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on July 29, 2013
I've been using these for awhile, and they WORK. They do the same job as Botox, without injecting poison into your body. After a couple of weeks of using them every night, I noticed a difference in my forehead and eyes, the lines were noticeably less, well, noticeable. However, I don't rely on just these patches, because I am older and as you get older, you skin loses firmness, so the frownies alone won't make your face perfect. I use these religiously at night, but what also helps is great anti-aging skin care to tighten your skin and erase lines. I use the best cream that helps build collagen in your skin Bel Essence All-Natural Anti-Wrinkle Treatment - Intensive Anti Aging, Facial Lift Skin Care Formula - 1.5oz. This anti-aging night cream is amazing in keeping your skin smooth, and over time, my skin is so much firmer, softer, and has that "dewy" look. The frownies and the anti-aging cream, have made my forehead lines almost invisible (and I had deep crevices across my forehead and between my eyes), and the lines on my upper lip are gone. With makeup, I have no lines at all. And I use the frownies and the bel essence overnight, so it works while I sleep. I have a completely new face!!! (well, actually it's the same face, it just looks like it did 10 years ago).

UPDATE - still using the product and it still works. I don't use them every single night now, because the lines in my forehead and brows are much less. To address some of the negative comments. I did buy a box or two that turned out to be ineffective, could be that the glue somewhat expired. I've used different type of regular tape - medical tape, masking tape, even duct tape, but they all are too flexible to be effective. I think what makes these strips sometimes uncomfortable is actually what makes it work - they keep your skin immobile. I also credit a huge amount of success I've had with these to the Bel Essence. Even cutting down on the use of the strips, I haven't lost the effects. I still have minimal lines (they aren't completely gone, but almost). I also found that the cream has made my skin softer and I don't have as much trouble getting the strips off. The come off easier and don't pull my skin off with it. On the nights I use the strips though, I use only a tiny bit of the cream on the spots where I'm going to put the strips because the cream has a lot of oil in it and too much will make it difficult for the strips to stick. Still stand by the products - they are both great.
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on July 2, 2006
I was not convinced this product would really work, but since my friend recommended it and I thought I would try it as I was desperate. I don't find their pseudo-scientific explanation of how they work very convincing, but despite all this, I do think they help smooth out the lines between my brows. If nothing else, they at least prevent it from worsening while I'm sleeping.

The effect is somewhat temporary and gradual, but it does work. It's not as quick (or as expensive!) as Botox, but in some ways it's actually better. Botox temporarily paralyzes an area so you get kind of a weird frozen face. The Frownies will smooth the area out a bit, but still allow full movement and expression.

For the money, I think it's definitely worthwhile.
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on June 10, 2015
I started developing vertical lines between my brows in my late twenties, likely from squinting and long hours at the computer. Now that I'm almost 37, the lines have grown into deep ruts that cast their own shadows in pictures. Along with forehead ruts that are nearly as deep, they are the only wrinkles I have (very fine crows feet when smiling, but does that really count?) Surprisingly, after only three nights of wearing the Frownies patch, the lines are smoothed, and only visible with the right lighting. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?! The Frownies instructions said to give it 3-4 weeks to see results and switch to maintenance wear (3-4 nights/week instead of nightly.). At 3 days in, the clock has been rolled back about 7 years. As deep as they were, I didn't expect this kind of improvement period, and definitely not this soon. I included pics from a month ago, and Day 2. Compare the smoothness between my eyes to the untreated forehead ruts that are still there. Absolutely amazing. I wish I had found these sooner. Forehead wrinkles are being addressed next!
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on January 27, 2015
I'm late 20's male and i all of a sudden developed this huge line mess between my eyebrows. It would be more defined and red in the morning. I got it from some combination of a weird pillow/squinting from outdated glasses/dry eyes from contacts/ too much computer use for work/concentrating or frowning too much?,

Fast forward 3 months:
I've pretty much gotten rid of the problem (and havent even gotten the new glasses or fully fixed dry eye yet)
I did a bunch of research on all sorts of causes, i found that this is pretty young for it to be an age induced thing, and found conflicting opinions on everything (botox, facial exercises make it better or maybe worse, creams, makeup, etc)
After realizing sleeping might be causing this crazy wrinkle line thing, i could see for myself that clearly lying on my side was exaggerating the wrinkle, so its undeniable that Frownies is physically preventing that from happening while i sleep.

