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on May 9, 2005
Full Metal Panic Fumoffu is the sequel series to the original Full Metal Panic anime series in which Sousuke Sagara and some of his buddies from the anti-terrorist agency called Mithril were assigned to observe and protect Kaname Chidori. Kaname is one of the "Whispered", a person who unknowlingly carries classified military secrets in their memories. The original series never gave very much more info about it than that. Sousuke is sent into Kaname's high school posing as a fellow student.

Whereas the first series tried to strike a balance between Sousuke's combat missions and the humorous slapstick of high school life, sometimes with mixed results, Fumoffu focuses solely on the comedy bits at school. Sousuke doesn't have a clue as to how to live a normal teenager's life. He's been trained to kill since an early age. So, for example, when a secret admirer puts a love note in his shoe locker, Sousuke, noticing his locker has been tampered with, proceeds to place plastic explosive on his locker and detonate it. Another example of his approach to life is when him and the rest of the characters are playing a watermelon smashing game at the beach, he takes out a police riot shotgun and blows it away. And he also has no clue that Haname likes him. To him, romance is irrational and unknown. It's up to Haname to show him how to function in the real world beyond fighting mecha and covert ops.

Haname has her own problems though, whether its an obssessed voyeur, or Sousuke scaring the rest of the students with his handgun brandishing, but its nothing a punch, a hit with a fan, or a baseball bat beating can't solve. Another nice touch is that the class president sees all of Sousuke's antics as acceptable and perfectly normal, much to the consternation of Haname.

This is a really funny show. I always liked the characters but was a little put off by the melodrama that sometimes plagued the original series. All the peformances by the Japanese voice actors are heart-felt and very expressive, and have some really nice touches in the comedic moments. It is also animated extremely well, especially the frenzied homework episode where Haname and Sousuke are racing against the clock to retrieve some class notes. The preview of Volume 2 on this dvd shows that Fumoffu will get ever funnier. Highly recommended.

The dvd contains the standard character artwork, some background information about the series, openings and closings, and some Japanese TV spots.

I would recommend viewing the original series first, which has been recently collected in a boxed set. Also check out the manga. If you liked Fumoffu, you should also think about Azumanga Daioh in anime and manga versions for more high school comedy. Another funny show is Dokkoida.
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on July 6, 2005
First, if you read the manga, you would realize that this series is more of a supplemental than a sequal. Several mini-stories were delayed to make the first season more mecha-based. Second, Chidori is still a Whispered. Third, the title is based off the words of Sosuke (silent Japanese U) in a Bonta-Kun outfit. Fourth, more Panic can only be a good thing!

Someone related this to Ranma 1/2, but if you want more of than, see Kenshin. This series has some of the same woman-beats-on-man, but with a different twist. Chidori is trying desperately to teach Sosuke to deal with Real Life (as opposed to mercenary life--which is why he still attends high school, to protect his Whispered assignment). Sosuke takes her abuse, although in any other situation, he'd defend himself better, and that is just one symptom of his attraction to her. There are a lot of subtle references, and some not so, with these two, which makes the series all the more desirable to watch.

Romance! Guns! Comedy! Things blowing up! How could it get better? Oh, yeah, if Sosuke ever gained the courage to kiss Chidori...
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on June 5, 2005
Full Metal Panic? - Fumoffu is taken right from the pages of the original manga that made this franchise a hit! Unlike the original Full Metal Panic!, Fumoffu is a light romantic comedy with no mecha in sight (unless you count the Bonta-Kun outfit). Even so, this series is packed with enough of the serious sergeant's antics that will leave you rolling on the floor with laughter.

The downside, as with all ADV releases, is that you don't get many episodes for your buck (there are only 3 on the first DVD). The only special features are the design sketches and some background information on the scenes and episodes that weren't included in the original television airing in Japan but are included in the DVD.

Even so, this is a great series that you can watch shamelessly with people who aren't into anime at all.
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on May 24, 2005
This anime series is a wonderful production featuring the characters from Full Metal Panic in a completely independent storyline. I recommend seeing this series even if you have never seen the original. The general idea of the show is Sosuke is works in a special operations branch that is currently interested in protecting Kaname. However, for all of Sosuke's training, his skills in warfare and gun use will not solve every social problem he encounters. This does not stop Sosuke in the least. Definately the best love comedy ever.

