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Frigidaire FRA156MT1 15,100 BTU Window-Mounted Median Room Air Conditioner
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on August 4, 2011
(*****Update 7/14/12: Wanted to update my review on this and other 15K BTU units. I've been running them for two seasons now in several of my family homes and rental units. They are holding up VERY well. On the Frigidaire they are proving to be quite reliable and hearty. Also to note, the build quality this year seems to have slightly improved over initial models with fewer incidences of rattle and other defects. Last, the price premium has fallen. I would now give the Frigidaire 15K units 4 stars and have even started using it as my workhorse in larger rentals. *****)

This is as big as you can go with 110 volt plug. It takes 12 AMP of power, so whatever circuit you plug it into will likely have little room for anything else (think entertainment center, microwave, etc.)

Beware of window height. Some window styles won't open high enough - Check yours.

Pain to install. Takes me 2 people and 45 mins every time I do one of these big boys.

Cold? Oh yes. It's the full 15,000 BTU. A mighty blizzard compared even to the 12,000 units. It will cool whatever room you put it in and probably the adjoining ones too.

Loud? Compared to others on the market today yes. Compared to even 5 years ago? Not really.

If you've got the window to fit it in and the significant wad of extra cash to pay for the size premium, the only concern I would have is 1) noise and 2) shipping. (This unit's box is just too much for one poor delivery man whereas the smaller box for the 6/8/10/12K BTU units is manageable).

3 stars because I think it's overpriced and find Frigidaire of avg. quality.

Also to consider... here's the review I gave on another model that is relevant to this one:


Between family and rent houses I put all types and sizes to the test every year in the scorching Texas sun. Here's my experience:

If you want a solid window air conditioner, it really boils down to two choices: Frigidaire and LG. The current "sweet spot" on reliability/price/economy is the 10,000 BTU unit regardless of make/manufacturer.

Recently they've been making 12,000 & 15,000 BTU 110V (normal plug) units.
-The 12000 BTU truly is 20% stronger, but you pay 50% more here on Amazon.
-The 15000 BTU is a snowball tossing beast, but it's in a larger case that may not fit your window (height-wise) and doesn't have a long history on the market so we don't know how it will do long-term

LG Pros - The 10,000 BTU LG is my "workhorse". Best value. Run them till they fail in 4 to 7 years, then swap `em out for another.

1) Better warranty (but really, who cares when it breaks because you're sitting there sweating)
2) Typically last an additional 2-3 years over other brands
3) An LG rarely just stops running - it will degrade slowly over a season
4) They are more tolerant of neglect (e.g. dirty filters... can't rely on tenant to care for your stuff)
5) Better withstands being placed in harsher environments (direct sunlight, restricted airflow)
6) Lower "lemon" rate

Frigidaire Pros - For family I prefer to run 12,000 & 15,000 BTU Frigidaires. They are a little nicer, and I consider it worth it even though they always break sooner. (Value and reliability aren't as important, but I do have to compensate by keeping a new boxed spare around because they always fail at the most inopportune moments. Most people can't do this.)

1) A little nicer looking
2) Better features
3) Quieter
4) Slightly easier installation
5) Circuit surge/drain on startup seems significantly less (think lights flickering when compressor comes on)

Other parting thoughts:

1) A thing to know about newer units: To obtain the higher EER (efficiency) ratings, they use finer design on heat exchanger fins. For the non-experts, this means smaller little spaces that get jammed up with dirt/mold/whatever resulting in a clogged/filthy/poorly operating unit much-much faster than your parents' old units. Appliance repair stores can service your window unit every year (clean it of filth) that will extend life by at least 2 years and sometimes much more. Of course this costs anywhere from $50 up, and the units are cheap, so it's your call whether to service or toss it.

2) The 10,000 BTU Frigidaire here on Amazon is a good buy w/Amazon Prime shipping. For other higher BTU models, as of this writing you'll be paying more but also know that right now with the national heatwave most box stores are sold out so you may not have a choice.

3) Something this heavy is a risky ship (versus store pickup). It might be shipped wrong-side-up, or dropped, or whatever. It's a risk you'll run so do so knowingly. (I seem to have pretty good luck w/Amazon shipped items.) The risk is offset, however, by advantages of buying from Amazon (store would take forever, you'd have to load it and bring it home, have to have a vehicle large enough to carry it, etc.)

4) Clean. Your. Filter. Every. Week. It will keep your little ice machine healthy.

5) Different stores have different models from the same maker. If they are made in the same year, it doesn't seem to make a difference.

