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Color Name: BlueVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
It's a great time to be in the market for underwater cameras. Because so many people have good cell phone cameras, camera manufacturers have had to step up their game and offer point-and-shoots with more functionality than the phones that everybody already has in their pockets. Underwater/shock-proof/dust-proof/freeze-proof cameras are for those times when we're having fun in environments that would typically ruin a regular camera or phone.

Here's what I like about this camera in general:

1. You can take it in the pool. Last summer, some of my best shots were of my kids underwater in our swimming pool. We have so many great memories of our pool, but until we got an underwater camera, we didn't have these captured. Another thing that we've really enjoyed is the ability to take video underwater. For fun, I get in the pool, have the kids dive in and then swim up to me while I video the whole thing. There's something really amazing about starting a video above the water with all the sound and water reflections and then going under when they break through the water and hear the muted underwater sounds as they swim up to me. More importantly, the smiles on their faces are bigger/more authentic than when we're just standing in the back yard and I ask them to smile.

2. You can bring it to the beach and just throw it in the sand. When my kids are at the beach, we like to build huge sand castles. In the past I have brought my non-sandproof camera and spent most of the time a)protecting the camera from flying sand; and b)getting angry with my kids for flinging the sand in the direction of the camera. Now, I actually get in the line-of-fire as they're digging because the flying sand in the foreground makes for some great pictures.

To sum it up, the best camera for the job is always the one you have with you. If you're scared your camera is going to get wet, sandy, or freeze, you'll leave it at home where it won't do you any good. With this Fujifilm FinePix XP60, you'll have *no worries*


As far as this type of rugged camera goes, I have owned Canons, Nikons, and Olymupus' offerings. Currently, my favorite of all is the Olympus TG-1iHS 12 MP Waterproof Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom (you can see my review there as well) (*also note there is also a new model for this, which is here: Olympus Stylus TG-2 iHS Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom and 3-Inch LCD (Red))

This Fuji proudly sits in second place in my opinion. That being said, it is also nearly $200 less than my beloved Olympus, so it is definitely a great value.

Here's some specifics:

The camera is built well. It's sturdy and has a solid feel. BUT, the biggest selling point for it's build-quality may be it's biggest problem for some: it's pretty small - like the size of two iPhones pressed together. This is great because you can just throw it in your pocket or purse and it won't take up much room. The problem this presents is that the buttons on it are pretty small, which will mean you might press the wrong buttons once in a while, especially when using it underwater. I'm an average size guy and it didn't offer me too much trouble, but if you're larger-than-average, you might want to look elsewhere.

The photo quality is great. The pictures look good in and out of the water. Because I only use it for messy, sandy, watery situations, I can't report on how good it does indoors or in extreme low-light situations.

There are a ton of features, and many of them are useful. In fact, it shares many of the features with the Fujifilm X20 Silver 12 Digital Camera with 2.8-Inch LCD (Silver). If you check my review there, you'll see that I love:

SR is an advance auto mode that determines the best settings based on the scene. It even shows its predictions, so you can see if it is accurately assessing the situation. From my experience, it's startlingly accurate. It chooses from: landscape, night, tripod, beach, sunset, snow, sky, greenery, and sky & greenery. Having these settings on a camera is old news, but having the camera predict the scene itself and do so with great accuracy is a pretty exciting advancement.

Also, there is a NATURAL setting which I love. What it does is takes one picture with flash and one without continuously and then let's you decide later which worked best in the situtation. Being a pro photographer, I am usually pretty good at choosing, but this is really helpful to my wife. Let me give you an example: If you're taking pictures in a darkened room of your child blowing out their birthday candles, your camera is going to choose flash to lighten things up. The problem with this is that it kills all the beautiful candle light. Using the natural-mode on the camera will give you both. It's actually a great learning tool.

As far as video quality goes, this camera does a great job with that as well. Don't expect it to look like and HD movie you've rented from Nexflix, but you can expect it to capture great detail that your phone just can't see.


