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on May 27, 2012
In the past year I've replaced all of our old air conditioners. Our house is older, and made of plaster walls with baseboard heat, so central air is too pricey at present. However, being "green" and also cost-conscious I've been buying only Energy-Star units.

Our house consists of a finished basement (which stays around 68 degrees all year long and requires dehumidification May-October), a first floor with lots of tight angles, and a converted attic which houses a playroom and bedroom.

As of the purchase of this one, ALL of my air conditioners are now Frigidaire's compact energy-star FRA series.

They aren't perfect, but they are very good. All of my comments apply to the entire range that I own, I'll likely link this review up to all of them. I currently own:

1x 8,000 BTU with electrostatic air cleaner
1x 6,000 BTU with electrostatic air cleaner
3x 6,500 BTU without air cleaner

So here's the plusses:

- Very efficient. Cheap to own. My electric bill is happy, and so is the planet.
- Very good at running in economy mode (where it cycles the fan up every 10 minutes to check air temp, and doesn't run the compresser at all unless it's above the specified temperature).
- The 8k and 6k with the air cleaner ... that air cleaner works really well. No stale air smell, and definitely reduced pollen and dust. Better than the filter alone.
- Also, the 8k and 6k come with temperature sensing remotes. This is pretty convenient for the upstairs, since only the kids go up there most of the time.
- Cheap. These units are the cheapest high-efficiency compact units on the market!
- Compact. The attic in our house has 18" wide windows. But it gets REALLY hot. Try finding an 8k BTU unit that will fit in that window... this is the ONLY ONE.

The minuses:

- While certainly not the loudest units, these aren't exactly quiet. The 8k and 6k are quieter, being that they seem to be more advanced and perhaps better sealed. The units run quiet most of the time but occasionally the compressor will start to vibrate and shake the entire room they are in. I can't say this is unusual, but I had hoped for better.
- Weird start-up noises. The 8k in particular is VERY weirdly loud from the outside as it cycles up. Once it's running it's better.
- Occasional weird noises in high-temperature, high-humidity situations. When it gets to be 100 degrees outside, and the unit runs all night, I'll occasionally wake up at 3AM and hear it making kind of weird drip/plonk/glurk noises. Not sure what that's about!
- No control over vent/exhaust. This seems to be indemic in the AC market nowadays, but it's irritating. No "pull here to vent" or anything. I assume that these units, being high efficiency, simply are partly vented all the time... or are vented on exhaust only, or something. But it's weird - I have, however, read the same complaint for MOST air conditioners nowadays. Maybe it's just a trend.