6) Tempted to go cheap like a Haier? Don't.

7) Tempted to buy a 6,000 or 8,000 BTU model? Don't. Get the stronger unit. It will cool down the room faster. It will not need to work as hard as a weaker unit and last longer. It is built with some stronger/better key components.

Good luck and happy cooling.
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Warning: These are something of a pain to install. I got two of them, so on the plus side, I was an old pro for the second one. :) This is not one of those you can just drop into the window--you have to disconnect and remove the front, remove the outer shell, install the top bar, side runners (for the the expando deals to attach to), install the mounting brackets, install a spacer (if you have old wooden windows like me with storm windows), then install the unit into it and reconnect the front. Took me a few hours for each one, being careful.

On the plus side, they are powerful and do a great job cooling my 1600 sq ft first floor (with 10ft ceilings). Another plus is they run off 110 volt line, so you can plug them into regular outlets. On the other hand, they take 12 amps (rated, and I measured it). So you basically still need a dedicated 15amp circuit for these puppies.

Anyways, I also bought 3 of the smaller models--all have same operation, remotes. Very straightforward. I love the remote sensing feature--I can put the remote up higher and on the other side of the room and set the thermostat, and it is much more accurate that way (just buy some rechargeable AAA batteries to keep em going). I like the energy saver mode--these use that all the time, so it turns off once it reaches the desired temp and comes on as needed.

They are not quiet, but I doubt your bedroom is big enough such that you'd be sleeping with them; however, don't put them in the TV room--you'll have to turn it up loud. I planned on that and intentionally put them in the other rooms on the first floor--they keep the whole floor cool without being a bother that way. Actually, they may be just a tad too much for my needs, but not so much that it is a problem (e.g., no moisture issues).

The air filters are pretty standard; not hard to clean (like a dryer lint trap); it tells you based on a timer when to clean. Then you just clean and reset.

My only real criticism of these (and all like Frigidaire models) is that "eight way" vents are only so-so. I really want the cold air to blow up, but you can only get them at like a 20 degree angle upwards (if I had to estimate). Seems like most window AC units suffer from this issue, though. Not a major issue, but it could be better.

Anyways, they're energy star rated, but they're still going to cost you, especially in the hotter times, but hey, it is SO worth it! :)
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on June 25, 2010
We have a 3 year old Frigidaire 22500 which is wonderful. It was an excellent inexpensive yet quality alternative to the Freidrich it replaced. When it was time to replace our bedroom a/c, I automatically drifted to the Frigidaire brand. Because it is powerful, the fan is quite loud on high; tolerable on low. It cools an attic bedroom which takes the sun all day because roof exposure is east-west. Use mostly at night. Cool-down from 90 degrees to 75 is about 10-15 minutes. Really! If during the day, the cool down is another five minutes. Great machine. Excellent price - delivered.
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on June 8, 2012
It took two hours to install this unit by two muscular men. It is not as simple as other window AC units, which you just have to slide in the window and shut the door. And if you think I am an idiot, think again. I installed and assembled everything that is in my house, furniture from IKEA to my own desktop computer. You would actually have to tear the unit apart to install, which I believe it's much safer way to install. First step was to unscrew four screws after tearing up the front part of the AC unit, slide out the inside of the AC unit (core components), install the metal bar that goes on the top and side of the AC metal cage, and install the outside metal cage first and slide the core components inside in the cage. Sounds simple right? Absolutely not.
This is a good video (not Frigidaire video) that I found on YouTube, which might give you an idea what you have to do:
[...] (copy and paste)

Things I want to point out to FRIGIDAIRE:
1) The manual is absolutely garbage. Must be thorough and have some zoomed in pictures for better idea.
2) Different screws were all in the same bag, and I really can't tell the difference between 5/16", 7/16" from all the other different screws in a tiny bag. This took me longest to figure out which screws go where. And I had ten screws left after installing the unit, since I used my own long screws to stabilize the unit. I was very puzzled during the process if I am doing thing right.
3) The supporter that was included is just pure garbage. It is just a triangle looking piece of metal that you need "perfect precise height" of the window and the window sill to be useful. Instead, I had to buy $40 supporter at Lowes, which also gave me a big problem. I bought the larger sized supporter at Lowes since it's the law for NYC to have bracket or support for window AC unit. After installing the bracket, we tried to put the metal cage on the window. The problem arose when the metal cage is not sitting on the bracket since the cage is entirely empty and bottom of the cage is completely open. So, we have to drill more holes to stabilize the cage before we slide in the core components. When we are sliding in the core component, more issue arose when the component is sitting on the bracket and the cage is held on only by the window and few screws. The inside of the unit is sitting on the bracket at near zero degree slope and the cage has a downward slope (its designed that way). Theoretically, the inside component should sit on the metal cage, but things didn't go perfect. Well, it fits, but slightly off the mark. (maybe like 5 degrees)
4) Installing the side wings for the unit is absolutely madness! Took me good 5 minutes to figure out which side is "right side" or "left side" from how you look at it.

