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on January 17, 2014
I'm an avid photographer and though I'm primarily found shooting with my high-end interchangeable lens camera or the nice point-and-shoot I carry around for casual use, there's something magical about instant cameras. Perhaps it's that you're shooting on actual film, or maybe it's that every shot you take is a one-of-a-kind physical artifact (which is special in today's world of Instagram and Facebook where photos are a dime a dozen.) All I know for sure is that they are incredibly fun to use and peoples' eyes light up when you pull one of these out at a party.

I've used several other Instax models, from the wide-format 210 to the previous highest-end model, the Mini 50S. I've got to say that the Mini 90 blows the others away in every regard. I've never seen shots from an Instax come out so consistently vibrant, crisp and in focus until I tried this model. I haven't even gotten around to experimenting with the new shooting modes yet and I'm still getting far better results than I got with the 50S, and believe me I've shot a lot of pictures with that model.

The Mini 90 is by far the nicest-looking Instax camera and also the nicest instant camera available on the market today. The body is mostly made of plastic, but it's high-quality and certainly doesn't look cheap (it's rather stylish and retro) and feels good and solid in the hands. Ergonomically it's much better than the 50S, with the shutter release in a much better place. The rechargeable battery is a godsend; no strange disc batteries to replace and no heavy AAs to weigh it down.

It's definitely on the high-end of price, especially compared to the other models, but given the relatively high cost of instant film, having a camera that consistently gets the shot you want rather than ones you need to retake is worth every penny. Recommended whole-heartedly, not just to photographers but to anyone who wants to bring a little bit of magic into their lives.
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on October 5, 2015
It worked for about 5 months, then after that it would not let me take any photos. It gives me an "E" where the photo counter normally is. I've tried a 'reset' by holding power and shutter button, I've tried removing and recharging battery, I've tried a new roll of film (which ejects the first cover correctly when I do that). Nothing is helping. I basically have a dud and no way to get it replaced since it's past the return date. I have heard others have this problem and have to get it returned or repaired.

UPDATE: So I contacted Fuji Film's support department and they told me to ship the camera in with a description of the issue and a copy of the purchase order (Amazon order screen). They took about 2 weeks, shipped me a new one and gave me a replacement cartridge of film. If you encounter the E issue, and are within warranty (one year of purchase) you may be able to do the same thing. Still frustrating that this error seems to be fairly common though.
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on September 7, 2014
I've had the 7S for a while now and I've used it loads on trips and parties. This time I was going on vacation and the prospect of bringing the huge 7S around was not pleasant. Decided to bite the bullet and go for this, and I'm amazed!

Firstly, the size. It is definitely worth upgrading if you want to lessen the bulk. Go to an Urban Outfitters to look at it (as I did) and decide if it is right for you. When I was in a theme park I could fit this, a camera, a phone, money + cards into one of my small crossbody bags. Impressive and clearly impossible for the 7S. I don't think they can shrink it more, given the size of the film is literally 85% of the entire casing...

Next, the quality. Frankly, daytime shots appear to be equally clear as the 7S. That is not a bad thing - the 7S is great in daylight. But NIGHT TIME! I could take shots with this that I wouldn't DREAM of with the 7S, just by turning the flash off. Coupled with the modes (the mountain thingy, can't remember what it's called) I took a few night shots at the top of the Empire State Building that I am not embarrassed of. Of course, you need a steady hand. But I had a lot less "failed" shots than with the 7S. Lean it against something, use the timer, or fix a tripod to the bottom. Oh, the possibilities!

Fancy pants double exposure! You can do a lot of cool things with this, obviously. Like tape over half of your lens to get a doppelganger effect. You can still use macro, light/dark options, the timer and flash with the double exposure mode. Do read a few articles about how to execute one properly - you need an image to be shadowy and then expect the second one to be projected on the dark parts... It's all very profound...

I'm also very excited for the kids/pet mode. This shortens the shutter speed and it's good to use in daylight when you just don't want blurry pics.

Other kitschy things include being able to twist the lens (a twist-click) to change between the modes. An actual display that tells you how many films you have left. (A blessing for an idiot who always misreads the yellow sign on the 7S as the film count...) It comes with a shoulder strap (but I'm not going to wear this around my neck and have it swing around dangerously) and a rechargeable battery!! It is still working on the same charge after 2 rolls of film, and a lot of tinkering. I'll probably charge it before my next trip and leave the charger at home.
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on June 13, 2015
I had (have) the original white Fuji Instax Mini camera and I loved it. This is like 100,000x better. It's smaller and more compact so I can throw it in my purse (fits in a Michael Kors clutch I'm using for a friend's wedding!) and just go. The features on it are so so so cool. I love the double exposure, it comes out awesome. You just put it on double exposure mode, press the shutter, find your second picture location, press the button again and the picture comes out. SO COOL. The lighter/darker function really helps on cloudy/sunny days as well. Seriously the best purchase I've made in a while. I took like 60 pictures last weekend with a friend while I was showing her NYC. The strap is also awesome, if I ran out of room in my purse I could just sling it over my shoulder/across my body and boom, good to go, I wouldn't put it around my neck though, not safe. Truly a fabulous product. I've been an instant picture fan since I was a kid. I have a multitude of polaroids and polaroid cameras but the film is simply too expensive these days (8 shots for $25, ridiculous), this takes amazing shots and the film is pretty cheap. This is much better than the generic instax mini, if you're debating between the two, get this one, it looks cooler, has more functions, is easier to carry/smaller and is worth the little bit of extra money.
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on March 10, 2015
The Instax Mini 90 is a fun camera which elicits smiles from all who see it and have their picture taken. It should not be thought of as a replacement for a digital camera or phone camera. Within the limits of the device, it is great for capturing quick shots of family and friends, taking pictures at parties, and experimenting with double exposure (DE). Yes, the Mini 90 has a function to allow DE. There are also functions for lighten and darken scenes ( I usually set it to darker as the flash tends to wash out facial features), flash on-off, and other functions.

