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on June 1, 2010
Initially I had purchased the instax mini 7s from amazon and I really liked it, but the size and weight of the camera had always bothered me. Because this camera, the instax 25, uses 2 cr2 batteries instead of 4 AA batteries like the instax 7s its much smaller and lighter. I'm able to fit this camera in the instax bags you find on ebay with 2 extra packs of film whereas with the 7s i could only fit the camera due to its size.

Also when the 25 is used outside, the flash does not fire which is a definite plus when you dont want washed out photos. This camera also comes with a closeup lens which enables you to take close pictures without having to get too close. This camera also comes with an extra shutter button on the side of the camera in case you want to take pictures horizontally instead of vertically. The camera also comes with a feature that lets you either take lighter or darker photos. You can also control the flash somewhat by choosing whether you want the flash to be strong and highlight the background of the photo or you can switch it to landscape mode where i think it doesnt flash at all(not exactly sure because ive only used this option outside in bright light and the flash doesnt go off).

In order to really enjoy and appreciate these instant cameras you have to take a step back and appreciate them for what they are. Of course you can take a thousand pictures with a digital camera and print out 4x6 photos for 5 cents each, whereas each picture you take with the instax minis cost around 75 cents each, but its the appeal of having a photo seconds after you take it, and with these cameras each picture you take is one of a kind.
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on January 13, 2011
I was never into Polaroids when I was younger. Now that I'm a college student with a disposable income, I wanted to invest in a camera. I tried using digital cameras, even DSLR photography. I never got completely into it. It wasn't something that you could really share or interact with people, especially in person, unless they were photograph buffs. The new instant line from Fujifilm made it possible to bridge a gap and make photography, once again, a group engagement for people with little or no skill to those endowed with photographical prowess.

First off, I'd like to point on the simplicity of it's design. Appearance wise, it looks beautiful. It really goes off of the minimalist look and only has what is really necessary for the product to really function. Typically, I hate curvy products or artwork (I prefer jagged corners or straight edges) but this camera's aesthetics appeals to all. As for size, I'd compare it to the size of a baseball. It's ergonomics make it easy to handle and rather difficult to drop.

Construction of quality is, overall, great! I really recommend you buy an anti-shock bag or pouch for your Instax Mini 25. I left it once in my messenger bag, but I think a jolt caused it to reset its counter, wasting the next available film to remove what it had just assumed was the exposure guard of a new cartridge of film. It also suffered from a nasty fall, and kept giving me an E error on the lcd screen. I took it apart, and found a part had come loose that wouldn't allow the motorized lens to collapse or expand properly (I was able to fix it however. Nothing actually broke). You could easily avoid this with a neoprene bag or some other padded accessory to protect your device.

It's quite easy to use. There are two shutter buttons which make it comfortable to take pictures in landscape or portrait. It has a tiny (very tiny, think like a 1/4 of a penny) lcd screen which shows the number of shots left in the cartridge currently inside the camera. It also has a interface which shows the shot mode. you can lighten or darken the next shot, shoot in landscape, and turn on flash. It has a view finder, and a self-shot mirror on the front. You can attach a hand strap (or a cellphone charm) to your camera.

Accessories are rare. Branded accessories from Fujifilm are non-existant, aside from specialty film. I found a studio which specialized in accesories, photoalbum, stickers, and the sort for the Instax. It's called 2NUL design. For most part, I've had to order these accessories over the internet, but the niche fans have made specialty cases and even lenses for the camera. They are, however, on the pricier side.

Last, cost effectiveness. You can print a standard photo at a local drugstore now-a-days for a bout five cents a print. In comparison, the film cartridges Fujifilm INSTAX MINI Twin Pack Instant Film fluctuates around $15.00. 20 shots for around 15 dollars leaves each shot from the Instax $.75. That's pretty steep price difference, however, remember these are instantaneous. I also like to compare these to the picture booths which are becoming popular, especially in small Asian communities. Sometimes, a session at the booth can cost from five to eighteen dollars. I like to bring around a sharpie to draw and date each photo or write some sort of memorabilia.
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on March 6, 2013
I purchased this Polaroid camera for my Disney trip because it's smaller/lighter and more portable compared with the 7S.

This camera use intax Mini film. A fair warning, the picture is not big. It's mini size. I like it.

Some Pro and Cons that I experienced in this Diney Trip. We took total 64 pictures. Most are good. A few are bad due to my skill and camera's limitation.


1. This camera took good pictures. It came with a small lens. The lens can make distance further for you to take a picture for self-shooting. ( You take a picture of yourself or whoever is in

front of camera while you are holding camera). It has a very small mirror on the camera, so you can see yourself. This is a great feather.

2. You can hold your camera both vertically or horizontally without worry about where the shoot button is. There are TWO shoot button. One for you to click when you holding the camera

vertically, and another for you to click when you are holding horizontally.

3.Films are very easy to replaced and install. I don't even know how to say it..It's just too easy that I can't write a step by step instruction here...

4. You can choose if you want your picture to be darker or lighter. you can choose these two mode before you shoot a picture.


