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on August 13, 2007
A large brick and mortar store sells these exclusively at very low prices, and Consumer Reports had many nice things to say about them, so I bought three of them. Oh yes, three.

I remember when air conditioners weighed, minimally, sixty pounds. These weigh about forty pounds, and that makes them much easier to carry, place on a window sill, and move while positioning for the season.

They also draw slightly less than 15 amps, and have a fuse breaker built into the plug, which may or may not slightly mitigate tripped circuits or blown fuses in your home. It also starts with the compressor off for the first three minutes, so the amperage draw isn't high enough to trip a circuit. This is particularly consumer-friendly engineering.

The remote control is very nice and actually quite helpful for the kids' rooms; I can change settings without trying to creep past them at night, in case the rooms gets too cold or hot.

The units are quiet and do a very good job of colling down a room, even a 16x10 south-facing second-floor room with three windows. There are two or three issues you need to accept.

One, the energy efficient mode is probably very efficient, but somewhat intrusive. It will cycle the fan off and be perfectly quiet, then kick back on with air or cooled air as it needs it. In theory this is not a bad idea, but if it cycles every two minutes, it might keep you awake at night with noise/quiet/noise/quiet.

Two, the condensation pan does not have outlet holes, so you will be retaining a half-inch or so of water for the summer season. I do not like this at all, and removing a unit from a window means understanding this and attempting to drain it in some clever way before bringing it indoors. There should be outlet holes, period.

Three, the screw-type air deflectors are sort of hit and miss with directional quality. In general, no air conditioner manufacturer really does this right. The directional vents should be modeled after automobile air vents, with focused airflow and very generous coverage arcs.

The units are very efficient (10.7) and inexpensive, and Frigidaire will stand behind them for five years. I liked them enough to buy three, and would probably buy them again. A final note, the 8,000 BTU version is too loud for a bedroom. I had to return it and get a 6,000 BTU unit, which was fine.

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on August 3, 2008
I'm in Salt Lake City, in an unshaded 10th floor apartment with an L-shaped 366 square foot living room. The short side of the L and the adjacent kitchen face west. Until yesterday I relied on a 12,000 BTU Sharp window unit ("The Beast") facing down the long side of the L, and whose compressor sounded like a down-shifting tractor-trailer, isn't energy star compliant, and has no energy-saving features. To cool the short side of the L and the kitchen I had to run one fan to blow the cool air across the room and a second to blow from there into the kitchen. Even with that plus reflective film on the west windows that area didn't really get cool in the afternoons.

After a lot of research and with some trepidation I bought this unit (the 6,000 BTU--reviews for the 8,000 BTU DON"T APPLY to this unit!!) to cool just the western part of the living area. I didn't expect it to be quiet, just quieter than the Beast, and hoped it'd save me from running the Beast earlier in the day and in the evening. I got it from a big regional furniture and housewares store for $139, $30 off the list price.

After letting the unit sit upright for 24 hours I did my usual customization of my window sills; they've got thin metal frames and are too narrow to use the accordion wings, so I need to lay a piece of wood on the bottom to keep the unit from resting directly on the window sill and support the top of the A/C with another piece of wood. Aside from that, the installation is the same as a regular wooden-framed sash window. I upgrade the stick-on foam tape, though. The first time you install one of these it'll take some fiddling to get it cushioned, positioned & adjusted, but once you get it right it'll be easier to remove and reinstall it.

So, I turn the thing on. A few minutes later the air is cold, but wait a minute, where's the compressor noise? I turned it to fan-only and the sound didn't appear to change. I turned it back to cool and finally, by listening very carefully next to the window, I noticed a very slight hum added to the fan, which is the quietest A/C fan I've ever heard. It quickly cooled that corner of the apartment, and even on low the air reaches 15 feet into the kitchen, which chills nicely too. On high, there's very normal sounding but unobtrusive fan noise; on low, it's amazingly quiet. I can talk on the phone right next to it, don't have to turn the TV up, and can hardly hear it from across the room.

The fins don't do a great job of directing the air left and right, but I've yet to meet a window A/C that does better. However they do a good job of directing air upwards when you tilt the fin assemblies. The unit doesn't project air very strongly. It's enough to reach the very hot kitchen 15 feet away but not enough to circulate air well in the room on its own. My ceiling fan does that for me; a small fan directed straight at the ceiling of your bedroom will do the same for you. Because this is a desert I don't get sloshing noises, though it can feel a little humid if the compressor cycles off for a long time and the fan is running.

I'm going to get another of these to replace the Sharp unit; that'll give me a total of 12,000 BTU's for a tiny fraction of the noise. Now that I know how incredibly quiet this thing is I'll also get one for the bedroom to replace the 8,000 BTU FAA084P7A, which is way too loud.


WAIT 24 HOURS!! Noone at the store will tell you this, and I don't even think it's in the user manual, but start off by making sure the compressor lubricant is in the bottom. Otherwise you're likely to permanently damage the compressor the minute you turn it on, which means it'll be louder and less effective. If you're absolutely, positively sure that the unit was stored and transported right side up, go ahead and put it in. If not, DON'T TURN IT ON until it's been sitting right side up for at least 24 hours.

