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493 of 497 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Upgraded my ScanSnap S1500
**I copied here my review of the standalone iX500 (without the software bundle) since it is the same scanner**
*** UPDATED ***
I've been using the previous model, the ScanSnap S1500 for almost 4 years now. I liked it so much that I bought a second one. To me, it completely transformed the concept of going paperless: from painful and time consuming to cool and...
Published 23 months ago by EastSide

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3.0 out of 5 stars Good but be careful if you mix with older S1500 ScanSnap
I've used ScanSnap S1500 scanners for years with Rack2Filer software and have been very pleased. in fact have recommended this setup to many people. So I was excited to see the new version of the scanner. However the Rack2Filer software is a new version (Rack2Filer Smart) and Fujitsu does not provide an upgrade from the older Rack2Filer software; you cannot even buy...
Published 22 months ago by Stephen Wood

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493 of 497 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Upgraded my ScanSnap S1500, January 19, 2013
This review is from: Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Deluxe Bundle Scanner for PC (PA03656-B015) (Office Product)
**I copied here my review of the standalone iX500 (without the software bundle) since it is the same scanner**
*** UPDATED ***
I've been using the previous model, the ScanSnap S1500 for almost 4 years now. I liked it so much that I bought a second one. To me, it completely transformed the concept of going paperless: from painful and time consuming to cool and even fun. If you have used a regular flat-bed scanner trying to go paperless, you probably know what I mean. I feel your pain. And this is coming from a hardcore paperless guy since 2001. Back then there weren't that many options.

If you are reading these reviews, you probably already know that the S1500 is currently (January 2013) pretty much the gold standard in the automatic document feeder (ADF) scanner consumer market with excellent user friendly software, pretty fast, reliable, built like a tank, excellent optical quality and on top of that you get the standard version of Adobe Acrobat (worth alone >$100). Not that it is a cheap scanner but compared to other consumer-grade ADF scanners it is a good deal, and like most things in life, you get what you pay for. It is one of those rare pieces of electronics that *just work*. It makes something relatively complicated extremely easy. Also wanted to point out that those all-in-one scanner/copier/printers, etc. are just Ok in my honest opinion. Their relatively low price is very tempting however, from experience they are "jack of all trades, master of none". They are no competition for this scanner, not at all!

That said, I bought the iX500 as soon as I learned it was available on Amazon. It was hard to believe the S1500 could be improved but hey, even as a geek myself technology never cease to amaze me. Well, I've been playing with the scanner for two days so I will give you my first impressions.
Not that it matters but the first thing I noticed is that the box is now very plain and vanilla (pun intended) colored without even a handle as opposed to the fancy S1500 box. I can't care less but I just hope they put the savings in the scanner and not the profit margins because this one costs more. Upon unpacking, the iX500 has a nice sophisticated industrial look with matte/shiny black surfaces and blue LED lights. Unlike the S1500, it does not look like an old cheap plasticky silver colored ink-jet printer from the 90's. Overall the materials and quality of construction seem as good as the S1500. The paper rollers seem improved. Also new is a physical switch to turn on/off the WiFi radio and WPS button to automatically set up a secure WiFi connection.
Let's cut to the chase and explain the positives and negatives:

-Faster feeding/scan. I don't think it makes a huge practical difference compared to the S1500 but it is undeniably faster. The higher the number of pages you are scanning, the more significant it will be to you.

-Faster processing. Here is where the difference is very noticeable. With the S1500 the processing can take some time and you will always see the processing progress bar. With the iX500 you barely see it or if you see it it goes way faster!

-USB 3.0 connection. Can't argue about the advantages of having a theoretically max speed of 5 Gbps (USB 3.0) vs 480 Mbps (USB 2.0). The provided cable is truly 6 feet long which is a plus. With USB 3.0 I wouldn't recommend using extension cables because the USB 3.0 protocol is very sensitive to increased cable lengths (>2m). If the cable is not long enough for you, get a powered USB 3.0 hub not an extension cable.

