Customer Reviews: Full House: Season 3
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on February 28, 2006
1. Tanner's Island

A family vacation doesn't go as planned for the Tanner's who sail off to potato-chip-crumb island, which is, unknown to them until the end, Pua!

2. Back to School Blues

DJ's first day in Junior High is pretty rough.

3. Breaking up is Hard to Do (in 22 Minutes)

Because your a couple doesn't mean you have to like everything the other likes to do. Jesse and Rebecca find this out when Jesse and Rebecca don't agree on their activities.

4. Nerd for a Day

Stephanie makes a new friend by realizing that calling people names can hurt their feelings.

5. Granny Tanny

Brussels sprouts and pencil beds. Granny is now retired and visits the Tanner household for a visit. Little do they know that their plot to make Granny feel wanted would backfire. Will Granny Tanny ever leave?

6. Star Search

Joey tries to get where he hoped to be during his career by winning "Star Search".

7. And They Call It Puppy Love

A visitor from Ohio graces the Tanner household. And one of its offspring gets a permanent home there.

8. Divorce Court

A big nose is not always a bad thing. It may just win you something literally. When Jesse thinks he is in better shape then Joey or Danny the challenge is on.

9. Dr. Dare Rides Again

It's hard to let go of your wild past when your friends are still living it. That's what Jesse finds out when his old buddy Pete stops by to visit.

10. The Greatest Birthday on Earth

Jesse, Michelle, and Stephanie are locked inside of a gas station. Jesse and Stephanie try to make it a good birthday for Michelle.

11. Aftershocks

An earthquake can be very scary to adults let alone children. Stephanie has a difficult time coping with an earthquake that occurred while Danny wasn't home.

12. Joey & Stacy and ... Oh, Yeah, Jesse

Jesse and Joey pitch an idea to a client but the client doesn't really care for it. By the coaxing of one of the backup singers helping the guys and dating Joey, encourages Joey to take a risk and pitch his idea without consulting with Jesse first.

13. No More Mr. Dumb Guy

Being smart doesn't always mean you have to know a lot about books. Jese finds this out when he feels threatened by an old teacher of Rebecca's who shows up for a liturature soiree.

14. Misadventures in Baby-Sitting

How many uses are there for butter? DJ comes up with one that is not likely to be very popular amongst toast lovers. DJ takes a job babysitting so she could earn money to get a phone. But DJ gets in a bit above her head.

15. Lust in the Dust

How many way's is there to break a date? Ask Danny because he has done so to many times. The rest of the Tanner's are becoming concerned at Danny's excuses why he won't date somebody.

16. Bye, Bye Birdie

Nosey sister and a fly away birds are the main themes in this episode. Curosity gets the better of Stephanie regarding DJ's private life and Michelle has a rough day at preschool.

17. 13 Candles

DJ finally turns thirteen. The guys over react when they hear that they're playing "Spin The Bottle" at DJ's party.

18. Mr. Egghead

Joey is the host of "Mr. Egghead". When he is demonstrating something, the punching bag hits Stephanie in the nose and breaks it. To make it worse, it was the day before picture day!

19. Those Better Not be the Days

To teach the girls a lesson, the guys switch roles with the girls. The girls will be the adults and the guys will show them what it's like to not be appreciated. The plan backfires.

20. Honey, I broke the house

Stephanie gets into Joey's car and it moves. It moves backwards and goes through the kitchen wall.

21. Just Say No Way

What appears to be is not always what is. Joey, Danny and Jesse learn this the hard way when what appears to Jesse is DJ was drinking at the dance. When the truth comes out the guys need to do some big time apologizing to DJ.

22. Three Men and Another Baby

Jesse is babysitting Tony. Michelle gets jealous when Jesse pays more attention to Tony.

23. Fraternity Reunion

Danny wears pearl earrings and Joey wears a bra. What some people will do to seek revenge even if it is a 10 year old situation. See what happens when Danny and Joey set out for their 10 year fraternity reunion.

24. Our Very First Telethon

Telethon host Danny falls asleep during the show--and his family picks up where he left off.

Full House is an awesome tv show to watch its sutible for all ages. John Stamos who plays (Jessie Katsopolis) is the Uncle and he is a musician and wirtes jingles. Bob Saget (Danny Tanner) Is the dad of the house and he is a tv presenter and Wake up Sanfrancisco. Dave Coulier (Joseph Gladstone) is a comedian but he goes into the jingle writting business with Jessie. Candace Cameron (DJ Tanner) is the oldest and of the 3 girls in this show. Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie Tanner) is the middle child. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen play (Michelle Tanner) the yougest child in the Tanner family. Lori Loughlin ( Rebbeca Donaldson- Katsopolis is Jessie's girlfriend and Danny's co host in Wake up Sanfrancisco.
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on January 3, 2006
This is the season where one of the greatest sitcoms of all time really took off. All the characters are clearly established now. Becky (Lori Laughlin) appears in the opening credits for the first time and remains there for all the remaining seasons. Becky and Danny (Bob Sagat) are firmly entrenched as hosts of "Wake up San Fransico". Jesse and Joey (John Stamos and Dave Coulier) are still in the adevertising buisness and doing well. Donna Jo (Candence Cameron), Stephanie (Jody Sweetin) and Michelle (Mary Kate and Ashley Oslen) are just as funny and cute as ever. This is the first season where Michelle is old enough to have a real role, and she excels at it. We also see more of Kimmie (Andrea Barber) DJ's best friend who is basically bad news for everyone. It is my belief that with this season coming out there is a good chance all 8 seasons will be out soon. I truly hope so.

