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on March 16, 2006
The movie is about a crazy physco killer that dies then comes back as a snow man and wreaks havoc on a little town. I have to be honest with you this movie SUCKS! It's horrible that it's just hilarious. His one liners like "Well it aint F**ckin Frosty" and "The worlds most pissed off snow cone" are classic. It's like the horror/slasher/comedy version of Godzilla. It's a terrible movie but you can't help but love it.
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on January 5, 2007
Let's face it - this is a low budget film that's everything you would expect from a low-budget film. But, for some reason, the movie is strangely addicting to me. I never imagined liking a movie about a killer snowman, but I do. It's saving grace is the total absurdity. The "gore", the snowman, everything is so over-the-top fake it's actually quite funny to watch.

Though it must be said that Jack Frost 2 is better than this one, in my opinion.
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on January 18, 2007
Every once in awhile a really good 'bad' movie comes along. To name a few: 'Attack of the Killer Tomatos', 'Killer Clowns From Outer Space', 'Santa Claus Vs. The Martians', etc. If you have an occasional craving for a fun and entertaining bad movie then 'Jack Frost' is for you!
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on March 20, 2011
Christopher Allport (DEAD & BURIED), Rob La Belle, F. William Parker, Shannon Elizabeth (AMERICAN PIE) and Scott MacDonald star in this great horror-comedy from Michael Rooney. This is one movie that has to be seen for the laughs/puns to work. Also, this one is great compared to the one starring Michael Keaton and Kelly Preston. This has the best puns in movie history and great acting for some of the silly dialogue they have to say. You can tell that Scott MacDonald is trying be imitate Brad Dourif's voice when he yells "I'll find a way!!!" He is still great dispite that. I can't say much more. Try to see it before the DVD goes fully out of print. 5 out of 5 star rating!
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on March 6, 2005
My interest first came to this film when I was flicking through the pages of my Fangoria magazine, and there was an intervew with the Director, but the article mentioned 'Jack Frost' and an unknown Shannon Elizabeth getting raped by a killer snowman.

I thought ''What the hell'', but was interested. Then I saw it at my local video store and I didn't grab it right away, I kept thinking ''This film is going to be bad, but I wanna see it''. So I finally hired it and the first time one watches it, you think ''Oh this is soooo bad, but funny in a dumb way. But there is something about it. Then I watched it again and I got more into it, by the third viewing I was totally into in. Funny how that happens with some films.

This movie rocks. It actually is a good, interesting, funny film if you just embrace what is happening and the humour along with it.

-Chrismas came early for this one!
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on December 21, 2005
While the script idea for a serial killer snowman is a novel idea, the execution of the story, which possibly could have been on a par with Shaun of the Dead in its wit and visual humor, falls short. Whenever you try to combine the elements of comedy and horror, you have to decide where to take the story: should it be a parody, a satire, tongue in cheek, or a mix of these approaches? What visual framing will convey your choices, and how will the characterizations and actions move the story along to highlight them?

Beginning with the opening narration, an inappropriately told bedtime story to a young girl (at least the voice was supposed to be that of a young girl), the camera moves slowly across ornaments on a Christmas tree, pausing to show the film's credits written on each one (a clever but drawn out setup). This narration sets up the story, sort of, for Jack Frost, and we cut to him being conveyed to his execution in a van aptly titled with Troma-like subtlety "State Executional Transfer Vehicle." The ensuing truck collision with the aptly titled "Genetic Research" van shows the miniscule budget the movie was shot with, and Jack is now conveniently melted into the snow, where his molecular do-hickies merge with the stuff to create the killer snowman.

Cut to Snowmonton, site of the annual snowman contest and...hey, wait a minute, there's that lack of budget again. No snow! Well, okay, a few very small piles of fake snow lying around, but the snowman contest does look pretty pitiful, and awfully fake. This would have been a funny scene if intended as such, but I doubt the script was that sophisticated.

The first murder is done off camera, and the victim's discovery is framed pretty well and is humorous: the camera angle from behind the dead man's frozen head, looks up at the three police officers looking down at the body in the rocking chair, with one of them annoyingly rocking it back and forth with his foot. Another killing later in the story has a woman viciously murdered by Jack, using a Christmas tree, Christmas tree lights, and ornaments. The scene is vicious and not particularly handled well, so falls between intended to be funny, but not really funny. The camera angle here mimics the first murder, and while clever, loses a lot of its intended humor due to the way the woman's murder was handled. The killings become more vindictive and bloody, as the film becomes more gore oriented, and the characterizations lose the humorous aspect they were meant to convey because the balance of parody, satire, and tongue in cheek are lost to the stereotypical escalating violence.

In a convenient plot device to make Jack more mobile--he can change from snow to water as needed-he can enter houses, and commit a particularly distasteful rape and murder that completely changes the tone of the story. While the scene must have looked clever on paper, it defies logic and thematic sense, and moves the film into more serious horror-head territory (which would have been great if the rest of the film had joined it).

