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on August 9, 2009
To cut to the chase, I'm a 50+ yr old lady mountain biker who, like any mortal, must use the great outdoors when nature calls during a ride. Unfortunately my joints have been giving me grief about deep knee bends. Recently the knees simply said, "No more". So I purchased my Freshette reluctantly, out of desperation. There is a bit of a learning curve-- stay with it because Freshette works better outdoors than in! Now that I have my routine down I can whip that puppy out (of my hydration pack) and take a leak about as quick as any dude. No more searching for the perfect secluded spot to squat, no more twigs in my shorts, no anxiety about someone seeing my bare behind. PRO TIP: I keep my Freshette wrapped in a clean bandana and then stored in a plastic bag within my hydration pack. After each use, I shake out the Freshette & rinse it with a little H2O b4 stowing it back in my pack wrapped in the bandana. The bandana also provides bonus frontal (modesty) coverage so I can "do my thing" in a relatively care-free way. Ahhh.. :)
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VINE VOICEon June 4, 2009
To be perfectly honest, I've only used it 4 times and it functioned exactly as it's advertised to do. My husband was at first a little apprehensive about his wife going like he does but he's gotten used to the idea now. Besides, that's his problem. However, it will not work with tight clothing. I tried it while wearing a tight pair of jeans and no way was I able to get it "placed" into position without dropping trow at least a little bit. Loose, baggy pants or shorts is about the only way to go with this thing. And I doubt you'll be able to write your name in the snow like the guys can because they have the real thing with much better control. The tube in the "Freshette" is much, much larger in circumference than a male's urethra and no matter how full your bladder is and how much muscle power you give it, your stream will be just a pour out at best. No shooting zings of pee like they can do ~sorry~ But still you get to pee standing up without having to pull your pants down and squat! Yea!

And the reason I'm giving it 4 stars instead of five is 1.) It's really over-priced for what you get. It's just a narrowed plastic funnel with a plastic tube attached at the end for cryin' out loud. It shouldn't cost more than ten or twelve dollars. But, necessity sometimes overrules the cost. 2.) I'm not crazy about the princess pink color. It's just too girlie for me. Maybe tie-dyed or cammo, or just plain blue but pink is......just to girlie. And 3.) My artificial whizzer tube bends rather severely to the right causing me to be extra careful with my aim.

We are planning several camping trips this summer and I will certainly report back as to how it works out in the great outdoors. Though, my tests over the inside toidy seem to indicate it will work just fine outside. Also, I have two young daughters so I will see how it works with kids. And I really wished I had one of these things while in China for those months we traveled there. On the positive side though, at least I developed some mighty fine thigh muscles!

UPDATE 6/30/09

We went on a week-long camping trip last week and I used my "Freshette" many times. It was very nice being able to walk a few yards from the tent late at night and "go" without having to walk all the way down to the smelly outhouse. Then, when we emptied a half-gallon milk jug I was able to use it with my "Freshette" and not even leave the tent. Also, on a very long all-day hike I and my seven year old daughter used it and it worked great for her as well. Just rinse it off with bottled water and put it back into a zip-loc back and voila! you're ready for next time. I did wash it out with soap and water real good when I got back to camp.
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on June 28, 2010
While deployed to Iraq and recently Afghanistan, I used this product ALL OF THE TIME. The initial use was a little strange because peeing standing up is just so wrong. I tried it in the bathroom first as not to have mishaps while out in Baghdad. This thing is WONDERFUL. Wearing all that gear and sweating and having a thigh holster made it almost impossible to safely go to the bathroom. This thing is so great, I wish it was standard issue to the females with whom I work. I purchased this one for my mother in-law for her missionary trips to India. I would give this 10 stars if I could.
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on February 1, 2010
The third time is a charm. Prior to trying the Freshette, I had also tried two other feminine urinary directors (F.U.D.), one of which was an odd-shaped purple one whose name rhymes with "biz". I did not like either one. I wanted to try the Freshette because it had great reviews and I liked the design. The trough is what sold me. No leakage here, unlike with the purple device. Also, I do not need to disrobe or drop my pants to use this device. Just unzip your fly, pull your panties aside, and position the trough against your body. A few tips: You will want to stand with your feet slightly apart and thrust your hips forward (this helps direct the flow of pee more towards the front of the trough and not away from it towards the back). Peeing standing up is fun thanks to the Freshette!
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on January 5, 2009
My husband and I have really gotten into hiking, however I would always limit the duration of the hike because of the fear of having to go to the bathroom outdoors. Some of the trails we go to have alligators in the area, and I'm really too scared to wander too far into the brush. This product is the answer. I can finally pee standing up! LOL...what a concept.