In conclusion, I think this is an excellent choice for a rugged underwater camera. Buying this (or another model) to capture the fun you have this summer is a no-brainer. The pictures you get will be priceless before you know it.

...If you found this review helpful, let me know! If there are any questions you'd like answered, I'll do my best to help. Have fun!
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on August 5, 2013
Color Name: Yellow
After doing plenty of research on underwater cameras at this price level. I came to the conclusion that this is the best camera for the price. PEOPLE,..its an underwater camera,..not a $400 SLR professional camera. ITS best pics are outside and underwater. Expect good pictures at night with the flash at about 10ft of distance,..nothing more. But if I wanted this,..I would not have been using an underwater camera..... HELLO ???
My galaxy S3 phone takes great HD pics and video so I am comparing this review using my phone and the camera. I have an underwater case for my phone and the pics and video are truly HD and awesome. So this little camera had its work cut out for it since I bought it. I thought there would be now way that it could come close to my phone pics and video. I was wrong !

PICTURES: Great high resolution pics even with an 8GB class 4 SDHC card, above and under the water. Love the fact you can take video and shoot pics at the same time. Screen brightness blows my phone away. I can barely see my phone under direct sunlight, but this camera has great brightness and can easily be seen under direct sunlight. Love the burst shot mode ! !

VIDEOS...........VERY IMPORTANT......YOU NEED A CLASS 10 SD CARD TO RECORD HD 1080I VIDEOS. I bought my camera as a bundle at COSTCO which brought me the 8GB SDHC card CLASS 4. DO NOT USE THIS CARD FOR YOUR VIDEOS. A CLASS 4 CARD DOES NOT SUPPORT 1080I VIDEO WELL. IT WILL RECORD IT BUT THE QUALITY WILL REALLY LACK. TRUST ME. I have tried it with both the class 4 and the class 10 cards. Also,..I did research on these cards. The class 10 records perfect 1080i video like my galaxy S3. Some people don't know this and notice that their videos are not great. Its not the camera,..its the card !

So many features that I have yet to learn on this camera. This camera does some things that my Nikon L820 doesn't do. The floating strap is a must if your planning to take it in the ocean. It holds the camera and does not let it sink. Over all. I definitely recommend this camera. I do strongly suggest you buy an external battery charger on ebay or amazon so that you can charge your battery outside the camera. While charging the battery you have to use the provided USB charge cable which means you have to open the battery door and leave it dangling while the battery charges in the camera. This leaves the battery door at somewhat of a dangerous open position and subject to breaking. Overall, this camera does what its supposed to do. Period !
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on October 2, 2013
Color Name: RedVerified Purchase
Ordered camera for a trip to Mexico. Received a few days before and used to photograph some of the flooding here in CO (in the rain), and on a quick hiking trip in the mountains (dry). Was happy with the picture quality. To get clear/well lit photos just play with the pre-set modes until you've learned what is best for different situations. On the trip I was generally happy with the photo quality- the LCD screen was hard to see underwater, and it had a hard time in low lit situations, but overall good enough considering how much fun it was to use it on the beach. The camera seemed to be doing fine and I was meticulously following the instructions in the manual after every ocean or pool use (rinsing, soaking, drying, etc). However, on day 3 of my vacation I took it snorkeling. When I came out, it would not turn on. I rinsed, dried, etc. when i got back to my room. The lens, LCD screen, and flash all fogged up. I let it dry according to directions. Nothing. Even when returning to dry, not-humid CO the camera never would dry out/work again or charge. Very disappointing as i was only halfway through my trip. If you plan on using this in the rain, want something that can survive an accidental dunking, or wade on the beach (but not swim) this camera would probably be fine. If you plan on submerging it I would not recommend. Returned mine yesterday and will look at other brands.
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on April 22, 2013
Color Name: Blue
I have a problem. I buy cameras like every year to every other year. I do have valid reasons for upgrading. Trying to find the perfect camera for the use. For me, this is my cruising camera. I needed something that can go deeper. That I can use on a boss excursions (think a scooter and sub combined), snorkling, and free diving while under water. I need an underwater camera that can take great underwater pictures and video and not have it look all green or blurry. I needed something with an optical zoom rather than digital only. I got this little baby on ebay for $140 with case, underwater strap, and a 8gb sd card. For the price I paid it is worth it. This camera is neat, but there are some minor flaws as well as pluses. I still think you can do better on underwater cameras, but even the nikon aw100 that is similar priced has nearly the same flaws. I think it has more to do with limitations with it being an underwater camera and the glass they use.

