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56 of 58 people found the following review helpful
on May 3, 2010
Now that I have used this for a while I have some observations of this machine. One fatal design flaw on this machine, that both me and my friend are experiencing is the soap dispenser door sticks if you have your normal size dishes on that side of the rack. Dishes in this location need to be shorter to allow dispenser to flip up, which is not something that you should have to be mindful of when loading a dishwasher. Shame on the Frigidaire engineers here. Don't they use this stuff before they put it into production???? From what I can see, they made the bottom rack so large that it brings the dishes too close to the flip open door for the soap, causing it to either not open at all or only open partially. They should have relocated the soap dispenser door higher up.

This is something you need to consider and seems to show up in other reviews for this machine and other Frigidaire Dishwashers on the web. Also, it does not install flush with the face of the cabinets in a 24 inch cabinet application, protrudes about 2 inches. Raising feet up so the dishwasher is flush with the countertop (the way it supposed to be) also creates a gap at the bottom because the kick panel is too small and can't cover the increased area. Not major flaws like the aforementioned, but worth noting.

Otherwise, it's still a nice machine, performs very well, cleans dishes superbly, dries very well, easy to load, tons of room for silverware, and it is very quiet. For the money you get alot, I paid $550. I am hesitant to give it four stars though, if I could I would give it 3.5.
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41 of 42 people found the following review helpful
on April 3, 2011
Fully satisfied with my FPHD2491KF after a month; time will tell more. Nice-looking, simple exterior. I paid $614 at a locally owned store. Best set of features I found at that price.

Installed it myself; straightforward j-box wiring and copper compression plumbing. Good instruction manuals (1 user, 1 technical) with installation tips. At first it didn't drain all the way, sometimes. After checking everything three times I called customer service. They were excellent, listened to what I said and then chose the correct diagnostic sequence for my problem. It stumped them, too, and they provided a list of approved services in my town. I picked one and he came over the next day. He made short work of it, immediately identifying that the air-gap anti-siphon fitting on my sink was partially plugged (stuff like fish bones that got past the old unit's filter) so it drained partly and we could see water coming out but it didn't all pump out during its time cycle. He cleaned it and was done in 10 minutes, and said Frigidaire would cover his visit.

Dishes come out spotless and squeaky clean, even large & dried-on loads. It is *very* quiet, doesn't interfere with a quiet conversation at all. Plenty of cycles from a 20-min rinse to 90-min china/crystal, 120-min sanitize, 150-min pot/pans, and choice of heat or air-dry. Racks and silverware tray work well. Easy-to-adjust top rack is handy for awkward and large things like cutting boards, food processor, mixing bowls. Dinner plates can block the soap door from opening completely, as mentioned in a previous review and also noted in the user manual; proper loading avoids that (I'd ding it a half star for that, if I could). Jet-Dry dispenser is turned down to its lowest setting and still no spots.

14 September 2011: Still very happy with this dishwasher. No problems to report. One review mentions that the bottom rack can come off its track and that's true, but it only happens if you pull it askew and it's completely easy to put back on its track.

May 2012: Silverware baskets have broken some of their bottom mesh, allowing utensils to poke through and stop the bottom sprayer from turning...not good. Easy fix was cutting 1/4" or 3/8" grid galvanized hardware cloth to fit each basket; cut slightly oversize and press into the bottom. It shouldn't break like that, though. Only other thing that's happened was the sink air-gap got some crud in it again and had to be cleaned out, but now that I know about it, that's easy to spot and fix. Still happy with it but dropped from 5 to 4 stars due to silverware basket and soap door. Oh, and the "Air Dry" LED is sort of dim...looks like it might not be seated up to its display panel quite right, but it works.

