive than the whole treadmill cost. Thank goodness for the warranty, and again, for Icon's responsive customer service, who didn't bat an eyelash at replacing these incredibly expensive parts.

Now we're well into the first of the new year at this point (holidays are a tough time for everyone's schedule, and I travel, so I'm being patient), but we've now been missing our treadmill for two months. As responsive as Icon was at every step, I'm still disappointed that they were not more proactive in checking on the status of the repairs, instead waiting for me to contact them. Anyway, the replacement parts show up, the repair guy comes back and installs them (basically giving us a brand new treadmill aside from the frame, belt, and motor), and finally our treadmill is working again.

Since the repairs, the treadmill has behaved almost perfectly - a couple of reboots, but nothing serious - we've been using it an average of ~4x/week for the last couple of months. The treadmill is as enjoyable as I initially described. I'll also note that since the repairs, the fan seems to have a lot more gumption - this makes me think the weak performance I originally described below was related to some flaw in the original electronics/controller.

Lastly, I made a point of telling Icon that I was disappointed (during the repair period) to lose out on my iFit trial. They told me they would re-initiate my 30-day trial once the unit was working again. Because the repairs took SO long in our case, they were true to their word and actually gave us a free YEAR of iFit. So again, despite being reactive rather than proactive, Icon's customer service was nonetheless very rapid to respond and focused on resolving our problems; I never got questioned, or encountered resistance.

My recommendation stands - I would buy this treadmill again. However, I would offer the following advice to other purchasers:

1) If you encounter any warranty issues, immediately request on-site service from an authorized repair service; don't do anything yourself that requires disassembly.
2) Expect that you will need to be proactive about contacting Icon Fitness customer service, but they will be responsive and solution-oriented.
3) Seriously consider investing in the extended warranty that comes in the box. I usually assume these are money makers for the company, but my repair guy pointed out the cost of the electronic replacement components and said that the peace of mind would undoubtedly be worth the extra few hundred dollars even if we never used the extended warranty (and it would be a huge savings if we do).


Original Review:

[I'm going to follow the outline of another reviewer for simplicity.]

I'm very pleased we purchased the FreeMotion 790 treadmill. Of all the various types of workout equipment, I've always been a treadmill person, so I'm just happy to finally have one of my own (rather than just using them in hotels on business trips). But this treadmill has been particularly fun because of the iFit feature. There's just something really entertaining about having Google StreetView images of pre-selected places all over the world, with automatic incline adjustments to match the terrain. And it's fun to make up my own hikes in places I don't want to hike outdoors in winter or that are unsafe on foot (e.g., mountain canyon roads) - elevation data is automatically pulled from Google Maps so that I can just hike/run without worrying about manually adjusting the incline.

NOTE: As of the date of our purchase (October 2013), there is no longer a free 1-year iFit subscription with the purchase of the treadmill. However, a quick online chat with the folks at FreeMotion netted me an activation code for a 30-day free trial of iFit, which my fiancé and I are taking full advantage of. There are a lot of free, pre-canned workouts to download.

Installation: My fiancé did the installation himself. No missing parts, no problems, & took about 2.5 hours. Everything fit and the quality of the assembled unit is quite good (as one would hope at this price point). The only thing to know is that even before assembly, the main belt and motor section weigh a metric ton (or at least it feels like it), and two men barely got it up the one and a half flights of stairs to our home office - carrying the thing to its final location was a workout in itself.

Walking/Running: The deck is quite long - my 6'-tall fiancé has no trouble running full-out. I (5'4") tend to want to walk a little closer to the control panel, and I have to be careful not to clip the front cover of the deck with my toes; but the good news is that although I've been making myself walk/run a bit farther back than I'm inclined to, there's plenty of deck behind me. You can alter incline/decline and speed using either the touchscreen (which is impressively sensitive to touch - no pushing required) or the panel on the unit. There are many different views available in terms of monitoring your distance traveled, calories burned or rate, incline and speed history, etc. For downloaded or created map-based workouts, you can view the map, the StreetView, or the satellite view. I was impressed by how quiet the unit is overall in terms of motor volume. The unit beeps each time you change the speed and the incline; for downloaded/created workouts with variable incline, this might be annoying if incline is changing a lot, but I suppose it's there as a warning if you're not watching the indicator. I haven't tried to find out if there's a "silent" mode because it hasn't bothered me that much. I enjoy the fact that there is a decline capability (up to -3°) because this makes for a more realistic hike/run. There's plenty of space for book/magazine/iPad and water bottles. There's also a TV, which we haven't bothered to connect, but you can connect it to your cable, antenna, or other device (we'll probably attach a DVD player or Apple TV) if you prefer to watch news, movies, etc. while you exercise.