Reduce Vibration:
All window A/C units have compressors and fans, and all compressors and fans vibrate. The trick is to minimize how much vibration is transmitted from the metal A/C housing to the window and wall, both of which can vibrate like a drum.

The unit comes with stick-on strips of open-cell foam to 1) reduce vibration and 2) seal off drafts. I always upgrade this to stick-on closed-cell foam tape like M-D Building Products Sponge Rubber Tape, 3/8-by-1/2-Inch-by-10 feet, Closed Cell, Black #06619 (you can find this stuff at any hardware store). I put it at the bottom and top of the metal A/C housing and anywhere else the housing contacts the window or wall. You'll be amazed at the difference this little improvement makes.

The Right Angle:
Make sure the unit is installed at the correct angle. Use the slots in the housing that the accordion thingies fit into; they should be exactly perpendicular. The top of the housing may tilt down a little even when the angle is right, and the plastic front is rarely vertical; that's OK, they're designed to be that way. NOT doing this can make the fan and compressor louder or cause the sloshing problem people have if the thing is tilted so that water hits the fan. I've never had a problem with this in a normal wooden sash window, but if it doesn't automatically level itself, use shims at the top or bottom to even it up.
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on July 1, 2008
I bought one of these to replace an oversized 8000 btu/hr window unit that was almost a decade old.

What worked:

1. Much lighter and easier to install than most window ACs I've used.
2. Good cooling for the energy used.

What didn't:
1. This is not a quiet unit by any stretch.
2. As the other reviewers have mentioned, there's no drainage to the drip pan. This would probably be okay, but in mine the fan is mounted such that the tips of the fan can actually make contact with the water if the drip pan is full (and the unit is installed properly and level). This results in a constant "sloshing" sound when run on high humidity days. As a result, I ended up (carefully, you don't want to hit the coils!) drilling a small drainhole in the drip pan, carefully coating the hole edge with silicone to keep the exposed metal from rusting. The unit now runs with just fan noise.
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on June 8, 2008
What I want from an air conditioner is for it to cool things off fast without making a ruckus. Before I got this I had bought and returned another brand that sounded like a souped up redneck car. It's going to be 90 degrees here today and I'm writing this from my upstairs office with this running. What's to love?

1) It gets COLD. My office is about 400 square feet and it's doing the job.

2) The fan is powerful yet not obnoxiously loud. It's not like you can't hear it, but it's not an annoying loud, either. I'm sensitive to noise and this one doesn't bother me at all. It's the sound of cool air!

3) The compressor thingy isn't loud when it kicks in.

4) ENERGY SAVER rocks! It turns the unit off when it reaches the set temp, and back on as needed. My old units would just keep blowing out air, even nasty humid air when the compressor was off. I ended up having to use a dehumidifier in conjunction with them.

5) We frequently have bad air alerts in the summer where I live, and I like that this unit has an antimicrobial mesh filter, a "clean air ionizer uses negative ion generators and electrostatic filter elements to reduce allergens in the air" and a built in dehumidifier. Sweet!

Basically, it works really well, doesn't cause new problems and will save money on power.

I have the 8,000 BTU unit in my living room. I'm using an old Sears Kenmore in my bedroom and I would love to replace it with this unit because it won't keep me awake.
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on July 3, 2008
I did a whole lot of research cause my main concern was noise level as this was for my bedroom. Consumer Reports rates this one pretty high overall, so I gave it a shot. Couldnt be far so good, cools my 350 sq ft bedroom quite well and I have no problems sleeping with it on high and I live in nyc. So the others who are complaining about it being really loud either got a defective unit or have dog ears. The timer and auto settings are great and combined with a high energy saving rating my electric bills have been surprisingly low(relatively speaking that is). I have also had the 10000 btu version in the living room for over a year now and am very satisfied.
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on August 5, 2008
Verified Purchase
I purchased this unit instead of popular less expensive units at local improvement stores mainly because I really like Amazon and I wanted a higher efficiency unit. This unit cools very well and has very nice controls for an inexpensive window unit. I actually installed this through-wall in my case, which was easy to do. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is the same as what some other reviewers mentioned...the drain holes. The drain hole is located towards the front of the unit at a higher elevation that other places in the pan. This is why the unit "swishes" when running - the standing water is being moved around. This is simply not necessary. I took 15 seconds to drill a drain hole in the back bottom corner (taking care not to penetrate beyond the hole itself so I didn't touch anything and damage it internally. The water all drains correctly and completely and the unit runs VERY quiet now.
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on May 8, 2009
I purchased this 6K BTU unit and a 12KBTU unit just like it about one month ago to go into my mothers house.
The units work very well as far as cooling capacity however the 6K BTU unit has NO DRAIN hole!
It has poured 10 inches of rain in TN over the past two weeks and the water pours into the unit through the vent holes on the top of the unit.
The pan then becomes full of water. This unit has one fan motor that turns the fan blades that push air across the condensor on the outside and a blower that pushes cooled air out into the room.
The blades on the fan that cools the condensor hits the water that is laying in the pan preventing it to spin properly.
Twice I have had to remove the unit and pour the water out. Its full again!
I dont want to drill a drain hole because I think it is designed to "sling" condensed water from the evaperator onto the hot condensor to aid in removing heat from it.
The goons in their R and D never thought about rain water getting in the unit I suppose.
Think Im going to go ahead and drill the hole and hope for the best.
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on April 23, 2009
Verified Purchase
I was torn between giving this 3 or 4 stars.