1. Lack of a few extra functionality. For example, you can't turn off the flash. You can either choose automatically fire up or fire up.

2. You can not zoom your lens. You can only move forward to your objects. You can't zoom your lens to get a closer shot.

3. I have no idea how to use the camera to shoot a far away object at "night". The picture come out very very dark. ( I try lighter mode too). I don't think this camera is for you to shoot

any won't get a decent picture...I try to shoot the Cinderalla's castle and the giant ball in Epcot..Pictures are not great.

Overall I really recommend this camera, but you need some practice. some tips below

1. Never stand too far away from your objects...or you won't get a very clear and detailed picture.

2. Only use the lens when you try to do self-shooting or need some distance from the object. The lens can help you create more distance without standing further away.

3. It's just not for landscape shooting.

Overall, I love it =]
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on January 4, 2012
I had originally discovered the Instax Mini 7S this past fall on a geeky little blog that I follow, loved the idea, and sent it to my husband as an idea for me for Christmas. He, ever the details guy, did me one better by doing all the appropriate research and found out that the Instax Mini 25 is a smaller, has more features, and is a higher quality version of the same camera -- the ONLY downside being that it didn't come in the chocolate brown that I really wanted like the 7S did. ;)
I LOVE this camera - while the film is a bit on the pricey side (I found two-packs for $15 online - 20 shots total at about $.75 each), the point is not to treat it like a digital camera, but to go old-school and actually take some time deciding what you want to take pictures of (my favorite part is no retakes - if you're blinking in the shot, that's part of the charm!). We had an amazing time with it at our New Year's party this year, and created a display board to show off the evening and all my friends loved it.
My husband also got me a bag for it (SO cute! Fujifilm 2011 Bowler Bag for Camera - White ) and, as another reviewer indicated, it's intended for the bigger 7S, but I can fit the Mini 25 and about six extra packs of film, which is convenient. And he (rightly) decided I needed a protective (clear plastic) case, which I like having, as I feel like it's definitely protecting my camera from little bumps and drops.
I'm still learning its ins and outs, and haven't used it outside yet, but I'm definitely looking forward to continuing to play with it. Highly recommend!
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on July 28, 2011
I knew this camera by watching a Korean movie, then kept researching about it. I decided to order it and waited for 1 week. I was so excited when I received it. This is an amazing camera: tiny, cute, light, etc. Everything seems great. The quality of the pictures are pretty awesome. I love the vintage. This is absolutely a right camera for girls. I also love the credit card size of the image. Everyone who needs the Fuji mini film, I suggest go to Adorama website and buy the films. It is cheaper than others, free tax, and low shipping price.
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on July 6, 2014
really fun, great to use casually. but one thing i quite dislike about this instax model in particular is that there is no option to turn off the flash, which is a tad annoying because the camera will force flash in situations where you would not like an artificial light source. also no self timer and that "close up" lens they provide for you isn't quite up to par because you won't be looking into the viewfinder to shoot said shot; really finnicky "close up lens"! if i were you, i would save up to purchase the fuji mini 90 neo classic! that's what i call a superb instant camera
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on April 28, 2016
This is by far the best thing I've ever purchased!! I'm an international flight attendant and this lil puppy goes everywhere with me. I've taken it around the world for 3.5years and it's still kicking! I've compared it to the 8 and it seems to be built to last. Not flimsy. I use it constantly and have only had to change the batteries maybe every year and a half.
Strongly recommend.

P.s. If you ever get to Japan film is around $6-8 a box (10frames)
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on May 20, 2013
Perfect for my trip. I would recommend this item to anyone! People all comment on how cute the size of the pictures are (credit card sized). The camera is not compact, but the pictures are so perfect, I didnt mind carrying it around in my bag during my vacation in Tokyo. I will never travel anywhere again with out this, perfect for scrap booking and catching instant memories.
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on July 24, 2012
This camera is a showstopper--the life of the party and a crowd pleaser. Who doesn't like instant film? Break this camera out and you've got an instant party. Plus, the pictures are a great pocket/business card size, and are perfect for giving away at gatherings after photos have been snapped. The pictures have a really interesting and unique vintage quality to them, which makes them even more special and fun for photo albums and fridge magnets. I haven't quite figured out how to use the two (total) features on the camera yet, so am missing both night and long-distance shots. Either way, this has already paid for itself in smiles and memories; I am so glad I purchased it!
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on August 22, 2010
I've never own one instant camera before, and was searching for some polaroid. But after much searching, I gave up of owning a polaroid, cause the films of a polaroid are really expensive! Then, I went considering Instax mini 7 and Instax Mini 25. And with comparison with Instax Mini 7 and Instax Mini 25, Instax Mini 25 is definitely smaller, lighter and of a very cute and pretty appearance!! :D I really love my Instax Mini 25 alot! It's really easy to use, and there's also another button at the side for you to take photos horizontally! (: The photos printed out are also of very high and clear quality! :D

I got it for less than 2days, and people around me were asking me where did I get it, and they seem very interested to buy one too! :D

Overall: 5STARS! :D
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