Customer Reviews: Fujifilm FinePix XP200 16MP Digital Camera with 3-Inch LCD (Yellow) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on May 18, 2013
This camera is brand-spankin'-new. I bought mine at Wal-Mart for $270, $30 cheaper than most retailers. Many stores are selling out...the price is actually going up.

Let's begin:

This camera is COMPLETELY waterproof and fairly shockproof as well. Great for travel and vacations! Mine is bright yellow and comes with a nifty wrist strap, so it's hard to lose.

The resolution is great for the price, the lens glass is sharp and the sensor works well indoors (but not at night, for the most part).

My favorite feature is the HDR setting. For the uninitiated, HDR (High Dynamic Range) photographs are typically merged together from a sequence of light-medium-dark photos of the same subject. HDR allows for a very even exposure of highlights and shadows, when a normal photo would leave the sky bleached or the trees blackened. Some HDR photos look a bit surreal, but this is not a "professional" camera. The word which best describes this camera is "fun". It's just plain fun and easy to use.

Some other nice features are:

**The automatic wifi transfer to your PC (OR to your smartphone/tablet, just download the APP and hold the camera *ON* your device to ensure a connection)

**The panoramic mode (works well with a steady hand and a well-lit area)

Overall, a great little travel camera. I highly recommend this to families, since it's practically unbreakable and simply enough that a child can use it.
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on December 22, 2013
I researched long and hard before purchasing a P&S underwater camera, I finally chose this one for two reasons 1. Fujifilm has done the most R&D in the underwater camera game and 2. I had to buy something bc time was running out before I left for my vacation.
I took my fuji down 15+feet and the photos came out amazing, I took it on several very rough catamaran trips even shooting video that sounded great and looked amazing. Of course the wind and sail were whipping in the mic but you could hear us laughing and having fun. I treated this camera much like I do my expensive one, padded case, always strapped to my wrist, except it got wet and sandy and went into my beach bag. I was super careful not to get tanning oils on it and rinsed it off within an hour. I only opened the battery chamber when absolutely necessary and only after the camera was allowed to air dry.

Note for diving/snorkeling: If the sun is behind a cloud life underwater is pretty black and white... I thought my camera (and maybe my mask) was malfunctioning. If you dive in shallow water with the sand stirring up, pictures will be hazy. If you shoot at the surface on underwater mode you'll have red or purple photos.. (I'm no pro photog I know there's a red filter but can't remember why) My finger got in the lens only once during my 6 hours underwater, it was an easy crop. I did not use a float strap because they didn't feel right, the lanyard that comes with the camera cinches up nicely around my wrist. I held my camera up when I entered the water as not to bash it against the water.

Battery Life: the battery that came with the camera had good life, the backup off brand I bought... not so good. I think power levels fluctuate in other countries so a full charge wasn't always a full charge for me in Jamaica.

Indoor/Outdoor photos: use the settings and available light wisely, your photos will be sharper.

Wireless to my iPhone was so simple and fast. You don't need an internet connection to send to your device... GPS and clock were nice. I didn't have to wear a watch.

1. Easy to take single handed photos
2. The power button is close to the shoot button but has a different texture, I turned it off and missed a few shots at first.
3. Go easy on the battery chamber
4. Watch out for tanning oils and lotions, I actually used a tiny bit of bar soap and water after handling it with oily hands and rinsed it very well.
5. Buy a name brand back up battery
6. Use a float strap if you plan to be on the water but it wasn't useful for me diving
6. READ THE BOOKLET ... It's a very user friendly camera but you'll do better faster if you read through the book.

This camera performed above and beyond my expectations. I highly recommend it for the water and beach.
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on July 10, 2013
I bought this camera after reading the so-so reviews about the Nikon AW110. The camera was too new to be in the stores so it was purchased sight unseen. The bottom line is I could not have been more impressed with the performance of this camera. My daughter used it during a week long vacation to a Hawaii, both while snorkeling and on land. The underwater pictures and video's were great. On land we got to try out the panorama features at the beach and the picture was perfect. Could not be happier with this purchase.
I only had 1 issue....Not sure what happened but I had to remove the battery to reset the camera just 1 time . The other dozen or so WiFi transfers went without issue.
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Fujifilm XP200

My friends use older FujiFilm XP waterproof cameras on the lake and in the river with great success, and the XP200 came highly recommended. However, my impression is that the XP200 is a great all-around digital camera that happens to be waterproof/shockproof. The XP200 also turns on almost instantly, so it is handy for those sudden situations on the water.

The 16MP sensor takes rather good pictures! The 5x optical zoom is impressive, as there are no mechanical lenses that move around. There are multiple features like 3D, HDR, and panaromic shots. However, the 3D and panaromic features aren't as quite refined as I'd like. The panorama feature isn't nearly as good as the feature on my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone.

The XP200 takes true HD video, but the odd thing is that it only does 1920x1080 at 60 frames per second, and a 32GB SDHC card only allows about 23 minutes of footage. That's roughly 190 Mbps in the Quicktime .MOV format, whereas a GoPro or Sony Action Cam or even my Samsung Galaxy S3 would take 1920x1080 at 30 fps in roughly 20-30 Mbps in AVHCD MP4 format.

The thing I really did not like is the fact it uses a proprietary USB cable. It is about the same size as micro-USB, which has almost become a standard among mobile electronics manufactured in 2010 and beyond. However, it happens to be specific to the XP200. I don't like this because I already keep a bunch of AC adapters on a power strip and they each have an assortment of micro-USB and mini-USB cables. Now I have to keep track of a proprietary USB cable designed for the XP200.

The photos have good overall clarity. They are not going to be professional grade, but would be great for Facebook posts, sharing, and even scrap books.

