Customer Reviews: Fried: Why You Burn Out and How to Revive
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on December 23, 2010
My dear friend Antoinette Spurrier and I have the honor and pleasure of being quoted in Joan Borysenko's new book "Fried: Why You Burn Out and How To Revive". I highly recommend this special book.

As my breast cancer surgeon once asked me (in response to my ceaseless 18 hour days working on my breast cancer advocacy efforts), "Do you really want to die with an empty in-box?" I was in chemotherapy, building a national movement; fighting for my life and killing myself at the same time. Wow! This issue is a prime example of why Joan Borysenko's new groundbreaking book "Fried: Why You Burn Out and How to Revive" is so relevant and necessary. My only wish is that I had been able to have this precious book in my possession several years ago.

I learned many of the lessons that Joan so eloquently and clearly puts forth in this trailblazing book the hard way and at great expense. I don't want others to do the same or to look back upon their lives and ponder, "If only I knew then what I know now." Do yourself, your friends, family members and colleagues a great favor -- pick up and read a copy of "Fried" and send out copies to those you know and love; it will be a blessing and gift that keeps on giving that will help you and others to survive, revive and thrive in this fast-paced world of ours.

Here is an overview of "Fried" from the book's table of contents. In addition to each chapter's topics, Dr. Borysenko includes Self-Reflection Exercises that are simple to put into practice and very insightful and helpful.


Preface: Hell Is a Bad Place to Pitch a Tent

Introduction: Notes from the Underworld

Chapter 1: Mapping the Descent into the Inferno . . .

"Here's a quick breakdown of the burnout stages:"

Stage 1: Driven by an Ideal
Stage 2: Working Like a Maniac
Stage 3: Putting Your Own Needs Last
Stage 4: Miserable, and Clueless as to Why
Stage 5: The Death of Values
Stage 6: Frustrated, Aggressive, and Cynical
Stage 7: Emotionally Exhausted and Disengaged
Stage 8: "I've Morphed into What?"
Stage 9: "Get Away from Me!"
Stage 10: Inner Emptiness
Stage 11: Who Cares and Why Bother?
Stage 12: Physical and Mental Collapse

Chapter 2: The Depression Industry

Chapter 3: The Childhood Roots of Burnout

Chapter 4: Personality, Temperament, and Burnout

Chapter 5: Energy Management

Chapter 6: Letting Go and Moving On

Chapter 7: The Great Revival--Awakening in the Now

Chapter 8: Heaven on Earth

Epilogue: Your Epitaph



About the Author

Fried: Why You Burn Out and How to ReviveThis book is a life-changer and life-saver; a must-read and how-to-live guidebook that is destined to be a classic in the field of stress management and mind-body medicine.


Since Joan Borysenko's Facebook community participated in the genesis of "Fried", I thought that it would be insightful to include comments about the book from Dr. Borysenko's Facebook Friends:

Donna G.: "Loving the book! So helpful for me right now. Thankyou!"

Michelle G. H.: "Joan, I found your book last month....I want you to know that your book was what gave me the courage to insist that I deserved better, and that to continue with life as I had been was only going to make me feel worse. I'm now receiving some treatment, and I'm also taking a brief sabbatical from my work to see how my own behaviors and past experiences have affected me as well. It's nearly impossible to separate physical from psychological, but it needs addressed in all ways possible when we get to this point. THANK YOU for your wonderful book."

Lisa B. H.: "What it's done for me is give me hope. Hope that this awful fried funk I'm in is not permanent nor is it a reflection of my personality or some flaw. I'm already seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and confronting and cleaning out things in my life that are just not working anymore.Thank you Joan!"

Elizabeth H. M.: "I just finished reading FRIED last night. Wow! What I learned is, I'm not alone and I'm not depressed. My physical health is a reflection of my emotional health, which I have been too busy and too independent to pay attention to. Thanks, Joan!"

Kerri M.: "Just finished reading "Fried" and I cannot tell you how much I got out of it. I have been at the depths of burnout for awhile now and feeling isolated and scared by how foreign my life had started to feel. Your words, your sources, your suggestions -- particularly about rewiring your thoughts and about eschewing learned helplessness -- hit home in very meaningful ways. Thank you!"

Lori C.: "I ordered your latest book, "Fried...". . . I am overwhelmed. . .in the very first pages, I found myself over and over. . .I am not going crazy but I too, am FRIED. . . thank you for putting in print exactly what I needed to read. . .knowledge is powerful."