-Improved paper handling mechanism. Regular paper documents rarely jam or misfeed on the S1500. Only if you have stuck, very thin, bended, irregular or wrinkled sheets. I threw in different types of papers and it seems to take them in better! This is a real usability improvement.

-WiFi capability. Meh.. Honestly, this is not one of the main reasons I got the iX500. For me, for this specific task of scanning documents, speed, security and reliability are more important than going all wireless but that is just me. I have the scanner in my home office next to my desktop and scan a fairly regular amount of documents, some with personal, work and financial information that needs to be encrypted before storing, never online or on mobile devices.
It also has scan-to-the-cloud capability using DropBox, GDrive, EverNote, Salesforce, SugarSync (some with never heard before silly names) but seriously, would you trust a hardly profitable -except maybe Google- private online cloud company to store all your documents for the long term? Maybe temporarily until you download but that's it. I wouldn't trust them even for just a backup. Also, try downloading just 100 300-dpi full color scans online and you will realize how painfully slow it is. I do however, see some situations were this may be useful like online sharing of docs or as temporary storage of trivial stuff but only as an add-on capability and not as a main way of connectivity. I will try it with my Android phone and tablet, though but nothing serious.
Throughout the years I've learned that the most efficient way to go paperless without wasting time is to: 1)read the document once and decide if you need to scan or throw it away. 2)if its important enough to scan, do it and file the pdf right away in the corresponding computer folder. 3)shred the paper original right away otherwise later on you will waste time picking it up and reading it again. *Make sure you have backed up your files before you shred your originals; you can put the scanned sheets in a "to shred" bin until you backup your pdf files*. If I were to scan something without my PC I would eventually have to read that paper again online to decide where to put it so that would be 2 reads of the same damn document. Not too efficient if you have say 20+ docs. Also, keep in mind that with this scanner, it is very easy to scan lots of stuff so if you don't have your own paperless system/routine/strategy, you may end up with digital clutter rather than paper clutter. Develop a system that works best for you.

-I haven't replaced any "consumables" on my S1500 in almost 4 years so I wouldn't be worried about that with the iX500. Seems to me like a marketing ploy from Fujitsu to make more money. I have emptied two big 3-drawer file cabinets plus regular scans all these years without any problem. Just keep the rollers sticky clean and vacuum the paper dust that accumulates after a while and you should be fine.

-All the nice "minor" features on the S1500 that make it so great are also on the iX500: ultrasonic double paper feed sensor, automatic de-skew (alignment), double side scan, auto color detection, automatic paper orientation, scanning long papers (legal size), blank side auto deletion, etc. I'm sure they must have improved these.
BTW, you can easily scan hundreds of sheets per run not just the 50 pages they mention. Just keep loading the ADF top tray before it scans the last sheet and it will keep scanning!


-The optical sensors on the iX500 are CIS and not CCD like in the S1500. Theoretically, CCD is better, especially for color reproduction. CIS is better for text and details however, honestly, I don't see any difference compared to my S1500 which basically uses 7-year old technology. This means that probably current CIS technology has caught up with the older CCD quality in the S1500. Of course this doesn't mean that current CCD quality is not better yet. Anyway, I use a Canon flat-bed for high-quality scans like paper photographs, cards and the likes so not really an issue for me.

-no Adobe Acrobat XI, just the same version X as before even though XI has been out for a while now. (Note that the provided Acrobat is Windows only. If you have a Mac, you can use Preview which comes with MacOS).
Regarding software, I will also mention that personally, having gone completely paperless for many years, I avoid like the plague using commercial "paperless office managing software" (read Rack2-Filer, ScanSnap Organizer, FileCenter, PaperPort, Sharepoint, etc). Nothing wrong with them at all, its just that many of these programs and their supporting software companies may not be around 10+ years from now so you don't want to depend too much on their proprietary file indexing system or formatting (a reason I wouldn't touch NeatDesk scanners not even with a 10-foot pole!) or deal with some compatibility issues that may arise in the future if say you switch to a new operating system. This is very important because the reason you are digitizing documents/photos, etc is for archiving and future use. I only trust the PDF format which is an open standard (many programs and platforms can open it) and plain hierarchical Windows folders for organizing the files, so I'm never more than 5-6 mouse clicks away from every single file I have (i.e.: Finances>credit cards>American Express>Statements>2013) This will guarantee that 20, 30 or 40 years from now your files will be as organized and readable as today.

