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on July 15, 2014
I got this camera for my cousin's bachelorette camping party and she had the mini 8 version. Originally I researched a lot of websites that did a side-by-side comparison and read lengthy reviews between the Mini 8, 50S and 90.
According to a lot of sites, they recommended 50S because of the color and ease and mid-price range.
However, my cousin's Mini 8 had different settings for light (day vs night) and the color quality overall was far richer than my Mini 50S. I still really like the Mini 50S but feel it would have been so much better if it had similar color quality for the prints and options to change light source settings.
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on June 8, 2013
As a gadget geek, I can really appreciate when something different with personality comes along.

This camera is one of the smallest and most compact instant cameras that you can buy. It is also the smallest Fujifilm Instax model that is offered (to my knowledge). Of course it is still sort of chunky by today's compact camera standards, but if you have some experience with instant cameras in the past, this camera is a huge improvement in form and size.
I am able to hold and operate the camera with one hand, taking pictures easily both vertically and horizontally. The battery compartment protrudes slightly from the body creating a nice area for you to firmly grip the camera. Small nubby grips strategically located all over the back further assist you with gripping. There are two shutter buttons, one on front and one on side/top. Great for small hands or self-portraits. An LCD keeps track of how many photos are left as well as flash/timer status. Additional buttons for flash, timer, and lightening/darkening of photos are located on side.

Picture Quality:
Pictures come out about as expected for instant photos. A picture with good lighting come out the nicest - sharper and more vivid. The camera performs well outdoors in sunny weather however, I agree with other reviewers and have also noticed a tendency for overexposure - particularly when it's overcast. I also don't know if the camera has any sort of auto white balance but it's not very good.

Indoor photos a Flash is a must - I have found that indoors even with good lighting the picture will come out underexposed. Always use the flash and use the light/dark setting to fine tune your picture. The depth of field is mediocre at best. Not that it matters since this isn't being used for anything important...but it is worth noting that it is very difficult to get anything beyond my subject to appear clearly in the background sometimes. Hard to explain but it's not bokeh, it's just so washed out that it's non-existent. I took a picture of my car outdoors in cloudy daylight and none of the houses or even the street behind my car really showed up in the picture - it was very faint and "ghostlike"...though my subject was just fine. This was less of a problem indoors. As long as there was good lighting, indoor photos showed up clearly from the front of the room to the back. I'm not an expert and don't want to speculate what the issue may be, but I can say that if your background is more than, say, 10- 15ft from your subject it's probably not going to show up in your picture well (though your subject will still come out nicely). It's not very surprising to me as I have had similar difficulties in the past with other instant cameras. Perhaps it could be corrected with additional lighting if available or repositioning somehow, but it's not usually feasible since you don't get a lot of shots to a cartridge to reshoot every photo...not to mention the cost.

One more thing worth mentioning is camera shake...To be honest I am so used to shooting spur of the moment digital photography with all kinds of "assists" and vibration reduction that it's been some time since I've shot an "unassisted" camera...I had to re-learn to hold this camera still (and breathe out as I engaged shutter) like the old days. Another reviewer mentioned "fuzzy pictures", well, I can almost tell you for certain that it was because of vibration. Is this a good camera for young children? Probably not. Nor is it great for catching action shots..unless of course you want the blurred effect! I know it sounds like there are a lot of negatives about this camera but it's not unusual for an instant camera to have these issues in my experience. The quality of instant photos look about the same as they did 30 years ago and I don't know if manufacturers never bothered to improve the technology or if it's just inherent to it. Nevertheless instant photos with all of their flaws are the distinguishing characteristics that make them special from its gazillion megapixeled counterparts. There is always going to be a sentimental feeling behind every instant photo...something you just don't get from viewing the thousands of digital photos we all have that no longer seem....well...interesting. With anyone and everyone armed with a cell phone taking professional looking, yet homogeneous, photos nowadays I happily welcome any change.

This camera comes with a 60mm fixed focus lens with a minimum distance of 0.6m. Mine came with a macro lens attachment that clips onto the front of the camera lens. I have yet to experiment with it since film is not exactly cheap - averaging about $1.00 per photo. Speaking of costs, I'm not happy that it uses 2 CR2 batteries but they seem to last a while. I'm sure like many these aren't the type of batteries we keep around the house like AA and AAA.