I just got the product today and with great trepidation decided to give it a whirl. I stood over the toilet (clearly expecting to make a mess of the bathroom and my shorts), pulled the leg of my shorts off to the side, did the same thing with my underwear, put the Freshette in place and let loose! Didn't spill a drop...amazing. I'm probably getting too detailed, but I know that I appreciate details when I'm reading reviews. If you wear a pantyliner wiping isn't really necessary. I know this sounds gross, but if you're out on a trail and your hot, sweaty and doesn't really matter. Rinse the Freshette with some water, wrap it in a papertowel and place it in a ziplock and clean it when you get home. I also think that if you wear loose, baggy shorts you can just pull them aside with the least hassle. I haven't tried them with tighter pants/shorts yet, but I imagine that with some practice it will be just as easy. You can really urinate without showing any skin or having to squat in some unsightly fashion.
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on February 26, 2014
Ok, just a warning, I'm going to go into details here because I find that when I read reviews, that helps the most when you're clueless about things.

I got this several days ago for my upcoming inca trail hike. It's always a pain to find some secluded spot when you're hiking and especially if there are no bare grounds, with short hard weeds growing out of the ground...MAN, it's annoying when they started poking your bottoms when your pants are down.

Then there's the part whereby you ALWAYS have to use TP and find a bag to store them and take them out of the national parks. Guys can just flick their thing a few times and be done with their business.

I tried this over the toilet bowl without pants/panties for the 1st try. I decided to pull the additional skin (the labi*, they didn't allow me to post this without censoring that word) apart to minimize any possible leakage/spillage.
2nd and subsequent tests, I had everything on, unzipped, pulled panties to one side, pulled additional skin apart and placed Freshette firmly against "down there". At the end, I would pull Freshette forward and capture any remaining drops of pee. I tested with a TP and hardly had any residue left! So I guess if you had a panty liner on, TP wouldn't be necessary.
After you're done, just rinse it with water.

2 things I didn't like was that at the start, pee would shoot forward, but as the strength wanes, pee wouldn't travel straight, it would zig zag through the plastic tube and shoot left and right. Another thing was that for toilet bowls, depending on how yours is like, if the standing water is quite high then your legs might receive some "showers" as your pee rebounces off the standing water. I haven't tried it without the tube though, not sure that I would because with the long tube, it gives me more confidence that it would shoot further out and away from my legs.

Secondly, it's kind of bigger than I expected it to be! Definitely not inconspicuous. If I'm going to take it out while hiking, it's going to be obvious although the opaque ziploc bag they provided does help a little.

Overall, it's a good product. I do find it expensive though!

I'll edit this post if there are any further updates after I'm done with my Inca Trail :)
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on July 2, 2013
I'm a long distance backpacker and I've tried two other types of female urinary devices to date. The first was basically like one of those children's medicine measuring devices with the end cut off. You know, those spoon-like devices attached to a dead end measuring tube? For me at least, his FUD was not good because it required a very exact placement and a very tight seal to avoid an accident. Need I say that I had MANY of these before giving up on this one? There's nothing worse than having to hike in pee soaked pants and let's not even talk about accidents in the tent!

