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10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon January 31, 2010

*** ½ Out of 5

This was a really fun sequel and in my opinion the last great Friday the 13th movie; this one goes in a slightly different direction without straying from the formula; this one is sort of the Scream before Scream and the movie while a legit horror movie also spoofs itself and other horror movies while still paying homage to the series and horror flicks.

Not as cool as the original artwork, but far better than the old DVD, but that isn't saying much since the old DVD cover was horrid and this one isn't very good either.

AUDIO COMMENTARY- Tom McLoughlin, Bruce Green, Vincent Guastaferro
This is a newly recorded track and not the same as the one on Crystal Lake to Manhattan; Tom McLoughlin appears on the previous commentary and records a new one with the editor Bruce Green and co-star Vincent Guastaferro. This track is entertaining and a lot of fun it's informative and there aren't any lulls on the track, which sometimes happens.

Directed by Andrew Ceperley and I know a lot of people dislike these features, but personally they don't bother me. I'd rather this space be used for something with the movie, but it's not too bad.

This is a spoof of the series done in a documentary style, but doesn't make fun of the movies; this one covers the events of Jason Lives and is a really fun feature, while not great it does serve its purpose and again is a solid feature.

Good behind the scenes look at the movie, but nothing new is really stated from other interviews in the past; like I said it's a good feature, but nothing great, but does cover pretty much the whole movie despite the running time, some good info here, but I'm sure most fans probably already know everything stated; interviews with Tom McLoughlin, Nancy McLoughlin, Bob Larkin, David Kagen, Gabe Bartalos, Chris Biggs. When David Kagen appears on screen Sheriff is spelled with two r's kinda funny if you ask me.

The original ending had Jason's father make an appearance, this feature is of storyboards and Bob Larkin who played the caretaker Martin provides the voiceovers. Even though this was only storyboards and no actual footage its still an interesting feature.

This is mostly gore that was cut out and this is a carry over feature from the Crystal Lake to Manhattan set; the footage is a little rough looking, but enjoyable, since the footage is available I wish Paramount would have reinserted it into the movie or provide an option like My Bloody Valentine where you can watch the uncut version or the standard R version.

No need to explain this one, but this is more of a teaser than an actual trailer.

Jason Lives was mastered in High-Definition and the new transfer is a very mixed bag; I have the first 3 on Blu-ray and the rest on the Deluxe Edition DVDs, which are mastered in Hi-Definition and in my opinion part 3, had the worst transfer and Jason Lives probably comes in 2nd. Here's the thing though by no means does the movie look bad or anything in many areas it's an upgrade over the previous DVD releases. The picture is sharp and clear and some of the color is restored to the way it's meant to look; the blood in some parts looked like jelly where as on this DVD release the blood is the proper color of red; clothes are also another spot where it's been improved, some of the shirts lose their color in the old DVD and here they look proper and the leaves and grass are a sharp green and not dull looking like the old DVD. But where the transfer fails is it's actually quite dark; for instance go to chapter 8 where the Sheriff is lecturing his daughter, behind the sheriff is a coffee maker and we can see the coffee pot where as in the new DVD you can barley see the coffee pot and this problem happens quite a few times. Like I said in some areas this disc improves quality over the old disc, but in some areas it hurts the movie. Grain and dirt are kept very low in fact I barley noticed any grain and at the time of the DVD release the movie was 23-years old. Like I said I'd rate this as the 2nd worst transfer, but by no means does that mean it's bad. In my opinion it's far better than the HD of Friday the 13th Part 3, but besides that transfer this one was the weakest. The transfer does look good though so 2nd worst doesn't mean that it's bad it's just too dark at times. So that's why I say it's a mixed bag in some areas the transfer improves over the old and in some areas the old transfer is better.


5.1 Surround
2.1 Surround

The new sound mix is alright, but doesn't really enhance the movie.

Overall Jason Lives was a fairly good release; like I said the transfer is a mixed bag, but I think most fans will be pleased with this release and odds are this will be the best we ever get. The Deluxe Edition is an upgrade over the old DVD since this one at least has features, but with the transfer being mixed you might wanna still hold onto your old DVD.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on June 9, 2005
This review refers to the Paramount DVD edition of the film.