This camera is waterproof. It goes down to 20 feet. Although their are cameras that go deeper, why spend $300 on one. Even the ones that go 30-36 feet are not universal. I almost bought one since I like to scuba dive, but that's rare and only on select cruises since I am not certified. Scuba diving you will go 30-60 feet underwater with a discover class. If you go deeper than 30 feet you risk your camera. Why get a $300 camera when it may not even work for basic scuba diving. I know the depth varies on where you go, but it helped know that the $300 still may not be able to go that deep for scuba. Boss you go down about 12 feet and this camera can easily do that. It is about 8 feet to the top of the helmet. I haven't tested this camera in deep water. Just the bath tub. It stayed sealed and the pictures were pretty good for underwater, but that's not a great test. I know from the videos on youtube with the xp50 the underwater pictures and video are superb. They rank right next to $300 underwater cameras. For me, this is an underwater and on water use camera only.

This camera has some great pictures modes like 3d, panorama, selective color, underwater, landscape, etc. The auto in general is great, but you will need to go to picture mode underwater for the best under water pics. I talked with fuji about that since I was going to try staying in auto on trips.

One thing I like about this camera is like my slr, you can snap pictures while recording video. Great for family functions. Just know you will hear clicks on the video from the shutter.

I have a caribbean cruise coming in March. I wanted to use this on the trip exclusively since most of the excursions are on or around water. Problem is, the picture quality is somewhat lacking. Not awful. When you zoom in on the pictures they get fuzzy really quick. The picture quality zoomed in is the worst I've seen on any of my recent cameras in the past 5 years. The good news is this is a 16mp camera so unless you are making a movie size poster, when will stretch it past 100%? I messed with settings and if you lower the picture quality to 12mp or 14mp the picture quality greatly improves. You still get big pictures, but zooming in they look better by shrinking them slightly. I guess the sensor they used is not ready for prime time. Or better yet, maybe a firmware update will fix it. Within the settings you want to change your pictures to "fine" instead of the default standard. It gives a little more detail. Because of the picture quality, I'm going to use my budget pocket point and shoot. That way my slr is safe on the waves and only break out the xp60 for in the water pictures. Also, because of the picture quality issue, make sure you zoom in while taking pictures rather than trying to edit them on your computer. That way you get the best pictures. I'm not saying the pictures are that bad. Without being resized they look great. Let's say you want an 8x10. That is shrinking the image by a good half. When you shrink down the image while printing you get just as good if not better picture quality. For most people that's great. Just if you don't plan ahead on what you will print and use something like photoshop to zoom in you start to see a bit a blurring at around 120%. Unless you use photoshop or need to blow up a small 1/8th chuck of your photo you will never have a problem. This camera doesn't do great in low light. It loses a lot of detail. Avoid using at night in the house or when there's not a lot of light in the room. Outdoors it is great though.

