Customer Reviews: Frontline - Memory of the Camps
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on July 31, 2006
I am a white, middle aged, Australian male and try to pay attention to the needs of my family, friends and people in the local and global communities. This project is without doubt the single most graphic and convincing evidence I have ever experienced for my sense that we all need to take responsibility for ensuring our voice is ALWAYS heard.

This video has enabled me to have conversations with my teenage children, and their friends, that I hope will ensure their generation is a little better equipped to deal with the awesome challenges that await them.

But the video, watch all of it if you can, weep, rage and strengthen your resolve to do what is possible within your power to promote a legacy of - Never Again - for the countless people who were blameless victims of the worst evil humanity has ever had to confront.

I strongly advise that parents review the video personally if they have children 15-16 years or younger prior to allowing them (or not) to view it.
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on March 7, 2006
Having just watched this unbelievably powerful documentary, I am still shaken, and suspect I will be for days. The footage is simply incredible. No other film about WWII, fictional or non-fictional, captures the horror of the concentration camps as simply and powerfully as this.

It is the most disturbing, horrifying, and powerful pieces of film I have ever seen.
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on January 12, 2008
This shocking film was broadcast in the U.K. as "A Painful Reminder" in 1985-forty years after WW2; I never forgot how disturbing those images were.
Available now again on DVD it really is a must see, a really chilling experience for those who want to see for themselves a terrible and dark chapter of history.
In some scenes at Bergen-Belsen there are carefully filmed scenes of the German female so called "SS" guards being put to work. Over 30,000 corpses lay strewn on the ground when the British liberated this place of hell on earth.For fourteen days these inhuman specimens were made to clear the ground of these poor pathetic 'prisoners' into several mass graves.
Deeply upsetting 100% original war footage of SEVERAL camps are included here, not recommended for those easily perturbed, and, viewer discretion certainly required.
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on May 15, 2009
This movie is disturbing on many levels. Watching Schindler's List is one thing...but to watch this movie and know you are watching cold, hard reality is an eyeopener. I doubt anyone can watch this movie and not wonder at all the individual lives lost, tormented, tortured and terminated. You heart grieves for them. You want to know where in the world this kind of thing is going on now, what you might be able to do to stop it.

You also wonder...if you had been a German in one of the surrounding towns...would you have also complied as thousands upon thousands were prisoned, starved and exterminated under your nose? Would your heart for humanity have allowed you to speak and take action or would your basic animal instinct to survive have kept you quiet and looking the other way?

Truly some harsh self examination must take place.
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on March 4, 2009
This shows the end result of the horrors that took place during the Holocaust. The real horrors were never filmed and quite frankly no one would want to watch someone being tortured.

This film, although being extremely graphic, can never convey the true demonic horrors that took place there. You see thousands of corpses dragged, carried etc into large pits for burial after the camps were liberated. The film explains that 30,000 corpses were there, you see piles and piles of them but now lets not forget that over 11,000,000 died in the Nazi concentration camps.
How can we even come close to understanding what took place there but this film is shocking enough to make you sick. The question: "How can one human treat another in such a horrible way?" keeps popping into your head when you are watching this.

I highly recommend this DVD and would give it more stars if I could.
This should be shown in schools and people should be taught to love one another, no matter who you are or where you're from. Let the deaths of these poor souls have some meaning in that we learn something from it.

On another note:
I was pleasantly surprised that the quality of the DVD was top-notch!
Too many holocaust DVDs that I have seen are encoded poorly and the film transfers look bad as well. The 'Memory of the Camps' DVD seems as if it's had the film transferred from the original film.

Highly recommend it, show your children, they will never forget the images and will understand what war can bring to mankind.
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on May 11, 2009
I watched this video almost 15 years ago and it still remains one of the most vivid films I have ever seen. The fact that it is a silent movie makes it even more impressionable. I don't think I said a word as I watched it all those years ago and it still left an unforgettable mark on my mind. I finally bought this today because there are a few people I know who need to see this film. I think it is a must see for everyone whether they want to or not. We must make sure the future never forgets what happened all those years ago and that true evil does exist and if you ignore it, it will not just go away.
In September, I will be traveling to Munich for Oktoberfest which will be great, but the whole reason I wanted to go to Germany was to see one of these places for myself. Dachau will be one stop along the way.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 23, 2008
When I first started teaching history... pre- Schindler's List; it was astounding how many of my high school students had never heard of the holocaust. Today even after the building of a Holocaust museum and many films this is still the most powerful one. The only complaints I ever had about the quality and interest developed was that many students disliked the narrator's droning voice. This is a British film, taken of the liberation of Bergan Belsen, but it also uses films that the Nazis took in documenting their camps.