Construction seem sturdy but I haven't had it long enough to comment on how the camera holds up in long-term use

I recently used it at a 2-year old's birthday party. All adults were more than willing to pose and when I gave them the picture, they couldn't believe this technology was back. It did not replace the use of phones and digital cameras, but for getting snapshots of kids and parents, it did the trick.

Now the issues; pictures are small. This is a function of the film cartridge and the size of the camera. There is a step up camera which uses larger film but the camera is also larger. I prefer the smaller size. Film is pricey. Check film cost before purchasing the camera. Price for film fluctuates.

Bottom Line - use this camera for parties and family/friend get togethers. Use your digital camera (or phone) for other functions.
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on January 19, 2014
I've had the 50s for about a year now and have had fun with it for party/portrait give-away type photos. The biggest drawback with this model IMO is that there is no way to turn off the flash. I use a small strip of gaffers tape to partially cover the flash minimizing it's intensity (w/o burning the bulb).

This 'new' Instax Mini 90 model offers the option of forcing or eliminating the use of a now variable flash, thereby allowing more detail in portrait or macro shots. A huge plus in my book. I personally don't use these Instax cameras for landscape photography due to the small print size and lack of finer detail.

The Li-ion rechargeable (NP 45A) battery is a slight improvement over having to find/buy two CR2 for the 50s, although, two AA batteries would have been even better as I have a house full of Eneloop rechargeable AA batteries...again, IMO.

The new Double exposure and Bulb modes are for creative uses and are a nice option to have.

For a simple camera that creates instant gratification credit card size photos with (understandably) limited photographic capabilities, this camera is a lot of fun. All in all a very nice and solid improvement over previous Instax models.

(see submitted photo)
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on March 13, 2014
Easy Double exposures, light painting with the bulb exposure mode, a kids mode to capture fast moving subjects, macro mode and more.

This is the ultimate instant film camera. I have never been so happy with a camera purchase before. I had the instax 7s for awhile and this was well worth the upgrade. My favorite mode is the double exposure mode. It's so easy it's insane. The instax 90 lets you take two captures on one sheet and bam, double exposure.

If you are a fan of experimentation as well as the ability to capture subjects flawlessly with easy settings, buy this camera.
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on July 25, 2015
Echoing the positive reviews here! I have a mirrorless (compact D-SLR) camera that I love as well.

But for parties, special events, weddings, or any place with friends and people you like, this camera creates fun memories that you can take with you, tape to your car dashboard, use washi tape to stick on your bedroom walls, put in your wallet, etc.

As others mention, this is basically the most premier instax camera there is. The "party" mode is useful in dark rooms to light up the background; you can actually turn off the flash if you want; there are long-exposure and double-exposure modes; instead of AA's you get a rechargerable battery; there is a tripod mount on the bottom of the camera; there are 2 shutter release buttons, so the front silver button doubles as a mirror to take selfies!

OH! There is a "Macro mode" (flower icon) - but I found that you can use this mode to get some pretty decent bokeh (shallow depth of field)! Here's how: The "macro" mode range of focus is actually up to around 3 feet - so you can actually shoot portraits of people and have pretty good bokeh behind them! But for this specific use, it's best if you use a tripod, and are outdoors with lots of light, but not too harsh light. (This camera does worst in very dark light (faces look really bright and washed out, and background is pitch black) and best outdoors. But in extremely bright direct light everything looks almost white as well... oh well its still a ton of fun to play with!)
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on December 3, 2015
I like the camera, came with everything in the description. However, the Plug Adapter for the charger was for a different region and I could not use the charger in a traditional USA outlet. I was disappointed because I feel the camera should be ready for use and there should've been an online description about the plug adapter, because even in the manual About the Battery it says, "shape of adapter varies with region of sale". But it was an easy fix by using a cord from another electronic device, which fit fine. The battery charges now and the camera is working fine so far.
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on April 1, 2015
An awesome little camera that is just great fun to "play" with.

It takes OK shots, they are not super sharp but that adds to the originality of the camera. But the best bit is the look of delight/confusion when you take a photo and out pops a real photo....that develops before the subjects eye...Fantastic!

Great for fun and keepsakes photo for your friends wallets and makes for smiles all around.
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