This is a really snappy camera and fun to use. Underwater this camera is the bomb. I love how the latch clicks into place and you should be sealed against water. Just watch the strap doesn't keep the door unlocked. Be careful handing this to others while in water. That latch looks like a camera knob and the last thing you want is someone popping out your battery under water and frying the camera. The latch has to be turned and the middle button pushed in to unlock it, so it does make it harder to accidently open the camera. For kids, this is a great and versatile camera. However, if you are cruising you are better off using a point and shoot as much as you can and using this camera where it is risky like around water. Even a nice underwater camera like from Nikon has image quality issues when zoomed in. I think it has a lot to do with the glass they use to protect the lenses. For 95% of the people out there you won't blow up the images before you print. With it being able to handle 16mp or even with my recommended 14mp to address picture quality issues you have more than enough mp to print what you need. In the end this is the best budget underwater camera I've found. Awesome snorkeling pictures and video. Land pictures are very good, but know you are limited in zoom.

Personally, I would only recommend this camera for kids that need a camera that can take a beating or using this around extreme outdoors. For general indoor and sight seeing by land you want to keep your existing camera that probably has better zoom, better in low light, and hopefully better picture quality when blown up on the computer.
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on January 6, 2014
Color Name: BlueVerified Purchase
I purchased a Fujifilm X60 and used it three times before it failed. The camera was not abused, dropped, or.used underwater. It simply stopped working and would not turn on. I returned the camera to Fujifilm per their instructions and was surprised and dismayed to receive an invoice for $117.00 to repair what they termed an out-of warranty problem, stating that the HDMI pins were bent. I HAD NOT connected this camera to an HDMI cable! How the pins became "bent" is a mystery to me. I emailed the details to customer service with no response other than a message to say the email was received. I then called the repair department and asked to speak to a supervisor and was transferred to voice mail. After leaving two messages, I received NO response at all. This has to be the poorest customer service I have ever experienced. No reputable company should treat their customers with such disrespect. Needless to say, I will not purchase from Fujifilm again.
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Color Name: Yellow
August 22, 2013 Update
We are having a lot of fun with the XP60. We take it on the boat, to the beach, in the spa, and the local city pool. It's just great to put the floating wrist strap on my, or my grandson's, wrist and snap away when we feel the desire. I don't have to worry about bumping it, or getting it wet.

As long as I keep the camera locked on ISO 100 we do get some decent photos. I also have taken some reasonable video. This one is jerky because I was driving a jet ski with one hand and taking the video with my left hand. [...]

June 18, 2013 Update
We've now used this little camera extensively since it arrived. We've taken perhaps 500 photos with it. Here are my recent observations.

The photo quality is not the best and the camera sometimes makes poor exposure decisions. Many photos come out of focus. Some of this is operator error, especially the focus issues. There is quite a lag between pushing the shutter button and the photo being captured so it is easy to push the button then lower the camera before the shot is capturee. Even with the ISO fixed at 100 the image quality isn't really great.

I would say about 95% of the photos are properly exposed, and 75% are in focus.

All of these comments must be taken in the context that I am a photo enthusiast and I usually am using a $650 camera body with an $850 lens. With that camera rarely is a shot out of focus and almost never improperly exposed. Of course the image quality from the DSLR is exceptional. The DSLR also has near zero shutter delay.

On the other hand...
I really like that this camera is hardy and waterproof. For the first time I was able to take a camera on the tow tube and take photos of the boat from there. It is so nice to hand the camera to anyone and ask them to take shots or video. I'm quite at ease having it move from place to place on the boat and not worry that it is going to get damaged.

One of the big benefits is my three-year-old grandson likes using it and I'm happy to let him. 98% of his shots are trash but the other 2% are worthy of posting. As someone on Facebook said they are finally able to see me in photos.

I no longer have to worry about using my iPod Touch on the boat, or don't have to bring the expensive DSLR along on the boat either.

In the right conditions the camera does spit out some good photos, most are worthy of posting online which is my main use for photos most times. Videos are not bad either.

Would I recommend this camera? Yes with the understanding that it is inexpensive and the waterproof feature is the biggest benefit.

I have two other inexpensive (but more expensive than the XP60) and I spent some time comparing the image quality of those two cameras against the XP60.

Sony W50 6MP camera (not waterproof) images were of lower quality than this XP60. This made me feel like I'd made the correct decision because with a waterproof housing the Sony W50 has been my on water camera for several years.