Furthermore, the authors of this Dvd's have included 2 of the unaired episodes in this dvd, but they have appeneded them to episodes 1 and 2.
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on May 17, 2005
This series is funny and even makes fun of other anime, volume makes fun of "You're Under Arrest", a poke at Indiana Jones (guy swings blade around, Sousuke just shoots him), bullet-time dodging, and brilliant use of military gear (episode 1, Ghillie Suit, for those of you who know what it is). I heard that this series had focused on the school comedy, and I thought it wouldn't be that great, as I enjoyed the first for it's combat, but I was wrong. Hilariously wrong. The directors chose the stories in the manga that used the explosives, running from police, grenade launchers, and Sousuke's favorite Glock 26.

Fumoffu, can actually be placed early in between in the original series, as both were taken from the manga. One focuses on the serious action plot, while fumoffu shows "daily" life in school. The directors wanted to focus on the comedic romance, rather than only the action (which made the first one convoluted as soon as they introduced the Lambda driver). I'd recommend both, and the manga itself, to see where it came from. This series has the destruction, comedy, but sadly no Armed Slave, but one funky lookin' mascot.
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on July 12, 2005
This is worth at least ten times its weight in gold, it is comedy genius, absolutely hilarious. You can't beat watching Sousuke blow something up and then seeing the look on Chidori's face (which is is usually followed by a massive paper fan attack or from time to time wrestling holds).

The spoofs of other shows and films are well done but it is the situations Sousuke is placed in, his ludicrous reactions and Chidori's over reactions that make this must see stuff.
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on November 26, 2012
For those of you that like FMP, you'll love Fumoffu. It is pretty much just a high school love comedy. It's FMP minus the mecha and evil dudes. It's pretty over the top, but way fun. The animation is just as good if not a bit better, and the soundtrack is also great. In Fumoffu there are also some new and colorful characters introduced. We also get the pleasure of seeing new sides to some of the old ones. I simply love FMP Fumoffu and I hope you do too.
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In 2002, "Full Metal Panic!" was a popular anime (based on the popular novel) from Gonzo Digimation that wowed animation fans with a unique story of life in high school.

Well, it's not the life that we are used to seeing in Japanese anime. Or life for Kaname Chidori since meeting Sosuke Sagara.

Unbeknownst to Kaname is that Sosuke is not your typical high school student. He's actually an elite soldier and Second Lieutenant of the Mithril special forces posing as a student.

Sosuke is purely all military and will do anything to do his job in protecting Kaname. Think of him as a one man army.

Unfortunately, he's a bit naive when it comes to high school life, romance and things that most high schoolers enjoy.

But for Kaname, this student is going through extremes of trying to help her (she doesn't know why, she thinks he's weird) but at the expense of the high school due to the destruction he causes.

In the "Full Metal Panic!" television series, we watch as Sosuke does whatever to protect Kaname from terrorists trying to kidnap her.

In 2003, the second television series titled "Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu" came out and it continues the zaniness of Sosuke and Kaname, as he continues to protect Kaname, misunderstand Kaname and cause plenty of damage.

Based on the popular manga series, Fumoffu is a different from the first television series. It continues to be more zany and also more comedy. Also, short episodes.

I watched the first DVD volume for the series and I can say that I enjoyed this anime immensely.

There are a total of 17 episodes and two were not shown in Japan due to sensitive content (child kidnappings) that were ongoing in Japan.

Therefore, viewers of the anime series may have been confused if they missed an episode or two.

Fortunately, for the DVD release, we get to see these two episodes.

In the first episode, a girl likes Sosuke and puts a note in his locker.

Unfortunately, Sosuke thinks that someone broke into his locker and thinks that she maybe a terrorist.

In the second part of this episode, a group of gang members want revenge on Sosuke, so they kidnap Kaname. But these gangsters have no idea who they are messing with.