-no TWAIN support. Even though not that important nowadays, it can be an issue for small business that rely on specific software for scanning. I mostly scan directly to PDF so in my case -and I'm sure for most people- it will not be an issue. TWAIN is a standard protocol that most scanners and imaging hardware use to communicate with software programs. This means that you cannot directly scan images from within some graphic or other type of software that require a TWAIN driver. You will have to scan and then open the image file.

In summary, I will say that coming from the S1500, other than the new wireless capability, the iX500's big overall improvement is in speed. The iX500 won't make your S1500 obsolete, not at all unless of course you must have the wireless connectivity. The improvements are more evolutionary than anything else because the S1500 is already very fast. We are talking about differences in seconds. If you add all the speed improvements: a faster feeding mechanism/optical scan + faster image processing due to the new "GI" dual microprocessor + USB 3.0 connection, you get a much faster experience, specially if you scan a lot. Few years ago, a scanner this good and fast would have cost thousand(s) of dollars like commercial grade Canon and Fujitsu doc scanners. I have recommended the ScanSnap series to friends and family who were interested and from their feedback I can say that the iX500 would also be perfect for both beginners and experienced users alike more so with all the improvements.

Few more things: 1)from personal experience, having a good file backup routine is as important -if not more- as having a good scanner. Going all digital is fantastic and very practical but it also makes it extremely easy to lose it all, so I wouldn't skimp on that side. Backup, backup and b a c k u p your files. I can't say this enough. 2)The scanner doesn't come with a paper manual -that would be ironic..ha ha!. You can download the 480-page PDF manual from Fujitsu.

Hope this was helpful.

**** UPDATE 02/11/13 ****
After almost a month of daily use, I've had no problems with the iX500 whatsoever. It definitely is as reliable as the S1500. I'm very happy with my purchase. My setup is a custom built PC i7-3770 w/Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bits. Haven't tried it yet on my Win 8 laptop.
I had the opportunity to play with the wireless function... Well, the WiFi wireless function does NOT replace the USB cable. In other words, it does NOT connect to your PC via WiFi only. In that sense it is not really wireless. It only connects the iX500 to your tablet or smartphone. And actually they say that clearly, I'll give them that. You cannot have both the USB cable and the WiFi mode active at the same time. Also, you *need* to turn on the ScanSnap App on your smart device for the iX500 to be able to start scanning (the Apps are free to download on the iTunes and Play Store). The "PC-less" wireless scanning does work as advertised, though. It is very cool and surprisingly fast. I tried it on my Google Nexus phone, tablet and iPod Touch and they all worked very well. Using a Google device you could also save files to the micro-SD memory card.
Also, it is not really standalone-connected-to-the cloud as one would think. It cannot send the scans directly to say DropBox without your intervention. Not even using the App. You must go through the Quick Menu while using your PC and choose one of the cloud services and then save "directly" to DropBox but only when connected via USB. It cannot be done just by pressing the "Scan" button on the iX500. You need a PC for that. That makes sense because you need a computer to do the log-in into a cloud file hosting service. The iX500 alone can't keep your login information. They should add that direct capability to the App, though. If you don't want a PC attached, you can still scan with your smartphone and then once in your smartphone, you can send the documents anywhere you want (Google Drive, Dropbox, text message, email, printer, SD memory card, etc).

Regarding the wireless setup process, as a first step your scanner needs to be connected to the computer via USB and run the "ScanSnap Wireless Network Setup" program. If your network is protected, you will also need the security password unless your router has a WPS button (Wireless Protected Setup). I don't like to read manuals (I'm a guy, ha ha) so I just followed the easy interactive steps. It will also tell you that your iX500 has a unique PIN number that you will need to enter in you ScanSnap App. This is in case you are in an office with more than one iX500s; it will only connect to yours. After that you can unhook the USB cable.
Again, in my specific case I don't care much for the wireless connectivity but I already can imagine interesting uses for it. BTW, I also tried to use my Google phone as a WiFi HotSpot and connect it directly to the iX500 but it doesn't work that way. Apparently the iX500 needs a common access point for both. My phone has WiFi-Direct but not the iX500.