Amy H. G.: "Just downloaded Fried yesterday onto my Nook (bless e technology!) and have read through the first chapter already. I'm planning to begin the exercises tonight to help with a looming decision about a potential job change. So many insights from it that hit home- thank you for writing such a meaningful, important book."

Jane B.: "Just finished your book "Fried". Exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks to you and all the wonderful people who shared their thoughts on burn out."

Darla W. C.: "It's an EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT book! I read it in one day and I'm going through it again more slowly. It helped me to see that I'm not ready for the psych ward, which is where I've been afraid I was heading."

Lisa V. B.: "Thank you Joan. Just finished reading FRIED! It is my savior. What a year 2010 was for many of us and not in a great way. You have helped me start 2011 with a fresh, new perspective and armed me with the tools I need to revive myself. Your book could not have come to me at a better time. Thank you Hay House. Thank you Joan."...

Ann Elizabeth M.: "I can't stop talking about your book. Have underlined nearly every page, and posted my recommendation on FB. I can't thank you enough for all the inner and outer work that obviously went into it. It is already touching the lives of so many!!!"

Gayle L.: "Woo hooo Joan Borysenko wrote book FOR ME. I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry, but I am thanking God that this book found me today. One paragraph was all I needed. It's on my Kindle. Just wish I didn't have to go to work so I could stay her snug in bed and read it."

Julia R. H.: "Joan Borysenko's book FRIED--a book that helped me personally--launches today. Read about it on my blog!...
Fried - Julia Rogers Hamrick

Julia R. H.: ..."Fried really did catalyze an acceleration of my healing. Don't you just love when Spirit presents you with exactly what you need, when you need it? Maybe, like it was for me, Fried will be that for you. Or for someone you care about."...

Aveen B.: "Joan- I just finished "Fried"- what a gift!! I loved it and have already recommended it to a number of my friends. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself with us. Namaste."

Valerie S.: "Joan, you were fabulous! I love the way you distinguished burn-out from depression. That's so important because it can truly be hard to tell the difference from the inside precisely because of the emotional exhaustion, compassion fatigue, and loss of confidence/competence that are symptoms of burnout. Your book is so timely, and a real gift to humanity! I can't wait to discuss it in our February sacred circle at The Unity Center here in San Diego!"

Mary T. O.: "Joan, I loved visiting with you about your invaluable book, Fried, on the Hope, Healing & WellBeing show.. I also want to thank all your insightful FB friends for their wise contributions both to your book and in their posts here. [...]
Hope, Healing and WellBeing - From Fried to Revived with Joan Borysenko, PhD |
Bestselling author and spiritual mentor, Joan Borysenko, discusses her new book, Fried: Why You Burn Out and How to Revive...."

Kim P.-F.: "Just finished Fried from cover to cover this evening. So many emotions! I was driven to purchase your book and driven to read it as soon as it came. Could not have come at a more necessary time... which is exactly when it was supposed to come. Thanks Joan!"

Jane B.: "Just finished your book "Fried". Exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks to you and all the wonderful people who shared their thoughts on burn out."

"Empowered Living Radio" with Steve Maraboli: "Another wonderful and insightful conversation with Joan Borysenko - Her book, Fried, is fantastic!
Fried Why You Burn Out and How to Revive Interview with Joan Borysenko 1/14/2011 - Steve Maraboli |.
Steve welcomes best-selling author Joan Borysenko back to the show for an empowering conversation about her new book Fried Why You Burn Out and How to Revive...."

Patricia B.: "...Been a nurse at the bedside for 34 years It is my passion and purpose yet need a booster shot sometimes I think Joan's book will be the shot. I love that tombstone quote reminder "Got it all done Dead anyway". That thought ought to help bring some balance into the picture!!!"

Lynn C.-C.: "Joan; I am reading your book and your reference to your facebook friends brought the book to such a personal support each other.........touching lives by being a voice for so rocks!"

Dee M.: "Be assured that Fried will touch many lives now and in the future!...

Oriah H.: "...having read the book, my prayer is that it find its way into the hands of every person to whom it can offer insight and healing- and I KNOW there are millions of those...

PS- when I said I've read the book and know it would be useful and inspiring to millions - I meant Fried- that's the book that will be helpful to many!"