THE WHO'S WHO: Starring Thom Mathews, Jennifer Cooke, David Kagen, Renee Jones, Kerry Noonan, Darcy DeMoss, Tom Fridley, Tony Goldwyn, Ron Palillo. Score Composed By Harry Manfredini. Written and Directed By Tom McLoughlin. (R) For Violence, Gore, Profanity and Mild Sexual Content; 87m.; 1986.

WHAT'S GOING ON IN HERE?: For the first time since "Friday the 13th Part 2", it's the camp counselors who have to be on the lookout for everyone's favorite hockey-masked terror. After surviving years of torment from the memory of Jason Voorhees (C.J. Graham doing a commendable job), Camp Crystal Lake has changed its name to Camp Forest Green and is trying to start over. But you can't keep a hideously deformed psychopathic killer down for long. Barely surviving his own memories of Jason, Tommy Jarvis (Thom Mathews) has returned to make sure Jason stays down. But when he digs up Jason's body to perform a cremation, he winds up accidentally resurrecting Voorhees. Now, he has to find a more permanent solution that will end Jason's reign of terror once and for all. Director Tom McLoughlin ("Sometimes They Come Back") helms this film with assured skill, surrounding himself with the best crew and most adaptable mid-eighties cast he could find. Ron Palillo brings his "Welcome Back Kotter" role of Horshack back to the screen in an ever so slightly grown up version (as Allen Hawes) during the early scenes of the film (accompanying Tommy to Jason's grave). Tony Goldwyn's brief appearance as Darren foreshadows the talent he would go on to display in such films as "Ghost" and "The 6th Day". The likeably arrogant Tom Fridley brings some charm to the film as Cort. However, the ones to watch are Renee Jones and Thom Mathews. Jones, future co-star of the "Days of Our Lives" soap opera, got her mainstream start here in this horror classic after making numerous guest appearances on television shows like "The Jeffersons" and "WKRP in Cincinnati". Mathews was already a veteran horror star, appearing in "Return of the Living Dead" alongside "Friday V" alumnus Miguel A. Nunez Jr. and "Nightmare on Elm Street 2" actor Clu Gulager. Like the "Nightmare" crew would do the following year, the filmmakers here decided to inject bits of humor into the horror. This added levity moves the momentum of "Jason Lives" along nicely and is a welcome change to the standard "Friday" formula. Two of the best segments include the pre-credits "Jason Voorhees as James Bond" moment and the scene in which Sissy (Jones) and Paula (Kerry Noonan) comfort a little girl (Courtney Vickery) after she has a nightmare...coincidentally, the little girl's name is Nancy! Trivia buffs take note: we now know that Renee Jones would go on to co-star in "Days of Our Lives", but what other future "Days" co-star would figure prominently into the "Friday the 13th" films first? See my review of "Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood" (coming soon) for the answer. Overall, this film delivers most of the thrills and chills "Friday" fans have come to expect from the Voorhees franchise. There are a few lapses here and there, but it's still a solid entry that will satisfy hardcore horror buffs and their cravings for butchery.

THEY SAY THEY'RE SPECIAL BUT...: The 1.85:1 widescreen presentation for the film is a bit dark from time to time and color tones appear marginally greyed. Fortunately, most of the grain that accompanied the first four films has been obliterated and we're left with a clear transfer that does its best to deliver good definition. The annoying vertical blue line is back, located down the right side of the screen on high definition monitors, though its not as prominent as it was on the disc for "Friday V". For the first time in the series, Paramount has given this disc a 2.0 Dolby surround sound. While a 5.1 would have been appreciated, this 2.0 is still relatively thunderous and bright with good separation and even dialogue. English subtitles are also available for the film. They are a yellow, easy to read color and have been placed within the frame of the movie. The front cover for this DVD, like its immediate predecessor, has been changed by Paramount. Unlike the cover for "A New Beginning", this change is an unforgivable sin that Paramount never should have committed. This case is a horrific, multi-colored example of what atrocities can sprout up when creative execs are given too much free time. The original video release cover was perhaps the single most blood-tingling video cover in horror history...the blue-hued painting of a hockey mask rising above a tombstone that read "Jason Lives". The back cover is another chromatic mishmash that almost ridicules the film itself. This also carries over to the one sheet insert that displays the sixteen chapter stops for this ninety minute movie. The disc is painted with a cut down version of the abominable front cover. Extra features on the disc are limited to a "teaser" trailer (1:40) that is fairly entertaining...if all you want to do is watch a tombstone explode and see an empty grave rise from the ground.