**** UPDATE 08/11/13 ****
FYI, you can now scan directly to your PC WITHOUT the USB cable. Download the new software and firmware upgrade from within the ScanSnap Manager's 'Update' option. I don't really need this function but I can already imagine many useful applications...
BTW, after 7 months of regular use, my iX500 keeps scanning like a champ. I take it for granted and most of the times I'm not too aware I'm actually using it, which is something very good to say about the reliability and ergonomics of this machine!
Also, apparently new units are now shipping with Acrobat XI! I wish they could give early purchasers a software upgrade option since Acrobat XI was already available when the ix500 was introduced..
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5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome Upgrade From Previous Fujitsu Scanners, January 16, 2013
This review is from: Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Deluxe Bundle Scanner for PC (PA03656-B015) (Office Product)
I'll start out by saying that I've been the proud owner of a Fujitsu S1300 scanner for the past two years. I have gone almost completely paperless at home through a combination of scanning to Evernote and Dropbox and haven't looked back since. The quality and convenience of my previous scanner was unmatched over the last couple years, but there had always been some items on my wish list.
Enter the iX500

I really believe this to be the end-all-be-all as far as scanners is concerned. I'll try to go through this review in a logical fashion.

I actually received this unit on the first day it was released due to a connection I had (always love to be one of the first to have something). Bringing it home and unpacking it was familiar as this is my 3rd Fujitsu scanner (s1300 and s1300i for my parents) and setup was straight-forward. The install file on my MacBook was large, as usual, but took little time and was up and running. One of the main features/draws for this product was the wireless ability which I'll go into more detail later, but was easy to get setup. Overall took less than 10 minutes to start scanning. Nothing exciting.

Initial Impressions
This thing is FAST. I never had a complaint about the speed of my s1300 or especially the s1300i, but holy cow, this thing scans documents like it's going out of style. Even at full resolution color on both sides it is hard to keep up with it.
Secondly, this is by far an improvement over the s1300 in the aesthetics category. It looks like a very high end piece of AV equipment or something. So far my wife has not even attempted to make me move it off the kitchen counter where it currently resides. When folded up it is very unobtrusive and is very unassuming.
I have to reiterate that I truly enjoy the fact that, now that this is 100% wireless, I don't have to keep it in my home office or attached to another computer (with 2 USB ports like the s1300s).
Build quality is similar to the previous generations of Fujitsu scanners - superb.

Speed - I was easily able to get the 25 pages per minute claim and even hit 32 pages while doing my latest mortgage refinance documents.
Reliability - I put several documents through that either had a business card taped to them or a post-it note to see how it would handle them. All fed through perfectly fine and showed up as desired.
Wireless - This is honestly the main reason for my upgrade. Having the ability to detach this device from any and all computers and allow for the scanning of incoming mail directly to Evernote is a godsend. The iOS app worked flawlessly to get the scanner to do whichever type of scan I wanted and instantly made available my documents. This means not having to pile up my mail on a weekly basis and batch scan it when I take everything up to the office. It also means I'm far more likely to scan a document before trashing it, ensuring that nothing is overlooked. In the past I've shied away from wireless peripherals like printers as I've had bad luck with them, but with the rigorous testing I've done this far I have yet to break this.
Quality - As good as the S1300/S1300i as far as quality and OCR accuracy. This is somewhat secondary to main my needs but works well.

Overall Thoughts
This isn't the cheapest scanner you can buy but I honestly believe it to be the most convenient and well equipped. Aside from the cost savings of having to purchase filing cabinets, the psychological benefits of nothing have paper-clutter around the house and being able to find any document you need in an instant are huge. The iX500 has lived up to all my expectations and more so far.