In the second episode, Sosuke is causing trouble when he learns how difficult it is to get school lunch. So, in order to make sure he gets some pan (bread), he uses his gun as a way to let the students know that they should move out of the way.

Doing so, students begin rushing for safety and injures the school's bread suppliers. Thus, in order to provide the students their lunch, Sosuke, Kaname and friends have to distribute bread to the students.

Unbeknownst to them, an unsuspecting person will do whatever it takes to sabotage the bread to get Sosuke in trouble.

In the third episode, the group go to beach and Kaname tries to get Sosuke to notice her in a bikini. All Sosuke cares about is protecting her and ends up ruining her bikini by smashing watermelons on her.

Kaname in disgust, meets a rich child who wants to meet her and for Sosuke, he thinks she has been kidnapped.

So, far watching the first four episodes has truly been fun. I really enjoyed "Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu". I enjoyed the Japanese audio track but I have to let people know that the English dub was great!

The DVD is provided in 4:3 with the English track in 5.1 and Japanese track in 2.0.

Special features include a Bonta-kun board game, the mysteries of Fumoffu (an explanation of how they came up with the name), the clean opening and closing themes, the original Japanese TV spots and character artwork.

For fans of "Full Metal Panic!", you can't go wrong with Fumoffu. It's so awesome and definitely worth checking out!
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on April 25, 2005
Funny. No, very funny. In fact, Fumoffu is absolutely the funniest comedy effort I've every known. Funnier than George Carlin and Richard Pryor stand ups, or any TV sit-com I've watched. Fumoffu is supremely addictive, replayable, and aesthetically gorgeous.

A mercenary soldier having known only conflict and the battlefield throughout his whole life, living in peaceful Japan as a high school student certainly presents many opportunities for situational comedy. And author Shouji Gatoh plays them well in his short stories and manga, which this title wonderfully adapts.

Is it completely innovative and original? Probably not. But the point of this series is to just exaggerate already stupid situations into extreme ones, all while still effectively portraying the growing affection that our Chidori Kaname has for her mercenary soldier. With the addition of Hayashimizu and Ren Mikihara, the high school cast is even more interesting. While people will find it to be hit or miss, Full Metal Panic is surely one of my favorite animes, blending (and successfully so in my view) two genre's, high school romantic comedy and military action-drama, that I enjoy a lot.

The Full Metal Panic TV anime adapted the first several novels on which it is based and included some side stories that are part of a larger collection of side stories by the same author, Shouji Gatou. Fumoffu concentrates all of its efforts on selected short stories from those collections which explore the high school life of Kaname and Sousuke. I've not read any of the side story material. However, Fumoffu, at least very competently if not exceedingly, executes itself with great style, fine character designs and aesthetically gorgeous animation, and poignantly funny jokes and gags. Kyoto Animation is to be commended for a great job in animation, rendering far more attractive character designs than their predecessor Gonzo did.

Fumoffu has solidified the entire FMP franchise's place as MY #1 title, and not just for the anime genre, but for comedy and action-drama (though I include the latter as I've been following the novels lately). The epsidoes are fun, with the stituational comedy and parodies exaggerated to degrees just short of the extremes that Excel Saga took. The result is a genuinely hilarious comedy.

Viewers uninitiated with Full Metal Panic may miss the dynamics of Sousuke's character, but Fumoffu still has plenty of things to enjoy and laugh at. This title comes from me as highly recommended. Hopefully, the new FMP: The Second Raid, once it has finished its broadcast run, will be coming stateside shortly and sooner than this title did.
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on May 28, 2010
Another film where the cover is enought to grab your interest though i wish both girls were hot looking. The episodes are short but funny. Sousuke is a military soldier who is now attending high school, but old habits die hard as we see. He thinks a love letter is a terroist threat and he also shoots the bad guys on the aracde videogame screen with his real gun because he runs out of bullets from the arcade gun. Stuff like that is just some of the many fun antics of Sousuke.
I saw this film in the store five years ago and now i finally have it. I didn't even know what it was about when i picked it up. I just saw it in the store on sale and the cover i reconized so i snatched it up with question. It's one of those films that don't need much effort to grab your interst. Not many films with a hot girls in bikinis on the cover let you down.
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