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on January 28, 2012
Also a mechanical engineering major. I really like how the book explains the theory behind heat transfer, it is very detailed and clear, shows derivations, and different cases. When it gets to convection it offers derivations of the navier-stokes equations online. However it has few examples and I found I had to keep going through the chapters to figure out the homework, which is fine but kind of annoying and time consuming. I understand that it is a complex topic, but they can at least offer a bit more examples so students can understand the homework, and maybe some answers, at least odd or even. (my whole class complained about the book to the professor, telling him it was impossible and that the heat transfer book by Cengel was better. I think this is a main reason the prof's pick it. Also no solution manual available to students.). When it comes to material this book has more compared to Cengel's, which is vague on theory. Overall any book by the Wiley publishing company will most likely have no answers or solutions manual. Just wanted to add that. If I ever become a professor I will never ever put that super strict style on my students. I believe it hurts learning. My rating. 3 stars.
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on April 18, 2012
The factors that influenced this review the most were the following: Explanation of concepts; link between concepts and examples; link between examples and assigned problems; and the provided tables, charts, etc.

The actual rating I gave this text is 4.5/5.0, but I couldn't give half of a star.

1. Explanation of concepts: (9/10)
The authors not only know what they are talking about in the text, they are able to bring it down to a college student's level. Because Heat Transfer is difficult to understand, the authors take a lot of time explaining the why as well as the what and how. Along with the material from my Heat Transfer course, the text was amazingly helpful for filling in gaps in understanding for practically every topic.

2. Link between concepts and examples: (9/10)
The examples provided were most of the time extremely useful for seeing the concepts in action with respect to the equations and correlations. Occasionally, however, the examples were used to reveal the nature of a specific phenomenon, not necessarily to help with problems. Overall, the examples were a great demonstration of the concepts.

3. Link between examples and assigned problems: (7/10)
The problems assigned were generally extremely difficult and some were not even possible to understand without the aid of the answers or the solutions from the instructor. When looking at the examples, it was frustrating seeing how the questions asked in the examples were not as challenging as the problems. In a sense, the book showed us how to walk and then expected us to run. If you have a solutions manual of some sort, then the problems will be much more useful to learn from.

4. Tables and Charts: (10/10)
The tables and charts provided show almost all of the correlations that you would ever want to use. Plenty of mathematical correlations are shown in the back of the text and many are dispersed through the text. With good tabulation, the tables provide a quick way to solve certain problems without nasty calculations.

Total score: (45/50)
Resulting Star Value: 4.5/5 stars

If you want a text for self study, I would suggest against this text unless you can acquire a solutions manual for it somehow.
Great text for a class.
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on September 30, 2014
Quite frankly, I hate this book. It explains some of the topics really well, but other topics are awful. If it wasn't for my professor handing out equation sheets and condensed notes, there are many topics in here that I would not understand even in the slightest. In addition, the problem sets at the ends of the chapters are often not similar enough to the examples for the examples to be of much help. Also, Wiley puts select answers online which is a pain and the fact that solutions manuals are not available for students is also a negative. It sucks if you try to do some problems to understand the material and you can't tell where in your process you went wrong because you don't have the solutions. Lastly, some of these problems literally use information that they do not go over. For some assigned problems, I have had issues and gone to the TA and they have looked at the solutions where sometimes there is information that is not anywhere in the book being used to solve problems. This might actually be my least favorite textbook throughout my college career so far.
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on January 21, 2016
This is the economy edition of Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer 7th edition, but it's not a good one. The problems are all the same as the real book, but the values of the variables are different, so this won't help you if you're taking a class based on the non-economy version. The chapter material is the same, but it's not very helpful anyway. Overall, very dissatisfied with this book.
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on July 17, 2015
This is a very effective textbook. I think this is one of the most used textbooks in heat transfer courses, and there is a reason for that. Everything you need to know, both conceptually and mathematically, is laid out very cleanly and in logical order. It is easy to follow for someone with little to no background.
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on June 20, 2014
So, I started reading this book on a Tuesday. I didn't finish it until a Saturday like 5 months later. The material is a bit dry but if you want to know the thermal conductivity or specific heat of a banana, maybe cake batter or chickens, this is the book for you. After reading this book you will know precisely how long to cook your banana split for, or maybe how long to freeze your chicken.

Definitely a life changing experience to read this book.
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on October 31, 2013
For an introductory Heat and Mass Transfer course this book is very thorough (both verbally and mathematically) in explaining every concept and equation you need to know about. However, with that being said if you want to keep track of the important information in each chapter I highly recommend that you do quite a bit of underlining, highlighting, and note-taking while you read this book as it will help to keep organized and when you need to reference a chapter you will not have to scan through all of the less important information. The chapters also give detailed example problems to look at and use as reference when doing any problems from the end of the chapters.
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on November 3, 2014
This was a required textbook for a Heat Transfer course. The first five chapters are fairly well written and lend themselves well to learning the material. The chapters six through nine are very dry and nearly obtuse so it may take a while (and a lot of coffee) to comprehend the material. It will serve well as a reference once in industrial practice.
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on July 18, 2014
This is a very complex subject. I'd say Heat Transfer is definitely the hardest undergrad-level engineering subject I ever took at my university. However, this book itself is overall well-written with tons of good examples to study alongside numerous tables and graphs to assist you in homework and exam preparation. Best of luck to whoever takes this class!
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on July 18, 2015
The book is a good reference for the fundamentals of heat and heat transfer but it is 100% in Metric units. So, all formulas and data from the tables has to be converted into the English units to do any calculations in the English system of units. For this reason I only give it a 3.
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