Future Updates
I do plan on updating this review in the future with a few items. First, I am trying to get a video of the insane speed of this device uploaded. Secondly, I'd like to give some more insight into the reliability/long-term build quality of it. Perhaps in 3-6 months the latter will come. Please comment with any questions and I'll respond ASAP.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Simply Amazing, February 14, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Deluxe Bundle Scanner for PC (PA03656-B015) (Office Product)
If you're thinking of going paperless this is the scanner for you. After using my all-in-one Canon printer to scan my documents for several years I decided to see if I could find a product that would do as good a job or better in less time that would also justify the additional cost of a dedicated scanner. I considered both the ScanSnap 1500 and Neat Receipts but both scanned at only a slightly faster speed than my Canon. Neat Receipts' software wouldn't serve my needs (I'm a lawyer) and the ScanSnap didn't provide enough additional features and benefits in my opinion to justify the additional costs. Then last month I noticed that Fujitsu had introduced the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Deluxe Bundle Scanner at a slightly higher price than the 1500 and it scanned at 25ppm duplex color scanning, had a 50-page Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) which was large enough for most of my projects and a has built-in GI microprocessor and it transferred date either through a USB 3.0 connector or through PC-less scanning to iOS and Android mobile devices. I can now scan files directly to my tablet which I now take to court instead of a briefcase or file box full of paper files The Deluxe Bundle comes with Rack-2Filer Smart For Windows users and Adobe Acrobat Pro X. I also purchase a USB 3.0 PCI-E Express card with 4 ports. The installation of the scanner and the USB card was quick and easy. From the first time I pressed the blue ready button I knew I made the right choice - this thing is smoking fast and the bundled software is awesome. I'd give it six stars if Amazon would let me.
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5.0 out of 5 stars FAST, SMART, compact, silent, USEFUL!, February 27, 2013
M. Shults (Sodus Point, NY) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Deluxe Bundle Scanner for PC (PA03656-B015) (Office Product)
I swallowed hard, and dug deep, to invest, (ahem!) several hundred dollars in a scanner appliance to facilitate my New Year's resolution to go personal-accounting-paperless in 2013; but I did it, and I'm DELIGHTED with my Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500.

FAST: This thing is LIGHTNING fast. Paper just basically drops right through it. Folded, rumpled papers are a bit challenging in any device, this thing is tolerant and feeds superbly, while well engineered and user-helpful when something does jam or misfeed.

SMART: It installed easily with no glitches or needs-to-know. It automatically scans 2 sided, and is smart enough to leave out blank pages. With two clicks, you can tell it to scan one sided to skip the small print on the backs; --OR smarter yet, Fujitsu provides standard-with-every-ScanSnap software that allows you to very quickly and conveniently remove or reorganize pages in your pdf. You do have to tell it (once, ever) you want automatic OCR (optical character recognition) to read the text you are scanning and make the pdf files searchable (you can toggle this off easily as desired).

I know it's hard to imagine if you're, say, a longtime Microsoft or HP customer, but this thing gives you actual helpful instructions if there is some kind of misfeed or jam, as opposed to the usual "Error #CGYxxfT77382745Pn" that we're all so sick of. I scanned this oddball multi-fold channel guide thingy I got from my cable company, which is an odd length and orientation, and a message came on my screen telling me how to take it out, hold the one-button on the scanner down until it blinks, then do it again, and voila, it scanned this super-long piece of paper.

I won't damn Fujitsu with the faint praise of saying their included software puts wildly-user-hostile-Adobe (in this case Acrobat) to shame (though it does); but I will say that it's an all too rare and commendable joy to see a hardware manufacturer provide such a good software utility as an include with their gear! This also allows you tools for storing files in a file structure, but so far I just rename them, and move them in windows; and this software works very well with this methodology. NOTE: I also bought the extra "premium" software package they offer, with an organizer, but I haven't had time to play with that yet, I'm just talking about the BASE utility that comes with the scanner.

