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on March 5, 2010
This review covers my sentiments for SEASON 1 and SEASON 2. Its a good series in season 1 from pilot to episode 6 or 7......and then STRAP YOURSELF IN cuz its going to get way way way better from that point on.

Think LOST in SEASON 1. Thats Fringe. nothing to do with the story lines But with the excitement and anticipation each episode brings. Well mostly each episode. Yes sometimes they'll do an episode that doesnt advance the story line of the SERIES - which drives me nuts btw - but even in those few episodes, the story you will see in that episode will be greatly entertaining and leave you wanting more.

DO NOT start watching this at 11pm if you have an early morning. There is no way you will start and not watch at least three episodes. maybe if you are strong willed you might be able to just watch one or two among the first 6 episodes of season 1. But DO NOT TRY it with starting your viewing late in the evening with an episode that is after 6 of season 1. If you do that, I promise You WILL BE WATCHING 5 episodes back to back before you know it.

You have been warned...........
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on May 26, 2010
For many avid TV watches, the series finale of LOST in May of 2010 tore a hole in their silver-screen world that one could drive a truck through. Shows like "V" and "Flashforward" have been heavily advertised as ABC's "new alternatives" to LOST, but neither has even remotely captured the imagination of the viewing audience. Fortunately, FOX has found a gem (once again from mastermind creator JJ Abrams) with "Fringe", the only network-TV show on the airwaves right now that can be deemed a worthy successor to "the Island".

Though the first half of "Fringe: Season One" was quite slow (almost to the point of boring), it really picked up the pace down the home stretch and, by the season one finale, was absolutely incredible. This second season doesn't backpedal whatsoever, continuing to provide entertaining, mind-bending fiction week after week.

For a basic season summary, all three of the primary characters have their own unique storylines that play out in tangent as the season progresses:

-Walter Bishop, the mad scientist turned mental patient turned eccentric scientist, grapples with the horrible things he did as a young man, and how he can ever begin to rectify himself for those actions.

-Peter Bishop, Walter's son, begins to realize the reason why large portions of his youth are unremembered, as he starts to piece together the fact that his familial roots may not exactly be from "around here".

-Olivia Dunham, lead FBI agent, also deals with the demons of Dr. Bishop's past, as she finds out that, as a child, she took part in one of his more large-scale experiments, which left her with strange abilities that she debates the merit of developing.

Of course, while each character goes through those personal battles, they still continue to investigate the mind-bending "fringe science" phenomena that the show is known for. I look at the show as a combination of The X-Files (for its investigative setting) and LOST (extremely ambitious plot angles that never fail to give you an emotional payoff).

Thus, if you are a bit "lost" after your favorite island castaways departed, give this JJ Abrams effort a look-see. It just may give you something to look forward to again next fall.
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on October 2, 2010
Have been playing catchup for the past week and half having just discovered this show. Just as well, I couldnt keep the suspense from kiling me episode to episode so a two seasons in a row dose has done me good.

The Grass is not always greener on the other side. That is because John Nobles Prof.Walter Bishop has put the other side, in this case an alternate Earth Universe populated by, well us, living out our lives in a mirror image of our own, though with some major or minor differences, in danger when his grief at loosing his son caused him to break the laws of physics to save his sons alternate also dying of a seemingly incurable disease, when his doppelganger failed to notice that he had found the cure and our Walter Bishop, watching thru what you might call Universe-ision, a device that allowed him to look in on events on the other side nailed the cure and then he opened a portal to that side and took his doubles son and brought him back to our side and saved his life, but couldn't bare to take him back.
This action caused a rift in the wall between our Universes and all the horrible X-files/Outer Limits plague of horrible phenomena that have been occurring. At the core of the matter, only one Universe will survive in the end. Ours or theirs. They are more advanced Technologically speaking then us. There is the ZFT manual, written by ? that outlines a coming Alien holocaust not unlike the one envisioned by Alien Conspirators assisted by Cancer Man, but this time the enemy is our own selves but in another dimension.

I cant and dont have the room or time to rant and rave about this show and give it the full accolades it deserves, suffice it to say that John Noble is the heart and soul of this show and is the catalyst that makes the other characters he interacts with more then just two dimensional sidekicks or colleagues. He brings a smile a laugh and often a tear to ones face when he delivers his lines. His casting here was sheer brilliance and whoever in the studio thought of him for the part deserved a raise and hearty well done.

So who will win out? Their world is dying and they are getting desperate. Will Walter Bishop be able to regain his equilibrium and steadfastness after 17 years in the Mental Institution to face this challenge without his nerves unraveling in the face of what his brilliant mind brought about. Will Peter Bishop, whose life he saved and who is the only person Walter cares for and deeply loves and would gives his life for for, ever be able to come to terms and find peace about his whole past and realize that who you are born to dosent always determine who loves you the most as parent? Can nothing be done to avoid the collision of the Universes? Which food will Walter remember next as being a favorite of his? Who are the Observers, why what and where are they all about, and whats with the spicy food obsession.