All the things I did in case anyone has same problem: (not sure if every step was or will continue to be necessary, but i didnt take any chances)
1) FROWNIES at night between eyebrows
2) before frownies every night: moisturize whole face with whatever lotion(never historically did this), use oz naturals hyaluronic acid + vitamin C SERUM between eyebrows, then use super youth 2.5% retinol moisturizer between eyebrows
3) dont stare at tiny font computer screen too long (i was using windows small resolution on macbook pro retina display)
4) get glasses and contacts that are right prescription
5) dont use "mypillow" memory foam pillow if you sleep on your side
6) try to be aware you might be unconsciously squinting or frowning, then try to catch yourself doing so and prevent yourself from doing so.
7) i didnt use botox or facial muscle exercises
8) be positive/happy/not stressed/dont sweat the small stuff. Sounds hokey, and i wasnt doing the opposite, but i read that people can just be frowning in general too much for mood or hard concentration reasons. kind of a snowball effect from frown/squint-> lines/wrinkles ->more to frown/squint about
hopefully some of that is helpful for others, worked for me

also get some sort of spray bottle to wet frownies with to stick to your face
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on November 7, 2013
I've been using these patches consistently for almost a year. I have good results for an hour or two after removing the patch, but as soon as I frown the furrows creep right back in. I have deep furrows (I not-so-affectionately refer to them as "frown ruts" ;-). I think that if you have shallow, fine lines you'll see better results.
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on May 15, 2014
I spent a year frowning I guess. I was 52 and my husband spent 7 months on life support after open heart surgery. He died. I had to move everything all by myself, horses, house, pets to another state and start completely over. Then life got much better! I was/am happy, but geeze, my face! I always looked like I was frowning even when I was smiling. I realized I had these deep furrows between my eyes. I've been using these every night for a month and those line are almost all gone! When I get up and remove the patch they are gone. By the end of the day, they are slightly there. I do now notice that I do frown un intentionally and I'm correcting that too to stop the lines from forming. They really work I make sure no moisturizer where they are going, spritz them with water, rub the patch to spread. Then I pull the lines away with my fingers and stick the patch on holding it in place until it's dry. Every night. In the morning I use a moist towlette to gently remove it. I love them. I'm turning 54 this week and I look much better now. I am thinking something like this for the whole face would be neat, to sleep with everything smoothed out all night. I will check on that. I'm getting the mouth patches too.
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on October 18, 2012
I regret buying this. I'm 25 years old and notices I'm starting to get worry lines on my forehead, so I bought these hoping to do some proactive damage control. I don't want them to get worse. While these did relax my worry lines, I still think these things are terrible and a waste of money. Here's why:

When you wake up, you'll have new lines from where your skin was pushed up against the edge of the frownies. Yes, they fade away after 20 mins, but this is how wrinkles form, over time you keep your skin in the same position and eventually it becomes a wrinkle. I don't want to use these products and then over time get NEW lines!

They are hard to stick on and feel uncomfortable. The first few times you remove them, it's going to take hair with it, and it hurts.

I wish I knew what the adhesive was made out of. You will feel a tingle and numbing sensation the first hour is is on. This worries me because idk what the glue is made of.

Finally, these things aren't cheap. I was planning on using these daily to prevent further wrinkles, but they aren't cheap and they aren't good.

I found another product that works better and it's cheaper! Medical tape. I use 3 pieces on my forehead every night. I don't wake up with new lines and it sticks easily without coming off or pulling my skin when I remove it. It's cheap, and I don't have to worry about what glue they use. I don't even feel them when I'm going to bed. Seriously, just go to the store where the first aid kits are, find the medical tape and have fun.
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on January 16, 2016
I was extremely skeptical about these when I ordered them, but since they were affordable, and I am terrified of Botox (and couldn't afford to keep up the injections), I decided to give them a try.