I just finished installing this in my first floor bedroom window. It appears to be a very nice window A/C ... neither the fan nor compressor are too loud and the remote is going to be VERY handy.

The 2 issues that I have with this product involve its packaging and security.

The packaging appears to be adequate for a world where everyone involved in the transportation of the product will pay attention to the THIS END UP arrows. Unfortunately, that does not describe the world in which we live. It was left by UPS lying on its left side. I found that somewhwere during its travels, it was, apparently, dropped on its left-upper-rear corner ... this dented and warped the metal case, but not badly enough to warrant a return. Some strategically located styrofoam "armor" would have prevented the damage.

My second problem has to do with Frigidaire's somewhat cavalier nod toward security in its design of the unit. Installed as directed, this unit could be pulled up and out of the window in order to gain access to the home. Had Frigidaire's R&D folks simply focused for a moment on the security of the unit & home in which it is installed, they would have created that bottom rail as a deeper unit with a "rail" for both the front & rear of the sill so that a crook could not simply defenestrate the unit by grabbing it at the rear and lifting up ... the rail attachment screws would also not be readily accessible from the outside.
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Pros: Very easy to install/uninstall. Fairly quiet compared to other low cost window units. Blows very cold air (when functional, see below). Uses very little power compared to other 6000 BTU units.

Cons: Arrived defective. Needs a better/more powerful blower. Very poor construction/design. Compressor turns on and off too often. Let's in alot of outside light and outside noise.

Other Thoughts: My unit arrived with a non-functional blower. I installed the unit and let it sit 24 hours (as you should for any AC device). The next day I turned it on and all I got was very loud compressor noise but no air coming out of the unit. I called support and they said send it back for exchange. I uninstall the unit and can clearly see the problem through the top vents. The main fan blade is hitting the condenser coil. I am a computer and mechanical engineer so I figure I can fix it rather than pay the $65 to return it for exchange. The hardest part was getting the top case off. Once I had it open then I adjusted the condenser position to move it away from the main fan. While inside I added some much needed padding and insulation in several places to reduce noise from outside and while the unit is running. Now the unit runs like a champ but you shouldn't have to repair a brand new A/C in the first place.
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on July 23, 2008
We purchased two Frigidaire (FAA065P7A) units following the reviews from Amazon, Epinions, and a few other sites. The unit received favorable reviews from Consumer Reports in both 2007 and 2008.

The unit was not easy to install, but that is more or less a result of our windows/frames and not necessarily the unit. Note the unit is rather heavy and ease of instillation requires the assistance of two people (preferably).

There is a slight slushing sound from time to time but nothing excessive (it has been very humid lately in NY). The energy saver mode is great and the start-up of the compressor is not obnoxious (an especially nice feature during the night). We sleep with the fan on low which makes/generate some noise - the unit is under $200, one cannot expect pristine tranquility - but it was not disruptive. I would not qualify myself as a light sleeper, but I am easily woken; I was able to fall asleep and remain asleep throughout the night with the fan on low. In the energy saver mode, the fans cycle off and on once the programmed temperature is reached and the compressor will resume once the ambient temperature goes above the programmed temperature setting. Since we kept our door closed, I find it gets stuffy when the fan stops running - you may want to leave your door ajar just a light to help keep a little air circulating.

The fan on high is not as loud/disruptive as expected (though this is my first window unit, so I have no point of reference), especially given some of the reviews posted on Amazon; nonetheless, it may be a little too intrusive for light sleepers.

Just a note about merchants selling this product - we ordered our two units from Allergy Be Gone since they are located in Brooklyn and we live in northern Manhattan. I would never recommend their services to anyone! Only one of the two units was delivered and now I must spent another full day waiting from the second unit to be delivered. Customer service reps were exceedingly rude and I've been waiting for several days now for a response from one of the managers. My first call was neutral, during my second call - since the promised return call from the manager never came through - was atrocious, I was transfered mid-sentence and had no idea what happened or who's voice mail I had been sent to. My third call was mush better...but still no resolution. Perhaps small transactions with this merchant are adequate but the cheaper prices of their advertised AC units will cost us more in the end - we never calculated on an additional day of lost work time/pay...something to think out. I have reviewed their profile on the BBB website and it seems a majority of customer complaints concern delivery - please think twice before buying any large products from Allergy Be Gone - we deeply regret our decision to do so!
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