THE YOLK'S ON YOU: Paramount has never been known for plying their releases with additional footage, let alone hiding anything on the disc. You're more likely to get up and tap dance after Jason shoves a knife through your skull than you are of finding hidden easter eggs on this one.

THE LEWD AND NUDE ALERT: This is probably the most disappointing "Friday" film thus far for the "Lewd and Nude" category. We get a nice upskirt of Steven's (Roger Rose) new fiancee Annette (Cynthia Kania) as they begin to fool around in the woods. Cort (Tom Fridley) and his girlfriend Nikki (Darcy DeMoss) have sex in a Cobra Camper. Sissy (Renee Jones) spends some time flaunting her buns in a pair of form fitting grey sweat pants. Tommy (Thom Mathews) gets an extreme close-up of Megan's (Jennifer Cooke) jean-covered inner thighs. But there seems to be something missing. For a cast filled with such magnificent women, there's an appalling lack of any actual nudity. A surefire disappointment for the prurient film goers.

THE GORE REPORT: Early on in the film, Jason shoves his arm through a guy's chest and we, the lucky viewer, get to see the guy's heart being held in Jason's hand. Speaking of arms, Jason rips one paintball player's (Wallace Merck) arm off later in the film, though it's not even half as bloody a segment as it should be. We also get to see a cabin filled with blood which is by far the best scene for gorehounds.

SAY AGAIN: "Why'd they have to go and dig up Jason? Some folks have a strange idea of entertainment." - Martin, Caretaker of the Eternal Peace Cemetery (Bob Larkin)

THE FINAL SAY: Yes, I recommend buying this DVD. It's a step down from parts two and four in the suspense department. There are some drawn out sequences scattered through the first two thirds of the film and the suspense that finally materializes in the finale isn't as gripping as it could have been. However, the film is a notch above parts three and five in the screenplay department and is worthy of numerous viewings on dark, spooky evenings.

PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM: "He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask)" Performed By Alice Cooper. "Teenage Frankenstein" Performed By Alice Cooper. "Hard Rock Summer" Performed By Alice Cooper. "Animal" Performed By Felony. The Three Alice Cooper Songs Can Be Found on "The Life and Crimes of Alice Cooper" Available on Rhino Compact Discs.
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on July 25, 2007
In Friday the 13th part 6, Jason would be brought back to life in effortless fashion. I remember even as a child watching this film and saying "well of course lightning would bring him back!" and shaking my fist at the silly pretenses of Friday the 13th part 5: The New Beginning. This film was the new beginning! Jason lived and would be appropriately placed into the horror movie hall of fame next to Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolfman, the Creature from the Black Lagoon and the Mummy.

Tom McLoughlin is not a well known film maker but he wrote and directed this little gem. I suspect that he is very much a fan of classic and contemporary horror, from The Bride of Frankenstein and Black Sunday all the way to Critters 2: The Main Course. This is a film that understands our craving for a horror icon not be taken too seriously. Its dark and wry humor is served to us as sort of a self-parody. It is exploitation to the max. The moment Jason is resurrected by Tommy, basically our hero in the parts 4 and 5, we know we got what we wanted and Jason is even more unstoppable than before. Jason is free to run amuck and does he ever. He goes on a huge killing spree and we are basically asked to root for him and laugh all along the way. Things play out in normal formula from here and the movie is basically the same as the others except that Jason is no longer the villain. He is an anti-hero and Friday the 13th part 6: Jason Lives is a comedy.

As it turns out, the series switch over to comedy and abandoning the ideas of part 5 didn't turn out to be as good a decision from a profit standpoint, as part 6 still managed to make less money than part 5 and profitability of these films begins to diminish from here on. Nevertheless, it is still refreshing while it managed to please fans and critics alike. Well, critics were not necessarily pleased but it is the most acclaimed of the series for the most part.