Season 3 is here and some answers are forthcoming. Season 1, Episode 1, and you are hook line and sinker gonna become a fan and being of the old school Sci-fi movies and kind set in my ways, it says a lot about a series like this to hold my attention, oh and the wifes, Mrs Hallmark Channel, adores this show and John Noble as well. I just hope that they dont make the same mistake as X-Files. A brilliant series, wonderful performances by Ducovney and Gillian, for which we have as of yet to get a closure on Alien Invasion theme. I hope this series dosent fall into that trap and realize more is not always better. 3 or 4 good seasons beats 7 meandering seasons anytime.
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on July 1, 2015
A lot of viewers may get lost in this one just like they did during LOST the TV show. Fringe is definitely an updated version of the old favorite X-Files, with many twists and variations. The stars of the show are now stars on other shows or have been stars on other shows. Fringe gets better because the people doing the acting are good and hopefully getting better. As a friend of mine, who is no longer here, would ask constantly, "do you like Scifi?", with great enthusiasm. This is the question. If not, move on to the old episodes of Friends, Seinfeld, or Married with Children. Sci-fi lovers will get stuck to this immediately with glue to the brain. Plots are intelligently presented and acted superbly. My favorite is the crazy genius professor that will even make you smile, a lot. I try not to write about plots, because you can go to an internet site and read every plot line for every episode. Blu discs looked super too. Try it you'll like it.
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on June 8, 2015
If you are a fan of The X files, Life on Mars, or The Twilight Zone, this Series is for you! One of the main characters, Doctor Walter Bishop, worked out of a laboratory in the basement of the Kresge Building at Harvard University in the 1970's exploring "Fringe science" (and a variety of illicit drugs). His cover story was that he did research for a toothpaste company when in reality, he worked as part of a classified U.S. Army experimental science program. With his brilliance intact, but his brain somewhat mushy, he is pulled out of Mental Hospital by his none-too-happy Son to help the FBI explore strange happenings recent unexplained occurrences.
Walters quotes...
"Well, we're all victims of our own gene pool. Someone must have peed in yours."
“I’m bored. No cadavers at this crime scene..... Or food".
“When I mentioned that the poison would kill me within the hour, did either of you happen to notice the time?”
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on August 15, 2015
I'm in the midst of binge watching four seasons of Fringe, so it's easy to see the story and complexity unfold. The second season starts moving away from the somewhat overly procedural police-style investigations, and down the rabbit hole of the inter-world conflict. You start to get a glimpse of the bigger picture here, and it's tantalizing. By this time, everyone's fallen in love with Anna Torv as Agent Dunham, and/or Joshua Jackson as Peter Bishop. Walter meets Walternate in the other universe and William Bell (Leonard Nimoy) is revealed. Walter continues as the delightfully off-balance Walter Bishop who is a joy to watch while doing his grisly and bizarre autopsies. My favorite sci-fi show of all time...
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on December 4, 2015
Doesn't miss a beat from season one. Does what really good TV series do, expands the story, gives you more details about underlying issues and introduces new themes to make you think. So far it is just as good as the first season. There is on misstep in the episodes as they are laid out in the viewing schedule. A character killed off in an earlier episode appears in a later episode so you have to think the are already dead each time you see this character. I assume the air dead for each episode is the same on Amazon as it was when it was originally broadcast. Don't know, but it doesn't take away from the really fine acting and characters on the show.
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on January 31, 2016
I'm not really sure why I didn't watch this when it was first on television, nor do I have any idea why it didn't become the cultural touchstone that "The X Files" became. I was a fan if X Files but Fringe surpass is in so many ways. It's a show that lends itself quite well to binging since the series arc is stronger in this show than in most other procedurals. Do yourself a favor and spend a snowed in weekend streaming the entire series.
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on January 7, 2015
This series had the chance to be in my top three all time Sci-Fi series. I absolutely loved it for the first three seasons. I finally broke down and bought all five seasons and I have to admit that I am slightly disappointed. I get the impression that the writers could never decide which story line to follow. They would start in a direction and before it could be fully developed they would drop it. That is really a shame because I feel that any of them could well have made this into the best Sci-Fi series of all time. I liked each and every direction the series went and felt a little let down every time it was dropped. Over all, I still liked this series a lot better than almost all others. There are just too many things that I want to know how they would have been developed. My favorite character? Walter. I want a character like this in some other series.

P.S. - My favorite Sci-Fi series? Firefly! Is there really a question?
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on September 6, 2015
Season two is the transition season for the series. It starts slow, but builds up nicely to a very satisfying finale. Fringe is a well thought out, interesting series, that is fully developed and deep in many ways. The first season gives you a lot background during its many random, stand-alone episodes, and throws you clues of what is to come. Season two transitions from the random story lines to the main arc. The writing has a lot of imagination, and the actors handle their parts extremely well. I am not a science fiction fan, but Fringe transcends the genre.
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