I have deep frown lines between my eyebrows from a lifetime of narrowing my brows in cynicism and anger (I am going to be 41 in March). So I figured that, at best, these would probably make me look less than majorly PO'd all the time. At worst, they'd do nothing. So I followed the instructions to the letter (although I didn't use the optional rose hydrating spray, just plain water in a spritzer bottle) and stuck one on my forehead as instructed. Looked a little weird. Laughed a lot at myself and thought I was a complete fool.

Woke up the next morning and pulled off the Frownies patch. I thought I noticed a reduction in severity of the lines almost instantly, but I wrote if off to my imagination, and said I'd give it time.

It's been almost a full month since I started using them, and I've used them nightly. I am losing the wrinkles between my brows. This morning, before I left for the day, I looked in the mirror and they were gone. GONE. Now, they're not a permanent fix and you need to use them frequently (I will continue to use mine nightly) and keep them on overnight (eight hours is ideal), but neither is Botox. I'd much rather have the adhesive on my head than botulinum in my body, thanks.

I will be buying these again, before I run out. Also, you get 144 perforated strips in a package, and I only use one triangle at a time, so the cost is negligible.
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on February 27, 2015
I am 32 and have had 2 obvious lines between my eyebrows since about sophomore year of college (I guess I worry a lot!). They look like 2 deep red creases and I have hated them forever, trying various creams and potions and serums hoping that if I catch it early enough (19 is pretty early!) they will go away. They haven't.

I got these recently and, absolutely no joke, the FIRST night I wore them I woke up in the morning and one of the lines was gone COMPLETELY as if it had never been there at all, and the other was way less obvious. I couldn't believe my eyes (blurry morning eyes?) but there it was. A couple hours later, it was back, but if it can make a big difference in one day, even temporarily, I'm hoping longer use will make an impact in future.

For reference, I didn't see until I bought them that you are supposed to use their rose hydrator spray, theoretically. Well, I didn't buy it and wanted to try them right away so I used the derma-e hyralauronic acid spray I had lying around. I have used that with them every since because, well, don't know if that's what makes it work but it works, right? Probably these would work fine with water, but in the spirit of disclosure I feel I should mention the derma-e.

A couple of things worth mentioning: I found these perfectly comfortable, they stick well, and they are easy to remove with water in the morning. The only thing I don't really like is that I got a little but of acne underneath the pad, but since I pluck my eyebrows I generally get acne there anyway and I'm not convinced it was entirely the frownies' fault.

I just purchased the ones for laugh lines around the mouth, which I'm just now starting to get. I hope they work as well as these!

UPDATE: I tried these with just water for a couple of days and not the derma-e and the lines were still there in the morning. After a couple days like that, I tried them again only this time I applied lotion (I'd like to say face cream, but I'm cheap and just used my Aveeno body lotion), allowed it to dry before applying, and the effects were even better the next day! So...use these in conjunction with a moisturizer. You don't have to use their stuff, anything will do, but do use something and not just water.

Also, after buying this I purchased the ones for around the mouth. Along with the ones for the mouth are ones for crows feet which are pretty much EXACTLY the same shape as these between the eyes/forehead ones. If you are going to purchase those as well, save yourself money and just get the other ones.
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on July 24, 2014
I've been using these off and on for a few years but it takes consistent use to really see results that stay. After just a few days of use, I begin to see diminished lines between my forehead because apparently I must scrunch up my face when I sleep. Perhaps some hefty muscle relaxers would do the same thing but I have to be able to wake up in the morning so I'll stick with these.

For those who say it's easy to make them yourselves, I say have at it. Like the woman I saw in the store the other day trying to convince her husband that they could make their own bandaids because it's just gauze and tape, you're more adventurous than I am. I prefer to let these people put glue on parchment paper and cut them up for me.
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