However, it does well on one thing that matters the most. IT BLOWS REALLY COLD AIR! I was a little scared due to living in NYC apartment 7th floor, for not having enough amperage and using 100 year old window to hold 120lb air conditioner. However, it seems things are looking good for this summer!!
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on June 10, 2013
This AC unit is a great deal for the price. I purchased mine at Lowes. It's working great so far.

The only complaint I have is that when it is on Econ mode, it stays off for too long and the house does get a bit warmer than the set temperature. I think it has to do with where I have it installed, and not so much the components of the AC unit.

*** WORD TO THE WISE*** I have seen reviews saying that they cannot find the drain hole for the AC unit, and people are drilling them into the bottom - do NOT do this! The AC is equipped with scoop blades on the fan. The fan scoops up the excess water from the pan and uses it to cool the compressor. If you drill a drain hole, it will not work correctly, and your unit will not last as long or be as efficient.
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on June 11, 2013
This AC is cooling my 1,100 sq. ft. apt. -- it's quiet, handsome in appearance, easy to install and worth every dollar!
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on July 16, 2010
we received this air conditioner really really fast and my husband had it in the window pretty quickly even though its weighs 112 lbs. we've only had it for one day but seems to work great and even tells you the room temp and you can set it to the room temp you want. we are very happy with this product so far.
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on July 4, 2013

Now, back to the original review...from July 2nd or so...

My first born child shall be named Frigidaire. And so shall all subsequent children. And so shall all their pets. My tombstone shall read: `He's dead now, but at least he found Frigidaire during life.'

FRIGIDIAIRE: THANK YOU for ending my nightmare that was Friedrich KUHL...a $1400 piece-of-excrement that I suffered with for 2.5 seasons (and I apologize for offending excrement everywhere by associating it with Friedrich) .

FRIEDRICH: send EVERY design and manufacturing person on your payroll (which I can only assume is just 2 part-time people who together dont have a full complement of chromosomes) over for a visit with whomever designs and builds these units for Frigidaire - maybe your "Kuhl" people will learn a thing or 20 about how to build window a/c units. And you should - because this Frigidaire unit puts your "high-end" Kuhl unit to shame. Game. Set. Match - Frigidaire. (In the end I guess I should have known...after all Friedrich doesn't even know how to spell COOL.)

I just installed the Frigidaire 15,100 BTU FR156MT1 which I actually purchased about a year ago (not from because I was fed up with my KUHL unit and because I got an incredible deal. Because it was end of season when I bought the Frigidaire, I decided not to install it until this summer. I just did so recently all by myself (which I don' recommend but I was tired of the KUHL and tired of this giant box sitting on my apartment floor). I am absolutely thrilled with the Frigidaire - it is far FAR better built than the hunk-of-junk KUHL 12,100 BTU that it replaced (I have a review of that unit on amazon as well). The Frigidaire is keeping me cool and happy and WITHOUT the dramatic noises/banging/horrendous rattling and random inexplicable power shutdowns that the KUHL plagued me with. The last few nights I've slept comfortably - something I never did ONCE in 2.5 years with the KUHL.

A few notes for prospective buyers:

1) This unit is very heavy, I am 130# and managed to install it myself but only due to my insane desire to get RID of the awful Friedrich KUHL. I managed, but I def. recommend 2 strong-ish people to wield this beast.

2) Noise level: everyone has their is mine. Now, bear in mind that my reference is the KUHL unit piece of ---- which banged, rattled, shuttered, vibrated, turned on and off randomly, moaned, groaned, heaved, sighed...and that was just the fan - the compressor when it decided to bang into action (which was seemingly unrelated to the temperature of the room) sounded like a dying 1950s Edsel, it made so much noise, of so many types, that almost universally quests commented on the obnoxious quality of my KUHL unit. Oh, and it let thru a LOT of noise from the avenue outside too.