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on March 28, 2006
To this day, I still watch Full House. The show lasted eight seasons. It is still quality family entertainment, with reruns still in syndication TEN YEARS after the show was cancelled. That says a lot about what the show meant to a lot of people. I was 9 when the show first aired, and 17 when it was cancelled. I am almost 29 and still love watching the reruns! As the show ended in 1995, it was still in the Top 30 on the Nielsen ratings scale. Say what you want about Full House. Everyone has a right to their opinion. However, in this day and age where sex, crude humor, and vulgarity are common place, it is nice to know I can put on Full House and know my children will be taught good morals mixed with a little humor. I hope to own all eight seasons of this corny show. Long live Full House!!!!!
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on March 19, 2006
I am 26 year old, and I grew up watching Full House. To this day, it remains my favorite show, even though I've seen every episode a zillion times, to the point of knowing the lines to every episode. I guess I might be bias to the show, since I grew up with it, but I think no other show came close to Full House. I'm extremely glad the 3rd season is coming out, and I can't wait until I own all 8 season on DVD. Full House is by far the best show ever.
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on April 5, 2006
Ok first, I want to say that Full House is a very underrated sitcom and definitely deserves a lot more credit than people are giving it. People keep saying that Full House is corny and very uncool. Well, you know what I say to that? I'm 27 years old and I would give anything to have grown up in a family like the Tanners versus the families of sitcoms today!! You know why? Because the Tanners have good morals and are there for everyone in the family the way families are supposed to be.

You watch sitcoms of today and it's always about sex, drugs, just stuff that's making children of today not respect their parents and doing abusive things. Full House is a very family friendly sitcom like The Brady Bunch, The Cosby Show, Growing Pains, and many other shows from the 80's and even 70's.

I can't understand how shows like Friends already has it's 10th season on DVD but a great quality show like Full House, which was on long before Friends, only has it's 3rd season released. I'm sorry but I hate Friends, every episode is the same. Full House is just so funny, and unique. I love how when you watch Full House, you get to see The Beach Boys, Disney World, Hawaii, and many other cool things. I love how they feature children in this show unlike many sitcoms of today. That's one thing I've noticed in sitcoms of today. Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond (once a week doesn't count), and some others don't really have children in them. Shows like Full House and The Cosby Show has both adults and children are all shown in every episode. For some reason nowadays, it's all about the adults. What happened to the children? And what happened to shows like Full House and The Cosby Show that had parents teaching their children lessons in life?

It's a shame that the only way I can see quality sitcoms today, I have to watch my DVD's. I encourage everyone to buy the Full House series on DVD because one day, because of the decline in society, you may never be able to see even the re-runs of this quality show on TV!
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on April 4, 2006
I think Full House is the best show in the world! I own seasons 1 and 2 and watch it almost every day! I would give it a 10!!
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on March 15, 2006
Don't listen to the viewer below. This DVD of the show "Full House- The Complete Third Season" is the best DVD that you will want to buy when it comes out on April 4th.
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on February 16, 2006
Full House is a great Family television show to watch. All ages not at all in-appropriate and teaches a lesson each episode. I definatly recommend it. Can't wait for it to come out : ),

- Movie Reviewer
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on March 15, 2006
so people, does anyone who wrote a negative review allude to the fact that this show began in the LATE 80s- EARLY 90s? First of all, everything that was on tv, in the movies and written in songs during this time was completely corny! I think some people forget the age that this was written in and realize it was appropriate for then, and basically everyone who buys this is reminiscing on the fact that they used to watch and they once enjoyed it. There is NOTHING wrong with that! Fake laughter has been used for centuries, and if you can't appreciate the corniness go watch a modern tv sitcom and stay away from full house it never did anything to you.

ok thats all.
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on July 2, 2006
I'm a 23 year old Microbiology grad student, but I am not ashamed to say how much I love this show! Aside from a lot of nostalgia for my youth, I think it's great on its own merits. People say it's corny - and it is - but so what! I'd rather watch something corny but actually emphasizing positive values and the importance of family (something that is very important to me especially now that I've moved to another state for school) than the crap we have on TV now that glorifies cheap sex and sends terrible messages to kids - especially girls - about their worth.

My 10 year old sister loves this show too and we like to watch it together...and it makes me feel good that not EVERYTHING she watches is full of terrible messages (I have a bone to pick with the music she listens to but that's another issue)...

Maybe it is a little over the top, but I don't think there is anything wrong with showing the way a family CAN operate if they choose to - with love, respect, acceptance, loyalty and discipline that comes from the heart, not some arbitrary power trip - and also that family isn't neccesarily who you are related to, or a traditional family. I think people that say it's unrealistic are just trying to justify the dysfunction they are steeped in. No family is perfect, obviously (my own family, close as they are, certainly had its issues!) and this is an idealized portrayal - but that doesn't mean we can't always be striving for something better.

This is also one of my favorite seasons becaues the kids start to grow up and diverge and go through the struggles that I think a lot of kids (and even adults on some level) can relate to.

So whether you're a nostalgic twenty something, a kid, or an adult looking for something to enjoy with your whole family, I think the Full House DVDs are a great choice.

I do think the special features on this particular one sucked though.
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