December 2013: Silverware basket was completely shot, bottoms fallen out of most sections, stop-gap fixes no longer holding utensils. Bought a new "Dishwasher Silverware Basket by Sears" for $35 (that name or part number 154423901 should find it here on Amazon). It's a little shorter than the old one but fits just fine, holds about the same amount of silverware, and appears to better constructed. I'd be happier if Frigidaire had included the better one when new. The LEDs for "Start" and "Clean" have gone dim. The clear plastic over the controls on the top edge of the door has picked up some nicks and scars. So, some minor annoyances but still satisfied with its performance at washing dishes.
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16 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on August 3, 2012
Original review (partial): When I did my research before choosing this model (from a local seller), there were not many complaints about it having a drainage problem. Then, after only 3 months, mine started not draining completely. When I looked online I found this Amazon page and a string of complaints about drainage. I thought I was stuck with a lemon. I called for repair and was prepared for the worst. However, turns out the drainage problem was caused by the air vent clogged with debris. I watched him as he removed the air vent cap and discover it. There was food and bits of plastic stuck firmly in the air vent opening, clogging it up. He removed it and now the dishwasher drains again.

Update 8/27/12: It may have been just a coincidence there was something clogged. Even though it worked fine for the next couple of weeks, it started not draining completely again. The air vent is clear. I started and drained it multiple times (it can be started/drained by hitting the "start/cancel" button) and it is obvious the machine simply stops draining before it is done. It still cleans the dishes, but leaves the bottom of the tub covered with water. However, it doesn't dry well now because the water doesn't fully evaporate.

The repair guy came and said there was something stuck in the motor. For some reason, I started hearing a clunking/grinding sound after he checked it out a bit (I didn't see what he did because I left the room). I asked how something could get in the motor when the filters seem all in place. I also asked if it had a grinder. He said Whirpools are the only ones with a food grinder and, somehow, something still gets into the motor. He said he has to replace the motor.

Seems to me this a purely a design flaw. Replacing the motor will not fix that. Unless Frigidaire corrects the flaw, it seems likely the same thing will keep happening for the life of the dishwasher. Since my extended warranty runs out in 5 years, that's probably the life of the dishwasher. However, since the maximum warranty coverage is $1,000, I'm not sure what will happen (apparently, after the manufacturer's 1 year warranty period expires, the warranty company decides whether it might just be cheaper to replace the dishwasher).

UPDATE 9/24/12: It's the pump, not motor, that gets stuff stuck in it. Sure enough, the repair guy found something in it. He showed it to me and I have never seen it before or have any idea where it came from. It was 1/2" round! How something that big can get through what should be food filters, I have no idea. The scary part is, he says normally the warranty would not pay for it because the thing that got stuck is a foreign object. How that makes sense is beyond me. If the design allows an object 1/2" in diameter through, it's a design flaw.

The dishwasher works fine when it works. As long as you use a good detergent and rinse, it usually cleans all the dishes perfectly. Very quite, too. No major complaints, but minor ones include a slightly offset door (rubs on the frame when you close it) and what I consider to be not the best dish organization layout. I will highly recommend, however, that when buying a new dishwasher, build into your budget an extended warranty. Modern appliances have too many things that can go wrong.

Update 8/21/12: A new issue is that the top rack has become corroded. Water appears to have gotten under the plastic coating of the rack metal and significantly rusted one wire over a 3" length. The plastic coating has washed away, exposing the rusted metal. There's another, smaller rust spot, too. Since the dishwasher is only 4 months old, it was still under warranty. I called customer service and they immediately agreed to send me a new top rack. They said it is a known issue. It would stink if the issue continued past the warranty period. I'm going to take a good look at the new rack and make sure there are no openings water can get in.
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16 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on November 20, 2011
This is probably the worst dishwasher I have bought. In a year and a half it has went through 2 motors, 1 drain pump, 1 control board, sand 1 display board. We bought a 5 year warranty with this dishwasher. So we expect a new motor every 8 months and new control boards every 1 and a half years. The service man said everything is we will get to know him well.
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11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on July 28, 2012
I am quite baffled about all unsatisfactory reviews on this product! I decided to buy this dishwasher based on the appearence, price, Steele (Exterior/Interior) and options and I am very happy with my decision. I've been using it for over a month now and have zero complaint about it. The dishes come out sparkling clean and it's super quite. Yes, you may have to be very gentle with the bottom shelf as it may come off track easily but not a big deal. Yes, the detergent door may not open if you put big pots/dishes on bottom left hand corner but the dishwasher comes with a "caution" note and advises you not to do so. The only comment I can make is that the timer is hidden inside therefore it kind of defeats the purpose of having it since you have to open the door and intrupt the cycle in order to find out how much is left for the cycle to be completed. Other than that, I am quite happy speciallly that I bought at Low's for $550.00!
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17 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on March 27, 2011
I almost did not buy this b/c of the bad reviews I read but I keep going back to it. I have had it 8 months and I love it. It is very quiet and has many featores: sanitize, "scrubbing" wash, rinse only, etc. It looks fabulous. What I especially love is the top rack. There is a feature where you can put small dishes (saucer size) on the top or open up the "prongs" and put glassware there instead. Flexible. I paid about $300-400 more than what it is selling for here on amazon. I am very happy with it. I just hope I don't have the problems other people have had.
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17 of 20 people found the following review helpful
on July 8, 2011
Horrible. Does not get dishes clean. Bottom rolling basket jams constantly. Jamming pulls on the metal trim which then comes lose and then allows it to leak.