One of my complaints about part 6 is that I was tired of these films and I'm not just talking about Friday the 13th movies but the slasher sub-genre in general. Also, why am I being compelled to root for an undead murderer? The biggest problem for me is that it is camp, but it's trying to be camp. Campy movies are not supposed to make an effort to be campy. It is supposed to be unintentional. If it's intentional, like Friday the 13th part 6, then we have to assume that the film makers are working below their level. Not to mention, this kind of comedy makes me feel like I'm getting an elbow to the ribs a little too frequently. I get the joke; it's just not that funny more than once or twice so please stop making these movies. Then again, at least Jason Lives is consistent.
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on June 26, 2006
I'm not quite sure this movie really deserves 5 stars. But seeing that it is the best of the whole "Friday the 13th" lot, I'll be generous. Many of my peers felt that Part 1 and 2 were the best and that everything afterwards was trash. I took a contrary stand for several reasons. In Part 4, we got to see the young Tommy Jarvis who unwittingly becomes a parallel of Jason; part 5 gives Jason a rest and allows us to focus more on Tommy's aftermath; and in part 6, the fury reaches its full potential. Years later, Tommy can not bring himself to believe Jason is dead, even though he killed him years ago. (Even if we forget that Jason has a way of cheating death, Tommy's fear is understandable from a psychological point of view.) So, Tommy goes to the graveyard to destroy Jason's body and put his mind to rest. In a moment of tragic irony (and well done at that) Tommy ends up becoming an instrument in Jason's resurrection. ('Striving to better, oft we mar what's well.' "King Lear" Act 1, Scene 4) Moving on, Crystal Lake's dwellers are trying to move on with their lives. (Even to the point of changing the name to Forest Green.) Tommy can not bring anyone to believe him when he says that Jason is back. Tommy's words are not only appropriate but haunting: "Jason will return to the area that's familiar to him. No matter what you call it, it's still Crystal Lake to him." Moving on, the body count begins. But in this 6th chapter, we have some welcome new elements. (1) The characters are well developed. So hence, we can feel a little sorry for them when Jason gets them. (2) The murders seem less gorey this time and more scary. (3) There is a good mixture of comedy, suspense, and horror. (4) Unlike previous chapters, we get to see Jason walk now and then even though there is no victim being chased or dispatched at the moment. (5) This 6th chapter has the excellent and most welcome soundtrack by Alice Cooper. (6) We have a new element. Jason has attacked the summercamp before, but this time, the kids have all arrived. (7) The photography in this 6th chapter seems to be better. (8) There is a well done (but not overdone) car chase. (9) There is some romance, in this 6th chapter between Tommy and Megan. But rather than it seeming forced (so they can become another target for Jason) somehow we get the impression that Tommy and Megan really do care about each other. (10) Previous chapters fell into the pattern of Jason being defeated, and the mask falling off. In this 6th chapter, when Jason is resurrected, he places his mask back on, and we never again see his face. Without giving away the ending, it makes poetic sense that we never again see his face in this 6th chapter. (11) The sheriff may appear to be an antagonist, but with a little thought, we can see past this, and he has several redeeming points. The sheriff knows that Jason was killed years ago; he also knows that Tommy spent some years in a mental health hospital; so we can understand why he doesn't believe Tommy even though we know Jason is back. His concern for the town is genuine; and he really does love his daughter. After the death of his wife, he continued to raise Megan; finally, his actions against Tommy reflect a real concern for his daughter. (Especially when he believes that Tommy is killing these people just so people will believe his story.) Moving on, Tommy does some research and concludes that the way to defeat Jason may be to throw him back into the lake where he drowned as a child. Tommy and Jason have their final confrontation, and without giving the ending away, I can safely say that this would have been the ideal conclusion to the "Friday the 13th" saga.
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on December 13, 2013
In Part 4 (The Final Chapter), Tommy Jarvis killed Jason but in Part VI, that all changed. After being released from the mental institution that he was committed to in Part 5 (A New Beginning), Tommy visits the grave of Jason and accidentally resurrects him from the dead after lightning strikes a post that he was using to stab the dead corpse of Jason. Once Jason has risen from the grave, he kills one of Tommy's friends and Tommy flees to the sheriff's office where he tries to explain to Sheriff Garris that Jason is alive and just killed one of his friends. Garris thinks that Tommy is hallucinating but Tommy tries to state his claim, Garris falls on deaf ears and locks Tommy up, making him spend the night in jail.