In general, these units are great. I'm on my second summer with them, so I can't comment on longevity. But they work well, cool my house, and didn't cost a mint. Clear win!
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on May 20, 2011
This 8000 btu Frigidaire unit is amazing! It is very quite and compact. My wife was nervous that it was going to be loud and too big. I can honestly tell you that she was pleasantly satisfied. This air conditioner also has a remote control and the remote control is a remote sensing device so you can set it anywhere in the room and the air conditioner will cool the room based on the temp at that point in the room! This is genius because a lot of air conditioners will turn off if they are set on the econ mode based on the temp near the unit; however, disregarding the temp far away in other parts of the room...
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on June 22, 2011
First, I will say that I have been very happy with this air conditioner. It's quiet and works well. But don't be fooled by Amazon into buying the "Window Unit Support Kit (Heavy Duty) Air Conditioner Bracket" that is listed in the "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought" section. The bottom of this air conditioner is not flat so it will not sit evenly on the horizontal part of the installation kit. You will waste your time setting up the installation kit (which requires drilling and screwing the installation kit into the window frame), only to find you have to take it all back out for the air conditioner to sit properly in the window.
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on October 4, 2011
I live on the third floor of my house. This AC did the job even on the hottest days of summer. This summer we had record breaking heat, this unit passed the test. It may get be warm inside during the afternoon when it's the most hot outside, but it's at least 20 degrees cooler inside then out. My room is about the size of a typical living room.
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on April 26, 2012
Most complaints you've read are true except the people who say it doesn't work. They got lemons, it happens. I bought mine on, shipped it to store and inspected it right there--even though Amazon was cheaper. After hearing the beep I unplugged the unit, removed the front panel (two screws and snaps off), removed the electrical compartment cover (two screws and slides up), pinched the plastic mounts and seperated the circuit board from the metal bracket, and stuck the foam tape they gave me right on top of the little black round speaker (both sides, a few layers). Now it beeps likes it should, QUIETLY!
The vent adjustemnts...meh. I could bend some cardstock and tape it if I cared. Fan noise is NORMAL to me, a licensed HVAC technician. I like to sleep in the dark too and I live on a main road with lights coming in my windows. I put white out on each LED. Old black T-shirt cut up and taped to the top of the unit hangs over and covers the light that comes through the vents from outside. Does the unit look good anymore? No, but when it's 90 outside and 70 in my room nobody cares. Frigidaire can't please everyone but they'll please you if you can live with a BASIC A/C unit. Four stars for the half hour of my life it took to do all that.
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on May 20, 2011
I bought this a/c after reading how "quiet" how quiet it was supposed to be. This might be true with respect to the compressor unit, but this unit sure does make a lot of noise. Even on the "lo" setting a massive amount of air is blowing out of the vents. It is quite noticeable and as I've installed this unit in my bedroom it may end up being quite a challenge to sleep. I'm left wanting a setting below "lo".
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on February 9, 2014
Handled 100 degree days with high humidity in a 400sq foot apartment all by itself. Highly recomended. The delayed start timer was incredible useful for maintaining a low electricity bill while at work during the hottest months of the summer.
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on August 6, 2012
Great little lifesaver for the price. I would suggest it for one room (bedroom or living room) or a studio.

I bought this in June 2012 for use only in my bedroom for which 5,000 BTU was suggested. I've used this for two summers in a row. It consistently cools down fairly quickly within the first 20-minutes. The remote control is great. Love the energy saver option which puts AC to sleep when the target temperature is reached, then turns on again when the room temperature increases.
I've left the bedroom door open to cool down the other areas of the apartment and learned this is not effective.

It's a bit noisy like a roaring rumble, but I find no issues with the high level of noise it generates because live in NYC in a street facing apartment and this AC actually serves as white noise which drowns out noise from outside traffic, delivery trucks, people in cars with clubbing music heading to the clubs and pedestrian chatter.

It's energy efficient. I live in a prewar but with brand new energy saving electrical rewiring work done---so my electricity and gas bill has been $30-$50 more than usual (it's always around $100-$110 in the summer, particularly when it is on all day for my partner who sometimes works from home).

Shipping was super fast (but not free). Amazon got it to me in 3 business days. It comes just as it is--AC box with shipping label on it.
Get the longer brackets for this (10,000 BTU and up). The ones for 5,000-10,000 BTU will be an inch short (if you are installing into pre-war NYC co-op windows).

From this exercise, I would trust purchasing bulk appliances from Amazon again and also would purchase the Frigidaire AC brand again to cool the rest of the apt.
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on May 30, 2011
I bought this air conditioner based on reviews that remarked on how quiet it is. In my experience, it's not. Nothing about it is quiet. The "beep" indicating a change in temperature setting, fan speed, etc. is an unnecessarily noisy and shrill noise. The fan itself is incredibly loud. And so far I do not think the air conditioner is efficient at cooling. Also, the thermostat feature on the remote is not accurate--it runs at least two degrees hot. Additionally, once the A/C gets the room to the desired temperature, it tends to cycle on for about 10-15 seconds at a time, every few minutes, rather than letting the temperature rise a couple of degrees and then running for longer. Maybe I got a lemon, but I would not recommend this air conditioner.
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on July 15, 2014
Added comments 08/09/14:
After almost a month of use, I amend my review to 5 stars from the original 4. The air flow directional vents are just not a big deal unless you want the air blowing right on you and you're sitting next to the unit. It took less than a day to get used to the sound of the compressor cycling off and on periodically, and this puppy cools the entire north side of the house if doors are open and some additional fans on to direct air flow. It's fabulous, and we will be getting a second unit for the south end of the house.