With that said I still highly recommend this camera. For the price range, this camera exceeds my expectations for value. I took this out the other day and it was a hit. It's rare to see someone shooting something other than a digital/mobile phone/ipad camera and even rarer to see an instant camera. Plenty of people have never seen one before and many haven't seen one in years. In a way an instant camera provides the same "instant gratification" as a digital camera only you get to have a one of a kind keepsake (or gift) in the end. And the excitement of watching the picture develop before your eyes is priceless.
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on September 7, 2013
What a nice surprise to have a camera that instantly produces photos! The photos are the size of a credit card and instantly be taken away to be stored in a wallet for future reminiscing.
A nice book to pair with this is Instant Love by Susannah Conway, Amanda Gilligan and Jenifer Altman available here on Amazon. It helps navigate those unfamiliar with instant photography.

The printed item box included the camera, an extra lens in its own case, instruction and owner manuals, and a camera strap.

After reading most of the reviews, I figured before I went on my vacation that I'd blow a roll of film or two getting acquainted with it. Sure, it's an expensive venture but better to do that now than to be all upset at the time of vacation and waste photos. I'm glad I did. I played with the various adjustments (lighten, darken, normal, with red-eye reduction, without red-eye reduction, etc) with various light situations (ambient light, some room lights on, darkened room, etc), using my pets and family as subjects and then writing what I did on the photo (e.g. ambient light, red-eye). Don't forget to play with the included close-up lens if yours came with one. The one that came with mine wasn't the same color as the camera, was hard to put on, and broke easily while I was trying to do so! I bought one that was black and designated specifically for the 50s model off Ebay. It's the one with a little mirror for self shots but works for close-ups. This one was easy to put on with little effort and works fabulous.

The good: It is versatile, relatively easy to use, and compact. Finding accessories like a fitted camera case, colored lenses, container bags, and novelty straps are easy to obtain. Film is widely available online and in some retail stores. I've seen film at WalMart, but have bought Instax film online for the better pricing. You can find pdf versions of the owners manual and instruction book on the Fujifilm website as well as helpful hints and photo ideas from other Instax enthusiasts' personal sites by merely doing searches.
This also has a self-timer with several second intervals to choose from, and an embedded groove to use with a tripod. If you think you'll be taking pictures in areas where you'll need more stability get a tripod.
This is the *nicest* of Minis. It has more versatility over the other models because of available adjustments. You can read about this on Wikipedia under the heading Instax, which has an overview of all the different Minis (7, 7s, 8, 10, 20, 25 and so on).

Here is what Wikipedia has written for the 50s model:
Mini 50S
Released: 2011
Lens: 60mm f/12.7 lens
Shutter speed: 1/3 - 1/400s
Exposure: automatic
Exposure compensation: W/+/-2/3
Flash: smart flash

The bad: This can be awkward to use when trying different shots, specifically a wide shot by merely flipping the camera on its side. The photo button becomes harder to reach and you can get your finger(s) in your shot or block the flash if you're not careful. It also doesn't stand on its own when you have it on its side so you will either have to use a tripod or stabilize it if you use the self-timer.
You can easily waste a lot of shots if you're not careful. If I didn't get the shot I wanted, I'd try again (after a setting adjustment) and if that didn't work out I'd use either my camera phone or my digital camera. I know that's not really the point (nor the joy) of instant photography but if you *really* want that shot--there's your alternative.
By the way, if your phone has a camera and a micro SD slot don't scrimp on SD memory. Get the most you feel you'll most likely use. I have my phone camera settings on the highest quality for impromptu occasions.
Because snapping shots is so easy on the Instax 50s (and fun) you can go through film quickly so plan ahead; figure out how many pictures you'll want to bring back (or give away), allot for a couple of bad photos, and have one pack extra for just in case.
This model is also available in white, but at present is more expensive.

For peace of mind I picked up a two year warranty with the available Square-Trade in the event of any accidents.
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on January 25, 2012
I am a professional photographer for 10 years, this is not a camera for professional users but is a cool camera to enjoy the old instant way of phogography. Imagine you in a little party with your friends and family, the camera is great for that. You can take pics and give the photo to your friend/family to the person keep the memory on the wallet.

The camera has a good build quality and is small and beautiful.

Buy the camera and have fun!
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on July 1, 2014
I am very happy I bought this one. Everything is awesome but I am still getting use to using that flash button. The pictures come out very nice and this camera is very easy to use! If you want to see how it works before you buy it, there is a very nice youtube video with the two guys from Fujifilm explaining the basic information about this camera. If you're interested in purchasing it, go check it out!
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on February 24, 2011
I got the Instax Mini 50s because I thought that the pull-out lens of the 7s was a little random, and I heard that the flash of the 25 was not too smart. So I held out, and now...I have a 50s. I used to have some Polaroid cameras in grade school (both the color polariod and the B&W polaroid where you have to put an emulsion on the print so that it develops), so I have something for reference.