I've owned this dishwasher for 7 months. Bought all new appliances for my new kitchen. This dishwasher was a total mistake I never should have purchased it.

Trust me.. don't do it!
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on August 22, 2011
Has a nice looking door and you don't have to look at the controls as they are somewhat hidden. However we have had ours less than a week. It doesn't seem to be cleaning at all only heating up and baking on the filth. Disappointed. A week before they can come out and look at it. Hope it is an install problem. Will update this if it gets fixed.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on September 29, 2013
I've had mine for about a year and a half now and the control assembly on it just went. The start button won't work. It's always been kind of wonky since I got it but usually, if you messed with it a bit and slid your finger around the general vicinity of the start button (they are recessed, kinda touchpad buttons), it would go. As of today, no dice. If you're willing to try to replace parts yourself, prepare to be set back about $150 for this to happen. I will never EVER purchase another Frigidaire anything again.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on November 22, 2014
For our newly remodeled kitchen we bought a matching set of appliances based on what I considered to be an attractive looking design. What a mistake! While the Professional Series 5 burner Gas Stove has been fine, the Side by side refrigerator has had problems starting shortly after use, but I can deal with those. It's the dishwasher that is the largest piece of junk I've ever had the displeasure of owning, and I've owned many dishwashers through the years.

As others have said, it does not do a great job of cleaning dishes at all, but that can be said of many dishwashers. My main and on-going complaints are the design flaws inherent to this appliance. These are the things that incense me to the point of wanting to yank this appliance out and replace it, despite the fact it's only a few years old.

1. The bottom rack constantly falls off the track when I pull it out or push it in and must be lifted back on. If I extend the rack all the way out, the back wheels will hit the rubber gasket when I attempt to push it back in. This requires me to carefully "realign" the rack just so to clear the gasket...Awesome!

2. The swinging door on the soap dispenser will not open fully if there are any items placed in the front of the rack that are too high. Of course, you don't realize this until the whole cycle is through and you open it to discover that the soap is still in the holder. This necessitates constant vigilance and limitations over what you place in the part of the dishwasher...Nice!

3. The rail the upper rack rolls on is designed such that food debris build up inside the track and begin to gum up. This causes the rack to stop rolling smoothly, then eventually to stop rolling at all. My husband has twice had to unscrew the rails to remove them and take a long skinny brush to the inside to clean them out so the rack will roll again...Swell!

4. The cheapness of the plastic silverware holders can not be overstated. about 6 months after use, a little piece of the mesh on the bottom broke. Instead of calling for a replacement, I just didn't put really thin items in the section. I wish I would of called, because now there are several sections with broken pieces and the silverware and utensils fall through into the bottom of the dishwasher. This blocks the washing arm from spinning. Again, you don't know this until you open the completed cycle to find food still stuck on your dishes. We have put pieces of nylon mesh in the bottom of the sections to prevent this, but that means that food debris won't fall through the to the bottom, so it stays in the holder with your silverware...Lovely!

This ongoing group of aggravations should be enough to deal with, but this past weekend, we turned the dishwasher on for a cycle only to return a few hours later to find it ran through the whole cycle with no water! Thinking maybe that was some weird fluke, we tried again with the same result. Not sure what is going on, and we've been too busy to check into it to see if it's something my husband can fix. But in the meantime, we are hand washing our dishes...Super!

I think we will fix this worthless piece of crap and sell it so we can forget about matching appliances and shoot for one that actually does the job it's intended for without raising my blood pressure every time I use it.
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