Fruit & Veg prep for juicing Just curious to know how much you do to the veggies and fruits before you juice? I have a Juiceman juicer and am looking to get a Breville soon. The Juiceman says to peel and chop carrots, cucumbers, etc and I was wondering if which one you have to prep or the Breville juicers.
asked by Mon on October 21, 2011
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I've had a Juicer for over 25 years (happens to be a champion commercial) I use a hard tampico brush to scrub the heck out of my carrots removing some peel but not like peeling, more like a rough exfoliation. Cut off the beet tip where it's thin and the dirt filled area where the multiple stems come up from the root. Scrub it better than a carrot. Feel the beet if it's gritty that is not that cool I am pretty soft with apples just scrubbing with my hands or a soft brush. Rinse the heck our of greens especially Kale Graprfruit and other white skinned fruit get a quick scrub then most of the yellow peel is cut away (pretty bitter and full of wax even in organics) The reason you scrub a bit before you peel is that you do not want dirt on your knife.

The general philosophy: get rid of the dirt (taste texture and spoilage) clean roots and leaves especially well, watch out for the dirt in beets (believe me you cannot scrub it out unless you have all day) and get rid of almost all the outer peel of citrus I use a strainer on the juice so that will catch a reasonable amount of juice. When my crew and I wer making a couple of gallons a day we just soaked and rinsed the carrots and strained the juice through a nut-milk bag, but you do get some dirt that way and beets must be cleaned.
Big Bear answered on March 14, 2012
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