Ahhhhh, but now I have this Frigidaire! No rattling! No moans or howls. The fan on all settings sounds, to me, NOT like a 'fan' but more like a large air duct pulling air in - in other words - most a/cs sound like a harsh fan, like blowing air out through pursed lips - but this Friedrich sounds like when you pull air IN through only slightly pursued lips, a more mellow sound like you hear in the middle of a huge jet at cruise altitude (using a jet analogy is risky, but perhaps some of you can relate to that hollow air flow sound). And when the compressor kicks in it is very very subtle (unlike the KUHL which sounded like a Tora-Bora jDAM every time it kicked in) and results in a sound almost identical to just the fan running. I am VERY happy with the sound of this unit and again, Friedrich could learn something here.

3) AMPS: my unit pulls about 1.5 amps fan alone, and 10-12 with compressor on. I have a 15 amp circuit and it hasn't blown anything - although not a lot else is on that circuit (a lamp, a clock radio).

4) Construction - seems very solid both the sleeve and the internal component - much unlike the KUHL which seemed to be built very shoddily (which likely accounts for its horrendous performance). In fact, when I uninstalled the Kuhl, it all but fell seems a few short seasons in NYC was just too much for the sad, tired, incapable KUHL. I would donate it to a boat captain for use as an anchor, but the KUHL probably would fail at that too. Of course, the captain could just keep it on deck and plug it in during fog...other boats would hear him coming from a mile away gale-force winds.

5) Things that could be improved a bit (but these are really trivial): a bit more care could be taken in placing the weather-stripping inside the sleeve during manufacturing. Also, while installation is VERY VERY easy for anyone like me who has installed a/cs before, the owner's manual could use serious improvement and proofreading. I can see how folks in other comments found the manual to be not terribly helpful. Also, there is a lot of daylight leak-through the vent grill, which I solved as shown in the photos I uploaded).

SUMMARY: After `enduring' the Friedrich KUHL, I sum up my perspective of the Frigidaire FR156MT1 in one word: DELIVERANCE. It could stop working tomorrow after just being installed, and I would have already achieved FAR more value and satisfaction from it than from the product made by the buffoons at Friedrich.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on August 11, 2013
My story is like many others. I needed to replace a 12 year old, 12k BTU Whirlpool that was losing freon. My 400 sq ft room is on the sunny side where it can get to 104F outside.

New units are different than older ones. To try and make them more efficient, lighter (less durable) compressors are used, the radiator fins are much closer together to pack a lot more in, and the water it accumulates is splattered by the outside fan on the external coils to improve cooling.

The new 15k BTU Frigidaire has 25% more BTU's than my old unit, but uses about the same amount of electricity. Designed to cool up to 900 sq ft, it seems to cool down my 400 sq ft in about 2 hours the same as my old 12k unit did. Over several hours though, I can see how it could bring down the temperature more in a larger area. Also, being larger and more efficient it doesn't have to work as hard. I'm happy with the quality of my new Frigidaire but my complaints are:

-The installation guide is VERY poorly written and even incorrect in places, requiring someone with installation ability possibly several hours more than necessary. The screws included work for the most part, but don't always resemble what is in the guide. Four would not thread into the plastic parts and I had to leave them out.
-Since the fins are so close together, I worry about them getting dirty and plugged much faster. They will require more than an occasional delicate cleaning with a garden hose. We are in the age now where we just have to expect to service and replace appliances more often than we used to.
-With the fan on high, the Frigidaire is quieter than my old unit. On low fan however, the old unit is slightly quieter because it's compressor hums less.
-The external fan scoops up water and splatters it on the condenser coils. During times of high humidity this can produce what sounds like water drops hitting a tin roof every 10 seconds or so and can be annoying. Other times it's not as noticeable.
-A regular central air conditioner will leave the fan and compressor off if the room temperature is lower than you have the thermostat set. The Frigidaire's fan must either be running all of the time, or set to energy saver which turns the fan on every 10 minutes for a few seconds.
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on May 5, 2014
We received the unit on Monday morning 10am, opened box and found some of the fins were bent... Ok, can live with that installed unit, and turned on. Unit was running ice cold and working well. At approx 8:30pm it suddenly made a loud crack noise and was vibrating the whole house. Turned it off to find the blue fan blade blew its outside ring off. Contacted Frigidaire and told me to mail it to them for just over $100. Contacted Amazon for return and replacement. Will update rating if replacement is better. At this point it is 91F outside and we have no A/C and Amazon says 5-7 days for replacement. Texas weather sucks...
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