Sone w150 8.1MP camera (not waterproof) images were almost identical to the XP60.

Original Review
I have a consumer level DSLR for great photos. I needed something for the boat/jet ski. I'm not always comfortable with the DSLR on the boat. This one fills the bill.

I have to put all of my comments in the context that this camera costs about 1/10th the price of my DSLR. Obviously there is no way the photo quality, low light capability, or sharpness can match an expensive DSLR with a great lens. But for a waterproof point-n-shoot under $200 this is a pretty good camera.

- Small and pocketable
- Rugged to 5 foot drop, I can hand this one to my 3-year-old grandson.
- Waterproof to 20 feet.
- 5X zoom, one of the main things that attracted me to this camera.
- Pretty good image quality for outdoor shots (considering it is an inexpensive point-n-shoot)
- Zoom during video - there are many cameras on the market that can't do this trick
- Auto focus during video - there are many cameras on the market, including a whole bunch of very expensive DSLRs that can't do this.
- Quiet zoom so you don't hear it on the videos
- Take snapshots during video - very cool feature that I wish was available on my DSLR.
- Good menu system
- Dedicated video button
- 10 frames per second (up to 10 max)
- 1080i video at 60 frames per second
- Totally internal zoom. Nothing protrudes from the camera body.
- Can use the camera while it is plugged into AC or another power source. (I have an external USB battery pack that can charge/power the camera)
- Too many other features to mention in detail here here. I mean really, face detection, several movie modes, several shooting modes, numerous scene modes (sports, low light, HDR, portrait, landscape, filters, panorama, night, and more), Auto ISO ranges, various image sizes, white balance options, continuous shooting, shutter volume, exposure compensation, self timer, etc.
- The front glass that covers the lens resists water droplets. Very cool.
- AF illuminator to focus in the dark.
- Uses a standard USB cable to charge.
- The AF Illuminator lamp doubles as a charge lamp.
- Micro HDMI connector
- Printed help manual included
- CD full help manual included

- Some grain even at 100 ISO but outdoor shots don't show it until you crop 100%
- More grain than you'd like at higher ISO
- Not so good low light capability
- Wrist strap slide/keeper slides too easily
- Battery can be inserted backwards - dumb design fault.
- No viewfinder. I said I wouldn't buy a camera without a viewfinder but this was just too good and cheap to pass up. I still think it needs a viewfinder for bright sunlight situations.
- Snapshots during video are not the best quality
- I wish the lens was in the middle of the face of the camera. It's too easy to get fingers in the photos (much like my iPod Touch)
- No smile shutter option, but I've never used that feature on my other cameras anyway.
- The "standard" USB cable is a type with a very small connector on the camera end. None of the dozens of USB cables I already have would fit.
- No external battery charger supplied but for this price I didn't expect one. I ordered the $19.99 Wasabi Power charger with 2 extra batteries on Amazon.
- Clunky manual 3D images - but I don't care because I'm not a 3D proponent.

I will post a few photos I took today.

I did take the camera into the spa this afternoon. I didn't let it stay underwater too long because I was afraid it might overheat. It worked great in both single photo mode and in video mode. It was great to play with the camera, look it over, and check all the menu options, without worrying that it was getting wet. I won't be using this at 20' depths but it will certainly get wet on our boat or jet ski.

I did not buy this camera from Amazon, my favorite store, it was on sale elsewhere.
review image review image review image review image review image
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on October 3, 2013
Color Name: Blue
I got this on sale for $150 and at that price you really can't beat the number of features in a waterproof camera. My main problem is that the HDMI port wouldn't accept a cable (I verified the cable works on other ports), it looked like there was an extra piece of metal or something in there.