UNOBTRUSIVE: When I got it, I was surprised at how compact and elegant this thing is. It's the first scanner I've ever had that isn't an ugly, clunky, misshapen function-the-only-consideration proposition. You open it up to use it, but when not in use, you close it up into a compact, elegant black geometric form. It is solid, and well built, and opens into a very functional and yet still elegant cradle for your documents, with a pleasing blue LED. It even has an elegant, near-silent page-feed sound in use, unlike other scanners that clunk, whir, and stutter. Because it's so unobtrusive, I've left it wired on my desk, but it can be used wirelessly and positioned wherever it's convenient.

USEFUL: It's such a JOY to simply scan something in, file it, and shred it, rather than having to keep burdensome track of paper files, file cabinets, folders, boxes, cases, & etc. I still have a long way to go to digest my backlog, but eventually, I will literally lose several pounds of weight in paper files and binders I drag back and forth to the office & etc. This will take several cubic feet of boxes out of rented storage and "attic" space, and reclaim similar significant space in filing cabinets, and various other discreet containers (separating organizations, endeavors, projects) cluttering up my home office and environs.

I am optimistic that the speed and ease and relative pleasure (it's almost.... FUN) of scanning and shredding will eliminate the discouraging clutter of the "toss it on an ever larger pile" syndrome; --and with any luck, this will make me more efficient and effective in managing my accounts, thereby saving me money and paying me back the non-trivial investment I have in this item.


I find it difficult to tolerate using any other scanner now. I want to buy another SnapScan for my office. Ugh! Woe is me! ;-)
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5.0 out of 5 stars INCREDIBLE Scanner! Lets you work smarter, not harder!!!, November 2, 2013
JD (New Mexico) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Deluxe Bundle Scanner for PC (PA03656-B015) (Office Product)
I just got this scanner and it's incredible! Having been extremely busy the past few months, I had tons of unopened mail and important documents lying around. It would literally take 40-60 hours to go through, read everything and file them accordingly. As a result, I purchased this scanner and spend the last 6 hours scanning everything in sight. During that time, it jammed just a handful of times (I scanned over 500 pages)! This is extraordinary as lots of the documents had different size pages, paper types, and orientations. Just to test this, I loaded the feed tray up with a thick 10 page packet, followed by some 3x5 note cards, followed by a business card, followed by a receipt. To my surprise, it scanned everything perfectly without any problems!

During the scanning of all 500 pages of documents lying around, the scanner also, on two separate occasions, sucked in two sheets that were stuck together. Since these were buried in large packets, this normally would have gone unnoticed by me and the resultant file would have just missed the two sides that were covered up. This would have been bad because I shred everything after scanning. However, thanks to some crazy ultrasonic built in sensor, I got a pop up message warning me about what it had done and giving me options to fix it. Problem solved!

The next step in getting organized would normally be sorting all the scanned PDF's on my computer into proper folders. The included software does make this easy to do. However, sorting is not required due to the included optical character recognition (OCR). OCR goes through the document and reads the text, making the file searchable. For example, if I want to find my cell phone bill, I can simply search "Verizon October" on my computer and it will find all the files containing both words. This means that sorting all your scans is optional.

I wanted to mention the file sizes that I'm seeing. On the default settings, the file sizes are remarkably small while the scan still appears to be high quality. To give you some idea, a receipt from Home Depot is 230kb (double sided), a one page news letter is 50kb, and the receipt that came with this Amazon order is 57kb. This was all done on default settings.

My favorite thing is that I don't need to select settings or a "profile" before scanning. I simply put my document in the feed tray, click the button, and it does the rest! On previous scanners, I had to select grayscale/black&white/color, what resolution I wanted, and page sizes. This does all of that automatically!

