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For some reason - don't ask me why - I didn't have very high expectations for this book after reading portions of the book's description, and seeing as how I picked this up for free during a Kindle promotion I almost moved on to something else when I was looking at my electronic "to be read" pile on my Kindle: I'm glad I decided to read it, as it was a very good "hard" science fiction that blends in a little technology, action and adventure, with various aliens thrown into the mix. The author does a good job of weaving a tale that you don't want to put down, and in my case I stayed up really late one night reading this as I lost all track of time - I've already purchased the next book in the series!

I picked this book up during a free Kindle promotion, and as I type this review the pricing is now $2.99: if you enjoy good science fiction this one is worth it.
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on November 21, 2011
I liked this book, it was fun relatively fast paced and didn't drag out scenes with a lot of unnecessary descriptions that don't contribute to the story.

I saw a review where the person was saying the characters didn't have enough depth.. ie flashbacks to memories of the wife and kids..

the other critique going on about islamic terrorists.

My answer to both of you is pfft. This is classic pulp scifi. It's not meant to be heavy or soul searching in some ways it's meant to be a touch simplistic. It's called light-hearted fun.

So that's it, a modern take on the classic pulp fiction of many years ago. I was happy to buy this book and look forward to reading the rest of his stories.

The writing style is straight forward, there is no attempts to be something it's not. I greatly appreciate that and wish that some authors (G.R.R.Martin to name one) would stick to what works for them instead of dragging stories out for nothing other than to make some arbitrary word count for a publisher.

@the author, thank you for the fun read. I do think in the future if your next book is as short as this one, that you should consider consolidating the first 2 books into one book. I think you'll make more people happy that way. I look forward to your next book, thank you.
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on October 18, 2011
I liked this book very much. It wasn't too heavy and I got through it very quickly. The story is obviously setting up the future books in the series and does a good job of introducing the concepts and the characters. I found it amusing that in this story, humans are the aliens that others need to fear. Nice twist. For three bucks you can't go wrong.
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on January 15, 2012
The book was good enough for the time spent reading it, however, it's obvious that the art of proof reading is lost in the current generation of writers. Syntax and words which are close to the correct spelling, but which have completely different meanings aren't caught by spell check. This book is a great example of that failure (IMO).
It was indeed an excellent premise though for a series of books.
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on April 1, 2012
I found this to be a fun book, the premise is much like Alan Dean Fosters The Damned Trilogy where Humans are the supermen of the cosmos. It had some good elements and I look forward to reading the next novel. This book is not as well written as the ADF books but has slightly more scientific balance/credence? Anyway it can sometimes break the suspension of disbelief when the humans are too powerful. The main character is likeable enough but his emotions are sometimes quite crudely drawn. He barely ever acts like a professional soldier and there is a strange emphasis on him feeling nothing for other races. Overall for the money you won't be disappointed.
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on December 5, 2011
The book sounded like it had an interesting plot so I bit. $2.99 is the current price which is not worth it in the least... perhaps .79 cents would be a better deal.

The storyline is fast based, which it has to be on account of the short word count. Throughout the entire story the writer uses exclamation marks almost as often as he uses periods. This leads to a pretty bad immersion.

Long story short:

1. Man wakes up on alien ship
2. Ship is attacked, man is taken in with friendly aliens
3. Bad aliens want to kill good aliens and human race for their secret agenda the aliens have in mind for the humans
4. Somewhere along the way an "Islamic terrorist" pops up and wants to rule the earth with alien technology
5. Ship blows up, man(navy seal, all American hero) can't go home now.
6. Man decides to be an assassin.

It would be far better to save your money and more importantly your time and read my 6 point summary. This story that is supposed to be sci-fi instead reenforces stereotypes and is close to pure rubbish.
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on January 6, 2012
While this book has an interesting premise, chapter after chapter had me wrinkling my noise in disgust at the shallow thoughts and feelings of the "hero". It's a rare thing for me to stop reading a book, but I just got to a point 3/4 through where I was sick of reading about Adam punching through a living creatures head and not caring at all. And the part where he is basically told that the Juriens committed genocide of another race and he says they sounded like ok guys was ridiculous. I guess I don't get the appeal. Give me a similar series where the hero isn't a braindead jock douchebag and I'll give that a try.
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on November 9, 2011
While not incredibly well written this story offers a different take on a human being dumped into interstellar society. I enjoyed it and will read additional installments when they are released.
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on January 1, 2012
This can best be described a penny dreadful or pulp fiction. Its a short novel and in fact only feels like about a 1/3rd of a book. It reads like this was book written by someone who has played too many first person shooter computer games or something like that. At the end of the novel the title of the next book is given as "galactic assassin" so that probably tells you what you need to know about our "hero". What can I say? I enjoy a good space opera a much as the next person but this didn't appeal to me and I didn't like the main character enough at the end of the book to want to pick up book two in the series.
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on April 21, 2014
Very entertaining — it kept me reading, and made me laugh several times. The first surprise was that it wasn't a mindless shoot 'em up, which is what some of the reviews warned of. I wouldn't class it as a shoot 'em up at all, since the action scenes all moved the plot forward, and weren't just added for show.

The story was interesting, and every time I thought I knew where it was going, it took a sharp turn and went somewhere else. I loved the unexpected plot twists. I loved the well-thought-out alien technology, much of which made perfect sense such as how to know what to feed an alien (Humans are the aliens in this book.) Little details such as the concept of keeping track of time, days, or years, in space, added flavor to the story.

The humor had me laughing in several places, and I won't clue you in with spoilers. One of my favorite segments was our introduction to Humans in the book, through the eyes of the aliens. We don't step back often enough to see ourselves as others might see us, and I loved this aspect of the story.

There are a few cuss words here and there, which I only mention because I give this book 10 stars for the "Best Use of a Cuss Word EVER!"

One distraction for me was that a potential bad guy (at least he's a bad guy in Book One, I don't know whether this will change as the series progresses) was stereotypical, so I'm hoping that he turns out to be a good guy later. Also, that Humans could actually be such bad asses in the universe — obviously we are mentally capable of every conceivable mode of badness, it's just hard to believe that we could pull it off with such advanced races.

The distractions did not detract from the entertainment value, or the joy of reading Fringe Worlds. I like reading alien books that give you things to think about even after you're done reading. Well done!

BTW — Fringe Worlds is the epitome of being Lost in Space. That was one of my favorite thinkers.
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