The next morning, Garris's daughter Megan and her friends Cort, Sissy, and Paula, also counselors, arrive to report Darren and Lizbeth missing. Tommy warns them that Jason is alive, much to Garris's chagrin, but his warnings are shrugged off as superstition. Garris decides to release Tommy and orders him to leave town by escorting him to the county line of Forest Green. Instead of leaving town, Tommy rushes back to Jason's grave to try and prove his point, only to discover that his grave has been reburied by the caretaker---unbeknownst to him, the body of Tommy's friend murdered by Jason, Hawes was inside of the casket.

What follows is fast paced back and forth action throughout the remainder of the film. Tommy tracks down Sheriff Garris' daughter, Megan to try and assist him in sending Jason back to the grave. At the same time, Jason is quickly slashing his way to Crystal Lake, one body at a time. As the plot gets thicker, the trail gets bloodier. Several obstacles are thrown in the middle of Tommy and Megan's mission, with the main one being Megan's dad, Sheriff Garris. Can the team of Megan and Tommy successfully send Jason back to the grave, despite the odds in their way or will their distractions prove to be too much, ultimately causing Jason to fulfill his destiny and get vindication?

This movie deserves nothing less than 5 stars because of the awesome storytelling the movie tells throughout as well as the back and forth chase between Garris and Tommy. Jason Lives is one of my favorites of the series and after you watch it, I hope it's yours too
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on November 9, 2012

Yep, it's my favorite Friday.

Jennifer (That's What I Want) Cooke (Star Child from V the Series-1985) is my favorite Friday Girl; very talented and sensual but unsucessful actress. SO sad.

Thom Mathews (Return of the Living Dead 1 and 2) is the perfect foil for ole "maggot head" but Paramount failed to reason this fact out so we lost a cool movie concept for individual mayhem appearances. Why am I not surprised?

C. J. Graham gives us one of the most powerful and speedy Jasons in the franchise, though Kane Hodder is my favorite Jason (so there!).

The script and direction are tight and fun; the lighting displays so much color and depth; the acting shows self-awareness of being in a horror movie without making a fuss over it like the Scream movies have.

The score is by Harry Manfredini... any questions there? Nope. Didn't think so.

The soundtrack IS Alice Cooper (who should have been the bus driver dropping the kids off at the camp); He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask), Teenage Frankenstein and Hard Rock Summer give this movie vast energy. The Felony song in the only sex scene isn't bad, either.

No nudity for irresponsible libidoes, though, sorry.

The gore is minimal but effective.

This is the first time Jason is shot by a firearm and the only time we see kids at the camp where camp counselors are sussposed to be babysitting them.

Graveyard sequence is one of the most moody and gothic in film history; equals James Whale's Frankenstein (1931) in which the film is a love letter to, right down to Jason's resurrection.

A tribute to Boris Karloff is in the film also: when Tommy calls the Sheriff but gets Megan; he mentions the name over the phone and we see Karloff on the storefront behind the phone booth and Tommy's pick-up; it is not clear if it is a gas station or hardware store, though, but lots of hardware was used in the various kills of the movie.

Arnold Horshsack from Welcome Back Kotter gets his heart ripped out by Jason! Heartless killer, heartless victim.

This is a fast-paced movie that I've watched several times. One of my Top Ten Favorite Horror Movies.

Goofy opening credits has Jason mimicking James Bond's entry stance, but instead of shooting at the camera and blood pouring down the screen a machete slices the screen and blood pours down the screen.

In the novelization the drunken cemetery caretaker doesn't die and is being paid to keep silent about Jason not being in his grave by Jason's father (who could have been played by Alice Cooper as well); we get the sense that Jason's soul was offered up as a sacrifice to Satan by his loving parents but then the Devil turned Jason into an unstoppable killer as a curse. Shades of Michael Myers here, and probably why it was not in the movie.
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on September 30, 2001
Yes, I was pretty happy when I heard that Paramount were expanding their released Friday DVD's to include Parts 5 and 6. Especially six, as it has a special place in my (bleeding) heart. This was the first Friday the 13th I ever watched and to this day still remains my favourite. Argueably, this is the first friday the 13th where the film openly makes fun of itself and the genre yet includes all the gore a horror enthusiast could want :)
Some of the deaths are downright humorous (Breaking a guy in half - literally), but a ROCKING Soundtrack from the Immortal ALICE COOPER (He's the best!) definately makes this a necessity for the home collection.
The only reason this DVD gets 4 out of 5 is due to the Severe (!) lack of Bonus Features and the Sound. PARAMOUNT: Could we please get 5.1 mixes?!?!?! If not, at least some Deleted Scenes / Interviews / Commentary for the Bonus Features section? Let's make a little EFFORT here guys, and stop stiffing us on the Discs, because we all full well know that in a year or so, you'll probably release a box set with enough features to make you gag, rendering these discs obsolite. :( Not good.
Well, back to topic, this film was great; my personal favourite Friday the 13th and DEFINATELY worth a view... or two ... or three ... etc.
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on August 10, 2009
I wont bother with the movie review itself, if you didn't like it, you probably wouldn't care about the deluxe edition.