Other features: The fan works well and is quiet but it doesn't blow your hair back. I haven't used the chest strap for heart rate monitoring; the hand-grips seem to be hit-and-miss in terms of accuracy. The treadmill is labeled "iPod compatible" but this just means that you can plug your iPod/iPhone/iPad in so that the sound runs through the speakers of the treadmill. I've already alluded to the iFit feature - so far, I have had zero problems with connecting to iFit, subscribing to workouts, downloading the workouts, etc. The integration with Google Maps/StreetView has been very good in my experience so far - perhaps the issues (growing pains?) that seem to have plagued other users in the past have been largely resolved. Another nice feature of iFit is that it keeps track of your workouts and sends them to the iFit site, which you can access from any computer (and set up goals, schedule workouts, etc.). If you're into the whole social thing, you can compete with other iFit users, follow other users, interact with other users in online forums, etc. I haven't had occasion to call iFit customer support yet, so I can't comment on that. I do have a question though, which is whether or not purchased iFit programs go away if you end your iFit subscription. Most of the for-purchase workouts are in the $5 - $15 range, so if you use them a half-dozen times or more, you've probably gotten your money's worth, but it would be nice to know in advance if you can keep something you pay for, or if you only have access to it as long as you subscribe to the whole service. Maybe I'll call them and report back here.

In summary: RECOMMENDED.
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on March 16, 2014
I purchased the 790 from a local store and I was very close to purchasing it here with Prime. However When it was delivered it did not turn on, we had to work with customer service and it took two weeks to send out the wrong parts. Then again the company shipped part of the parts order (per the warrantee repair) and for some reason free motion canceled part of the order what was the part I needed, so after three and a half weeks I still have a treadmill that has never turned on. I was told by the company to return the treadmill and have a new one delivered I still have nothing as I wait on the delivery people.

I will update this rating when the replacement arrives, but it is sad that it took a month to declare that this was DOA. The service was so-so, given that they shipped the wrong parts the first time and then candled the second parts order for no reason that they could explain. I hope to have a working treadmill this week and will provide more feedback when it arrives and works.