The second one I tried was much better. It had a much larger "funnel" portion, allowing for a wider margin for error in placement, however, it still required a very tight, complete seal to avoid accidents because the depth and volume of the funnel couldn't accommodate the volume of urine output and drain fast enough to avoid overflowing when you had a really full bladder. Therefore it HAD to be completely sealed against your skin all around it's edges or an accident was inevitable. With the first version, even though it was miniscule by comparison, it made it much easier to get that exact and complete seal (assuming that you got your urethral opening inside of it! But this second version was large enough to be crossing over a lot more territory - more folds and creases if you will - making it just about impossible to get that perfect seal on a routine basis.

FINALLY I've found a FUD that has a funnel large enough to be assured of proper placement while wide and deep enough to allow for the release of a very full bladder without overflowing the funnel itself. Therefore, even if you don't manage to have it sealed directly against your skin all the way around it, it still won't lead to an accident! I've only used it a hand full of times yet, so I'm sure it's still possible to manage having an accident in an awkward situation, but there's NO question that this one is far and away the best design of the three FUD's I've tried. I'm taking it out on the trail today and will downgrade this if it isn't as great as I think it is now. Otherwise, you can be sure this one is a winner!

Oh, PS - It also has the longest extension out from the body of any of these three that I've tried, but it is the one part of the design that could be an issue if you're not careful to seat it snugly before using it. So while the collapsible design allows for the longer drain tube while still making it compact to pack into the little plastic bag, you MUST make sure you pull it out tightly so that the tube is sealed for use!
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on November 22, 2015
I've used this most of the summer. It's great when I'm out kayak and hiking. There isn't always a place to hide my butt on the river or out in the woods for that matter. You would think woods would provide cover, but as an outdoor woman you know this isn't always without consequences (hello thing poking me from underneath). The biggest challenge I have found is that it's hard to make yourself pee standing up (retraining required). It's even harder if it turns out you have to do more than pee. I don't know if it's all that water I'm drinking on the river or if I'm not relieving myself all the way, but I feel like I have to go twice as much. I'm sure once my retraining period is over I'll have the hang of it.

I have told others about my weenis. At least those who aren't grossed out easily. Everyone seems to be curious in some manner. I wish I knew about these things years ago. I've only met one person that didn't like the idea of a woman peeing standing up. I think it was hard for him to comprehend. It's just a vagina shaped funnel with a tube. How hard could it be to understand? lol

I've only had one "accident" so far and it was my fault. I was trying to use on a long road trip. We got on a huge mile(s) long bridge over a bay, and that's when my bladder decided not to take it any longer. So I grabbed a bottle and gave this a shot. It didn't end Thankfully there were clean pants available and rubber mats. I don't think I got any on the car. It just leaked a bit from an improper seal. In retrospect I probably need to press the back more into my crevasse, and I definitely needed to lean more forward to let gravity do it's duty. Probably would have also helped to push the seat all the way back and kneel on the floor (not sure this is possible) instead of a hover like stance I took.

I docked a start because this unit would be better with some type of hard case. It would be easier to clean and wouldn't wear out like a bag does. The bag has held up, but that was one summer. I will be searching for something more durable. It's just better when that comes from the manufacture because only you can can make it form fit and efficiently small.

Update: I just found a case for it on Amazon and it fits perfectly without taking up much added space: Plastic Jewelry Rectangle Case Box Holder Container 5.7" x 3.5" x 1.6". See attached pictures for how it fits.
review image review image
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on May 16, 2014
OK, so I feel a little silly saying I LOVE a FUD, but I really do! I know I read here that you should practice at home before relying on this in the field, but I really don't think it is necessary. This FUD is almost full-proof. Yes, it probably is over priced for a plastic funnel with a 6 inch hose attached, but I don't regret my purchase one bit!

I also have a SheWee. I thought I really loved it too - until I got the Freshette! Now, I LIKE the SheWee, but I LOVE the Freshette. Now, back to the 'practice' advice - if you do buy the SheWee, I absolutely recommend practicing (a lot) at home, before using it in the field, but with the Freshette there is really no thought process or precise positioning required. Just place it in the general area and empty your bladder.