I have now used the Econ mode, and it's a good feature, but just not one that's needed in this house. Still haven't used the timer. The filter reset light just came on, and I cleared the lint in 10 seconds and it's back to working flawlessly.

I couldn't have chosen a better AC unit for our needs.

Original review 07/15/14:
So far, LOVE this unit! It cooled our 13x15 bedroom from 85* (and rapidly rising) to 70* within a half hour. It's been holding steady at 70* in the four hours since. It feels like heaven in here right now. This room is our master bedroom and during the hottest part of the day, the sun beats on the west-facing windows as it gets lower in the sky. It easily would reach over 100* in here by 6pm despite a curtain being closed to block the worst of the sunlight. I intentionally over-sized the unit slightly because of this oven effect in the afternoons. I feel like I made the right choice. It's wonderful!

Some specifics that may be useful for others looking to install this unit:

1. As many have stated, the air direction control could be better. Even having the basic up/down/side/side continuum on a wheel as standard car vents have would be perfect.

2. Noise: it's not loud to me, but I'm used to sleeping with a fan in my room and love the white noise. It's directly above my head, and both of us (California-raised, brainwashed to never sleep under anything heavy in case of earthquake) jump every time the compressor switches off as it makes a light "clunk." It's truly a relatively minor sound, like the neighbor came home and shut a car door or trunk. We are getting used to it already, but it did make us both jump the first few times.

3. I love that the remote is where the room temp sensor lives. So often, the room may be cool near the AC unit, but the entire room hasn't cooled yet. Having the thermostat in the remote is a genius solution. Besides, where's the remote likely to be? Near the people, and the people need to be properly cooled. ;-)

4. Econ mode and power saving features - great ideas, but haven't used them yet. We decided having the fan turning up and down or on and off throughout the night wouldn't be conducive to good sleep, so we settled on a temperature and are letting it run.

5. Weatherproofing - this was not difficult in the least, but it required a bit of extra work as a result of the atypical window we have. In addition to installing the standard foam stripping in the instructions, I used some dense foam to cushion the unit against the wood base we built, which eliminated any potential vibration/rattling issues. Because we live in Seattle, and it rains here -- a lot -- I wanted to ensure water wouldn't be getting into the house or pooling in the window sills when it eventually does rain. I was very glad I had on hand some clear weatherproofing tape. It sealed up all cracks and gaps that wouldn't have been corrected with foam, without looking horrible.

6. DIY installation was not nearly as seamless as YouTube and the instructions made it look, but that was due to our window configuration and is no fault of the manufacturer. This is NOT intended as a complaint but as help for anyone who may run into the same issues. Anyone with a standard flat sill with a normal height window track should have no problem at all.

Issue #1: We have a window opening that is exactly 14" tall, so knew it would be a close fit, but it turned out the lower window sash simply didn't open to the full 14" of frame height. It was installed with a stop point about 4" lower than one would expect. As a result, we needed to remove the sash to get the bottom portion of the unit through the window. In addition, I had to adjust the shoes so that the sash could be opened to full height once replaced so it could be used to secure the AC unit. It wasn't simple, though it wasn't exactly difficult, either. It was just a bigger PITA than we'd bargained for. I learned more than I ever thought I wanted to about how to fix and adjust sash windows, which will come in very handy when and if I need to fix a window that isn't sliding correctly.

Issue #2: Our window has an unusual rail at the bottom of the frame. When the screen is in the window, the rail appears to simply be a wide frame, as if it would pop out with the screen itself. However, the screen comes out with only the tiniest vinyl frame on it, and the wider frame does not come out. Once the screen is out, this rail is about 2" tall and 1/8" deep and goes the entire 24" length of the sill. To prevent the entire weight of the unit being on the thin rail, we added a 2"x2"x24" piece of hardwood to the top of the window sill for additional support and screwed the wood securely into the window sill with long wood screws. Bonus: it will serve double duty as it prevents someone shoving the unit into the room in order to gain access for a burglary.

7. Speaking of security, I plan to re-utilize the window sensor from our alarm system to attach to the unit and the window frame in such a way that if someone were to manage to shove it in through the window or pull it out in order to attempt to access the house, it will trip the alarm.
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