So whats on the deluxe edition? Should you get it to replace your older editions?

I owned both the original and the special edition that came with the "Crystal Lake To Manhattan" Box set, and it's a no brainier that the deluxe edition is better then the original release, but if you do own the box set version, here is the difference.

The picture quality of the film has gone through digital restoration, and is much clearer now with hardly any trace of scratches. And yu can really see how much clearer during the graveyard scenes at night, the color looks pretty good now and better then when it was released. There is also some color changes, the director talks about the scene where the little girl walks into the bedroom with the machete covered in blood, and it looked like purple blood, now it looks red. So expect a lot of color fixes like that!

I can't remember if the box set version was in 5.1 surround, but if it wasn't, then the deluxe version is. However, I didn't really hear much audio that stood out in the 5.1, so it's not much of a difference there.

The special features of the Manhattan edition was cut scenes and an audio commentary, they are both still on this edition.
What is new for this deluxe edition is
- Jason Lives: The Making Of F13th Part 6 - with interviews with Tom McLouglhin (Director) and a couple of cast and screw members talking about the film, the effects, the things that where going to be in it, and a few stories from the film. Not a bad little extra for a fan of this film.

- Meeting Mr Voorhees: Tom McLoughlin tells about how he intended for this movie to end, but didn't go with it. It then shows a few sketches to give an idea of how the film was originally going to end.

- Original Theatrical Trailer

Those are the features worthy of watching. As the next one is
- Lost Tales From Camp Blood 6: These small little side stories are definitely not being taken by the fans of F13th as anything worthy of being on these deluxe editions. This particular episode really is nothing special at all.

- The Crystal Lake Massacre: Revisited Part III - These are stupid little documentary like videos of what it would be like to see the victims on TV after the events of Friday The 13th took place, it shows very poorly acted people who supposedly run a website to child victims who survived camp blood, people of Crystal Lake talking about Jason and Cops saying Tommy Jarvis is still wanted for Murder, as they don't believe Jason came back at all... you may watch it once or twice, but the corny acting kills it.

There is also a trailer for another movie that is listed under special features, whoopie.

So if you already have the box set versions of this movie, the difference is in picture quality, 5.1, and probably 2 bonus features you will like, and the rest stink. However, the cover box of this deluxe version features a cool 3D picture.

EDIT: I think the audio commentary might be a new one, I seem to recall them spending a lot more time talking about the "don't leave home without it" scene on the box set version, in this one it comes and it goes, so i'm pretty sure the commentary is new.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on September 26, 2009
This is definitely one of the better sequals.It stars Thom Mathews(return of the living dead 1&2)who plays tommy jarvis from the last 2 sequals.Originaly,Corey Feldman played jarvis in part 4.I wouldn't say that this was the best sequal but,it is much better than the previous because technicaly jason wasn't even in it,for those of you who know and have seen part 5,know that roy the paramedic pretends to be jason througout the movie.Anayway ,back to the review.Another perk this film has is that it has a few songs by the king of shock rock, ALICE COOPER.There are also some funny moments in the movie.ONE last note,this was the first friday the 13th to actually have little kids at the camp.All in all I give it about an 8 and a half out of ten.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on November 22, 2012
I was getting ready to start my Freshman yr. of high school when this movie came out. I was shocked by how good it was, it had a plot, and great actors to make this a great film. The slasher flicks were taking off in the 80's and even though I didn't like most of the Friday sequels, I have to say 1,2, 6 are the best. I will say 4-The Final Chapter had the shock value that will make Ur pulse race. If Ur looking 4 a Friday the 13th movie that has it all pt. 6 is Ur movie, and U will not be disappointed.

-Kris L. CocKayne-
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