For some reason I actually paid attention to the bundled notice to send it in for repair rather than just returning it. They informed me that my warranty was void because of damage to the USB port. First of all, the USB port works just fine, short of pouring glue in it, I wouldn't know how to damage it even if I wanted to. After arguing with their customer support several times about why they were refusing to fix a defect (this was not damage, it was present from the moment I opened the box), I finally gave up and returned it. It seems clear to me that the repair technicians are instructed to find any possible reason to avoid honoring the warranty.
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on April 22, 2014
Color Name: Blue
The Finepix took poor pictures. But we tolerated that for the waterproof/shockproof features. Then it completely stopped working and we sought warranty coverage. Other reviewers described this issue - Fujifilm claimed "the customer damaged HDMI pins. Damage not covered under warranty." Fujifilm said that to us as well. I explained we had never used the HDMI. Fujifilm said the consumer must have accidentally used the USB in the HDMI port and damaged the pins. I said I had looked before we sent it and the HDMI pins were fine. Fujifilm said "we used a microscope and could see damage that caused the pin to short circuit the entire board". A microscope to disallow damage on a shockproof camera? Fujifilm knows there is a problem with this camera, but its policy is to refuse to honor the warranty. Fujifilm partially admits there is a problem because they will offer to send you a new camera with an extra batter at 1/2 price ($60). If the consumer is fully at fault, then why offer such a steep discount? Instead I will use that money to buy a good camera from and honest company. If you buy the finepix, do not expect good pictures, do not expect the camera to work for long and do not expect Fujifilm to honor the warranty.
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on June 13, 2013
Color Name: Yellow
- I went diving in Florida up to 20 feet underwater and it did stayed dry thanks to the awesome dial that you have to turn to close the door tightly.
- Good underwater photos
- 9 out of 10 high def videos played back fine on my pc.
- The floating strap
- I was not afraid to bring it with me to the beach in sand and saltwater.
- Amazing 5X optical zoom in a little camera, although when I was underwater, taking shots at 5X zoom was very difficult to get the subject in the screen so I mostly shot zoomed out. The Amazing 5X optical zoom was better used for when I was standing on the beach and shooting.

- Video is saved in Quicktime .MOV format so when I tried to stream it from my pc with TVersity software to my Microsoft XBOX, it would not play.
- When I played the video on my pc, one of the 10 videos played back in slow motion even though I did not do that.
- Kind of weird that both photos and movies are saved in the photo folder on the memory card instead of separate folders (photo and video) like my SONY and PANASONIC cameras.

I would prefer the videos in AVCHD format like my SONY and PANSONIC cameras. In the meantime, to stream from my pc using TVersity software, I'll have to convert Quicktime to AVCHD format using Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD.

6/25 update: I installed a different codec for TVersity and now the Quicktime format plays (but it looks horrible like the days of standard analog tv) but my other zillion movies in AVCHD format stopped working. I guess I have to keep searching for a codec that plays all formats.
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on June 17, 2013
Color Name: BlueVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a nice camera. It is durable, waterproof to shallow depths, and takes excellent photos.

The photos are excellent, particularly with the image stabilization. Unlike so many others, you can actually zoom in on a subject without camera shake ruining most of the photos. The burst mode works well too, though it takes a while to save afterward. The panaramic option in burst is really cool, allowing you to easily take panaramic shots by sweeping accross a landscape while in burst mode.

The video quality is surprisingly excellent as well, particularly the sound. This camera could easily replace a mid-level camcorder for most uses.

There is an option to sysc the camera to directly upload to your preferred social media, though I admit not trying this out as I have no desire to do upload photos that way.

The camera is waterproof to 20 feet, which would be great for swimming pools and basic snorkeling, though I wouldnt recommend for SCUBA as that depth is too easily passed. I have tested this in the pool and the river, it takes great photos and stays completely waterproof.

Fujifilm claims the camera is shockproof to 5 feet, though I did not feel compelled to drop it from 5 feet to test this. Ill take their word on it and report back if my kids ever knock it off the counter or something.

Overall, this is an amazing camera for the price. To top it off, it even comes with a "real" memory card so you dont have to immediately run out and buy a bigger one.
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