The ensuing scenes, which include the sheriff's penchant for losing keys, and, hey, where did all those aerosol cans and hair dryers come from?! combined with the highly unlikely denouement involving the anti-freeze filled truck bed, are incongruous with the more serious tone of Jack Frost's killing spree.

While this is not a good film, it still contains some elements worth watching, and also provides a primer in what you should not do when attempting a humorous horror film for budding scriptwriters.
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on October 7, 2011
This is a alsome movie to have at home too buy!The 1998 jack frost movie starring Michael Keaton was ok not the best movie!It was too slow and sad movie and there was not much humor in it!The 1996 jack frost movie was 100% time better with lot of action and dark humor!Yes its more bloody and gore in it but very good!This is the rated R movie not like the family 1998 Jack frost rated: PG movie with Michael Keaton in it! This Jack Frost 1996 movie is not for Kids and if you think this is the family movie then you are wrong!!!! This Jack Frost movie is not the same one you may think! This movie is more a horror,dark Camedy then a kids family movie!! Please please all moms and dads please look at what this movie is rated for kids and think before you buy it! If it's R Rated then it's not for your kids to see it!!!
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on August 18, 2015
This movie is so bad that it's good. It's a B movie. This movie is fun and entertaining. Don't take it too seriously! Have fun with it.
However, if you expect to have a killer plot that aligns properly/makes sense, you will be strongly disappointed. Before you watch the movie, you should read the synopsis or watch the trailer to know what you're getting into because I browsed through the reviews and it seemed like some people had high expectations for this movie. Before you watch the movie, I suggest you look at the synopsis and watch the movie trailer. This movie provides a few cheap laughs and has a penchant for absurdity.

The trailer comes off cheesy and the killer snowman said a few one liners. The acting wasn't really good either. In any case, the premise of the movie was about a killer snowman. It follows the plot of a truck transporting serial killer Jack Frost to his execution. Trouble arises due to the truck bumping into a genetics truck. This causes Jack's body to mutate and combine with the snow. Thus, forming a killer snowman. Jack is believed to be dead and that his body melted away. But this is not the case as he became a killer snowman and tries to get revenge from the man who caught him. That plot itself doesn't seem like something you can take seriously.

It was meant to be funny and satrical.The straight faced delivery of the scenes were enjoyable. Plus, it was fun watching the cast play it off with such a ridiculous premise. The special effects were amateurish, but I believe that the quality made the movie great in its way. The acting was not very good and the plot was insane. However, I think that was to be expected. The movie does deliver what it promised in the synposis/trailer. Jack Frost does murder alot of people in bizzare homicidal ways. For instance, he used a sled to decapitate a teenage boy, stuffed a woman's mouth with Christmas ornaments and then punched her in the face, and etc. There isn't much else to be gained from watching it, other than for a few laughs.
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on September 11, 2007
The 1997 straight to video release of Jack Frost (incorrectly searched as Jack Frost, the PG rating with Michael Keaton, Grr) is an unrecognised piece of cult status classic, simple plot is as follows: a serial killer gets sent to blah blah of some town, crashes with a car full of genetic chemicals and dissolves into the snow and becomes an unstoppable machine, only one thing kills it and it's A---------- (you guess the rest), what makes this seperated from the pack is the killer can come apart and regenerate again. Christopher Allport (Sleepaway Camp, also good independant horror movie) is the Sheriff of the little town and his acting is bearable but towards sketchy, Shannon Elizabeth makes an appearance which sparked a huge answer to the film's probelm, who's the target audience?, Me? i prefer the one liners, the brief gore moments and blood! (sick aren't i?) All in all, it's a good little popcorn movie with a reasonable budget but does need to belong in any horror movie collection.

Rated M15+ for Aussies for Violence, Language and Nudity
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on February 22, 2015
At the beginning a serial killer is on route to be executed. Same time as an expiramental chemical was being shipped. The chemical was part of a genetic research project. It was designed to bond human DNA to inert material. That would allow a healthy gene pool to be preserved indefinately, so that human race could survive even in the event of a global catastrophy.

When Jack's transport collided with the chemical truck, Jack was drenched in the chemical. Jack's entire body liquefied, and bonded with the snow. The snow didn't just absorb Jack's DNA, it also absorbed his memories, personality, and his entire mind. Jack was reborn as a Killer Snowman.

Jack headed for the Small Town, where he'd been captured. He killed a few people to test his new form, and then enjoyed terrorizing the town. Once he'd had his fill of sadistic pleasure he came for the Sheriff, who'd arrested him.

Jack survives bullets, explosions, and being completely evaporated. Finally they realize that his snow body could be dissolved in Anti-Freeze.

As monster movies go, this is a lot of fun.
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