The video quality is quite good, about on-par with my Samsung Galaxy S3 which both blow the GoPro Hero3 out of the water. Here are the specs on the videos that the XP200 produces in comparison to the other devices:

1920x1080P at 30 fps unless otherwise specified

FujiFilm XP200
59.94 fps, AVCHD, Main Profile, Level 4.1, 2 reference frames, 18.7 Mbps data rate

Samsung Galaxy S3 (4.1.2)
AVCHD, High Profile, Level 4.0, 1 reference frame, 17 Mbps data rate

GoPro Hero 3 Silver
AVCHD, Main Profile, Level 4.1, 4 reference frames, 30.2 Mbps data rate

Sony HDR-AS10 Firmware 1.03
MPEG-4 Sony PSP, AVCHD, Main Profile, Level 4.0, 2 reference frames, 16.0 Mbps data rate

Sony HDR-AS10 Firmware 2.00
59.94 fps, MPEG-4 Sony PSP, AVCHD, Main Profile, Level 4.2, 2 reference frames, 25 Mbps data rate

Overall: 4.5/5 stars. It would be 5/5 stars if it used a standard micro-USB cable. Everything else about the camera is really good! The waterproofness and shock protection is just icing on the cake.
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on November 3, 2013
Being a professional photographer who shoots with high-end Canon equipment, I LOVE this camera! We bought this for a trip to Hawaii because we knew that we wanted to be able to photograph underwater. It was awesome to have on the beach because we didn't have to worry about sand damaging the device.

Does it take photos as good as a cheap SLR? No of course not, it's a point and shoot, but I'm not going to spend hundreds of dollars on an underwater case for just a few photographs on vacation. I did haul my good camera in a protected bag to the beach everyday to get the killer shots, but I never was without this camera on our adventurous trip.

We had so much fun with this that we photographed fish and beach photos everyday with it on our 12-day trip, but we did have to charge the battery every night so I wish the battery had lasted longer per charge. I wouldn't hesitate to buy this camera because of the battery life, but you will probably need to charge it every day you use it on a vacation because it's so much fun to use.

Is it really shock proof? Yup! While on our trip, our 2-year old wanted to hold it and of course threw it across a stone walkway pretty hard as I watched it bounce for 5 feet in horror. It immediately shut off and I couldn't get it to work as I thought we had just broke our new camera, but my husband took out the battery and put it back in and it immediately worked. After a few dents to the front, it still works great.

Does it shoot in RAW? Being someone who shoots in RAW I researched for an underwater camera that would shoot in RAW, but I don't think any of them do under $400. This camera only shoots in JPEG and after using it, I realized I could deal with it because underwater photos in the ocean are never great unless you have additional lighting and very clear water. This camera really excels in a pool, but I still recommended it for fun sea life. Also, the video is only 30 fps. It does not offer 24 fps, but I still had a blast recording video.

My absolute favorite thing about this camera is that you can send photos to your phone or computer through bluetooth wirelessly. This was great on vacation because we could take underwater photos and instantly text them to our family and post them on our social websites.

Moral of my review: BUY IT!
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on September 3, 2013
Bought this for recent trip that involved water trips, hiking and animal safari. Wanted my kids to take pics without parents constantly reminding them not to break anything. We took camera 15 ft underwater, put it under the 90 ft waterfall and there were no leaks. Pics came out great in all conditions. 360 panorama takes some getting used to before you can get good shot. Battery drains a lot faster then other cameras in this range in my opinion. WiFi transfer is great, but make sure that power cord is connected if you are transferring a large amount of data. This camera is not a replacement for your dSLR but rather an addition to that.
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on August 5, 2013
I was so excited to get this camera-
I tried the Nikon
I tried a lower priced Olympus
And then this- and I was say each one failed me-

First off, I am easy on my electronics, casual picture taker at the pool, a little bit at the beach- The olympus and Nikon leaked on me within the first week.

The Fujifilm xp200 took amazing pictures, the quality was exactly what I was hoping for.
3 weeks in we were at the pool and the screen turned green and all the pictures were coming out red. Turned off the camera, took out the battery- everything was dry, no leaks.
Put the battery back in turned on the camera and it took regular pictures, then went back to red pictures, green screen.

Amazon returned the item no questions asked and refunded our money.
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on July 9, 2013
i did lots of research before i bought this camera. out of all the waterproof ones, it seemed to be the best. i do alot of kayaking, and i take lots of pictures. i have a tremor from an accident, and between that and the movement of the boat,the picture stabilization was very important. it works great. i have taken shots of animals moving in the water and they came out clear. the camera takes the picture quickly (some cameras take a long time to catch the image)on a recent trip i tested the waterproof option when i dumped in the river. the camera performed flawlessly. there are several options that i have not used. it has a "mute" option that silences all the sounds from the camera. i like this because when you get in close to wildlife you dont want the camera beeping and scaring off the animal.i have taken some inside pics, but not many and have not had to use the flash, so i cant comment on that. i really like this camera and would suggest it to anyone.
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on June 24, 2013
I normally shoot with a Nikon DSLR for product pics and a Canon sure shot for engineering test setup shots, but have been searching for a waterproof camera. I decided, from my own comparisons and the reviews here, to purchase this unit. I am very pleased with this camera. I carry it in my motorcycle jacket pocket and am now not worried about any rain, et cetera, damage AND, the zoom is internal, ie, no accidental lens protrusion inside my pocket. I've used it for a few close-up, work related shots, hand held with one hand and the photographs were just what I needed. And the other day I did some timer shots = Not disappointed at all and am glad I chose this camera. For me, it's just what I needed.
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on June 20, 2013
as mentioned, perfect pics and video, better than go-pro, except no mounting . kids took it to white water rafting and swimming, use bluetooth to transmit pics to their smartphones flawlessly.
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