On the upside, the TV did work right away, so there were some upsides :-)
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on April 30, 2014
I bought this treadmill from Sports Authority last October. I paid the extra to have someone assemble it for me. (They assembled it fine but gouged my hardwood floors in the process.) The wrong mounting bracket for the TV had been included. I was told that a new bracket would be sent and that a technician would call me to set up appointment to install it.By the end of November nothing had happened. So I called ICON and in my first call, after a long wait time, I was told I could just put it on myself. This entailed also installing the TV. Since I had paid for full assembly, I declined and was transferred to be on hold for a long time to talk to someone else. She asked if I could call back the next day as the person she needed to talk to was not available. So I called the next day...and they were closed! I called back the day after and after yet another long hold was told that a technician would be calling me within 5 business days to schedule the final assembly. I was also given the number of the technician in my area to call in case I did not hear anything. Not only did I not hear anything but when I did call the number they knew nothing about it. So ANOTHER call to ICON and eventually the appointment was made and someone came out and mounted/hooked up the TV monitor. BUT in the mean time I received a console display screen in the mail! I called and ICON had no idea why and told me to just give it to the technician. Now fast forward to April. I did a firmware update and the incline stopped returning to 0 when I finished a workout. So AGAIN I foolishly contacted ICON and was told this was a firmware update issue and they sent me out a flash drive with instructions on how to use it to fix the problem. When it arrived I was a bit nervous to use it as I have not had the best of luck with ICON regarding this machine. But against my better judgment I used it and it froze my treadmill. So guess what? I called ICON and after an extended period of dealing with Garrett, I was told that there was nothing that could be done other than to MAIL me a reprogramming disc. (I asked him if this was a known issue and he admitted that they had been having firmware update issues.)This was Friday, April 25, 2014, and he said I would receive it on the following Tuesday, April 29, 2014. I told him that was not acceptable and that I wanted it shipped overnight since they were the ones that broke my machine. Garrett stated that they did not do overnight shipping and that he could not do anymore than what he had done. Of course this was unacceptable and I requested to speak to a supervisor. After being put on hold he came back and said that he could get it to me by Monday. I told him that I am in training and that I needed the treadmill to keep on track with my training. I live in Seattle and that weekend we were having a wind and rain storm that did not make it conducive to be outside. So I again requested to speak to a manager and was finally transferred to Matt. Matt is very good at being very sympathetic and stated he knew how frustrated he would be BUT they did not do any type of fast or overnight shipping and Monday was the best as the order had to be put in and that took 24hrs to process. Really? Really? I was left with no alternative but to wait until Monday.......Tuesday.....and then Wednesday when the reprogramming card arrived. This is a machine that I paid over $2000 for, paid for assembly and bought the extended warranty. And I have no confidence or trust in them. I would seriously thing twice before you buy this machine. And I would first call Customer Service of any company that you are thinking of buying a machine from, see what the wait times are and just talk to one of their reps to see what kind of feel you get for how they treat people. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
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on January 13, 2012
Verified Purchase
We rec'd the Freemotion 790 this morning and was excited to get it into our guest bedroom and begin putting it all together. The assembling has been for the most part pretty good with detailed instructions. Unfortunately however, all but the TV monitor fits. The 4 screw holes do not line up between the TV monitor and the there is no way to properly install the TV monitor on the treadmill. I triple checked the instructions...It's been 2 hrs and I'm still at it. It's gotta work, as I do not plan on disassembling it and having them pick it up, exchanging it, etc etc, bla bla bla. So this is more of a review comment for FreeMotion that they need to ensure that the holes between parts line up, especially the TV monitor with the treadmill for the 790. UPDATE - Tried again this morning with no luck. Now I'm on hold with FreeMotion's Customer Service....29 mins and counting.
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on July 15, 2014
I have had this treadmill for 8 months and I have had to get it repaired 3 times already. It is still under warranty, but to get service you have to call a company in Utah and wait for 30 minutes or more for someone to answer. They seem to be more interested in training an army of customer technicians than providing a repair service. You must have a screw driver in hand while they have you take the machine apart in order to diagnose the problem. In 3 out of 3 cases, the long distance diagnosis was not correct, but I still had to wait for a week or two for the (wrong) parts to be delivered. Only then can you set up an appointment with a technician who can correctly diagnose the problem and fix it. I am beyond frustrated. The machine is nice in concept, but it doesn't work!
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on June 5, 2012
Verified Purchase
My husband and i purchased this treadmill in March but only just got a chance to set it up. Assembly is required - 2 people are needed for this. The instructions are very detailed and all the necessary parts were there. The only thing extra that my husband needed was a screwdriver. I had this item shipped to outside the US SO I was very worried about missing / incorrect parts / parts that didn't fit. I really haven't found anything wrong with the treadmill at all!

We actually chose this product after looking at it in a sports store in a mall in Miami (worked out cheaper to buy it on Amazon). The treadmill connected to my wireless very easily. The iFit Live program can email the details of my workout to me as soon as you complete the workout (just type in your email address). You can browse the internet, connect an ipod and much more. There is also an HDMI connection. It's a really fun treadmill and there's lots to do while on it.
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on December 24, 2014
Verified Purchase
We got the unit and it was a bear to assemble. We finally completed it. We tested the functions and all seemed well. However, the incline would NOT calibrate. The fan control, which initially worked, now is unresponsive. I cannot get the belt to move either. I am unable to workout at all. I did all the troubleshooting in the manual. The TV and monitor are fine. Those menu's have no issues. The fan, belt, and all the controls below the main monitor do NOT work at all. I reset to factory settings and tried to re-calibrate, no luck. I will place a call to customer service after Christmas.
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on March 18, 2014
I usually don't write reviews, but I really had to warn other people about how bad this product can be. Maybe I bought a lemon, it seems other people have had better luck. But I bought this treadmill in late Oct. 2013. It arrived in mid Nov. 2013. I hired a company called Active Fitness to install it. I have received two defective displays since. It's March and I am waiting for my third display. The volume does work properly and the miles don’t work at all after using the machine three or so times. I have never had such a bad experience with any workout equipment ever! I was just wondering if I am the only person with this experience?
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