Carmen W.: "Joan it's your loving, insightful, and level headed synergy that attracts the reader's to You. The book is an instrument to carry forward more of your generous, and loving emanations out into the world to be held in our palms. It's a great ...topic, many can relate, more than anyone would like to admit and perhaps would deny. But I believe all of your hard work, and the love for your diligence is what make's "sold" us on You many years ago. You carved out these roads, and dug those trenches in past actions that lead to this New beautiful Sunlit Road. Hopefully we can all join together as these manifestations are both a Blessing to You and a Blessing to your inspired readership' Love and Blessings!"

Arielle F.: "Let's see -- it's a brilliant, life-altering, excellent read filled with insightful and useful information..."

Julia R. H.: "...Fried has already helped me and lots of others and is destined to help many more...."

Catherine M.: "...As someone who has read most of your books, I can assure you that the public needs your voice and your wisdom on this crucial topic. And I agree with Cynthia. It will touch many of whom you will never be aware. Thank you for your continued devotion to doing excellent work."

Amanda B. G.: "Well - I can tell you that I got it on Friday and I am touched, especially by your personal story. I have been showing it to people (and so has my Mom)... burnout is a hot topic - it's going to help many people. Again, heart felt thanks (oh and it's so cute in its size and format - I love it!)"

Faith M.: "Your book is a gift to humanity - a beautiful gift of spirit....Bless you!"

Keith B.: "...I am loving the new book, Fried. I know it took a lot of courage to share some of the personal stories that you did; but boy, how funny they are!! Loving you!!"

Linda B.: "Seeing this post piqued my curiosity (again) so I have just read the transcript of your interview on CNN. Being in Australia, l missed seeing the program. I found your distinction between burn out and depression really helpful and I look forward to reading your book. It seems to me that an understanding of burnout and methods to revive would also assist those with depression. Does research support this? I agree with Maria that this is a much-needed book and will help many - thank you Joan."...

Lorraine J.: "I received my copy that I pre-ordered. Love it...great timing, great is well worth waiting for!"

Susan L. W. : "I ordered Fried on Kindle and read it in less than a day. Such a page turner. I am also buying hard copies, as I must have this in my hands, and I want to give this book to friends, as well. I have read all of your books, Joan, and Fried is one of my all time favorites. I could not stop reading it. I love the combination of such well researched information, such sound and practical strategies, as well as the way you shared your personal experiences and those of the FB community. Best wishes~ as we all see Fried be a bestseller in 2011."...

Inese M.: "I am reading the preview at Google books. The book is not only very actual, but also written in such 'down to earth' and very understandable for every reader's stress/burnout knowledge level; many books on stress management are or very frivolous or way too scientific. Joan's books are just amazing. And the humor - I love that!!!! I am looking forward to buy the book on Amazon UK..."

David J. P.: "Dearest Joan.... I must say I am still blown away by your book. What a brilliant job you have done. My mind is awhirl with thoughts and insights and associations and questions. I am only about 25 pages in so far because my consciousness is really being provoked by this book. There is so much Goodness in it. Truly.

I love how so far in each of stages of Burnout you are pointing out how a subtle shift in attitude or practice or lifestyle can prevent one from going all the way to the Blazing Inferno that would torch everything in our life. Each stage you offer a sort of way to recalibrate...."

David J. P.: "In truth Joan, I find this book to be a sort of "manual for coping in Post-Modern Civilization" where overwhelm can find any of us at any time. I do not say this lightly...."

Lavinia G. W.: "David, thanks for adding this commentary. I have been reflecting on how the book may be "the essence to learning to live a sustainable life." Since Thanksgiving 6-7 authors have sent me sustainability books to read that have cluttered my mind, left me confused or observing that we are making life too complicated. Then I read FRIED and could see the essence of why is in the way of society (people) moving into the consciousness of sustainability....There is something fundamental to our humaness in Fried that is at the essence of why so many are seeking something different in life so we don't keep doing more of the same."

David J. P.: "Dear Joan....I have yet to get the chapter on temperament and personality. I am really looking forward to it. I have had to read the book.... s.........l.........o..........w...........l...........y. I find it so thought-provoking. I have to chew it over and over again in small chunks. My mind is awhirl with thoughts and notions I would like to share with you sometime....I respect you so much and I love your threads and the way you weave them together into such an elegant and life-affirming tapestry. There is no one like you Joan."