It does good to explain to anyone what they will see, but also remind then of what they cannot smell, remind them of what they will see of the nearby townspeople who were made to walk through the camps that they denied they knew nothing of what was happening in when the stench could be smelled for a great distance. Remind and remember that these bodies are people, mothers, fathers, children, grandparents - they look like wax shrunken statues... they are not

This was the only documentary that I found that showed the bulldozing of bodies by the Nazis into the trenches, believe me that wakes up even a jaded teenager. As years have gone by I have noticed an aloofness, a dispassion to the violence students see in videos and films, after all look at what they have in their average game cube - Memory of the Camps has been the one film and then tape and now DVD that I pull out in the spring WWII unit that leaves my students talking and even telling their parents that they must get this and see.
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on September 19, 2011
One of the episodes of World at War is entitled Genocide, and just shows pictures with the most minimal of words. Having seen other documenatries on the subject with more to say, it has continued to more powerful in its message as its so fundamental. As is this documentary, which features a minimilist script and a message more powerful than any long winded speech can give. I looked at these piled corpses, thinking that each of them had family and love and hopes and dreams and were cheated. The commentary is very telling too, the comment about the SS guards no longer looking so pristine, especially. Because there is so much horror, it's easy to shut it out as too much. But its simple commentary brings across the shock and horror and disbelief in the troops who first came on these places.

What thest two documentaries share is being first genereation, no analysis, or revision, just viseral horror of the reality.

I have read Liberators, America's Witnesses to the Holocaust, by Michael Hirsch, which describes in the same sort of stilted tones, the reaction of the boots on the ground to finding these horrors. Some of them are commonly known, but some not. The barn in Gardelegen is described in that, along with the reaction of the US troops who came upon it, and yet having read so clearly of it its different to see a picture. The townspeople were forced to dig grave for and bury each of the murdered in the barn.

The closing words made me cry. But we've had Cambodia and Rwanda and Bosnia and so many other smaller replays it makes me wonder if we as human beings really learn. I will urge anyong who has only read of or seen heavily edited versions to see this and think on what human beings are capable of doing to one another.
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on May 28, 2011
I had seen several Dvds about the Nazi death/concentration camps, but the other programs did not prepare me for anything as graphic and disturbing as this. It is not for the faint of heart. I think it will be with me for a long time.

There are scenes of thousands upon thousands of emaciated dead bodies being heaved into open pits and the mass graves being covered over by bulldozers. SS guards and German citizens were forced to do the dirty work, which was as it should have been. On and on it goes, from death camp to death camp. What I cannot imagine is how anyone who is sane could deny that the Nazis did this intentionally to the millions of Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, communists, and others who were deemed inferior trash by the self-proclaimed "master race." But already new generations say yeah, yeah.

In the 2000 election a man ran for the House of Representatives in my district, a man whose hobby was dressing up as an SS officer on weekends and participating in living history fun. Fun? I am ashamed to say that he received a thin majority in my county, although he was defeated by votes elsewhere. It was just a "hobby," some said in apologizing for his action. They should see this Dvd. Maybe it wouldn't make any difference to some, but perhaps a few would be touched by the horror of what the SS did.
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on March 22, 2011
Watching this footage is extremely heartbreaking and outrageous to the point where a viewer can't help but ask oneself, how could this ever happen? How could other people let it go on a daily basis? Your mind may want to believe that such thing never happened or that it was impossible for something like this to take place even during a war as tragic as World War II that left numberless victims throughout the world. This is not a horror show, this is the very grim reality of what inhuman deeds can humanity do during its worst times. As disturbing as this footage is, this documentary should be viewed by everyone at least once in their lifetime to remind ourselves of what one human is capable of doing to another and hopefully, to prevent this from happening ever again.

History tends to repeat itself, unfortunately. Only by knowing and witnessing it as well as not forgetting what happened in the godforsaken places like Auschwitz and many other camps throughout Eastern Europe during 1933-1945 are we to have a brighter future.

We are the messengers of this generation, by passing this document and knowledge to our children and peers we can make sure that the millions of people haven't died their terrible deaths in vain.

The images shown here will be forever sketched into your memory.
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