I initially purchased the SheWee over the Freshette for three reasons. First, I thought that the Freshette was a LOT bigger, but it really is not. The Freshette IS some what bigger, but it is not too big to prevent discretion. I can easily use the Freshette with only unzipping the fly of most jeans (I wear my jeans loose). If you wear tight jeans you might have to unbutton. With the SheWee, you have to get the positioning and angle of the FUD in such a way that I cannot get away with just unzipping the fly. Don't misunderstand - I DO like my SheWee too, and you can certainly use it discretely (IF you are careful), but not as discretely as the Freshette. The Freshette allows use without any exposure at all - unless you are wearing tight pants, or pants without a fly.

Second, the SheWee has one advantage over the Freshette - The SheWee is manufactured with a coating on the plastic that makes liquid easier to shake off of the device. The Freshette does not have this coating and can not be dried as quickly. With the SheWee, three or four vigorous shakes and any water that you have used to rinse it with just flies off of it, making it dry to return to where ever you are storing it. This is not the case with the Freshette. You can shake, tap, or even beat it against a stick, yet water droplets will still remain. Now if you are just out camping and can leave it out to dry for a few minutes it will dry, but that may not be ideal for many situations. Which brings me to my third reason for initially buying the SheWee…

The SheWee comes with a case to carry it in. The Freshette does not, it comes with ziplock type baggie. Well, what I did not realize when I purchased the SheWee is the hard case is big - in my opinion, the SheWee in the hard case is bigger than the Freshette in the baggie LOL.

So, in summation… the SheWee is smaller, repels liquid better, and easier to pack (without the case). However, you do need to pay attention to the placement of the device and have more room between the SheWee and your clothing to achieve the right angle to prevent an accident. The more clothing you have on, the more challenging it is to prevent accidents. It is almost impossible to achieve proper placement of the SheWee without SLIGHT exposure of yourself. If you are fairly coordinated, I would think it would be possible to use the SheWee with an empty bottle as a collector, but that would take some more practice! (I have not tried this) Even using the extension tube (included with the deluxe set) you still must maintain the correct positioning and angle of the SheWee.

The Freshette is so easy to position that no proper placement or angles need be contemplated. It is a little bigger than the SheWee, but I feel that this is why it is so much easier to use without having an accident. Depending on your clothing, it is possible to use the Freshette without exposing yourself at all. The Freshette does take more time to dry after use. Liquid can start oozing from the tube in many directions at once when the flow is weak, but this should only be an issue if you are using a toilet. [just be a sweetie and wipe the seatie]. Using a bottle as a collector should be no problem with the Freshette - just place the end of the hose in the bottle. Finally the Freshette costs more than any of the other FUD's that are offered here on Amazon.

No matter which FUD you decide on - a final scrape forward will remove any excess liquid from your body as efficiently as using tissue.

Everyone should look at their own expectations and requirements, but for me - my only regret is that I didn't just go ahead and spend the extra money for the Freshette initially. I will still keep the SheWee somewhere to use if the Freshette is not available, but I can easily say that I would not hesitate to purchase another Freshette should something happen to this one!
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on November 18, 2012
I love camping and all the outdoor activities for every season! So I bought Go Girl thinking it would work and it hasn't. I was very disappointed in what I got. Yes, Go Girl is pink, it gives you some toilet paper and a little bag to put it in, and folds nicely away. But it is flimsy, the hole is not very big where the pee leaves and if you have to pee really bad, the pee overflows because it holds very little.
NOW....Freshette is the best. I have been looking for something like this. I have looked at other funnels, but this one has worked the best. First of all, the funnel part is hard! It won't move or bend. It fits nicely between the legs. Second, the tube is long enough and has a big enough hole at the end that you can pee a lot and it won't spill over. The nice thing about this is when you wear jeans, pj's, shorts or whatever, you can use this....because the funnel part is so hard, you can pull your jeans down a little and pee standing like a guy. It also comes with a little bag to put in! The only thing interesting when I got this was the color was a forest green (camo color) and not pink like shown in the picture. I don't know why...but that didn't bother me. Also you stick the tube inside the funnel. There are also other sizes of tubing you can order from their website! I hope this helps! I would recommend this to anyone! Much better than any other funnel out there!
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