David J P: "Joan.... Joan... Joan. I am blown away! You are so amazing at what you do. You are brilliant. The way you weave things together--incorporating all that you do--in Fried is just brilliant! I am so humbled and in awe. I literally have had to read it in slow, slow bits because I am so floored by your voice. Your humour, openness, honesty, vulnerability, wisdom, sincerity, are so captivating. There is no one who does what you do in the amazing way you pull it off. Fried is gonna be huge because it is huge!! '

Love you... thanks for all you do for all of us!"...

Lavinia G. W.: ..."And she did it in 156 pages, can you believe that. With story, heart and real science that is the new science of today."

Michelle .T: "I bought your book Fried...and I am afraid I am...FRIED I mean...I am in the process of determining which step I am in...but I thank you already for naming my "condition" and writing this book!!!!"

Yvonne R.: "Joan, I just want to say thank you from that deepest place in my heart for gifting us all with "Fried." It is touching me in places I simply could not give myself permission to look. You mentioned earlier that Gordie had reservations regarding exposing yourself to the degree you do in the book, understandably so. But it was that very openness and honesty that brought tears of truth when I recognized myself in your words. So much wisdom!...yours and the profound expressions of your FBFs. I find it fitting that I begin reading this invaluable book on the darkest day of the year with the promise of light to come."...

Kit K.: "Bought it through One Spirit. Read it. Highly recommend it! Thanks for all that you shared, Joan..."

After placing your order for your copy/ies of "Fried" here on, check out Hay House online to receive more background information about the book.
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on January 4, 2012
This book really unraveled what I have been feeling on and off my entire life! I realize now that I am not depressed but simply burned out. I learned from this book why I have a predisposition to being burned out and what I can do to make changes so that I am not continually experiencing this very uncomfortable emotional state.
Thanks Joan for writing so authentic sharing your own personal story and for adding all the great data and research to validate the experience.
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on September 18, 2014
This book is a worthwhile read for anyone who is experiencing work stress and at risk of burnout. The first chapter is the best, and worth the price of the book, describing 12 stages of burnout. The second chapter is also useful, discussing the differences between depression and burnout. It strikes a balance between making it clear that burnout is not depression and is treated differently, while not dismissing the very real risk of depression. I did not find the following chapters on solutions particularly helpful, which is why I rated the book at 4 stars.

The author certainly includes examples from her own experience. I appreciated her honesty, and felt that these examples were useful and illustrative, without turning the book into an autobiographical work.
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on January 10, 2013
An open, personal description and explanation of the many interlinked stages of burn out. An eye opener for those who have not gone through it and a possibility to put words to the emotions and thoughts for those who have.
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on March 7, 2016
This book helped me understand why I'd become so burned out in my profession as a teacher earlier than some of my colleagues. More importantly, she made it clear that compassion for myself was an essential tool in my road to recovery. Also, very helpful were insights on how those with tramatic childhood grow up with a sense of helplessness that can contribute to
burnout. I'm so grateful for her personnel story of burnout and how she found her way back to joy.
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on June 5, 2015
Felt very validated and helped me truly understand and value my experience of burnout. Gave me pause that quitting isn't the perfect solution, it is an option but also need to bring more joy into my life.
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on April 13, 2011
Feeling as though you are lost and alone and frustrated that the world is now spinning way too fast and you are multitasking more than anyone should have to? Are you constantly at war with priorities and making the mistake of drawing from others what you should or should not make a priority. You are tired,exhausted and worse of all afraid. Your self confidence is on the lowest of lows. BUT you are out there trying,crying AND FRYING.....just afew steps away from major depression. Joan Borysenko wrote this book for all of us that feel we missed the train going somewhere and we're stuck on one that just keeps going in a circle....which feels pretty crappy. She speaks to you about this purgatory and shares hers and others stories of battling "FRIED". If she offers you nothing more than the the knowing that others are in the same place that you are..which can be great comfort. You will begin to understand the FRIED feeling before you BURN OUT !
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on December 24, 2012
This book seems much more like the author trying to sort out her feelings with burnout than anything else. The book seemed to lack much structure or fact beyond personal account. I would not recommend.
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on September 18, 2013
I am very burned out from life in general. My ideal book would be one that just points what I need to do get out of this. I don't need stories, and personal stuff, I'm too tired for that and don't have energy to read through that.
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on July 20, 2014
Joan Borysenko has a way of teaching and inspiring while you are having a great belly laugh. Her writing is always a fast read and her teachings are deep and meaninful yet presented as a heart to heart talk. This book is a must read for all who have struggles and challenges in this life .….and who doesn't?
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