There are some good things about the new Fuji system:
(1) It has a nice clear, picture with fine grain (especially considering that it's 800 ASA film)!
(2) The camera is big, but not as big as it used to be with the polaroids.

The drawbacks:
(1) The images take a while to come up. By a while, think like a minute to see something resembling the final photo, and at least 10 minutes (I'm guessing, I checked again after an hour) to see full color saturation. The initial image looked a bit grey and washed out and low contrast, but the final image was sharp, saturated, and had clearly defined colors.
(2) The Instax mini film is pretty high contrast, even for 800 ASA. Suppose you have a diffuse light source in the room -- when you take a photo with a subject 1/2 in the light, the light gradient won't be as diffuse as it looks IRL. It will be much more marked, almost like a line. So you've been warned!
(3) The print is REALLY small. Now, it says credit card sized. That's kind of like the size of the film. There's a substantial border around the image, so it's actually smaller than a credit card. Perhaps 2/3 of the size of a credit card.
(4) You can't turn off the flash, even in landscape mode.
(5) Prints are something like...$0.70 each if you buy the twin pack (2 x 10 exposures).

I got this camera in place of a photobooth for an event -- it should work, and even with the cost of the film, it will come out to be less than a photobooth.
review image
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on August 5, 2011
First of all,
I was really amazed how fast it shipped. I ordered this camera and shipped and came within two days and it was free shipping.
I was very satisfied with that.

As of this camera, the picture came out really clear and specific. The flash was amazing.
I was debating whether I should get this mini 50s or mini 25 white one then I compared the size between these two. Mini 50s was little bit smaller than mini 25.
I bought mini 25 for my friend's bday gift and I thought that was very small and compatible instant camera but this mini 50s was smaller than mini 25.
And the color of the photo was just amazing.

Like everybody know, the price of the film is expensive but IT IS DEFINITELY WORTH OF HAVING.
Each picture you take will be the only one that will have for the rest of your life. This isn't like digital camera so once you press the button and take the picture, you can't delete that, and I think that's the most memorable moment.
My friend who has mini 25 told me that after you take these pictures it's more fun to look at the films one by one and never get tired of looking at them.

The timer to take double pictures is really great because you can take two same pictures and give it to someone you love.
I hesitated a lot whether I should purchase mini 25 or mini 50s.
Then I thought, by spending little bit more than the price of mini 25, you can get newer version of instax camera.
I agree that mini 25 is a great camera also, but mini 50s is newer and smaller.
So now I'm really really glad that I made a right choice for myself and got this mini 50s because it's obviously newer than mini 25 and is smaller than mini 25.

I personally like small sizes so that I can bring around everywhere and can put in my purse.
The picture of camera on amazon came out big but I was really surprised how small it was when it shipped.

If anyone purchase this or thinking of buying instax camera from fujifilm, I think this camera is definitely a great choice for you or for somebody else.
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VINE VOICEon March 5, 2015
I loved the idea of this camera, smallish (actually it really isn't that small at all, its huge) and provides instant gratification by giving you your printed photo in less than 5 minutes. Since photography is my hobby I immediately went outside on a nice day and started taking some photos. I noticed the pictures, even when they were clear were so soft in focus that it was difficult to make out anything, it just looked blurry. Out of 10 photos, I had 1 worth saving. The rest either developed too dark, out of focus, a couple of them only half way developed, or they were completely washed out. For $14 a pop for only 10 photos, this isn't something I want to continue to test out if its going to force me to purchase 3 packs just to get a couple of decent photos.

It is really difficult to see through the viewfinder, my eyelashes kept getting in the way. It isn't easy to hold the camera if you've got small hands, nor is it convenient to lug around because its not that compact. I decided instead of this, to get the instax smartphone printer so I can use my camera phone and print my photos that way. It cost a bit more money but my photos come out much more clear and I have the ability to do a little editing before I print the photo out.
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on August 13, 2014
I'm completely head over heels for my new polaroid! I LOVE vintage like items and this is just perfect! Its so small and compack it fits in any ppurse, and takes high quality pictures. Other brands have way to many dials and settings but these have fewer easier to understand setting. I love it so much!
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on August 1, 2015
Instant camera is my dream since I was a kid.
Got it around January 2015, Xmas gift for myself and I love it.
As of July 2015, already took around 50 pictures!
Everyone loves it. To all the people who will say, that's expensive and you need to buy film every time, then don't buy it then.
You still like it anyway so stop talking. Money is never equivalent to the smile this put on people when being used.
review image
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