To sum things up, this scanner is incredible and I highly recommend it to everyone. I never thought I'd ever be this excited about a scanner....
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5.0 out of 5 stars An incredible time-saving and efficiency machine for a small business owner!, February 15, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Deluxe Bundle Scanner for PC (PA03656-B015) (Office Product)
I'm an architect and general contractor, and I deal with a LOT of paperwork. In less than two weeks this machine has proven to be an incredible time-saver. I haven't even made use of all the options yet for what you can do with a file after you scan. And the Adobe Acrobat X that comes with it has also proven to be a great bonus - now I can add and delete sheets, rotate and save, etc. which I couldn't do with reader. Plus the fact that all the scanned text is searchable, as long as the original has some level of clarity, is great for searching for things later. Two reasons why I didn't buy the NeatDesk: 1) other reviews said you can only use their software proprietary software to organize your scans and 2) it takes a long time to process the scans. With the Fujitsu, it takes a couple of seconds to process the text to make it searchable, and you can do anything you want with the scanned file - save to a folder as a PDF or JPG, attach to an email and send, upload directly to Google Drive or Sharepoint (I've done both), or even use the scan button in the free app on my iPhone to initiate the scan and take the file on my iPhone - very easy to setup the wireless connection as well as all the software on the computer. I'd highly recommend this product, well worth the price.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful, February 2, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Deluxe Bundle Scanner for PC (PA03656-B015) (Office Product)
I had no idea this scanner would be as great as it is. Super fast and accurate and multiple features i.e., Adobe Standard and Rack2File are great. Until now I have been using my printer - slow and cumbersome. Our home was recently flooded and we lost all of our records. To keep this from happening again and to reduce the amount of paper we have to deal with I decided to get a scanner. After much research I decided this was the scanner for us!! I kept seeing the ads for "Neat Desk" but after reviewing all scanners on the market I knew this one was for us. The only downfall I see is they advertise it as "wireless". I thought it meant "wireless" with the computer. It does not. The wireless is to a mobile device such as a cell phone. Maybe next generation - but still a useful feature for someone on the move. I am retired and don't.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Simply Unbelievable! Super comparison with Neet!, March 31, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Deluxe Bundle Scanner for PC (PA03656-B015) (Office Product)
After using Neet for two months with much disappointment with speed, jamming and complexity of proprietary firmware/software, the iX500 is what we all thought a paperless office would be 10 years ago. It is finally here! I highly reccommend this to home and office users
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4.0 out of 5 stars Almost perfect scanner, January 28, 2013
This review is from: Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Deluxe Bundle Scanner for PC (PA03656-B015) (Office Product)
I had been after a proper document scanner for sometime and decided this one was the one for me.

The main drawcard is its wifi support. I love having this device set up next to my wireless printer. No longer does everything have to be on the computer desk which is messy enough already.

Scanning to mobile device (iphone / ipad / android) is fast and convenient. Sending the scans from your mobile device to dropbox is just as easy.

This device is not without compromises though which is why it doesn't get 5 stars.

The scanner will only communicate with the computer software if it is connected via USB. So no firmware updates or status.

Another issue is that scanning via wifi to mobile device has reduced functionality. Quality is lower (although I cannot tell) and you cannot create searchable PDF this way. I have also not been able to setup the scan button on the unit to scan directly to a temp folder in dropbox which would be a useful feature.

These functions can be added in firmware so hopefully one day these shortcomings are addressed.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Should have gotten this instead of Brother ADS2000..., June 27, 2013
Zipliner (Los Angeles, CA) - See all my reviews
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This review is from: Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Deluxe Bundle Scanner for PC (PA03656-B015) (Office Product)
I bought the ads2000 3 months ago after reading all these great reviews comparing to fujitsu scansnap, and thinking I can save some $$. It was doing its job except the frequent and temperamental multifeed errors that we get (sheets we scan have loose ends and uneven). We figured this was normal for the type of documents we use and have learned to live with this problem. But then couple of weeks ago we needed a new scanner for our 2nd office so I decided to try the fujitsu ix500. Man, this machine cost $70 more but it's worth every penny!!! The quality of casing/type of material used, quiet operation, better quality scans and most importantly---no multifeed and paper jam problems 99.9% of the time! The Scansnap does the same job at a fraction of the time it takes to use the ADS2000 (constant pulling out paper and re-scanning, splicing interrupted scanned pdf's...arrgh!) -- it made Brother ADS2000 look like a cheap plastic knockoff. I wasted my $400 on the ADS :( I wish people are more honest when they compare these products.
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